Turned into Jasmine by BBC :)

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Turned into Jasmine by BBC :)It was just another warm Sunny weekday morning like any other in summer. My wife kissed me goodbye as she left for work, I took my usual pervy glance at her as she wiggled her hot behind out the door, I was setting up in my home office, ready for another day of working from home. I listened to the car roll out the driveway then the gate closed, I started working through the usual emails and meeting requests.. I got bored of work after a couple of hours I decided to go into our bedroom and rifle through my wife’s huge array of skimpy clothes and sexy Lingerie as we had just had a very steamy weekend of sex and she had gotten herself some new outfits to wear for me, which were still smelling of sex as she hadn’t washed them yet. She has quite a collection now, from her 7 inch Black Stripper shoes to her leopard skin stilettoes, her long Lacy garments, stockings and suspenders to her sexy police women’s outfit with hot hat and cuffs. As I start laying out her clothes on the bed, remembering dressing her in all different combinations of outfits each time I fucked her, my cock starts to swell, and I become ever increasingly horny, I pull out my swelling cock and start to slowly stroke it over her lingerie and sexy boots. I decided to call in sick for the rest of the day at work and play by myself a little, was still horny and wasn’t satisfied. I have tried a little bit of cross dressing before but I was feeling very horny and for some reason decided today was going to be the day I dressed myself like a real Sissy Slut. Before I knew It I had lingerie and outfits spread all over, trying to find the best fit, something that made me feel and look like a little sexy slut. I had my Wife’s butt plugs, vibrators and even her big 8 inch Dong on the bed contemplating fucking my own ass whilst dressed like a horny little girl. I showered, shaved all around my cock, balls, ass and down my legs to where the lacy stocking would come up to. I sat on the bed, rubbed some of her moisturiser all over my legs, cock and now smooth ass and began to concentrate on dressing as sexy as I could possibly be. I slipped on her fishnet stockings, some hot tiny suspenders, a small lacy g-string and a black lacy top. I put on her 7 inch Stripper heels and staggered around a little while I got myself stable and started practicing strutting around. I could not believe how hot my legs and ass looked in these heels, I was dripping pre cum down my legs from the excitement… I wiped it up with my finger and took a lick, it actually tasted nice.So now… looking like a sexy slut from the neck down I decided I would look for my wifes wig, next thing I know I have her makeup spread all over the counter looking for the hottest lipstick and dark eye shadow to really slut myself up, by this stage I was in a frenzy and just wanted to make myself look hot and pretty before I started fucking my ass with my wifes favourite toys. I set up the video camera on my drawers next to the TV and hooked it up so I could watch myself on the big screen. I found her long brunette wig and put it on and walked passed the camera to go to the bathroom to put on her makeup. MY GOD I looked like a hot little slut, I had never felt so naughty before, the thought of being caught was overwhelming but I could not stop, my cock was rock hard seeing myself dressed like this and it really did not look like me, I continued into fantasy mode and figured ‘what the hell, just this one time.. what can go wrong’It was windy outside and I heard some outside chairs blow over and bang the wall, but dressed like this there was no way I was going to pop my head outside and take a look. I continued to browse through my wife’s makeup bag and investigate what each item was (I have never played with makeup before so I was a little confused at what some things actually were used for!) I found some very dark red lip liner and her cherry red lippy she sometimes puts on for me when she is going to give me a special Blow job, so I put this on the bed for when I was ready to apply it.I stood in front of the camera and made a few sexy moves with my hips, bent down and slid my hands over my ass and down my fishnet stocking covered legs… boy I have never felt so sexy in my life. More wind outside and another bang, but who cares, right now I am overcome with watching myself, my cock almost ripping out of her tiny panties in excitement. I was amazed at how well I was strutting around in these huge heels.. really wiggling my ass as I did a little twirl for the camera and pouting my lips. I topped it off with her big white sunglasses she had left behind and now I was looking convincing, only some lippy to go on and I am finished.I pranced over to my wifes side of the bed and took some lube out of her top draw… I put a little lube on my finger, got myself on my hands and knees and slid my finger half way in, wow I was tight, my wife had fingered my ass before but not for some time. I decided that my ass was too tight and would not possibly fit her toys in there so I put them back away in the top draw…as I did this I heard a deep voice commandingly say “I hope you don’t think dats all da play your slutty lil ass is gonna get today bitch !”I froze, looked in my doorway and couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed two largely built black men standing there watching me. They had broken in… it wasn’t the wind that caused the bang.. Oh my god what has happened… I must have been frozen for a minute, when the second man boomed “well bitch… you started the show, you aint gonna stop now… we don’t like being teased’ I looked at the second man, who was quite heavily built, he had a bit of a large stomach but was still about 6foot 3 in height.. I then noticed he had a huge bulge in his shorts, not a bulge like my little cock would make, this looked big. The first man in the doorway was much more toned, I could see his big chest muscles and shoulders and could tell this guy worked out and looked as strong as a bull, he was also 6 foot 3 or 4, much bigger than me. I knew there was nothing I could do, I just didn’t now what was going on, what did they want! “well well well, we were just going to steal your shit today bitch, but we got lucky here didn’t we b*o.. looks like we got ourselves a fine piece of ass to tag team today.. and look.. its all going to be on camera bitch. You gonna be a white whore porn star today girl” laughed the second heavily build man as he adjusted his massive cock in his shorts. My legs were trembling and I almost fell to the ground when I was overcome with fear…. the sinking realisation of what was happening.. I think I was about to be ****d by two very large black men. The first guy pointed to the makeup on the bed “finish putting this on bitch, I want those lips looking slutty for when you swallow my cock”…. “Please, what do you want.. this is a mistake, I will give you anything you want but please leave.. here have my wallet and my money” I begged, I was almost in tears.“We got what we want right here bitch boy, do a good enough job and we might even give you some money for your efforts haha” snickered the second man. He forced me onto the bed and threw the makeup at me and shouted “fucking finish the job slut.. put it on now and you might walk away from this in one piece, fuck with us and its all over for you” as he slid his finger across his neck.“You will call us SIR and you will de exactly as we demand.. DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND!” he boomed at me forcefully. “yes… YES sir” I murmured, I was still in shock, in fear, and feeling venerable like I had never felt before, I couldn’t run, I had these 7 inch heels buckled up my legs. I glanced at the tv and had to double take again, fuck I looked like a real girl on the bed, a little slut being stood over by huge black men ready to use me, and it really showed how big these guys were standing over me. I knew there was no way out, I was going to have to comply with their orders or they were going to hurt me.. badly. I grabbed the lipstick and started to put some on “Get up bitch and do it in front of the mirror.. do it right slut, we want that pretty mouth of yours looking sweet before you swallow our cocks” ordered the first muscly guy as he grabbed my arms, lifted me off the bed and thrust me into the bathroom.. I stumbled in the heels but grabbed the bench. I began the task of putting on the makeup, I could hear them snickering and mocking me as I did so, sitting on the end of my bed watching me, I heard the heavier man comment on my ass “that is one fine piece of white meat there boy, its going to be fun fucking the shit out of it, hope it don’t break haha”I noticed he had unzipped and pulled his cock out so it was hanging there, I was a HUGE cock hanging down, MY GOD he wasn’t even hard yet and was probably as round as my wrist!I drew some nice big fat lips on and plied akkışla escort the lippy on thick, I covered my face in foundation and then coloured my eyes with a thick blue coating.I stood back and was amazed at how I looked, long brown hair, thick bright red full lips, I was standing about 6 foot 2 with these heels on and with fishnets and suspenders I looked like a proper T-Girl. Although I was shaking with fear I also noticed my cock was leaking cum and had swollen a little, I blushed and could not believe that any thoughts of enjoyment or arousal would even enter my mind at this time. “GET over here now bitch boy” yelled the heavy set man. I rushed over to where he was. “Dang girl, you actually one sexy piece of white meat. I’m going to have some fun with you”The muscly man moved over to the video camera and clicked the record button, tuned at me and grinned “smile for the camera SLUT” now I knew It was all on film, what I didn’t know was what was going to happen, how long was this going to last, I hope they don’t hurt me. All these thoughts rushing through my mind when I was shocked by a sharp slap in the face and a hand on my shoulder pushing me down to the ground. “Get on your Knees bitch, I want you sucking my cock looking up at me” barked the heavy set man, his cock basically in my face and swelling. Fuck it was big, I had never seen one so large in real life before. I could smell his sweat and man juices combined, he had obviously found my appearance arousing as his shorts had wet patches of pre cum leaking all over them. He placed his hand on my head and tilted it up at him, “Look at me when you suck my cock bitch.. you hear”.. “y.y.yes sir” I trembled. “now suck my cock slut” he shouted, making me jump a little. I opened my mouth a little and put the head of his cock to my lips, ‘I still cant believe I am about to suck on a black cock I thought’ he grabbed the neck of his huge cock in his hand and fed his massive head passed my lips and popped open my mouth.. MY GOD my mouth was full. I paused for a second in shock “I said SUCK it bitch” as I got another sharp slap to the face. This shocked me back into action and I started to slowly slide my mouth down his cock, it was still not 100% hard but this was a good thing , it gave me time to adjust to the size of this monster and allowed me to put what looked like more in my mouth that normal. I started to get up a little bit of a rhythm and he let out an approving groan as my tongue was now also swirling around his swollen head a little more freely. I had never felt like this before.. ‘was I actually enjoying sucking on this massive cock, being forced to do so with no free will was actually turning me on… never… it must be just the fear.. survival instinct, yes that’s what it is’I glanced to the side and saw myself on my TV, squatting down with my face sliding forward and back on this huge mans meaty cock and was instantly turned on, these feelings I did not want but could not help it.. I thought to myself ‘what the fuck’ if I do it well and don’t resist hopefully they will leave soon, not hurt me and I can forget this ever happened.I had forgotten about the other man who must have been rummaging through my wifes drawers.. “look what we got here boy” he grinned as he held up my wifes nurse hand cuffs..oh dear I thought, right now I had SOME control, if those go on I will have nothing.. sure enough my hands were pulled behind my back and my wrists went tight with the leather straps and chains holding me firm. “now those hands are out da way bitch, I can work those lips of yours properly” he grabbed my head with both hands and I could feel my mouth stretching wider and wider as he pulled my face towards his stomach…i instantly chocked and gagged, he pulled my face all the way off his cock and let me get my breath.. “try again my cock whore” and this time he went much quicker and harder, my nose pressed into his bushy pubes and my throat instantly filled with this giant cock, it would have had to be at least 10 inches, I didnt have time to gag, it had passed that point and my throat was full, I froze for a second and he let out a big moan “Fuck yeah bitch boy.. look b*o this slut can swallow the whole package if you push hard enough haha” and he high fived his muscly mate. He pulled my head back and I gasped for air, spit and juices running down my mouth, out my nose and all down my chest and legs.. did I just deep throat a big black cock,, OMG I JUST DID!He turned my face towards the camera and I could see my eye makeup was running down my face as my eyes must have been watering when I was choking on his massive cock. But I still looked slutty and hot.. and was actually feeling aroused at quite proud that I passed this first test. he pulled my head back down and continued to fuck my mouth for the next 5 minutes hard, my chin and chest dripping with gag and spit mixed with the pre cum that was pouring out of his rock hard shaft, he was really hard now! “Share that bitch around b*o, time for this little slut to taste my cock now boy” interrupted the muscly man as he unzipped and pulled out his monster cock. My god, this one was just as long, but thicker! I did not think it was possible but that cock was huge. He moved to the side of me and grabbed my head, turning it to face his huge hanging cock “Suck it bitch” he ordered and I opened my mouth and took in his head. At least this guy was a little more gentle and let me suck him.. at first… I started my task again of taking his cock in and out, it fell out of my mouth and I licked his shaft, he pulled my head to his huge balls “get them in your mouth little girl… taste my back balls, what’s inside them will be your present if you do it right” I could not believe the size of this guys balls, I got one in my mouth and it almost filled it, I licked and sucked as passionately as I could to please this guy, I did not want to make him mad. He pulled my head back up and slid his cock back in my mouth, he then proceeded to fuck my face nice and slowly, but did not force it all the way down.. my mouth was stretched wide open and I could almost see my lips wrapped around his cock by looking down, this thing was huge. He groaned for a while my mouth serviced his shaft as wet and smoothly as I could go. I felt like such a cock whore right at this moment, I did not notice but my cock was rock hard and my little panties were dripping wet “look here b*o, this little slut loves sucking our black cocks” sniggered the heavy set man as he bends down and pats the wet spots all over my knickers.He then stood next to me and grabbed my head and turned it to his cock, they took in turns while I sucked for 10 or so strokes and then the other cock would replace it, feeding me the two cocks over and over again. The heavy set man took my head and started to fuck my face harder, deeper and deeper, to my surprise I took it all this time and no gag.. had he trained me to be a cock slut already.. surely not.. but I found myself moving my face at him harder and deeper each time “look b*o, this bitch is a natural she cant get enough of our black cock” I felt his thrusts get a little more forceful and I knew what was coming… “suck it bitch… suck it… fucking take it slut” he was saying as he thrusted deeper… his groans got louder and his balls started to twitch… suddenly he grabbed the back of my head and thrust his whole cock down my throat, he pushed so deep his balls were actually pressed against my chin and then I felt him unload the warmest, thickest heaviest load of cum I could imagine straight down into my stomach. He must of shot 5 times at least, he pulled out so only his head was still in my mouth “suck it clean and dry bitch boi” he murmured as he squeezed the last drops of his cum onto my tongue. This was the first taste of his cum I had, most of his load went past my throat so I didn’t taste it at all, there was not much left and after gagging and gasping in fresh air and losing that feeling of blacking out, to my amazement I was sucking it down like there was no tomorrow “wow this little bitch is a real cum slut hey b*o haha” he mockingly laughedI felt so degraded, I cant believe I just swallowed a massive load of cum.. and even finished the job enthusiastically. “My turn now then bitch, move over b*o” stated the muscly man as he grabbed my head and forcefully entered my mouth for his turn. I was hoping that once this guy has unloaded in my mouth they would be finished with me and go away. He began stroking his cock in and out of my mouth and just like the other guy I could tell he was starting to get close to climax this time.. his thrusts were getting deeper and faster in pace, but this guy was huge and he would not cum, I was taking so much cock in my mouth and having him pushing against my throat , I could feel the back of my throat stretching and there was no way this guys whole cock was going to fit down there… but sure enough as he started to groan out louder and fuck my face faster he grabbed my head with both hands, tilted my face up to him slightly, put one leg on the bed so he was right over me and thrust down deep and hard into my mouth…”Yeah boy” he shouted as it popped past the back of my mouth and shot deep down indo my throat… it felt like his cock had hit my stomach it was so big, I could not breath or move, speared down my throat by a massive black rod bursting cum load after load into my stomach. He pulled out and I gasped and coughed and almost blacked out again.. as I lay against the side of the bed, my head to the side, I saw his heavy set partner in the TV stroking his cock hard again, rock hard.. that cock I had only just emptied before his muscly friends, he walked up behind me and pulled my head back so I was leaning right back, almost looking behind me and he slid his monster slug back down my throat all the way, this time his balls sitting on my nose and pushing into my eyes, he gave a couple of small thrusts and then I felt the squeezing of his massive balls as he emptied shot after shot deep down into my stomach again, it was fast but I swear he must have shot 10 times down my throat, my stomach felt full of hot cum now.. he pulled out and I gasped for air once again, cum and spit flowing back out of my mouth and running out my nose, down my chest and between my legs…. I have taken three huge loads of cum already….. will they leave me now.. please god, let them leaveBut no, the cuffs came off and the heavy set man tossed me onto the bed. “ on your hands and knees bitch.. that was your warm up, now we have cum we are going to fuck you all afternoon in that tight little ass pussy of yours” they both laughed and I knew I was in for a long and rough time.One of the men picked my wifes Lube off the bed and took a big dob on his finger, “open that ass bitch boy” he ordered and I promptly pouted my ass in the air for him. He slid his finger around my hole and then without warning popped it straight in past his knuckles, “yeow” I yelped … that was responded to with a sharp loud ‘smack’ on my ass. “look b*o this white trashy slut is an anal Virgin.. hehe we will have you gaping like a pro at the end of this session” he smirked, the muscly man picked the camera off the drawer, I had completely forgotten about this being taped, my god what if someone sees it. He moved around behind me and got a close up of his friend fingering my tight hole, he started pressing and working a second finger in, OMG he had big hands “fuck” I yelled and was answered with another SMACK on my ass “Shut up white bitch, I will tell you when to speak” His friend moved back around in front of me, looking down at me on my hands and knees and gestured to his hung cock that was swinging in front of my face.. “get it hard again bitch” he demanded and I took it straight back in my mouth, thankfully he was happy for me to suck it nice and slow as my throat felt like it had been stretched enough already. I didnt realize it but I had started rocking backwards and forwards sucking his cock to the rhythm of his heavy friend fingering my ass “look b*o, this sluts enjoying this ride… she really wants a big black cock to open this pussy wide” I was embarrassed again for a second realising this was all on tape, If it ever got out… I don’t want people thinking I am enjoying this… but fuck it, I was… I felt like a slut and my mouth actually enjoyed milking the two black studs monster cocks… I wanted more.The heavy set man got on the bed on his knees behind me and I could feel the massive head of his cock pressing hard against my resisting tensed lubed hole.. I knew what was coning next.. I could not yelp though, they would punish me for it and just laugh… I could feel his weight pushing me forward as he pressed hard against my hole, I could feel it stretching, slowly accepting this massive cock.. “No, No, its not going to fit” I yelled, ‘SMACK’ as another huge hand print was made on my rosey red ass cheek “shut the fuck up slut.. its going in either way, so just shut the fuck up and suck on my b*o’s cock, hes next, so be nice to him” the muscly man grabbed hold of my head again and started slowly working his cock in and out of my lips and suddeny ‘POP’ the solid mans cock finally popped into my ass… MY GOD! He held it there for a few seconds.. and I was grateful for that.. then I felt the press again as his weight pushed into me slowly and I felt the head and now shaft slowly stretching the hell out of my ass… I muffled my yelps of pain by taking more of his friends cock in my mouth,, but fuck this guy was BIG, my ass was on fire and I could feel every inch of it moving into me, drilling me. He slowly pulled back until his head was back at the entrance of my ass, then pushed harder back into me, I could feel my body being stuffed full of this guys cock.. then I realised.. this guy has no condom on.. my ass is getting stretched to the limits by a big black bareback Cock! In all the agony and concentration of not yelling, I was taking the big cock in front of me in my mouth as far as I could so it muffled my agonizing moans.. I hadn’t realised that my ass has started to relax, allowing this hung stud to start to slide in and out a little more freely… “Yeah bitch, how does my black cock feel in your tight white ass slut?” I felt so full, there is no way I could take any more cock in me.,,, “guess what slut.. so far only half of my cock is in you… by the end, my balls will be slapping you so hard you are going to be begging for me to cum in dat white hole of yours” OMG only half way in! Before I could even say a thing he spat down at my ass and his cock to wet it some more and thrust down again harder, deeper and longer than before, the muscley man saw this and did the same, his cock popping back into my throat and filling me with 10 inches of meat in my mouth. I was being pushed hard from both ends and I was loving it. What… I was loving it.. OMG these guys are turning me into a right little slut here…“give me that ass b*o.. save some for me” shouted the muscly guy“all yours b*o, I just warmed it up for you”… “your tight hole is going to squirm for this big black cock” he whispered in my earThey were swapped ends, He pulled his cock out of my ass and it felt like I had just lost half my body size, he was huge, before I could catch my breath he slid it straight into my mouth “taste that white ass bitch.. yeah you like it like that dont you slut” I nodded as I sucked on his cock, covered in my ass juices as he pulled it out and slapped it over my face.I was still in the same position, on all fours, lube and juices running down my legs and all over my face. Suddenly I Gapsed as his friend entered me, MY god this thing is fucking fatter than the last one, once his head slid in he pushed at least half of it straight down into my ass.. this time I said nothing, a small squirm.. a pause… he pulled back slowly until just his head was in my ass and then did another big thrust, this time he was about an inch short of being all the way in me.. I yelped a little.. but was not punished for it.. he knew my ass was paying for it and he took some mercy… i took more cock in my mouth in appreciation …actually enjoying sucking this big black monster cock of this thick heavy black man, his cock covered in my lipstick …his muscley friend continued on my ass… and he started with steady short strokes,, they became longer and longer, before I knew it he had his cock in me all the way to his balls “look at this bitch b*o.. fucking swallowed my hole cock in this tight little white ass” he got off his knees and stood over me, legs apart and grabbed my ass to pull it in the air more “time to go to work on this lil Bitch b*o” and he pushed his whole 10 inches back down into my ass.. he began pumping me harder and harder, I could feel my insides move apart every time he buried his monster deep into my ass, the slapping sound was getting louder as his balls started banging into me as he was destroying my once tight hole with every forceful stroke.. his friend pulled his cock from my mouth and picked up the camera and got a close up of my ass being destroyed by his friends huge Cock. “you like that dont you slut…” “dont you!” he yelled “yes sir” I murmured “what do you like.. tell me Bitch” he ordered “I like your cock in my ass sir” I said, “tell me you LOVE our cocks.. tell us you want more and keep saying it sissy slut!” he ordered “I love your cocks in me sir.. please keep fucking me with your big black cocks… please dont stop” I beggedThe heavy set man put the camera down and after what seemed an eternity of ass splitting poundings the muscley guy pulled his huge cock out of my pulsating ass.. in shock from what it just endured and amazingly still in perfect tact but gaping open and round. “open that ass Boi… show us your new pussy” he yelled as he spread my ass cheeks wide open and they admired my gaping ass. He spun me on my back and pulled my head to the end of the bed so it hung back off the bed, “now eat your ass juices off my cock bich” he demanded as he slid his cock into my mouth , his friend had quickly positioned himself between my legs and pushed them up towards my chest, he entered me forcefully again and started thrusting deep and very hard, his balls were slapping my ass as he fucked me like a rag doll.I was lapping every drop of my ass juice off as it was being fed to me on his big black rod down my throat, his balls also hitting my face and making a loud slapping noise as the juices were splatting in my eyes and nose, luckily for me they used lots of lube, but I was covered in it, mixed with cum and my own juices, running down my face as it slaps off his balls when they hit me at every stroke. His heavy friend is fucking me furiously and I let out a loud sigh when he pulls his cock out of my throbbing ass, hoping he has finished,,,but he passes my pushed back legs to his friend who holds them in a vice like grip, my huge heels and sexy legs spread apart and held up over me in the air with my ass exposed… the heavy set man stands on the bed and towers over me..i feel my ass open all the way as he slides down his huge package until I am almost taking his weight pushing down on my hole, every time he pulls out he spreads my ass open and admires the work he is doing to my ass “b*o this white pussy is almost perfect” he admiringly says as he spits into my gaping ass hole. The whole time the Muscly man has hold of my legs he is slowly sliding his cock in and out of my mouth, my throat so numb from the previous fuckings that it now can easily take plenty of cock in, without the urge to gag… I just lay there pretending I am a slutty little white girl servicing these forceful hung black men as my ass is getting stretched and worked over, the urge for me to cum is so great, I actually fell like I am living out a fantasy… the man on top is almost bouncing his cock up and down in me on the bed and I can hear the sound if his cock being swallowed up by my now loose slutty hole. “oh fuck b*o Im gonna fill this white pussy full of cum…. here we go bitch.. YEAH” …I suddenly feel deep in my ass being filled with shots of warm thick ooze, I couldn’t believe I have just been bred deep by a large Black thug, he lets go of my legs and the muscley man took his place at my ass, he was in position to fuck me in a flash, he slapped my ass and spun me around, pulling my ass back up in the air ready for a hard doggy style fucking… he started fucking my ass so hard and deep that all I could hear was the sounds of his thighs and balls slapping against my ass, his hand pushing the back of my head forcing my face into his partners cock, I was being double fucked and Hard… I felt like I was going to explode… then I felt it.. my ass being filled with more hot liquid, I could feel every shot hitting the inside of my ass.. and deep too.. he slowed the thrusting and I could feel his cock twitching each time it leaked more cum out and shot it inside me.. there was a pause for a few seconds… then.. “move b*o its my turn” shouted the heavy set man, who pulled his now cleaned off cock from my mouth, spun me around hard and jammed his cock all the way down my ass in one massive deep long thrust that seemed to travel in me for an eternity, filling every possible space inside my body there was left …. my ass was so stretched and wet it just went all the way in, so again I was facing a dripping fat cock that had just destroyed my asshole, “open wide” he smirked, and off I went cleaning and slurping on a big dripping cock that is covered in mix of my ass juices and cum while my ass is getting pounded away at, this time they had gone on for a while without cumming, occaionally swapping and off I would start again lapping up my juices and tasting cum that would leak out a little from deep inside me, I was sort of in a transe, a feeling of ecstasy almost, pleasure I had never felt, the pain was gone and I just felt like a dirty slutty whore. Then I noticed I was rocking harder and the pounding on my gaping hole had picked up pace, then I could hear the moan, then… I could feel hot load after hot load being unloaded deep into my ass with every hard thrust, until he just stopped, all the way inside me, resting agianst me as his cock shuddered one last time..he held it for about 30 seconds, then he slowly slid his cock out of my ass.. he stroked the cum out of his shaft ensuring every last drop ended up in me still. His friend replaced his cock with his own and pumped hard for until he also came, I was so full of cum, when he pulled out there were streams running down my legs and over my balls. “yeah bitch… how did you like your first taste of black cock” he asked as he slapped my ass and grinned. “I loved it sir.. thank you” I wimpered, feeling degraded, in shock that my ass was gaping open and took a beating from two massive black cocks for what was almost two hours. The two men high fived as they staggered off the bed, leaving me lying there motionless, covered in cum and sex juices, my entire body dripping wet….I reached around to feel my ass and all 4 of my fingers slid in without even touching the sides.. MY GOD my ass has been destroyed. I sighed and it felt like I was going to pass out. But I knew these guys were done, surely these guys could not go again.“hey slut, your not done yet, get back on your knees and clean our cocks… “ ordered the heavy set man.. and threw me to the floor for hopefully one last time, I slurped and licked and swallowed the two monster black cocks clean, sucking every last drop off their shaft and balls, my face covered in sticky sex and my ass pouting open, still throbbing from the violation it just took and blobs of cum freely dripping out..“one last thing slut” he said as he placed a plate in front of me..”we filled you with some premium cum there bitch, we cant have you wasting it now can we” he slid the plate under my ass and put his cock back in my mouth “ push all that cum out bitch and enjoy my cock while you do it” I had two cocks in my face, moving from one to the other when suddenly another rush of cum poured out my ass onto the plate, there was so much.. I could not believe it, it must have been shot so deep in me it took a while to come out. “ now drink it all up sissy boy” he laughed and they picked up the plate, held my head back and pured it into my mouth.. I gagged and he quickly held my nose… “dont wast it now boy.. its good for you” I reluctantly gulped down every last drop of cum from my ass.” Lick the plate..” he put it on the ground and I dropped to all fours and bagan licking the plate. “stay down there and dont fucking move bitch.. I want you licking that plate clean for another 5 mninutes… you understand?” “yes sir” I replied and got back to licking my plate.To my horror they took the video camera “thanks for this slut.. we will enjoy watching you again later” and they left.. I stayed on all fours for what seemed like eternity… stunned at what had happened and sore from both ends.. my ass was no longer a virgin and I could easily now slide my whole hand in it, my throat was sore and my stomach was full of cum… i Stripped off, removed my makeup and sat on the shower floor for an hour.. and had the most intense orgasm from masturbation I had ever experiend… I was a little white slut gurl for two monster balck cocks and enjoyd it. I cleaned everything up and placed all my wifes posessions back in their place, still shocked and shaking from the events that had happened to me, but I had to move on, pretend like nothing had ever happeend. I certainly could never tell my wife. All night my ass twitched as It slowly regained some sort of tighness again, It felt like my whole inside had been pounded and bruised. My voice was a little creaky and I told my wife I was coming down with a cold and went to bed, I called in sick the next day and stayed in bed, still recovering from what was a major ordeal, I had been ****d and abused to the limits.. I had also masturbated 5 times thinking about it the next day.. wow they did make me into a slut I thought to myself and gave a small grin…..A week later I was working from home and went to check the Mail… in it was a letter hand addressed to the Male homeowner… I opened it and was shocked .. it was a picture from the video of me, on all fours with two cocks in me and and a note… “meet us at the old abandonned factory building around the corner next Friday at 11am or your video goes viral…P.S. my b*o’s were so impressed with your hungry little white ass and slutty little body there will be four of us this time….come dressed as you were last time slut ..”To Be ContinuedXxxJasminesissycd

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