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Subject: Twice the Pounding “Not one but 2 BBC’s in the same night with a pounding” I had some free time and stopped by a local ABS that has booths with no doors, looking for some fun. I went in and started the video when a young, good-looking black guy asked if I wanted a blow job. I sat down and leaned back to give him access to my 5-inch long 6-inch around, uncut cock. He proceeds to give me an amazing blow job and is fondling my balls at the same time. I have to pull his head back several times as I’m not ready to cum just yet. I raise his shirt and play with his nipples while he’s deep throating my medium-sized cock. I stand up and turn my ass to his face, and he puts his tongue right on my pucker. I jump at the pure electricity that comes from him rimming my ass with his extremely long tongue. After about five minutes of his tongue lashing, I reach for his cock, and it’s already hard as steel. I turn around and take his 7-inch long and about 2-inch wide cock in my mouth. His pre-cum is flowing from devouring my ass, and I do my best to swallow his cock whole. I am deep throating him while sticking my tongue out to lock his balls. He asks if he can fuck me and I ask if he has a condom. I prefer to play safe, unless I know you very well. He pulls a condom out and proceeds to stretch it over his hard smooth cock. I turn and bend over to give him access, and he puts some saliva on his finger and proceeds to open my tight ass up. I feel his fingers leave my ass and the head of his cock replace them. I feel him slowly sliding in and after about three inches he pulls out and slowly fucks my ass with just three inches of that gorgeous cock. As soon as he feels me relax, he grabs my hips and slams his entire cock balls deep in my ass. I let out a half-moan, half-yelp and he forces my ass to open for his cock. He fucks me with a steady rhythm tuzla escort for about three minutes before he cries out that he’s cumming in my fat white ass. I can feel his cock pulsing, and he begins to spasm as he fills the condom up completely before pulling out. He says thanks and that he has to go. I am left there to get dressed, and as I walk out, the guy from the counter tells me to have a good night and watch out for those quick cummers. I have yet to cum and decide to try another local arcade that has a bathhouse combo. I get settled in and as nobody is on the bathhouse side, I go to the arcade and as I’m leaving, a good-looking, short, slender guy is checking in. I don’t give this much thought and continue to the arcade side. I see several guys cruising and drop my pants in a large booth while watching some hot gay porn. I am stroking my cock while the guy from bathhouse side walks into the booth and watches me stroke. He comes in and takes my cock in his left hand and slowly stokes my cock. He then proceeds to pull away and drop his shorts to reveal the biggest, meanest and sexiest BBC I’ve ever seen in person. I waste no time in bending over and sucking his cock into my mouth. I can normally deep throat a good-sized cock with little trouble, but I’m having to work to get this monster down my throat. I suck him for about five minutes, and he just pulls out of my mouth and tells me he wants to fuck me. I just had a nice-sized cock up my ass, but this one scares me by the sheer size of it, and I reply that I’m not sure if I can handle that. He pulls his shorts up and leaves, saying that he’d have me begging for it if he ever got inside me. I stroke my cock for a short while and then zip up and begin cruising again. I walk over to the small booths and realize that there are three guys on one side of a gloryhole. I peek in and see tuzla escort bayan the guy on the floor shirtless sucking a cock through the gloryhole. I walk to the other booth and peer in to see it is the guy from earlier feeding this man that huge cock. I won’t lie and say no big deal, as I’ve been wishing I would’ve given him my ass. I back away and head to one of the larger private rooms with a door in hopes he might come I. I don’t have to wait long as here comes the BBC guy and four others, including the guy sucking him through the gloryhole. I am standing watching the straight anal porn when the BBC guy walks right next to me, unzips his shorts and takes them off and starts rubbing my ass. The gloryhole guy drops to his knees and is engulfing his cock like it’s life support. BBC guy keeps playing with my ass and pulls out a tube of lube and proceeds to finger my ass. I am loosening up and start to thrust my ass back to beg for more. BBC guy stops cocksucker guy and puts a condom on and tells me to bend over. I protest a bit, and he assures me he will go slow. I give in (as if I was gonna turn this opportunity down), and feel his lubed condom covered cock at my recently fucked asshole. He pushes about four inches in slowly, and it feels amazing. I get excited and push my ass back to swallow the rest of his cock. This is a bit too soon, and he adds more lube on the out stroke. He feels my asshole open up and fucks me in a slow steady rhythm for about ten minutes. My legs are shaking, and he pulls me backwards while his cock is still deep in my ass and tells me to ride him. I do my best, but I’m not experienced enough, so I raise up slightly and let him jackhammer my ass. One of the guys watching sits in front of me and takes my cock in his mouth. I warn him I’m about to cum, and he takes all of my cock in and sucks hard. I start to escort tuzla spasm and shoot my load deep in his mouth while my prostate is being beaten up by BBC guy. I sit back on his cock to rest and let him bottom out inside me. That is a totally amazing sensation to know you have 10 inches of hot black cock buried in your fat ass, and you just unloaded in a guys mouth while being fucked. I tell them I need a shower ad I have sweat pouring off of me from the hard fuck I just took. I head back over to the bathhouse. I take a cool shower and try to settle myself and watch some tranny porn. I’m sitting on a couch when BBC guy comes in and asks if I’m ready for round 2. I tell him yes, and he pulls out a condom and suits up. I ask how he wants it, and he tells me he wants me on the couch on my knees facing the straight porn. There is a beautiful woman taking a large cock up her ass as he steps forward and slides that entire huge cock in my hungry slut ass. He grabs my shoulders and I arch my back to give him access to feed me that entire cock until he cuts. I don’t figure it should take long depending on the last long fuck he gave me in the arcade. Damn, was I wrong! He made me put my arms on the back of the couch, and I wasn’t allowed to touch my cock. He was pounding my ass and asking me if I was daddy’s slut bitch. I screamed back that I was a slut for daddy and to please destroy my ass. I told him I was cumming from him fucking my ass and begged him not to stop. I lost track of how many times I came, or if he ever came, as after what had to be 30 minutes he buried his cock in my ass and held it there throbbing, and I came again, this time screaming out that I was his bitch whore and my ass was his to fuck anytime he wanted. After I gathered myself and showered again I got dressed, and we chatted. He asked if I ever made it to where he was from, and I replied, “No.” He was talking to another person or on the phone, and I never got his number or contact. I’m hoping he reads this story and shoots me a message, as I need more of his big beautiful cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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