two storeys one tale

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Two storeys one taleDaddy It all started when my sixteen year old Daughter (Shelly) became pregnant by some no good kid she met at school, When she told her mother her reaction was to kick her out, That’s when she came to live at my place, the day she moved in she was already starting to show and I wondered what I had let myself in for.The days passed and life was good I would go to work each day and come home to a clean house, then one Sunday morning when Shelly was about seven months pregnant, I walked in to the bathroom I came face to face with Shelly, She was stark naked and looked so sexy with her round pregnant belly, shaven pussy & swollen boobs, I instantly got an erection which was impossible to miss, Shelly`s eyes stared at my hard on as she tried to cover her body I apologised and backed out the bathroom, went to my room and released my cock and lay on the bed, I couldn’t help but wank myself at the thought of what I had just seen, with in minuets I was Cumming like never before it felt like my inner core was on fire and I loved the way it felt as each jet of sperm that shot from my cock all over my face and chest, I was covered in it, I can’t remember the last time I ejaculated so much cum, I ran a finger through the sperm on my face then tasted it, it is ages since I last did this, after cleaning myself up I went back to the bathroom, Shelly was no wear to be seen so I guess she had gone istanbul travesti to her bedroom, making my way to her door I could hear her soft moans and a faint buzzing noise, Shelly was masturbating, had me catching her naked turned her on or was it the fact that she had seen how aroused she had gotten me. Knocking on her door I shouted her name and Shelly called one minute dad, then a few seconds later told me to come in. She was sat on the bed wearing only a pink playboy bathrobe, the smell of sex was strong in the air and Shelly had a flushed look on her face, I apologised again for catching her naked and asked if we wear still ok, Shelly told me not to worry, as we chatted her gown began to open up slightly and I could see plenty of cleavage, I couldn’t help but look and Shelly noticed this, the more I looked the more she moved about letting her robe reveal more of her young pregnant belly, I started to get hard again and had to reposition my erection, this I did openly figuring that she was teasing me on purpose, Shelly watched as I repositioned my cock then asked if I was ok sitting in her room when she was only in her robe, I told her I was fine but having not been with a woman since she moved in certain parts of me had a mind of their own, Shelly giggled as she glanced at my cock and told me not to worry as she to had a few moment were she missed being part of istanbul travestileri a couple, I moved closer to her and gave her a hug ShellyMy life changed big time the day I found out I was pregnant, my boyfriend at the time dident want to know and refused to even talk to me, On top of that he told everyone I had been sleeping around and that the baby could be anybody’s. Which was a total lie, he was the only boy I had let do anything to me and we only fucked twice. When I told my mother she went mad and kicked me out of the house. The only place for me to go was my dads, and hope he would let me stay there. Dad was great and made me feel so loved and at home, he would go to work and I would cook and clean, it was like having a partner more than a lover, then one day I was in the bathroom I had just got dried after taking a bath, as I reached for my dressing gown the door open and my Dad entered, at first he just stared at my nakedness then as I covered myself up I noticed he had a large erection in his boxers, He apologised and left closing the door behind him, I slipped on my robe and went to follow him to tell him it was ok. When I got to his room his door was not properly closed, I could see through the gap that he was lay on his bed, I watched as he pulled his big hard cock out of his pants and started to masturbate, wanking himself really fast and hard, he travesti must have been thinking about my naked body, then he started to cum and as I peeped round the door I witnessed several strong jets of sperm shoot from his hard cock, the first spurts shot over his face and as I watched my pussy just started to flood with my cunt juice and I could feel my clit throbbing. Returning to my own room before I got caught I quickly lay on my bed and slowly tickled my wet pussy, thinking about my own fathers sperm shooting from his cock,  till my fingers were not enough for me, reaching into my bedside cabinet I got out my little pink vibrater and inserted it into my rampant cunt, I was on my way to a really good orgasm, something I have not had in months when my Dad knocked on the door, I told him to enter and dad came in and wanted to know we were still cool, I told him we were fine. Moving to face him I let my robe fall open revealing my cleavage and some of my swollen belly, dad was getting horny looking at my boobs. Then he blatantly repositioned his hard cock right in front of me, I felt my pussy juice up as he moved his erection. He apologised and I told him I understood as I had a few lonely moments myself. Dad sat next to me and gave me a hug and as he did this he reached in to my robe revealing one of my tits and slipped his arm around me letting his hand rest on the top of my naked ass. Then we kissed, and I don’t mean a quick kiss.DaddyAs we hugged I slipped my hand under her robe and ran my fingers up her leg till my hand rested on her lower back, by this time my cock was so  stiff it hurt, then we kissed, I felt Shelly’s tong enter my mouth as my own tong slipped between her lips.

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