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Tutoring toddI was 34 years old when my life changed forever. My name is Sara and I am teacher in a Midwestern school. I was teaching introduction to algebra to a class full of 18 year olds. As in every class there was one boy that just didn’t get the math. He was persistent and determined but he just didn’t get it. He would do extra work and would even stay after school for instruction but no matter what I tried he just couldn’t figure it out.The boy’s name was Todd. He was small, skinny and kinda plain. He didn’t have a lot of friends and I guess I felt sorry for him. I asked around about his parents and another teacher told me that he lived with his grandmother and that his parents had left him. Then even more I was saddened for his situation. One night at home I told my husband about Todd. He suggested that I should take a more personal interest in him. I should invite him over and teach him at home. I told my husband that i would do just that.The next day I called Todd’s grandmother and asked her if it would be OK if Todd came over for tutoring in math. She agreed it was a good idea. After class ended I told Todd that he could come over and he seemed apprehensive but agreed.The first few weeks went by without incident and I became quite comfortable with Todd. He started coming over every day. He would swim in our pool and often stay for dinner. Then one night everything changed.It was about 9:30PM bahis siteleri and my husband was gone for the weekend on business. It was raining out and I was nude and soaking in the hot tub out in the rain. I was feeling lonely and was masturbating in the hot tub when i looked up and saw Todd standing on the deck just looking at me. Well instead of doing what everyone else would have done and covered up and panicked, I smiled and asked Todd if he wanted to get in the tub with me. I knew that I was treading on dangerous ground but he had such a look of need on his face I just couldn’t let it go.Without another word Todd disrobed and hopped into the hot tub. I slid over next to him and looked at his small frame. He was about the same size as me. About 5 feet tall and no more that 105 pounds. Siting there next to him I leaned over and gently kissed him on the lips. Todd shyly kissed me back. I started kissing him a little more and then with some tongue and he responded so gently. Not rough like my husband. I felt his hands cupping my breasts and I was just on fire. I knew I had long passed the point of no return. I took his hand and led him out of the hot tub and into the bedroom. As we walked through the house I just starred at his beautiful cock. It was perfect, no more than 7 inches long and maybe an inch through. It curved up a little and was pointy at the end like a spear. Because it was so thin it canlı bahis seemed much longer that it was. My husband has a big fat cock. Too big really and he is always rough we make love. There I was, a school teacher naked in bed with a 18 year old boy. Todd and I resumed kissing and feeling each other up. It was like I was a teenager again. I got a condom out of the nightstand and put it onto Todd. It was loose on him but it was good enough. I laid back an pulled Todd up on to me and kept on kissing him. He made his way between my legs and then it dawned on me. Other than my husband, no other man has even been inside me. With that thought i raised my hips and guided Todd’s very hard cock into me. He felt so good. He gently slid in and out of me. He was never fast or rough he just slowly and gently kept up a constant rhythm. I was exploding. I felt a huge orgasm building in me then wave after wave overtook me. Todd kept up the constant rhythm and every stroke I could feel his cock pressing into my cervix. Bump bump bump. I don’t know how but he kept it up for a half hour, every position and he never came. I just had orgasm after orgasm. After a while I just couldn’t take anymore and I rolled off of Todd took his condom and flushed it. After more kissing and fondling I just drifted off to sleep. I woke about an hour later with my back to Todd. I felt him taking me from behind. I was consumed by the warmth güvenilir bahis of his body. I pressed back into him and started to grind my ass into him. Then for the first time I felt him increase his pace. He started thrusting faster and faster I immediately started cumming. My God I could feel my pussy spasming on his young cock. His thrusts weren’t gentle any more. He was pounding into me when it happened. I had the most intense orgasm of my life. My cunt was contracting I felt a pain in my womb then he thrust into me as deeply as he could possibly go. I felt pressure on my cervix then I felt a stabbing pain. Then a flood of heat filing me like never before. I could feel his cock twitching and pulsing. The pain was drowned by intense pleasure. It seemed to go on forever. I was coming down off the high of this wonderful feeling when panic finally struck. I flushed to condom. Todd had just filled my womb with his sperm. I wasn’t on the pill and I never kept track of my periods because my husband always pulled out and either came on my or in my mouth. I pulled away head a pop as his cock sprang free. I jumped up and the cum flooded out of my pussy it streamed down my legs and a huge thick stringy glob hung from my pussy lips. I ran to the bathroom and cleaned as best as I could. I had no douches, all I could do was wipe clean.Todd left and I went to bed and cried myself to sleep.My period never came and I now I have a beautiful little girl. My husband thinks that it is his and I will certainly never tell. Todd graduated and I never saw him again. Oh how I miss his cock. I may have to tutor someone else this year.

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