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***You’ll need to read my previous work, Christmas Party and Anticipation to get the back-story to this, but it should read as a stand-alone story as well! Feedback & comments appreciated! ***

I stared at my phone, reading the text from Greg over and over. My stomach was churning and I thought I was going to be sick. He knew. He knew about Ceri and I. I didn’t know how he’d found out, but I knew that I was screwed. He was my boss, and I’d shagged his fiancée! I might as well kiss goodbye to my job now.

The thing that cut deeper, though, was that if Ceri stuck by her man, then I’d never get to fully explore my feelings for her. Thinking about it now, I realised that I had totally fallen for her. Her smile, her filthy mind, her sense of adventure, her ability to make me laugh as we talked for hours, her toned body, everything about her… I wanted it in my life.

And yet… I wondered if maybe, just maybe, when it came down to it, she might decide that she’d rather be with me. After all, she’d seduced me at the Christmas party — I had never even kissed a girl before that — and ever since, all the first moves had been made by her. I had surprised myself, because with men I’m confident, flirty and self-assured, but with Ceri I had reverted to my fifteen-year old self, who’d never had a date, and never been kissed.

I chewed on my bottom lip, stressed out. My mobile vibrated again in my hand, making me jump. It was a text from her.

“We need 2 talk. Can I cum round?”

Guardedly, I thought for a minute before composing my reply. “Of course. x”

My flatmate Katie was out with her footballer boyfriend Ben, so I was alone in the flat, and I realised that above anything else, I needed to see my beautiful Ceri.

Fuck, I was starting to think of her as “mine”. I shook my head quickly, trying to dislodge the thought before it consumed me. She was engaged to my boss, I couldn’t forget that.

The buzzer went almost before I realised it. I let her in, and stood by the flat door, waiting for her to arrive. I heard her footsteps in the stairwell, uncertain, clearly trying to figure out which of the flats was mine.

I threw open the door, and stood, hands on hips, glowering at her as I consciously tried to control the situation.

Her lovely face was ashen, her eyes bloodshot, mascara streaked down both cheeks and her long blonde hair haphazardly pulled into a high ponytail.

“Jasmine,” she gasped, looking forlornly at me, her former poise and confidence seemingly shattered.

“What the fuck, Ceri?” I demanded, slamming the flat door behind her. “What happened?”

She gulped, fresh tears welling in her almond-shaped blue eyes as she stared at me. “He saw a text on my phone. He’s been suspicious for ages now, I honestly never thought he’d check my phone though…”

I met her gaze, trying to see if she was telling me the whole truth. Wheels were starting to turn in my head. “How do you mean, for ages?” I said slowly. “We only met at Christmas?”

She dropped her eyes to the floor, and I realised. “I’m not the first one, am I?” I croaked, slumping backwards against the flat door and feeling as though someone had just chucked a bucket of cold water over me.

She couldn’t meet my eyes.

“So, what then? Am I just a notch on your bedpost?” The lump forming in my throat threatened to choke me.

Her head snapped up at that. “No! Of course not! I’m not seeing anyone else besides you…”

“And your fiancé,” I bitterly reminded her, hot, angry tears spilling onto my cheeks.

Her mouth was on mine before I had time to think. Urgent, hungry, desperate kisses, I was sure she could feel my uncertainty as I hesitated before kissing her back. “Don’t hate me, Jas,” she whispered, twisting her manicured nails softly into my dark hair and raining kisses on my cheeks, my forehead, my neck, my lips.

“I… I fucking love you, Ceri!”

She didn’t reply, but instead paused for a moment, her blue eyes filled with some emotion I couldn’t place, before pinning me up against the door and slipping her tongue into my mouth, her hands greedily roaming over my body as she pulled my hoodie up, breaking our kiss for just seconds as she pulled the garment over my head, her tongue returning to my mouth as she guided me away from the door and into the living room.

Pushing me back onto the couch, she deftly slid her fingers under the waistband of my pyjama bottoms, into my plain black thong, expertly finding my clit and stroking softly. Soft, nimble fingers, stroking away my worries, making me forget there was anyone in the world besides me and her.

“I love you,” I repeated, letting her pull my pyjama bottoms and thong off, leaving me in just my bra as I lay spread-eagled on the couch.

She looked up at me, her long eyelashes still damp from her earlier tears. “I know,” she said simply, gently easing my legs apart and settling herself between them, moving her tongue to my pussy and starting to lick gently.

I closed my ataşehir escort eyes, revelling in the feeling of her hot tongue as she flicked my clit back and forwards, her hands pressed against my inner thighs, her hair softly tickling against my legs as she licked and kissed my pussy.

“You taste amazing,” she breathed, gently pushing a finger inside me, opening up my cunt for her tongue to slip inside.

I couldn’t reply with anything more coherent than a moan.

I reached down, running my fingers through the molten gold of her hair, relishing this moment spent with her. Hot tears welled in the corners of my eyes as I realised this might be the last time I saw her, and I squeezed them tightly shut to try and block the feeling out.

“Jas,” she whispered, sliding herself up my body, kissing me again, her tongue entwining itself around mine, letting me taste my own sweet pussy as my juices cooled on her lips. Automatically, my hands wandered to her breasts, cupping them through her t-shirt, hearing her moan as I squeezed gently.

She pulled her own top up, over her head, unhooking her bra in a fluid motion, kicking off her boots as she fought to be naked on top of me.

I unbuttoned her jeans, pushing them down her slender hips, getting them as far as her knees before I couldn’t reach any further. She kicked those off beside the boots, and her expensive satin knickers joined the pile a second later.

I felt the hot wetness of her pussy mingle with my own as she ground her hips into mine, sending little jolts of passion down my body as her clit rubbed against me. Breathing heavily, I reached my arm down between our bodies and touched her cunt, feeling her rock immediately against my inquisitive finger as I probed her tight wet hole. “You want me,” she purred, squeezing her pussy around my finger, rekindling my fears again that this would be the last time I saw her.

“I do. I love you,” I repeated again, withdrawing my finger, wondering if her reply would be what I feared it would.

She didn’t reply, just nodded and moved to kiss me again.

“You let me fall for you,” I said, pushing her back and holding her at arms’ length for a moment, realising that I wasn’t going to get the reply I craved.

“I know. I’m sorry,” she said.

“You’ll never leave him, will you?” I asked.

She sighed. “I love him, Jas.”

“So why fuck around?” I said, my voice breaking slightly.

She paused, sitting up, backing off and shifting away from me on the couch. I sat up too, curling my legs underneath myself, consciously making my body language as defensive as possible.

“Ever been engaged?” she said, twisting the solitaire diamond ring around on her finger. “Ever been sure that someone’s right for you long-term, and you do want to spend the rest of your life with them… but there’s something missing?”

I shook my head, waiting for her to continue.

“That’s what it’s like with Greg,” she said. “He’s brilliant. Hot, rich, a good job, nice guy, my mum loves him… but I feel trapped. I’m only 26. How can I know now that I want to spend the next 40, 50, 60 years with him? That’s why I’m ‘fucking around’, as you call it. I need to make sure that he is right for me.”

I looked at her in disbelief. “You know you might drive him away, doing this?” I said.

She shrugged. “Then he’s not right for me.”

I pressed my fingers to my temple, a headache starting to kick in. “You’re fucked up, Ceri. When I love someone, they’re all I think about. That’s how I feel about you.”

“I know,” she acknowledged. “I love him, but I need to be sure that I’m sure. And I never wanted to hurt you, or mislead you… Fuck. I know I started this, so I’m probably making no sense.”

I laughed hollowly. “You can say that again.”

She reached out to touch my arm, but I flinched away from her. “I think you’d better just go,” I said, ignoring my pulsing clit and unsatisfied, wet pussy, and bending to retrieve my pyjama bottoms from the floor.

Her eyes widened, and she reached out to me, but I moved backwards, pulling the crumpled trousers back up my legs and settling them on my hips. I folded my arms across my chest. “I mean it, Ceri, we’re over.”

“Jasmine… can’t we…?”

I shook my head, swallowing hard, fighting to stay strong as I drove away the woman I loved.

“I’m not an experiment, Ceri. You can’t use me to figure out how much you love Greg. I need someone who’s all mine,” I said, feeling my body start to physically shake. “Just go.”

Silently, she pulled on her clothes, stood, and made her way to the door. “If you change your mind…”

“I won’t.”

“OK,” she said simply, turning to go. I sneaked a last look at her, imprinting her on my memory, her long legs, her toned body, those deep blue eyes and those full lips, which I knew could curve into the dirtiest smile on the planet.

The flat door closed. And I dropped my forehead to my knees, and broke my heart crying.


Calling ataşehir escort in sick to work for the fourth day in a row, I eyed myself in the mirror as I convinced my head of department that the “migraine” I was experiencing would definitely keep me off at least another two days. He didn’t seem to be buying it, but I didn’t care. My contract said that I had two weeks before I needed to provide a doctors’ note, and I was going to milk this for all it was worth.

Puffy, bloodshot eyes looked back at me as I considered my reflection. Savagely, I yanked my dark wavy hair into a messy ponytail and sank back down under my duvet. I couldn’t think straight, Ceri had got into my head, and I didn’t know what to do to get over her. My flatmate Katie’s sage advice had been, “if a guy hurts you, then get over him by getting under someone else.”

Brilliant. She didn’t know anything about who’d hurt me, and I intended to keep it that way. The door buzzer went, and I mindlessly buzzed the person in — our postman always seemed to pick on our flat when he was looking for access.

The knock on the flat door surprised me though. Hesitantly, I dragged myself to the door, expecting to have to sign for another of Katie’s EBay purchases.

Fuck. It was Greg.

He was unshaven and had dark circles under his eyes, but apart from that he looked his usual composed, stunning self in a dark suit and crisp white shirt, and my clit gave an involuntary twinge as my nose caught his manly smell.

“I got your address from your staff file,” he said without preamble, inviting himself in.

“That’s a breach of data protection,” I said weakly, aware of my red-rimmed eyes and dishevelled appearance. I crossed my arms across my chest defensively.

“Fuck data protection,” he snapped, dark eyes flashing dangerously as he settled himself on my couch. “Want to tell me what happened with you and Ceri?”

I swallowed hard. “Shouldn’t you be asking her that?”

“I’ve heard her story already. I want to know if yours matches up.” His voice was cold, his stare direct.

I looked my boss in the eye, remembering the first time I’d laid eyes on him, at that fateful party I’d also met Ceri. “It started at that Christmas party. She seduced me in the toilets… I’m sorry…” my voice trailed off.

Haltingly, and with my voice threatening to crack at any minute, I told him the story, of how that night had ended, and how we’d met up since. He sat in stony silence, a pulse ticking in his taut jaw as he stared wordlessly at me.

“So she was telling the truth then,” he finally said.

I dropped my eyes to the floor and felt my eyes start to fill up, my heart thumping with pain caused by Ceri and on behalf of Greg — he’d been shat upon too.

“Fucking bitch!” The venom in his voice was clear, as he banged his hand down on the couch armrest.

“Greg, I’m sorry. I…”

He cut me off mid-sentence. “Not you! Her!”

Shaking, he slammed his forehead into his palm. “I feel so fucking stupid. I don’t think this is the first time she’s cheated on me, either.” He looked at me expectantly.

My face must have told him all he needed to know. Shoulders slumping, he paled. “Oh God,” he sighed, resting his face in his hands again. “I’m such a dick.”

“You’re not!” I said, touching his shoulder and perching next to him on the couch. “It’s not because of you, honest.”

“No?” he said wearily, twisting his cufflink round and round and looking agitated.

“Seriously, no! You’re gorgeous, and a good guy,” I said, my hand still on his arm. “She’s messed up — I told her that earlier. But I think… deep down, she does love you.”

“Jasmine, I really doubt that,” he said, his voice betraying his hurt. “Otherwise how could she keep cheating on me?”

“I don’t know,” I whispered.

He looked me in the eye then, and time seemed to stand still as a flash of — something — sizzled between us. Slowly, not breaking eye contact, he leaned forward, hesitantly, as if waiting to gauge my reaction before making his next move. Seeming to make his mind up, he cupped my face gently in his hands and kissed me, his full lips exploring mine sensually as his rough stubble grazed my chin.

I melted into him, my mouth opening to allow his tongue to explore mine, inhaling the spicy smell of his aftershave and letting my fingers twist into his thick, dark hair. He pulled away momentarily, his liquid chocolate eyes widening as I stared back at him, my heart pounding.

“Jas, I shouldn’t have just done that, I’m sorry…”

I laid my hand on his knee, dropping my gaze away from him. “Greg, it’s fine. It was just… just one of these things.”

He reached out and brushed a knotted tendril of hair from my face. “But did you feel what I felt just now?”

I looked up again, and he placed a hand each side of my face, drawing me to him. Our teeth knocked together as he pulled me close for another hungry kiss, and we both giggled like school children anadolu yakası escort before collapsing together on the couch, his strong hands roaming over my body as he flipped me on top of him. Straddling him, not breaking our kisses, my fingers quickly unknotted his tie and started to frantically unbutton his shirt as he shrugged off his suit jacket.

In response, he quickly pulled my vest top up over my head, momentarily tangling us both in it as he threw the flimsy garment on the floor and cupped my breasts, his fingers finding my hardening nipples immediately.

I shivered as I felt his fingers graze my flesh, every nerve in my body electrified by his touch and the little hairs on the back of my neck standing on end as he groaned into my mouth. I shifted slightly and felt his hard cock pushing through his trousers underneath me.

“Can we go somewhere?” he gasped, visibly shuddering as I deliberately ground my arse up against his cock.

“My room?” I smiled wickedly, raising one eyebrow in a purposefully flirty motion.

“Take me there,” he said breathlessly, pushing me upwards and off him and struggling to his feet. Grabbing him by the hand, I led the way through to my bedroom, clearing a pile of clothes onto the floor with one arm swoop, and kicking off my pyjama bottoms in the process to join the messy pile.

Greg ran his hands laviciously over my arse as I bent to pull the covers back off the bed, his fingers hooking under my thong teasingly. “This definitely needs to come off,” he commented.

I turned to face him, forcefully pulling open the last few buttons on his shirt and wrestling it down his shoulders. “Not before this does,” I said, staring in awe at his muscled chest with its line of dark hair leading temptingly down into the top of his suit trousers.

Unbuckling his belt and stepping out of his trousers, Greg settled himself on my bed, looking practically edible in a pair of white fitted boxers which showed off his hard cock perfectly.

“Right, come here. I’ve got something for you,” he murmured, not taking his eyes off me as he slid his hand under the waistband of his boxers, pulling them down and letting his cock spring free, a shine of pre-cum already apparent on the head.

I had to have him.

Wriggling out of my thong, I slid myself slowly up his body, revelling in the way he groaned as his cock brushed across my nipples and down my stomach before nestling against my pussy, already hot and wet for him.

“I want you to fuck me,” he growled, bucking his hips upwards in an attempt to get inside me.

I held myself up on my arms, just out of reach, and pressed my lips lightly to his. “Sure?” I murmured, teasing him, letting my cunt slide along his cock without actually letting him inside.

“Jasmine, speaking as your boss… I need you to fuck me!”

Slowly, teasingly, I lowered my pussy onto his cock, gasping as I felt him stretch me open, squeezing my cunt around him and arching my back as I felt his hands grab my tits firmly, playing with my nipples and gently running his fingers down the sides of my breasts.

Thrusting myself up and down his cock, I watched him half close his eyes as he lost himself inside me, giving over to pleasure as I lightly ran my nails down his chest then up, over my own body, to join his hands in caressing my tits.

“You feel amazing,” Greg gasped, grabbing me by the arse and pulling me hard down onto his cock, lifting his hips and slamming into me over and over, his fingers digging into my flesh almost painfully as he fought to get deeper inside of me. Leaning forward, I gasped as he caught my erect nipple between his teeth, flicking his hot tongue delicately across the surface, and feeling my breasts bounce against his face as he pounded his cock into me.

Pushing me back upright, he flipped me over and rolled himself on top, pulling my legs up onto his shoulders. “This way I can really fuck you,” he whispered, moving his fingers to my clit and rubbing softly as his cock thrust even deeper inside me. His saliva drying on my nipple made it almost painfully hard, and I dropped my chin onto my chest and took the other one in my own mouth, maintaining eye contact with him, and watching his dark eyes widen in approval.

“Fuck, Jas,” he breathed as he increased the pace of his thrusts, sliding easily inside my pussy, now dripping wet, his balls slapping my arse with every stroke and turning me on even more.

I bucked into him, squeezing my pussy to make myself as tight as possible, watching him close his eyes as breathing heavily, he grabbed my thighs and pistoned into me. I smiled lewdly at the sound and scent of my own hot, lubricated pussy, the force of his thrusts making my whole body jolt.

“I’m close,” Greg groaned, slowing for a moment before resuming his thrusts, intent on coming inside me.

I couldn’t answer, just gasped and moaned as I felt my own orgasm wash over me, feeling my pussy spasm wildly around his cock, my head slamming back into the pillow as he rode my trembling cunt.

He grabbed my hair, pulling me in for a kiss, before pulling me against him for a few huge thrusts. I felt his cock jerk in my pussy and the telltale heat flood me as he groaned loudly, grinding his hips into mine as he came.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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