Travels to the Great Valley Ch. 05

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It was now mid-afternoon, and I needed to get back and shower before the big event. The auction was to start at 5:30, and I wanted to be there by around 5:00. Scott dropped me at the hotel where my bag was awaiting me (thanks to Joellen) and the best room in the house had my name on it. Jennifer was happy to announce that every aspect of the hotel had been taken care of, and my room had been comp’ed to address the inconvenience.

“Jennifer, this is perfect. I have only one request — can I speak to your manager?”

Jennifer looked very concerned. “Is there anything I’ve overlooked?”

“No, you’ve done just about everything I could reasonably ask,” I said, letting the innuendo hang in the air, “but there is one more thing I’d like to speak to your manager about. Can you get her or him for me?”

Minutes later Ms. Johnston and I had a short conversation. Afterwards, she shook my hand and told me, “I’m happy to help. I’ll have Jennifer bring it up in the next hour.”

I went to my room and took a long shower. The last few days had been a euphoric blur, and I struggled to recount the various events. It was too much, and I realized I was looking forward to my trip back to Stimson Beach and the relative calm of my small house with a view of the Pacific.

As I dried my hair a knock came to the door. I wondered, then remembered where the knock was coming from. Jennifer was delivering the envelope from the manager. I opened the door in my robe and took the envelope from Jennifer. “Thanks, Jennifer. I appreciate it.”

“No problem, Mr. Dotson. By the way, I meant it when I said I’d be happy to do anything I could to make our stay a good one. I still feel bad that we pushed you out into the cold the last couple of days.”

I looked at her carefully to be certain of what she had just said. Her body was screaming “fuck me” as her words were carefully chosen to give her a small bit of “plausible deniability.”

“Well, Jennifer. That sounds great to me. But right now I’m a bit tired and need to get ready for an event.” I paused and considered my options.

“What time to you get off tonight?” I asked.

“Well, 10:00 officially, but I usually stay and help out the transition until about 11:00. There’s a lot of switchboard activity at that time — wake up calls and more towels!” She smiled at me.

“I should be done with this meeting at about 10:00. I’d be delighted if you bought me a glass of wine. Is that overstepping my bounds?” I looked at her directly. She never broke eye contact.

“Oh, no. That’s totally within bounds. And I think we can do better than that. Why don’t you just come to the front desk when you get back and I’ll peel of then.” I could tell that she wanted something now, but this little “date” was my only chance.

“I’ll see you then,” I said. I put out my hand to shake hers, but she stepped up and gave me a hug. This pushed my robe open a bit (I never seem to tie them quite right) and it came open as she stepped away. I left it open and stood there. She looked me up and down completely, drinking in my body as best she could. This little exchange brought a stir to my cock, but mostly made clear to both of us that more than wine was going to get consumed tonight.

She then turned and walked out the door. I took the envelope and opened it. Inside was a gift certificate promising a weeks lodging at any of the resorts or properties managed by this huge corporation. Some pretty outstanding properties were part of this deal. I couldn’t believe my good fortune. Trudy and Joellen would going to love this little surprise. They might even reward me . . . I had to let that one go. Too much of a great thing really could be too much sometimes.

I entered the auction in that chaotic-last-minute phase when everything is nearly done. I walked around and spoke to the key players — presenters, auctioneer, check-out personnel. Everyone was both ready and excited. This was bound to be a success. Like so much, the success is almanbahis adres pre-ordained if the preparation is good. We had the right gifts, the right people and the right cause. We were easily going to exceed our goal.

The dinner was very good, the silent auction went off without a hitch. It was loud and people were drunk. The main event — the oral auction — was looking better all the time. We had a relatively modest number of things to auction off, but they were all high-dollar items. The pick of the lot was four first class tickets to Athens, and full tickets to all the events of the Olympics. I could never compete for such a wonderful item, but if I could, I’d go to the mat.

During the middle of the oral auction, the auctioneer stopped and introduced one of the students of the school. This young woman was fresh-faced and articulate, and proceeded to give one of the finest speeches I’ve ever heard. It was a combination of well-rehearsed and spontaneous. It made the case crystal clear — your contributions don’t just help your kids. They help the entire community by providing scholarships and community-service projects that benefit everyone.

The next step was the paddle raise. People are encouraged to give an unrestricted gift that supports the school. The general approach is to start one or two levels above what you know someone will give. So we started at $50,000, knowing we had a $15,000 commitment in hand. To everyone’s surprise, two paddles went up. The air left the room and everyone broke into applause. After a short pause, the auctioneer announced the level of $25,000. No one budged for a minute, until one of the $50,000 donors raised her paddle again. The other top donor followed suit. Then two, then three, and finally four more paddles were raised. This meant we had $250,000 in less than five minutes and we still hadn’t started where we thought we would start.

In the next 25 minutes a frenzy ensued. People fell over themselves to continue to give, each level getting many times more funds that we thought possible. Our best donor raised her paddle at every level, contributing well over $125,000 alone. Our goal was to raise $150,000 in this part of the auction — something never done before by this group. We hit more than $500,000 and we still hadn’t even hit the biggest auction items. I sat back down at my table in the corner and realized that the investment made to bring me here had been a good one. My stock had risen considerably. And all the while, I was getting my lights fucked out.

Man, I love this job.

After the event was nearly over, Trudy took the microphone and nearly in tears told everyone how pleased she was with the turnout here. She very briefly described the process of planning and the remarkable results, but announced that there was one more item not on the list. A combination of a certificate for four at a resort anywhere in the world plus round-trip tickets for four to fly anywhere in the continental US and Hawaii on American Airlines. The resort certificate was from my friend the manager, and the miles were from my account — a small dent in my accumulation that numbers several hundred thousand per year.

To my surprise, there bidding was pretty furious. When I began paying attention again, I realized it was going hard between Leann and a man at the adjoining table. Both seemed to be pleasantly buzzed and certain to outbid the other. By the end of the day, Leann was not to be denied. I had seen that in her myself, and smiled to know that she was going to have a great vacation for her and her family.

As the event wound down, Trudy and Leann came up to me and gave me big hugs. They were ecstatic. Both had pushed hard for hiring me — going out on a limb to make the commitment. Both had been vindicated. There was little doubt but that my value was paying off. Then Leann announced that she was taking Trudy and another friend with her on the tickets and airfare to either Kauai or St. John almanbahis giriş (US Virgin Islands).

“We fully expect you to join us. We’re happy to work with your schedule, but this is something we really want to do.”

“Okay . . . hard to argue with you, Joann. And I don’t see any reason to anyway.”

Leann leaned into me and then said, “I encourage you to drink lots and lots of fluids and get some Viagra. We are going to fuck you everyway, every day until none of us can move. Then we’ll start over again the next day!” She smiled up at me and winked, and I knew this was not an idle threat or promise.

“Can we drop you at your hotel?” Trudy asked.

“Yes, but it’s going to have to be a drop. I am very tired. You two have worn me out and my flight is early tomorrow. I hope you take no offense in letting me save up for St. John or St. Thomas.”

Both were fine with that, and I think ready to go home and crash themselves. There were still in a bit of stupor but the joy of a very successful event under their watch was likely to ride them for a long time.

I landed back at the hotel, tired and happy. I nearly forgot that Jennifer was going to meet me and I was trying to prepare my approach to beg off when she came out of the lounge and took my hand. “Welcome to our hotel. I’m the official greeting committee!” She was a little drunk and appeared to be quite horny. My decision to shy-off was immediately dashed.

She forcefully took my hand and walked me to my room. When we got there, she opened it with a key she had and pushed me inside. Closing the door behind her, she kept pushing me until I was sitting on the bed. She walked to the counter and poured two glasses of champagne and handed me one.

“I propose a toast. To your enjoyment of our fine hotel despite our mistakes earlier in the week,” she said, polished off her glass and then tossed it on the bed.

“Now, I have three holes that have got to have your cock in them. You decide how you want that done.”

I looked her straight in the eye and said, “Mouth, cunt, ass.” She looked back at me, and then I said one more time, “And then mouth.” She smiled a little smile at me, and then said, “Consider it done.”

Her mouth was amazing. Young as she was, she was incredibly enthusiastic. She couldn’t quite swallow my entire cock, but she kept trying, pushing deep and gagging, pushing deep and gagging. Every time she gagged, her throat closed around my cock in a perfectly tight grip. I wanted to be careful and not hurt her, but man it felt good, and every time I started to worry that I was gagging her too much, she pushed harder and deeper on her own. She was thoroughly enjoying this event, and so was I.

When I fucked her cunt, we pulled out the rubber. With a little lube it went it smoothly and deeply. She was more experienced than her cunt revealed. It was tight, and she was able to squeeze it down so hard it almost hurt. Almost. It was fabulous. I lasted only a short time in this tight, wet heaven when I had to know about her ass. It was high and relatively small, but the hole was so inviting. I’d fingered it enough during the cunt-fucking that I had an idea how it would feel.

More lube and a little patience revealed all. As I pushed into her ass, the friction was intense all the way down. That’s the beauty of ass fucking. The pressure is tight all the way down. I pushed and pushed and she just pushed right back. On her back, her legs were somewhere around her ears, with her elbows inside of her knees. She looked like she was going to crawl right over herself as she looked down and watched me fuck her in the butt. I think the picture was as good for her as it was for me.

“Oh, God, that looks so great. It feels great too. I’m so full. I’m stuffed with your dick.”

She was deliriously providing the travelogue, and I was just riding along. I kept fucking her slowly, then quickly. I’d pound hard then slide just the head in for a stroke or four. The almanbahis variety allowed me to keep going without cumming before my time. But my time was soon approaching.

“I gotta cum. I gotta cum so bad,” I said.

“In my mouth, in my mouth — I want you to cum in my mouth,” she screamed at me. I was a bit worried about the paper-thin walls of the hotel room and her enthusiasm. I wasn’t inclined to give full descriptions to the folks next door, but I figured she worked here and had all the authority I needed.

She spun out from under me, pulled the condom off and swallowed my cock again. For the first couple of times she gagged a bit, but then a miracle happened. She swallowed me all the way down and held it there.

Pulling off my cock, she shouted, “I did it. I swallowed you completely!” Then she repeated the scene, swallowing my cock all the way down. I held her head in place and pulled out two inches, then back in. I love fucking the last two inches in a throat, and Jennifer was learning the joy it provides a man. I was the lucky teacher.

Finally I was ready to cum. “This might be hard but try. Try to swallow my cum when it’s in your throat.” I held her had firm against my pubes and started to cum. Her eyes grew big for only a moment, and then my blasts went straight down her throat. She handled it with ease, and even pulled back the last inch and push back — all while I was cumming. It was perfect and I blasted down her throat.

I’d cum so much in the last three days I believed that I didn’t have much to produce. But it’s different when it’s coming out of you than when it’s going into her. She finally pulled back and provided intense suction on my cock head — “sucking chrome off a trailer hitch,” as Willie Nelson once said. There was no more chrome on my hitch and I collapsed as she popped her mouth off of my cock.

I’m not sure if she came — I kind of think she didn’t — and it’s usually my custom to care deeply about that. But I was tired, spent and plum worn out. I went fetal, and she crawled up and joined me. We might have talked for a while, but it had to be short because I was out way too soon. This time, I was the quintessential man — cum and crash.

I got up in the middle of the night and pissed. Walking back into the room I could see her lying on the bed. She looked perfect there, naked and ready for me. My mind said to start up again, find a way to fuck her one more time. But the rest of my body provided a resounding veto, and I crawled up behind her and spooned my way back to sleep.

My flight the next morning was early — too early but not the first flight out. I knew I couldn’t sleep in forever and still catch my plane. The curtains were open and I was pretty sure I’d awaken at first light. I decided not to worry and went back to sleep.

What I didn’t realize was that the stimulus for waking up would be lips on my cock. Jennifer was crouched between my legs and was licking my cock like a lollypop. When she noticed I was awake, she looked up and me, smiled, and said, “Good morning, Mr. Dotson. This is your 6:30 wake up call.” She kept eye contact with me and then swallowed my cock slowly and completely. Her eyes were smiling as she was able to demonstrate her new-found talent. I guessed there was some lucky guy in town who was going to become the beneficiary of this extraordinary skill.

I laid back and just enjoyed it. I couldn’t really participate and wasn’t really invited to. This was her party and my cock was her guest. It took a long time in getting there (thank God I pissed earlier) but finally it came. Ho hum, just another fantastic blowjob. I love fucking asses and cunts but the sensation of a mouth sucking the cum right out of my cock is hard to beat.

So here I am now: on the plane, pretending to sleep and trying to recall the most amazing four days in a very long time. Three very different women — small and big, tight and voluptuous, experienced and new — had made my trip extraordinary. I’d also fulfilled my commitments and earned the fee I’d contracted for: a tidy $14,000. I had a few notes to write up, a report to generate, but otherwise I was done here.

Except that trip to St. John. I was going to have to get in shape for that one.

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