Tricked, Trapped , NAILED!

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Big Dick

Tricked, Trapped and NAILED!

(The Making of A Bitch)

He had been so playful and friendly, warm and inviting on the Internet and very disarming. We hit it off, both our minds on the same nasty wavelength. We had the most erotic conversations about how we would fuck one type of girl in one situation to another type in a second, even doubling up and tricking them, skillful plotting to deflower them. Setting erotic scenarios to trap them. It was all very hot and our conversations very blunt. We typed for hours on multiple nights always trying hard not to cum barely able to touch what had become shafts of exposed nerves bulging between our wide open thighs building to what was always an explosive, moaning extremely blissful climax.

After several wicked erotic scenarios with woman who, if they had been with us, would surely be fully impregnated dripping from every hole, the conversation turned towards a man’s aggressive nature for something more raw and primitive. What would it be like to be able to let our animalistic instincts for mating run wild? To be rough and extremely single minded, more of a voracious hunter vs. a horny lover. To have girls become prey with only one purpose to be hunted down. To have their holes be tighter requiring an attack, forcible submission and violent thrusting to gain access to the inner pink flesh our cocks would then feed on. To FUCK! in order to conquer and claim another’s body as our property.

Then he said something deliciously erotic:

Bull Seed: Have you ever had your POON FUCKED?

(Yes his named hooked me like a fish)

Receptacle: What? Poon?

Bull Seed: You know exactly what I mean but go-ahead play naïve, you know it makes me hard.

Bull Seed: Your POON Bitch! That hot little puckered piece of meat between your ass cheeks that is so tight it makes you squirm.

(I secretly liked being called a Bitch)

Receptacle: J I have been fucked with a strapon by 2 different women and done myself with large dildos.

Bull Seed: So you like it.

Receptacle: Yea

Bull Seed: What a SLUT!

Receptacle: Yea I must admit.

Bull Seed: I bet you like your cocks big and thick don’t you?

Receptacle: Yes I do. What about you have you ever been fucked in the ASS?

Bull Seed: No I’m better equipped to be on TOP breaking your ass open. Besides I want to relish the panicked look of submission on your face, or should I say “my prey’s” as your hole is stretched open and your body invaded.

Receptacle: Ahhhhh yes with the 12″ you have right?

Bull Seed: Do I sense a little non-believer in you.

Receptacle: Not me I love the thought of you being HUNG like a monster with a cock that devours.

Bull Seed: Open the picture I just sent you

Receptacle: Just a minute

Bull Seed: Prepare to drop to your knees and be my little cum Receptacle.

Oh MY GOD I thought. In front of me was a picture of this monstrous cock hung on a muscularly firm smooth black man. He had the face of a model, very handsome. His body was toned with medium musculature, washboard abs, and strong thighs. Between those thighs though…………….. this massively thick cock, bulging with veins, freshly oiled, glistening and fucking mesmerizing. The next picture he lifted up his cock to show two very smoothly shaved eye popping large balls that filled the hand cupping them. The 3rd picture he held up a piece of paper with the last 15-20 sentences we type in the IM window for proof it was him I was seeing. He typed with pauses between each IM so I could think about what he was saying and asking. It was very calculating with one purpose, to make me weak.

Bull Seed: Makes you want to SLUT doesn’t it.

Bull Seed: Are you on your knees.

Bull Seed: Don’t stroke that cock, save it, I like my meat horny.

Bull Seed: Is that puckered little hole aching to be broken tonight.

Bull Seed: Come on admit it

Bull Seed: The truth

Bull Seed: Come on BITCH! The truth!

(How should I answer? Oh well it’s the Internet and doesn’t matter.)

Receptacle: Yes!

Bull Seed: Look I have hacked your computer and know just where you live. I live in LCS too, 10 minutes away. You come to me or I’ll come to you but I know you are dying to see it.

Bull Seed: Just come over to visit. We’ll have a beer, check out some porn, and get some nasty girls on a web cam…… And you can gawk and touch the biggest bone you’ve ever seen.

Bull Seed: I can sense how bad the yearning is…… or should I say your desperation.

He was dead on, I was white with fear, sweating, lust, panic, lust, horniness……., did I mention lust?

Bull Seed: Only think with your cock right now. It will bring you to me. 21Via Los Robles………………………

Receptacle: He gave me specific directions from my house. Obviously off a Yahoo map site or something.

Bull Seed: I know that hot little ass is cleaned out so bring it over and get some baby. You know you want it.

I nervously typed:

Receptacle: OK I’ll come over. I’m sure it doesn’t matter if I am hardly wearing anything.

Bull Seed: No I like you barefoot and ready to be impregnated.

(What london escorts a stupid question I thought, he wants me naked and splayed out on his bed)

What was I DOING!!!!!!!! Before I could think I pulled on my very small running shorts that had a slit up each side and a t-shirt. We had role-played for an hour and I was horny as hell. No shoes, no caution, just out the door. The shorts were unable to contain my hard-on so I let it stick out the bottom. No one was around and it felt nasty hot. I was at his place pretty quick. As I saw my hand rise to knock on the door a frantic conversation started in my head.


But I just got to see a real cock this big!!!!!


No we are just going to drink a beer and surf he said.



No that won’t really happen.


Yeah….. I mean no! I really will leave.


No, no that’s just an Internet fantasy, I’m in complete control!

I snapped out of it and panicked just as he opened the door. “Hi come in” he said quickly and gently taking my hand and leading, well slightly pulling, my dazed body inside. The first thing I noticed was he was huge, at least 6’6″, I couldn’t tell that from his Internet picture. His body was hidden by a plush bathrobe barely held closed and easily showing his smooth, firm pecs and washboard belly. Come into this room he asked as he lead me to another room. His house had a very nice decor, was warm, relaxing and dimly lit.

“Ooooooo you look soooo nice his said walking around me. His hand brushed my ass “I like this firmness. (I moved away) He reached out with one very brief lite stroke and said

“Your cock hanging out is a nice way to say hello”

(The feeling of his stroke made my cock jump before I could pull away and I was embarrassed, I had forgot about my cock hanging out Oh My God!).

“Your hips are so beautiful, you must show them more, here…..”

He rolled the waist of my shorts down, as he gently hiked them up a little at a time until they disappeared firmly up into the crack of my ass. (I panted like crazy but he had me at the waist and was very quick in rolling those shorts up to where they turned into a thong.) I now had a waistline a few inches above my shaved cock and the shorts disappeared between my cheeks leaving my pelvis, ass cheeks, cock and balls fully exposed.

I realized my shirt was barely waist long so my lower belly showed a little as well. I grew scared when I realized the slutty appearance he effortlessly just put me in. As he touched my hips and ran his fingers around the firm bones that make up my pelvis I had to exhale nervously because it felt good and it had always been erotic when I would gently feel myself there imagining someone else’s hands holding me. I was so nervous.

“Now your sensual hips show” he said whispering from behind, “you let those sway from side to side and you’d could have a line of STUDS waiting to mount you.”

His fingers danced over the front skin of my pelvis which was very sensitive. His hands were very big and easily engulfed each side, thumbs teasing my ass cheeks apart.

“Close your eyes” he whispered from behind.

His hands continued a slow sensual rub of my hips and lower belly.

“I am going to say a few words and I want you to completely immerse yourself in what I say. I want you to become the person just like you do so well on the Internet”. He paused and moved in close.

“You are an innocent little girl, wide eyed and very trusting. Blonde hair soft skin a figure to die for and you like to flaunt it to playfully tease boys, oblivious to the raging bulges of dangerously hungry flesh in their pants. You are such a cute little thing with your big breasts”.

He gently slid a hand under my shirt and cupped the breast area before a flat hand caressed an imaginary breast, fingers lightly teasing my nipples.

“Your waist is tiny and you love to feel hands on it”.

His hands slid my shirt off effortlessly I barely felt it. Then he caressed my waist and belly.

“Your hips lure the eyes of men and you like that, it makes you feel like a big girl. You like your waist and belly bare to get attention.”

Once again the gentle sensuality of his touch made me not want to move.

“Be a little girl for me, my little girl. You want to do that don’t you?”

I found it easy with his urging and words to think like a little girl and he was setting up something very erotic and I couldn’t help but play along.

“Yes” I said in a small faint voice

“You want to please me and make me like you don’t you”?


“I want to make you feel good too, do you want to feel good?

The little girl in me could think of no other answer then, “Yes I do”.

“Spread your legs a little” he said.

His hands now gently working my lower belly, hips and ass.

“Doesn’t this feel uncomfortable he said pulling up slightly on my bunched up shorts.”


I Escort Girl Dubai got a present for you but first you have to take these off, will you do that for me? Can I take them off you?”


He slid them down slowly so I could feel them come off. I stepped out of them. I opened my eyes briefly and the room was very dark with a deep red light and a couple candles lit which had a red shade on them. I panted hard, so nervous but the warmth of the room was deceiving. As I looked down he slipped on a shoe. It raised my heel off the floor.

He motioned for the other foot and slipped on the other. As he stood I felt strings slid up my legs as he eased a g-string into place, my cock bulging the tiny spot of fabric in the front out. I was in red pumps with 6″ heels.

There now you look beautiful” he said as the g-string slid over my hips. The part that slipped in my crack touched my hole and was wet but warmed quickly. I felt a little tingle back there and moved my hips a little with a girlish


“Yes they feel good don’t they? Go ahead and wiggle those pretty hips.”

I did! They made me feel very naughty and the fuck me heels were absolutely wicked thrusting my ass up and back.

“Mmmmmm he said feeling my ass, do you like your new shoes”?

“They make my behind stand out more I said hearing a more feminine little voice”

(I liked the little voice)

“Yes they do, boys like that”

“They do”


“OK I like that too.”

“You want to raise your little ass high so all the boys can see how pretty it is. They will like you a lot more and want to get closer to it. Now curl it back and point it up. That’s it curl your lower back”

I did and it felt good to stick my ass out.

“Now come over here”, he cupped my ass with a big hand and almost lifted me over to where he wanted me.

I took quick little steps in my heels, trying not to fall, visualizing a little girl doing the same the first time she wears them. He put a silk blindfold on me.

“Here this will be easier now relax and even open your eyes if you want.

I’m going to do something to your chest, it will be slightly cold at first.”

I felt some kind of wet stuff brushed on. My nipples immediately got firm and hard. I felt something gently attach onto my nipples, which made me squirm, then something completely covered each breasts and was heavy. My GOD!! he must be giving me breasts. I got to see this and I think I object a lot and should get the hell out of here this has gone too far!!!

OK now feel yourself he said putting my hands on my belly and slowly working them up my body guiding them and letting go right before my breasts. As my shaking hands flowed over the large mounds I could feel the sensation on my chest underneath. When I pinched a nipple it pinched my nipple and my cock jumped wildly. The breasts felt smooth and warm like my skin, LIKE REAL BREASTS!! This was wild!

OH MY GOD I muttered.

“Now you need a top.”

WHAAAT I thought as I felt a top pull over my head.

“Now open your eyes” he said sliding the blindfold off.

There in front of me were “HUGE” breasts straining hard against a tiny top, slightly visible from the bottom and looking absolutely real. Big nipples poked obscenely through the fabric making my cock spasmed wildly. These look fantastic! I love it when a woman’s breasts look exactly like this. Mine look 100% real. I turned left and right and my cock spasmed at all the different ways the tiny top was stretching to hold me in.

“You like your breasts sweetheart?”

I was so excited, thrilled and horny I couldn’t think of anything else to do but take his hand and slowly suck his index finger erotically into my mouth. You know, the kind of suck that says I want all of you right now, exploding in my mouth, choking me with cum.

“Oh yes you do don’t you?

I gulped hard at what I just did. He put his other hand on the back of my head and pushed his finger to the back of my throat making me gag. Then he inserted two then tried to get 3 I gagged trying to pull away. He twisted and turned them really pushing my mouth open.

We’ll work on that later he said. Now walk around and strut your new body.” I hesitated awhile till he talked me into it. It felt awkward.

“Let me give you some motivation” he said as he dropped his robe and his massive cock stood out from his loins, a pillar of pure lust.

“Now let me blindfold you and let you be more uninhibited.”

I kept gawking at his cock.

“Don’t worry I’ll rub against you to help you visualize what has brought you here.”

I started moving smoothly with real slutty poses and every few moments felt his hot cock against my hand to squeeze or against my ass. I adjusted my body to display myself better. My cock was rock hard and aching.

“Do you have your naughty little girl tease feeling?”

“Oh Baby do I” came out of my mouth in a very erotic tone. And I thought to myself a nasty shemale feeling as well.

“Then tease me, flaunt that pretty body” he said

My body now had a mind of its own. I used the wall independent escort dubai and did dirty little movements against it and I erotically fondled my breasts with his approval. I slithered and arched on the floor before standing up and pushing my breasts against the wall rubbing them and feeling every sensation. Then like so many pictures I had seen I put those heels back spread wide and arched my ass back as if begging to be fucked, not even aware of what signal I was sending him. He walked up and put a little more pressure on my shoulder blades with his big hand and said

“No push them harder, now I want that hole real high he said as a slippery finger pushed into me and lifted suddenly.

I gasped, panicked and squirmed but I have to admit I liked that sudden finger.

“Asshole up always he said with gentle yet firm yank. Always up for cock baby. Now legs back a little more and spread, angle your toes inward. Now wiggle a little.”

He continued to pull up.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm wow you pick it up quick. SLUT!”

I felt something tighten around my balls. As I looked down he said:

This is a leash to make sure you don’t run away. You are getting really scared, I can see it. He was standing back not touching me. Now just calm down if you can. We have a long evening ahead of us.

“I-I …..I need to stop now” I said quickly.

“OK, after all I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to do. Well I guess that’s not true, I want to rape you but that would be against the law wouldn’t it” he said with a smile. “It’s like we talked about a little while ago, I want a whore I can just violently rape over and over. A busty tight holed hot little babe.”

To my surprise he took the leash off.

“Ok take these off” I said motioning to my breasts.

I’ll let you go but I won’t take your breasts off, they look too nasty hot.

“Take them off please? Come on stop fooling around.” I said


“OK I’ll go home and get them off”

“Go ahead he said”

I got dressed, quickly fumbling to pull my shirt on over the tight top I already had on.

“Let me show you out” he said kindly

I started relaxing, everything was fine, this isn’t some wild guy that was going to tie me down and rape me. GOD! I was so relieved as I walked to the front door. Maybe I should stay and get more…… naw I better get out of here.

“Keep the shoes” he said, they go perfectly with your new breasts you’ll want them”

“I smiled uneasy, no the shoes are yours”

“Really I insist. Use them the next time we talk and get really horny. They’re you baby, plus if you bend over to take them off I can’t guarantee you won’t get impaled” he said while stroking his massive flesh. “Now go,” he said pushing me gently out the door again quick little steps as I tried to walk in heels.

“Read the email I send you tomorrow he said” as the door closed.

I looked up and down the street and heard two people coming, I rushed around the side of the house in my heels, breasts bouncing. GOD! I thought as I made it in time. After they passed I leaned over, almost loosing my balance. GOD these tits must weigh 10lbs each. I reached under and pulled on one but it was on tight and hurt just slightly when I pulled. I’ll get them off when I get home. I quickly took the heels off and raced to my car, breasts everywhere and yes I almost poked my eye out.

There were no back streets to get home and it was early enough for many people to be driving. I crouched down, hunched over and did everything I could think of to not be seen with big breasts and THEY WERE HOOKER HUGE!

It took forever hiding and running to get inside my house but I made it. I sat down and rested, huffing and puffing my breasts straining obscenely against my shirt, lunging out with every breath. I started getting horny just seeing this. I pulled my shirt off to reveal the skimpy slut top he put on. I slowly leaned back and fondled myself, closing my eyes and really, really getting into it. GOD this is sooooooooo exciting to have breasts. I’m a wicked, irresistible, Shemale I fantasized.

I masturbated many, many times, talked to several people in chat rooms, and bent over for what must have been miles of dildo thrusts pretending they were cocks. I am definitely sleeping with my breasts on I thought. What luck tomorrow is a holiday, I think I’ll stay inside all day and fantasize about getting fucked. An idea shot to my mind and I cupped a mound of flesh and tilted the nipple to my mouth and it reached! I started sucking. It sent shivers through my breasts and body. I was hard instantly and another hour of jacking off and being penetrated followed. I couldn’t stop it seemed and the Internet was the perfect partner, always the next horny IM window. As the clocked passed 3:00am I fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.

I awoke to the sensitivity of my nipples rubbing the sheets. I stretched and sprawled out on my big bed doing every slutty pose I could think of, slowly, erotically. I got up and went to the kitchen nude to eat breakfast. I relaxed for the first time and gave my breasts a rest from constant fondling, licking, fingering and caressing. They were pretty sensitive. After a leisurely breakfast I decided it was time to take them off, plus I’m sure I could get some of that glue to put them back on with. I mean, I want them on all the time when I’m indoors. I want to be a whore every minute.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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