Trumped Up Punishments – Chapter 4: Literature Qui

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Trumped Up Punishments – Chapter 4: Literature QuiTrumped Up Punishments – Chapter 4: Literature QuizRebecca has been caught in a compromising situation with one of her teachers and been awarded 50 demerits. She is about to be punished in front of the teaching staff and pupils of Millennium High at the monthly ‘Punishment Assembly’. Mr. Barton, the headmaster, thinking that her punishment will take up most of the time allotted to the assembly, has decided to punish only one additional miscreant – Alison, Peter and Eloise, on 20 demerits each, may find themselves being punished if they come last in an academic quiz. They have been revising last month’s material (on Romeo and Juliet) all weekend! Monday, September 4, 9am. The auditorium at the Millennium High student theater was filled to bursting point. Not only were all the students in their seats (with the exception of Rebecca, Alison, Peter and Eloise), so were all the teachers (with the exception of Mr. Warner, who had been suspended pending a hearing by the District School Board relating to engaging in sex acts with a pupil, Rebecca). The anticipation in the air was palpable: everybody knew that Rebecca was going to be punished and, as they said in North Dakota, punished ‘good’, and most pupils, certainly most male pupils, couldn’t wait. On top of that, it was generally thought that Alison and Eloise (both very good looking), who had been called to see Mr. Barton on Friday afternoon and had featured on the ‘Discipline Roster’ as having earned 15 demerits, would also be punished. “Welcome, staff and pupils, to our first ‘regular’ Punishment Assembly. I know you are all in suspense, so I will reveal that two pupils will undergo corporal punishment this morning. One of them is Rebecca Ward, who was caught performing a sex act on another person on school premises. She has received 50 demerits and will pay the price later this morning. The other will be determined now. Will Alison Cooper, Peter Shaw and Eloise Brown please join us?”The three walked on the stage silently and sullenly. Carl, the only school security guard who seemed to have a name, pushed a ‘wheel of fortune’ onto the stage. It had six fields, labelled: ‘underpants/panties’, ‘undershirt/bra’, ‘socks/tights’, ‘shirt’, ‘pants/skirt’ and ‘socks/tights’. “Right, this is how it’s going to work. You will each be asked questions from your current syllabuses. A wrong answer will mean that Carl will spin the ‘clothes wheel’. You will then remove the item of clothing indicated. If the wheel indicates an item of clothing that has already been taken off, bahis firmaları it will be spun one more time. If it still does not indicate an item that the student is still wearing, the audience gets to decide what will be taken off. The engineering class have provided us with a ‘clapometer’ designed for this very purpose, among others.Whoever is entirely naked first will receive twenty cane strokes on their bottom, one for each demerit. All three of you will have your demerits wiped after this assembly. I will now hand over to Miss Green, Head of the English Department.”“The first question goes to Miss Cooper. In Romeo and Juliet, what is Juliet’s surname?”“Capulet”. That had been easy. “Mr. Shaw. What does Juliet mean when, in the balcony scene, she says ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet?’”Peter thought hard. “That roses smell good?”“That is a wrong answer, I’m afraid. Carl, over to you.” Carl spun the wheel. It seemed as if it would land on ‘underpants’, but then moved one more field to ‘socks’. Carl breathed a sigh of relief, took of his socks and placed them in front of himself. “Miss Brown. How many Acts are there in Romeo and Juliet?”“Uhm, four?”“Wrong as well, I’m afraid. Carl?”This time the wheel landed on ‘panties’, to the great delight of all the male students. At first shocked, Eloise then realized that there was no real problem – she simply took off her tights, slid the panties off under her skirt, put the tights back on – nobody had seen anything. Phew!“Miss Cooper! Same question for you – how many Acts?”“Five, like most classical plays.”“Correct, well done. Mr. Shaw. Are Romeo and Tybalt related?”“Yes, they are cousins, right?”“Wrong. Carl, spin the wheel!”The wheel landed on ‘shirt’, so Peter took his top off, leaving him wearing pants and a ribbed undershirt. “Miss Brown. What is Tybalt’s relationship to Juliet’s father?”“Is he his cousin?” Eloise knew that Tybalt was Juliet’s cousin, but she was too nervous to work out that this made him her father’s nephew. The wheel spun again, and landed on ‘panties’. So Carl spun the wheel again, and this time it landed on ‘socks/tights’. Again, Eloise breathed a sigh of relief – she took off her tights, her skirt covering everything. Ok, everyone knew she was now going ‘commando’, but what did she care? “Miss Cooper, the next question is for you. Slightly more difficult. In what Act of Romeo and Juliet does the famous ‘balcony scene’ take place?”“Act 1, Scene 5?”“Wrong, I’m afraid. Spin the wheel!” The wheel spun furiously – it seemed for a second that it was going to land on ‘socks’, kaçak iddaa but it then moved one more field, landing on ‘bra’. The auditorium went wild.Alison realized that she could manage to take her bra off underneath her blouse – the boys in the crowd had not realized this, so they reacted with boos when she fumbled around inside her blouse and then pulled out her bra, grinning broadly. “The same question to you, Mr. Shaw.”“Uhm, Act 1, Scene 4?” “Wrong again, the wheel, Carl.” Carl spun the wheel, it landed on ‘socks’. Carl accordingly spun the wheel again, and it landed on ‘shirt’. Mr. Barton intervened: “I am glad we are going to get a chance to try out our new ‘clapometer’. Mr. Shaw has lost his socks and his shirt, so we can decide between undershirt, pants and underpants. If you favor his undershirt, please clap now!”Luke-warm applause. “Pants?” Slightly louder applause. “Underpants?” Enthusiastic applause. “Ok, we do not need our clapometer to tell us that the underpants have it. Over to you, Mr. Shaw!”Peter knew that this was going to be embarrassing. The whole situation had long caused him to have the most massive boner, and everyone was going to see it now. Better to be quick about it. He pulled down his pants, took them off, revealing a prominent ‘tent’. Down came his underpants, he stepped out of them quickly and frantically pulled his pants back on. Loud cheering and applause. “Miss Cooper, have another go at the question.” “Act 2, Scene 1”? “No. The wheel.” The wheel landed on ‘bra’, so was spun again. This time, to the great joy of all the boys in the audience, in landed on ‘blouse’. Alison realized she was about to be topless. She knew there was nothing for it, and unbuttoned her blouse, taking it off slowly. Loud cheering in the crowd as her tight, firm, smooth breasts came into view. Her nipples were hard. Peter was next. He was down to pants and undershirt. His best guess at the question was Act 2, Scene 2, and this proved correct, to his relief. “Ok, Miss Brown.” Eloise was just wearing a blouse, skirt and bra. “Who is ‘Queen Mab’”? Eloise had no idea. She guessed: “The Queen of Verona?” “Unfortunately not.” The wheel landed on ‘blouse’, and Eloise was left in just a bra and skirt. “Over to you, Miss Cooper. You are still in the lead, although the wheel has been unkind.” Indeed, Alison was topless. “Who’s Queen Mab”? “Some sort of mythical creature?” “That’s right, but not quite precise enough. I’m afraid Carl shall have to spin the wheel.” The wheel landed on ‘panties’. No worries for Alison, she could just slide them off under her skirt. kaçak bahis “Mr. Shaw, what is your view?” “She’s a witch.” “No, she is not. Carl?” The wheel landed on ‘socks’, so Carl spun again. This time, ‘pants’. The girls in the crowd were shrieking. Peter took his pants off in a matter of fact way. His hard cock was pointing up. Loud cheering. “Ok, you’ve all had a go at that question. So a new one for Miss Brown. By the way, Queen Mab is the fairy who brings dreams to sleeping humans. Who was the original publisher of Romeo and Juliet?”“I don’t know”. “Then we spin the wheel!” It landed on ‘socks, tights’, so Carl spun again. This time, it landed on ‘pants/skirt’. The ‘clapometer’ was pretty close this time – the instrument said that ‘skirt’ had the edge. So off came Eloise’s skirt, revealing her hairless slit. “Miss Cooper. Who was the original publisher?” Alison did not know, the wheel indicated that she take off her skirt, leaving her dressed in just tights. “Mr. Shaw?” Of course, Peter had realized he was toast when Alison could not answer the question. He simply took off his undershirt instead of trying to answer. Mr. Barton now announced that Peter had lost and would be punished. He also told Alison and Eloise that they could not get dressed again until the end of the assembly, and should remain on stage during Peter’s punishment, standing either side of his head. Peter was put on his back onto the punishment horse, his legs spread and cuffed to the upright beams of the contraption. His hole was clearly visible to all, and the two semi-naked girls on each side of his head (if he turned his head one way, there was Eloise’s slit, if he looked up, there were Alison’s breasts) did nothing to make his erection subside. Mr. Barton now announced that Miss Green, the English teacher, would administer the punishment, the audience was to count each stroke. Twenty strokes are quickly over, and Peter’s behind was turned into a bright red color. He was released, and hobbled back towards where his clothes had been – but they were gone. “It is part of Mr. Shaw’s punishment that he shall remain naked throughout the rest of the day. Miss Cooper and Miss Brown will remain in their present states of undress until the end of assembly. For now, they can sit among the teachers, please.”This was embarrassing, of course, but, they guessed, better than sitting with the students. They had looked forward to the end of their ordeal, and now it was to continue for the rest of the day! “Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, we come to the main punishment of the morning. Miss Ward was caught in a sex act with another person in a class room and was awarded 50 demerits. She will be fully nude throughout her punishment. I will now ask her to come onto the stage and take off her clothes.”To be continued …

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