Tuttut and Nylomn have drinks

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Tuttut and Nylomn have drinksNylomn took the crystal whisky tumblers from the drinks cabinet. Hubby powered up the wall mounted 32″ flat screen and loaded up xhamster via the Samsung tablet. He loaded up a cuckold scene in which the cuck hubby cleans up the BBC bull’s load from the wife’s arse. Tuttut had seen it before and the background sound of sex reminded him of how he got to know this sexy couple and made the journey across the Irish sea. He would spend evenings scrolling through pictures of Nylomn gorgeous pussy and arse on one of his dual screens while playing a video on the other. There must be sound and it must sound genuine. Now here he was with the backing track and the real wet pussy in front of him.Nylomn placed her right leg on the coffee table in front of Tuttut, hitching up her dress she revealed her pussy that was still red, swollen and wet from their earlier encounter. Tuttut follows her nylon clad legs from her stilettos up round her firm calves, to those thighs he would love to feel wrapped around his head as he ate her delectable pussy. He could smell her. The smell of her sex made his cock twitch and harden.”Whisky?” she asked. With one hand she pulled her puffy labia apart. Her inner pussy was flushed with milky white juices. Taking a tumbler in her other hand she rubbed the rim liberally in her pussy. Her thick juices clinging to the rim of the glass. Not taking her eyes off Tuttut she poured his whisky. Doing the same for Hubby she asked Tuttut to stand. Kneeling before him press her face against the wet patch in his crotch, biting his cock harshly through the thin white linen.Tuttut smiled to himself. Strangely his university lectures came to mind as he saw the strong Irish matriarch in Nylomn, ironically serving her men drinks but on her terms. She loved the effect she had on them and in Tuttut’s cock, hard and dribbling precum she had proof of her sexual power. Taking his cock she stirred hubby’s drink, leaving precum swimming in his whisky. She sucked his cock clean before walking over to Hubby. Feeding him his drink she squeezed his cock. “Drink up now boys!” Tuttut licked the rim of his glass before downing his drink in one. He savoured the combination of tangy pussy juice and sharp whisky over his tongue. Nylomn removed her dress in one flowing movement over her head. In stockings, suspenders and silk half-cups she was all woman, and Tuttut was going to have her all. He loved her sassyiness and fell back casually as she pushed him back onto the deep leather sofa. Not caring about her heel potential puncturing the covering, she climbed on to the sofa spreading pussy brazenly nose distance from Tuttut’s face. “Eat!”Tuttut inhaled deeply. Starting from her calves he slowly stroke her legs through her thighs. He exhaled onto her exposed clit, but kept her hanging. He continued stroking her legs through her stockings enjoying the sensation on his şahinbey escort finger tips. The sound of sex from the TV did not hide the tense silence caused by his refusal to follow the command. He devoured the sweet smell of her pussy with a couple more deep inhalations before clasping each butt cheek firmly in a hand and pulling her pussy onto his mouth.Nylomn gasped audibly. For the first time she realised the strength in the grasp of Tuttut, even though she held his head and had no intention to, she knew she would not be able to pull away from his hungry mouth. In the silence and the force with which he was now pulling her arse apart Nylomn felt a change the dynamic and it thrilled her and scared her in equal measure.He was doing amazing things with his tongue. At one moment he would be running it over her clit and the next it would be deep in her pussy. He had also had a way of expanding his tongue while it was inside her, pushing it against her pussy walls that made her grind even more enthusiastically on his mouth. It was doing one of these moment she gasped loudly as she felt the sensation mirrored in her arsehole as Hubby joined the action. Sticking his tongue in her wide open arse hole that was pulled apart by Tuttut’s fierce grip. Reaching behind her she pushed his head firmly into her butt. She knew he was struggling for breath but didn’t care. She was gasping herself on these two tongues and so could he. These tongues were fantastic, she only wished there was a cock to fill her mouth at this moment. She could 69 Tuttut but there was something about having them service her which was driving her wild. Looking over her shoulder she could see Hubby’s rigid cock dripping pre-cum on Tuttut’s muscular thighs.”Oi, you fucker, look at the messy you are making on our guest. Clean that up now!” She ordered slapping him hard on the back of his head. Nylomn smiled, pleased with herself, as Hubby cut the trail running from his cock to Tuttut’s thigh with his fingers and then proceed to suck them. He then began to gingerly lick his juices of the smooth muscle filled black skin. Seeing her Hubby lick another man’s thigh for her was incredibly hot. He move to Tuttut’s inner thigh and when Tuttut twitched his rock hard cock and it smacked him on the forehead, Nylomn was over the edge.”I am going to squirt on your fucking face!”Tuttut pulled her sharply off his mouth. He gave her a look, that caused Nylomn pussy to clamp shut and knees to tremble. The silence descended once more. Hubby’s tongue was on his balls sack, proceeding with his task ignorant of what was happening above.”Pull your pussy lips back and show me your clit”, Tuttut broke the silence. Nylomn did as she was told, carefully avoiding her clit for fear of releasing the orgasm that was inches away.”I am going to lick your clit three times,” Tuttut spoke barely altındağ escort above a whisper. “You are going to come on the third touch. If you come before, that will piss me off, and I don’t think you want me to be pissed off. If you don’t come straight away on the third, well then you have missed your opportunity and will have to hold it, for now.” Their eyes were locked. Nylomn’s pussy ached, physically from holding back her juices that were now trickling down her inner leg and from the desire to cum.”Yes” she whimpered closing her eyes to aid concentration and in acceptance.The first touch was gentle and exquisite. It ripple from her throbbing, engorged button to the pit of her stomach.”Ahhh, fuck” she thought. “what a time for that fucking husband of mine to start on my arse again!”She exhaled heavily as the tongue lifted from her clit. The second was even lighter. It was a if a gentle breeze was blowing over her clit but the effect was like a tornado in her loins. Every sinew was tightly spun and ready to spring. She opened her eyes as his pink tongue made its way pass his lips. It was pointed like a finger and snailed it way to her stretched open pussy. She held her breath in expectation of the contact. There was no strength in her legs anymore, she was held suspended by her butt cheeks and her Hubby’s tongue that was buried in her hole.”Fuck, fuck, fuck,” her squirt gushed from her pussy with such ferocity it splashed clear over the back of the sofa. She believed, she hoped there was contact as she crumbled in the throes of her orgasm. Spasm after, spasm rippled through her, each echoed with a gush from her pussy. She collapsed onto Tuttut only dimly away of Hubby lapping up around them like a parched puppy.Tuttut pushed her off him, firmly but gently. He walked over to the bar and poured himself a drink. “Take off your left stocking and push it up your pussy,” he said matter-of-factly. Nylomn locked eyes with him again as she followed his request. She pushed her black nylons in until only a small tab of nylon was visible. She clasped her thighs together to increase the sensation in her pussy.”Now take off the other and tie it around the base of Hubby’s cock. Really tight like a cock ring.”Hubby sat on the couch and open his legs in anticipation. Nylomn took his rigid almost blue cock in her hand, stroked him a couple of times before wrapping the stocking around the base of his cock. She fixed the tightest knot she could manage.”Now take the one from your pussy, make as big a knot as possible in the middle then gag him with it!”Following Tuttut’s instructions she tied the knotted stockings around Hubby’s head with the knot in his mouth. She has never seen his cock so excited before, she bent over to suck the purple head. She didn’t think about the view she gave to Tuttut. It was what he was after. The pink çankaya escort arse hole with its wisps of bum fluff winking at him. Without any warning he pulled her cheeks further apart and pressed the head of his cock at the entrance. Instinctively Nylomn’s hole closed tightly. “You don’t want to be doing that now”, Tuttut whispered, “You want to relax that butt and let me in.”Nylomn sucked deeply on Hubby’s cock whose tenseness mirrored Nylomn’s clenched arse. “I must relax,” she thought to herself. “He going to put that b**st of a cock in my arse and being tense is not going to make it any easier!” She inhaled deeply and exhaled heavily.Tuttut felt her butt give a little and immediately pushed. In one thrust he got the head in. Hubby’s muffled exclamation told Tuttut all he needed to know. This sweet arse was his for the taking and Hubby will feel every inch of his cock via the nails on his balls and the teeth on his cock. Tuttut held still. He was in no rush and so waited for the next moment of give from Nylomn’s arse.Nylomn was panting on Hubby’s cock. That black cock felt great in her arse and she wanted more. She just needed to relax, open up and let it in. Another deep breath. Another long muffled scream from Hubby as Tuttut force his full length in. He felt that little give in Nylomn’s arse and thought “I am going all in!”Nylomn’s teeth was firmly in the meat of Hubby’s cock, her nail’s tearing at his ball sack. Her pussy was dribbling pussy juice down the inside of her thighs. Her head was spinning, her arse was on fire. She felt Tuttut groin smack against her arse and she knew he had done it. He had filled her arse with black cock and that thought pushed her over the edge. He pussy clasped shut as the first contraction hit.Tuttut felt the first orgasmic spasm around his cock which flicked a switch in his brain. He pulled out until only the head was trapped by the spasmsing arse of Nylomn, and then he rammed it home. Again and again he gave her his full length. He felt her knees give way and held her up by the cheeks of her arse as he continued to pound her mercilessly. His head was lost in the heat of her arse and the high pitch muffled screams from Hubby told him how it felt for her suspended between the two cocks.Hubby’s hand flew to Nylomn’s head, but instead of pulling her off he held her firm in place as push his hips to her mouth and began to shoot his load down her gagging throat. Nylomn was trying to push him away but the the pounding from Tuttut pushing her forward and Hubby’s hand on the back of her head there was no escape. Her mouth was filled with cum, she could not swallow fast enough and it squeezed out over Hubby’s cock.Her pussy was squirting over the floor. Tuttut held her firm against his groin. His cock deep in her arse as it began to spasm and shoot its load deep in her.Nylomn was amazed by his strength and control. He held her motionless compared to Hubby, who was thrashing around on the sofa. His pumping cock filling her arse steadily, his powerful arms holding her suspended off the floor. Finally he exhaled, letting fall unceremoniously to the floor. Nylomn, still trembling from her orgasms, lay in the foetal position at the feet of her black bull, his cock dripping on her.

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