Twelve Cylinders, One Piston

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Big Tits

All people and places are fictional. All characters are over eighteen.


A painter with a remarkably steady hand was writing the name Peter Jokland with a long, thin pinstriping brush. The white letters seemed to flow off the tiny brush onto the green paint below like they were meant to be there.

“Can you put Jock in the middle, with little quotation marks?” Jock asked just in time, as the “r” in Peter was going down.

“Sure man, no problem,” the painter said.

The next morning Jock switched on the garage lights and ran his hand along the fender of his new pride and joy, a 1971 Jaguar XK-E roadster that he had spent the winter working on. It was far from a stock E-Type, having been modified into a race car in its previous life, before Jock saw it and had to have it. It’s one of those cars, you know? The kind that, when it finds its soul mate, it knocks them for a loop and forces them to buy it, no matter what the cost. It’s one of those love at first site things, and it happens to lots of people, with all different kinds of seductive objects. Shoes, paintings, guitars, handbags. For Jock it was the E-Type. British racing green paint, fat tires on white wheels under even fatter fender flares, a roll bar, a fuel filler on the deck lid, a big number 9 in a white circle on the side. Like all E-Types it was a combination of masculine and feminine cues, this one even more so, with an ass-ier looking ass and more muscular bulges. From some angles you wanted to fuck it. From others it looked like it wanted to fuck you.

After months of work it was finished and gleaming, with the driver’s name freshly painted at the top of the door in the traditional way. Jock raced in vintage events, where old race cars are brought out to play, screaming around historic old tracks just for the fun and the glory, and the Jaguar was his latest muse.

It’s an expensive hobby, but Jock had the dough. The son of a concrete magnate, he’d inherited the business and promptly sold it, much more interested in play than work. Of course play can be a lot of work too, especially when you’re juggling relationships with eight or ten women. That’s a lot of balls to keep in the air. Jock liked big titted girls, and bigger things are harder to juggle. Have you ever tried to juggle a whole bunch of balls the size of big tits? It’s not easy.

The reason women flocked to Jock was easy to see — a young-at-heart guy in his early thirties, wealthy, six feet tall with unpretentious muscles and a big cock. The wavy blonde hair and blue eyes didn’t hurt either. His motorcycles and fast cars drew the bad girls, and his quiet, thoughtful personality drew the good girls. He preferred them somewhere in between, but he wasn’t picky.

Ursula was an example of the perfect balance. A tall, willowy blonde, she came from a conservative family with money, had an Ivy League education, worked as a buyer for a women’s clothing retailer and volunteered with troubled kids on the weekends. At night with Jock she came out of her shell, wearing sexier clothes than she ever used to, fucking him in bar-room bathrooms, gradually learning the ways of wanton sexuality. She stopped by that Saturday morning hoping catch Jock in his garage.

“Wow!” she said as she walked in and saw the gleaming green car.

“Hey baby,” Jock said. He walked over and gave her a lingering kiss. One with some heat behind it. “I was just thinking about you.”

“Yeah, right!” Ursula chuckled. She knew he had lots of other girls, and she hadn’t seen him in two weeks or more.

“No really! The curves on this car, they remind me of you,” he said, running his hand over the voluptuous green fender.”

Ursula laughed. “You’re too much Jock.”

“That’s a good thing, right?” he said, his mouth curling into the delicious smile women couldn’t resist. Ursula certainly couldn’t resist him. That smile did crazy things to her, made her insides all hot and churny feeling.

“You’re just in time. I’m gonna pop her cherry this morning,” Jock said. Ursula just looked at him. “First drive. Maiden voyage, get it?”

“Even your cars are sex objects,” Ursula said, shaking her head but smiling. “You taking it to the track?”

“I registered this one for the street. I’ll race it too, but I wanted to be able to use it more.”

“You can do that?”

“Yeah, it’s got lights and stuff. My insurance guy wasn’t too happy about it, but I twisted his arm.”

“Do you always get your way?” Ursula asked, smirking a little.

“I hope so. Damn you look good today. I don’t see you much in your everyday clothes. I like it,” Jock said. His smile was working its magic again. “So, you got some time? Go for a ride?”

“Which kind of ride are we talking about?” Ursula asked, her eyes twinkling, giving away her churny insides.

“Ooo, I like the sound of that,” Jock said. He walked over and put his hands on Ursula’s shoulders, locking his blue eyes on hers. “What do you say we see if this thing gets us as far as the mountains, and we’ll spread out a blanket almanbahis yeni giriş and give some of those red squirrels a good show.”

Twenty minutes later, after a phone call canceling a shopping date with her girlfriend, Ursula stood next to the menacing but sensual looking car while Jock started the engine. The whole front of the car was hinged open, exposing the twelve cylinder engine which seemed to fill its space in the chassis without an inch to spare. Jock sat in the drivers seat, flipped a switch and pushed the starter button.


“Oh my God!” Ursula yelled, her senses assaulted by the racing headers and unmuffled exhaust pipes.

Jock could barely hear her, but he could read her lips, and he smiled. The engine settled into a lumpy idle. He checked under the hood for oil leaks and closed it up, quieting the raucous engine, but only slightly.

“You sure you want to go all the way to the mountains?” Ursula yelled.

“Yeah, it’ll be fun. I’ve gotta shake it down and see what it can do. I’ll bring some ear plugs for ya,” Jock yelled. “It won’t be so bad when I get it outside. Hang on a minute.”

BRRRAAP!…BRRRAAP! Jock blipped the throttle, driving it slowly past the other cars and motorcycles in the old warehouse he called ‘the garage’, out into the open air.

“That’s better,” he said, able to converse at a more normal level. “She’s got some attitude.”

“I’ll say,” Ursula said.

“You’re gonna have to climb in over the side, that door’s welded shut. The seat’s pretty comfortable though. I’m gonna grab a jacket for you and close this place up,” he said.

He ran back in the building and Ursula sized up her mount. The car was vibrating and buzzing like a beast, obviously not happy sitting still. She held onto the rollbar and lifted her long leg over the low door. Her other leg followed the first and she wiggled her slim butt into the tiny seat. It was surprisingly comfortable. Jock locked the door to the shop and threw a jacket and a blanket behind the seats. Ursula was slowly figuring out the five-point racing harness, adjusting the straps over her shoulders.

“Do I really need all this?” she asked.

“It’s not a bad idea. I feel much more relaxed when I know I can’t get thrown.”

“Thrown?” Ursula said, her eyes big and questioning.

“Yeah, thrown out. Ejected.”

Jock was getting himself settled. He entered through an opening door but had to climb over the steel pipe roll cage. He strapped on his five belts like an old pro.

“How often do girls get ejected?” Ursula asked, her voice still raised over the din of the engine.

“Only when they’re mean to me,” Jock smiled. He handed her a pair of sunglasses. “You’re gonna need these, there’s not much of a windshield on this thing.”

‘Windshield’ was really much too grandiose a name for the six inch high plexiglass wind deflector in front of them. It didn’t look to Ursula like it would be much protection, and she was right.

Jock blipped the throttle and they were away, the angry engine roaring but sounding sweeter and sweeter as the RPM’s increased. After working their way out of the congested streets around Jock’s place and getting to the main road, Jock got on the throttle and worked up through the gears, the V12 pulling strong enough to push Ursula back, forcing her up the sloped back of the seat tight against her shoulder belts.

“Holy shit!” she yelled.

The two of them had huge grins on their faces and their blonde hair blew wildly in the wind. The car felt like it was just inches off the ground, hurtling down the road at an impossibly fast rate. After they had made their way out of the city they slowed as they reached a village and Jock pulled into a corner store for some gas. He flipped the lever on his belts and was out of the car like an acrobat. He filled the fuel cell and poured in a can of octane booster. Ursula tried to sort out her tangled hair when he went in the store, but she realized it was going to be a lost cause. Jock came out with a long submarine sandwich and a six-pack of water.

“I got the plain cold-cuts one, is that all right?” he said as he tossed them to Ursula. She nodded and smiled as she stashed them on the floor under her legs.

Back on the road Jock was in his element. Country roads twisted and turned, sunlight flashed across his golden hair, and the smile never left his face as he worked his way up and down the gears. The foothills of the mountains approached as the sun hit its noon-day high. Ursula had her head back and eyes closed, soaking in the warm rays.

“How about Grey Cliff?” Jock asked as they flew down a deserted mountain road. “That’s a nice spot.”

“Sure,” Ursula said, looking at her handsome lover as she came out of her sun-dazed fog.

She’d heard stories about Grey Cliff, but never been there. Back in her youth it was a popular camping spot for young folks that her teenaged boyfriend had tried to lure her to back in the day. She didn’t almanbahis go, weaseled out with some lame excuse, and ended up not loosing her virginity until her sophomore year at college. She’d always wished she’d gone to Grey Cliff that weekend and gotten things started earlier.

They had enough miles behind them that Jock was able to relax more and enjoy the surroundings, confident the newly restored car was going to get them where they wanted to go. He looked over at Ursula and couldn’t help but smile at the way she looked — long blonde hair flashing with sunlight as it blew wildly in the wind. Impossibly long blue-jean clad legs disappearing into the footwell. The big tits he couldn’t get enough of criss-crossed by the racing belts that pinned her lithe body to the seat. Even the men’s sunglasses looked good on her, giving her a European flair, like a sultry spy from an old movie.

He’d met Ursula at the movies, flirting with her at the snack counter as their respective dates sat unaware in the theater. Her long legs are what first caught his eye, and then her quick wit and intelligence sealed the deal. Most of his girls were more ‘blue collar’, so stumbling on a girl like Ursula was a special treat and he poured on the charm. The next night they fucked in the ladies room at a dance club in the city. It was a first for Ursula, doing something that uninhibited. She discovered her inner slut that night, and loved it. She and Jock have been ‘friends with benefits’ ever since.

Jock turned onto a dirt road, slowing so the Jaguar’s stiff suspension didn’t shake them to pieces. The engine spitted and snarled at the slow speed, the raucous sound echoing off the dense forest surrounding them. After a mile or so he pulled off into an informal parking spot and shut down the snarling engine. As Ursula’s ears adjusted to the silence she could hear birds and a chattering red squirrel.

“I think I’ll try those earplugs on the way back,” Ursula said, rubbing her ears with her fingers.

She put her sunglasses on the dashboard, unstrapped herself and climbed out over the door, being careful not to step on the sandwich.

Jock got out and opened the trunk. The space was mostly filled up with a racing fuel cell, but he had a few tools stashed back there too. He found what he needed and then unlatched the hood and tipped it forward. Heat poured off the big engine, and he started adjusting the six two-barrel carburetors.

“This’ll just take a minute,” he said to Ursula as she watched. It all looked like an impossible tangle of parts to her. Jock turned the twelve tiny screws almost imperceptible amounts, working very delicately, almost like a surgeon. “There,” he said when he was done. “She’s runnin’ pretty good, but this’ll sweeten her up.”

He closed up the hood and the trunk while Ursula gathered up the sandwich, water and blanket.

“What do you think, Upper Pond?” Jock asked.

“I don’t know, I’ve never been here,” Ursula said.

“Oh, definitely Upper Pond then. I know just the spot.”

Jock took the bag with the food and water and they headed down a trail covered with soft pine needles. The dark, filtered light of the deep forest opened on a beautiful mountain pond hemmed in by ragged cliffs on two sides. The trail pulled away from the water and climbed steeply. Through the trees Ursula could see sunlight sparkling off the pond below them as they headed for the top of the cliffs. It was a bit of a scramble, and she was glad she had worn sneakers instead of slippery soled shoes. After a longer climb than she had expected they emerged at the back of a cliff-top, with a spectacular view spread out before them.

“Wow! That was worth it!” she said as she took it all in.

“Let’s take a break,” Jock said. They sat down on the smooth rock and he cracked open two water bottles and handed one to Ursula. “Not too much farther. The rest is pretty easy.”

“You bring all your girls up here?” Ursula asked with a knowing smirk.

“I used to, when I was a kid. I haven’t been here in years though. It’s such a beautiful place, bringing you here just feels right.”

Jock was a natural sweet talker. It was never forced or contrived sounding. He just said what he naturally felt, and it always sounded right. All the girls loved that about him.

“So what were you goin’ shopping for today? More sexy underwear to drive us guys wild?”

“What makes you think there’s more than one guy?” Ursula said.

“You mean you’re all mine?” Jock said, leaning back on his elbows and kissing her. It was a nice, lingering, nibbling kiss, full of possibilities.

“I could be,” Ursula said when they came up for air.

“I’ve always had the feeling you have quite an appetite,” Jock said in his usual honest way. Sometimes the girls didn’t like that quite so much.

“Like a slut who sleeps around you mean?” Ursula said with a tinge of unpleasantness.

“No. I just always felt like we were kindred spirits in a way.”

Ursula wasn’t sure if that was a good thing almanbahis adres or a bad thing. She decided to take it as a compliment, especially considering how far she’d come since her virginal high school days.

Jock got up and offered Ursula his hand, helping her to her feet. She followed him across the cliff-top, back into the woods. Ten minutes later, after another scrambling climb, they emerged onto another cliff-top. Ursula smiled when she saw the small jewel-like pond they were approaching. It was an almost perfectly round basin scooped out of the smooth rock of the cliff-top, filled with sparkling, crystal clear water, with huge, squared-off boulders scattered around its perimeter. If it wasn’t for the trees in the distance and the blue sky she could have been convinced she was on another planet.

“It’s beautiful!” she said.

Jock climbed up on a massive flat-topped boulder at the edge of the water and looked around.

“This is a good spot. Give me the stuff,” he said.

Ursula handed him the food and the blanket, Jock took her hand and pulled her up as she tried to get a foothold on the smooth rock. None too gracefully she made it up. From their new vantage point they could see most of the big lower pond at the base of the cliffs and untold miles of mountains in the distance. Jock spread out the blanket and unwrapped the sandwich. They sat and ate, admiring the view, chatting about mutual friends. When the food was gone Jock pulled off his t-shirt.

“A little sunbathing sir?” Ursula asked as she admired her favorite lover.

“Somethin’ like that,” he said.

His mouth curled up into that delicious smile again and Ursula’s insides got all hot and churney like they do. She unbuttoned her little gingham top and it slipped down her slender arms. Jock was out of his shoes and jeans and he lay back on the blanket with his eyes closed, soaking in the warm rays of the sun. The meaty cock Ursula loved bulged the front of his boxers. That feeling of anticipation when you know you’re about to have great sex hit her, and her skin erupted in goosebumps as she slipped her jeans down her long legs. There was no one around, and no reason to be shy, she thought, so her everyday bra and thong came off too. She snuggled her naked body against Jock, throwing a long leg over his.

“This’s what I’m talkin’ about!” he said. A sizzling kiss drew them closer together. His hand went to her soft tits. They both moaned into the silence of the rocky wilderness.

Ursula’s tits were special to Jock. They weren’t perfect ‘nude model’ tits, they sagged a little too much if one wanted to get picky like that. They were big though, which was his thing, and they just looked right on her. They hung with a v-shaped cleavage that was different from the other girls, their nipples were big and well defined, and most of all, tits that big and sexy on an ivy league business woman were just plain awesome. Oh yeah, the way they bounced when she rode him cowgirl was pretty special too.

Ursula’s hand slipped into Jock’s boxers and found a quickly growing erection. Jock’s free hand had the shorts off in a flash and they were both bare-assed in the sun. It didn’t take long for Ursula to reorient herself and swallow the big cock whole.

Just as Jock loved the tits he was trying to hold onto, Ursula loved the cock she was sucking. Jock’s had been her first big cock, and it was still the best she’d ever felt inside her. Their first time together — in that dance club ladies room — she was sure it wouldn’t fit, and then when it did she was sure she’d loose her mind. Nothing in her mediocre sex life up to that point had prepared her for what being filled with a cock that big felt like. And Jock, always good with his tools, knew how to use it too. Up against the wall like that, with women pounding on the door to get in, Ursula floated away on that big cock to a place she didn’t know existed.

“Oh baby that feels good,” Jock said, his voice lifting off the big boulder to the deep blue sky above.

Ursula glanced at him, and then at the long view across the mountains as she slurped her way up the hot, fleshy shaft and then plunged her head down again, engulfing it. Cock-sucking had become one of her specialties. She loved the raw carnality of it.

“Do me doggie baby,” Ursula said as she positioned herself. “We can both look at the view.”

Jock was more interested in looking at her sweet ass, opened up to him with her back arched as she waited for him on all fours.

“Fuck baby, you look so good,” Jock said as his mouth went to her tender parts.

Ursula watched two tiny figures walking around the lower pond as Jock licked deep, his tongue slipping into the warmth of her pussy. She wondered if anyone would come up the trail to the upper pond. If they did she and Jock would be on full view, fucking like animals on top of a rock, like some sort of offering to the gods. The thought excited her and a small orgasm made her tremble.

Jock knew that tremble and loved it. He smiled as he licked deep again, and then positioned himself for more. His cock was rock hard as it disappeared inch by glorious inch inside Ursula. When he had buried himself balls deep he leaned forward, took her hanging tits in his rough hands and kissed her on the neck.

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