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She lay quietly on her back with her eyes close breathing in the cool air. It wouldn’t help her to open her eyes anyway, he had seen to that with the blindfold, securely attached so that no light would be available to her. She shifted slightly, feeling the soft fabric cuffs pull against her wrists. He hands were bound above her head around the slats in the headboard. They did not restrict her movement completely and she could shift to gain leverage or twist to either side but she could only reach as far down as her shoulders with either hand. Her legs were similarly bound though there they were bound apart and he could restrain them a bit more. He had demonstrated it all to her so she would know the limitations she would have to endure before she decided. At the time she had been unsure, but she was curious and liked their experimentation so she agreed anyway. The final piece were the headphones which sat on her ears playing a quiet symphony of some sort, it was not her taste in music but it was relaxing and just loud enough to drown out anything from the outside. In short, she was sensory deprived of both sight and sound, and tied to a bed, naked.

The air around her was cool, but not cold. There was motion to it, probably from the fan in the corner of the room. Once in a while a draft of air would run across her and make her skin react but it was not uncomfortable. If anything it was highly stimulating, she had no concept of time because the music had no discernable beginning or end, so she was left to focus on how the air moved against her body. She felt another draft and felt her skin react with tiny goosebumps, the sensation traveled through her body and she felt it reach her nipples making them hard. The sensation of her nipples getting hard, tightened her body slightly and from this she became aroused and felt her vagina become wet. She marveled at his talent, he had done nothing but tie her into position and she was already turned on and wet. Very wet, she thought, as she felt a drop of her juices drip from her slit, down her ass to the bed. She began to doubt if she could hold out on her claim.

When he had told her that by the time he was done with her she would be begging him to cum inside her she had laughed, thinking it was just his bravado. But when his expression didn’t change she was taken a bit back. This was a bold claim from him and something in her stirred to challenge it. She wasn’t so proud to make some claim about not having an orgasm at all. She knew that she would probably have several, because he knew all her buttons, but to have her beg for him to cum inside her, something that they had never done before, something they had been so careful about. She had challenged it and he had just smiled. He then gave her a kiss and told her to get undressed. She now wondered how it would feel in her present state to have his hot cum inside her, and she knew that this was part of his plan.

The air shifted again bringing her back as another drip ran down her ass. How long had it been since he left her like this? She didn’t know and couldn’t know. She thought about taking a peak. He left her enough slack to do so, but she quickly pushed the thought away. She would see this through to end no matter what. Her conquering of the momentary doubt was rewarded, it seemed, as she felt pressure elsewhere on the bed. Her pussy gushed a few more drops in anticipation of whatever was coming.

His first touch was across the top of her left foot. It brushed lightly up her leg, and about the time it got to her knee she realized it was the back of his hand that he was using. The knuckles and the tops of his nails dragging ever so lightly across her skin. They were cooler than the room so the sensation sent goosebumps wherever his touch went. This made her nipples harder and now had a steady drip flowing from her. He ran his hand this way over every inch of her exposed front very slowly, and then he started over again. He did this several almanbahis times, she didn’t count, focused instead on the sensation and the growing wet spot on the bed. Then his hand was gone, as was the pressure on the bed. She panicked a bit inside, but reassured herself that this could not be all that he had planned. Again, she was rewarded by pressure on the bed, but this time from the foot.

He crawled up between her legs, which she had left slightly apart, and over her. She could feel his jeans against her thighs as he hovered over her. The fact that he was still dressed turned her on a bit more for some reason. He hovered there for a long time. She assumed he was looking her over taking in the sight of her body. He always said he loved to look at her naked. He was not close enough that she could feel his breath, but the warmth from where his knees sat spread along her thighs to her slit making it even more wet.

The first kiss caught her off guard. It was light and warm against her collar bone. She almost yelped in surprise. The second was right next to it, a little longer, she could feel the hair on his face against her skin, the warmth of his skin under it. The third kiss was next to that. The kisses continued out to her shoulder and then he kissed the other side. His kisses continued down her chest and across her breast. At each nipple he stopped and took it into his warm mouth, sucking slightly until it was warm and soft again. Each time she had another gush and trickle from her slit. He kissed down her stomach kissing every inch of it and then down each thigh. Then he kissed right above her bare soaking sex. She groaned at this without thinking and in his next kiss she could feel his smile. He pushed her legs apart a bit more and kissed the inside of her thighs to the point where she could feel his facial hair brush against the lips of her pussy. Her breath was ragged she now noticed, she was so worked up she was breathing hard and all he had done was touch and kiss her. The thoughts vanished as he licked across her slit. Even warmer against it she moaned at his tongue strokes. Her legs lifted and he let her rest them on his back against his t-shirt as he kissed and sucked each lip, getting a new moan each time. He tortured her by kissing everything around her clit over and over. A steady stream of her juices was puddling under her mixed with the moisture he was adding.

Finally, he touched her clit and she came. Gushing, as he licked her clit, sucked it, bit it lightly. She dug her heels into his back forcing him into her. His facial hair tickled her thighs and he brought her to another wave of climax increasing the pleasure with each movement he made across her clit. She was moaning and swearing, she could hear it in her head but not in her ears. She rode each wave out and finally came down from her euphoria, to feel him sliding out from under her legs and off the bed. Her head was swimming and organizing thoughts was not working. She felt pressure on the bed next to her and then felt his hand in her hair. He guided her onto her side near the edge of the bed, and then she felt it hit her lips.

She knew exactly what it was and she licked it willingly, tasting his precum. He shifted forward and she let him enter her mouth. Without use of her hands she could only let him do what he wanted, but he was kind, this was not some violent porn moment. She let him slowly fuck her mouth, sucking and releasing appropriately, then she got an idea. On his next thrust she moved forward deep-throating him. The reaction was a sustained thrust for a couple of seconds, then his hand fell away from her hair and she took over bobbing her head on his cock. She alternated short and medium strokes, then would occasionally let him back in deep. She pleasured his member in a way that she knew only she could. He signaled her he was close but returning his hand to her hair. His thrusts got more desperate and he tightened his grip pushing almanbahis adres forward so she would allow him in as he shot his load. It felt warm pouring down her throat and once he was finished he removed his cock and kissed her long and hard.

She lay back now catching her breath as she felt him get off the bed again. She was aware now that her eyes were open and was staring into the soft black fabric of the blindfold. She was awash with different feelings. For one she had just let him take full advantage of her mouth which she had never thought she would enjoy. Even though he had let her have control for part of it he had her completely at his mercy in that situation. She smiled remembering his reaction to her deep-throating him. She could still feel the warmth of his cum in her throat and this led her thoughts back to how it would feel to have him release inside her. She knew this was part of his plan, to make her think about it, but at the same time the desire to feel it was growing.

Her thoughts were broken by his touch on her pussy. She hadn’t felt him get back on the bed and the touch startled her. She instinctively went to closed her legs and was met with resistance at both ankles. He had tightened the restraints. His finger slid into her slit and rubbed her clit sending shots of pleasure up her body. She moaned and growled and pulled against the restraints. He continued to finger her clit bringing her to a quick orgasm, she convulsed involuntarily. She felt his fingers part and spread her lips, exposing her clit to the air. Then she felt the vibration. It started just above her clit and then rolled over it sending more shots through her. She cried out in shock and pleasure. He buzzed her clit again. She moaned in response. He crossed her clit several times and the slid the vibrator in her hole. She moaned with each move unable to do anything but let him torture her. Inside he rolled the vibrator hitting several spots that made her legs spasm. He slid it in and out fucking her with it, and at the same time she felt his breath just above her sex. He licked her clit and she came again. She gushed, she felt her muscles contract and her juices rush out. The force of her orgasm pushed the vibrator out and she soaked her inner thighs with her wetness.

The vibrator disappeared and she felt him climb between her legs. She was breathing hard and she wasn’t sure how much more direct stimulation she could take, when she felt the head of his cock against her stomach. He was now naked too. She felt him slide down so that it was at her entrance. He kissed her neck, to her cheek, and then to her lips. They kissed passionately, tongues swirling inside each other’s mouths. At the same time, he pushed inside her. They both gasped into each other as he slid all the way in. He began to move in and out slowly with long strokes. They continued to kiss as she moaned into his mouth. He worked her with those strokes building her to a deep climax. It was long and deep, starting small and building to the point where she could hear her moans despite the headphones. The restraints had loosened and she wrapped her legs around him to the very end, holding him close to her. And when the orgasm was spent she released him, letting her legs fall to the bed. He got up and off the bed leaving her alone again.

It took her a long time to put her thoughts back together, but when she did she had made her decision. She wanted to feel it. She wanted this man to cum deep inside her, but she wanted him to do it her way. She wasn’t sure when he would be back or if he had even left the room, but she wanted to be ready for him when he returned. She rolled over onto her stomach. Testing the leg restraints, she pulled her knees up so her ass was in the air, legs parted for a full view of her sex. She had enough slack to pull herself up on all fours, but decided to leave herself in that position. Ass up and head down, submitting for his pleasure. The idea got almanbahis giriş her wet again and she felt the drips run down her thighs.

She did not have to wait very long. A few minutes later she felt him climb onto the bed behind her. He positioned his cock at her pussy, and she leaned back to push him in. He gave her a few deep strokes getting his dick good and wet. Then he grabbed her hips and began to pump her. His hips slapped against her ass as he pounded into her. She was moaning almost instantly. His finger dug into her hips as he pulled her back against him over and over. His balls slapped against her clit with every repetition and she came again after only a few minutes. She briefly tried to sort out how many it was, but quickly lost interest as another orgasm seemed to be on the horizon. She though he had to be close, but he did have quite the stamina and he had cum once already.

Suddenly, he stopped. He pulled out and shifted for a minute. She felt the restraints on her ankles pull so her feet crossed and pulled her knees together. He then leaned over her and released the cuffs on her hands. She didn’t move waiting to see what he would do next. She felt his legs go to the outside of hers and then his cock was at her entrance again. He pushed in and it was immensely tight. She was tight to begin with but now she could feel every ripple on his cock. He did not waste time getting up to speed, the sensation from this new intrusion made her groan and moan. She felt his hand in her hair and he used it to indicate he wanted her on all fours. She lifted herself quickly from the bed into the position while he continued to pound her. He was using her hair as leverage for each stroke, not puling so hard as to be truly painful but she loved the feeling. He rocked her into another orgasm and as she came she started begging.

She decided she wanted to hear and see this, he had released her hands for a reason. She used one hand to pull the headphone and blindfold from her head. She heard him grunting into her. She begged him, hearing the words pouring out of her mouth to fuck her harder. He complied, shifting his hands to her hips to get better leverage. She begged him to fill her with his cock, to make her cum again, and finally to cum inside her. He hesitated just a bit and so she looked back at him, using her eyes to give him the approval. He grabbed the condom off the bed and flung it in response and pounded her anew. She begged him again. She felt another orgasm rise and could see on his face that he was close. He growled and pistoned hard into her. She felt his hot load release inside her. The sensation made her cum instantly, her already tight pussy contracted around his cock and as he continued to thrust, she milked every drop from him.

He collapsed on her, breathing heavily. After a few moments he undid the restraints on her ankles. He slid up next to her, laying on his side facing her. She turned to face him laying the same way. She kissed him lightly, then a second time more forcefully. Tears were welling into her eyes and she didn’t know why. He looked at her a bit confused, but she kissed him again with a smile through the tears and pushed him onto his back.

She slid over and on top of him. She kissed him again, feeling that he was still hard under her she positioned herself and impaled herself on his rod. She sat up, rocking her hips she stroked him. She moaned lightly as she looked at him, the tears were stopping. She wasn’t sure how else to convey the feeling she was having, but to do this. She put her hands on his chest and began to move up and down letting him slide to the tip before going back down on him. She began to moan louder, building to another climax. Though he had just cum, he seemed close again too. He set his hands on her hands and let her use him. She came in a rush, it caught her off guard, but she kept stroking him, the waves of pleasure not allowing for much other than small strokes. She felt him cum again, warm inside her, not hot like before, but wonderful.

Finally, she stopped moving and lowered herself onto his chest. She kissed him lightly and rested her head on his shoulder. They drifted off to an exhausted sleep, him still inside her.

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