Traveling New Bi-Ways… Ch. 01

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Traveling New Bi-Ways With Friends Ch. 01

I do a lot of traveling as part of my job. Road trips that require me stay over somewhere for the weekend aren’t uncommon. Fortunately, it looked as if I would finish the week near the home town of Ken and Debra, who were old friends from work. Ken and I had worked together for several years. He had become tired of the constant travel and being away from Debra, or “D”, as he called her. Ken resigned his position and he and D moved to the southwest several years ago. Together they started a small consulting firm, built a new home and settled into a life style which allowed them the freedom to work as little or as much as they wished.

After finishing a business call, I decided to call them and see if they had any plans for the weekend. I was planning on staying in a city about two hours away from where they lived. They were going to be home for the weekend and they insisted that I stay with them. I rearranged the afternoon’s remaining business calls so my planned last call on Friday became the first call on Monday. This allowed me time to get to their place in the early evening. When I pulled my car into their driveway, Ken met me with a beer before I had a chance to even haul myself out of the car. Ken said, “Forget your suitcase, we can get that later. Let’s go inside and kick back.”

We went through the house to an enclosed patio or courtyard. Ken and D had built a home that consisted of three large wings arranged around the courtyard. The fourth side was an eight foot high adobe brick wall. The courtyard was landscaped with native vegetation. A two lane lap pool was built alongside the wing which contained the garage, workshop, and kitchen. A spa with tropical plantings was tucked into the corner between bedroom wing and the center wing.

D was seated on a chaise lounge when Ken and I entered. Ken was several years older than me and D was several years younger that me. They both looked good – tanned and fit. I found that in addition to the lap pool, they had a well equipped weight room. Ken is just under 6 feet tall. He had put on some weight but he looked solid. D is a tall blonde. Svelte and sexy best describes D.

Ken went to a wet bar and pulled out a couple more brews. We kicked back for a bit while we finished our drinks. I was still in my business clothes, so I said I was going to get my stuff out of the car and take a shower and then I would like to treat them to dinner. D said “No, let’s just put something together here and eat whenever we feel like it.”

Ken helped me get my gear out of the car and showed me to the guest room – which was actually a two room mini suite. I noticed each room in the sleeping and center wings of the house had a door opening onto the courtyard. After showering, I slipped on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and sandals and went back outside. D was tossing together a salad and Ken was grilling some swordfish steaks. Ken asked me to choose a wine from a small cellar built into the wet bar. By the time dinner was completed and everything was cleaned up, it was Escort dark. The courtyard was lighted by a few soft indirect lights. We sat in the evening dark just chatting and enjoying our friendship, the wine and the chance to catch up.

D said she was going to change clothes and then slip into the Jacuzzi and Ken and I should feel free to join her if we wished. I thanked her and said that I might in a bit. Ken had sort of a funny look on his face and and I asked him if there was a problem. He said, ” No, I don’t think it is a problem, but we don’t wear suits when we use the Jacuzzi or the sauna in the spa.” I told him that it wasn’t a problem for me if it wasn’t a problem for them. About this time D came came walking across the courtyard towards the spa. She was carrying two bottles of wine and three glasses so it was safe to say she was expecting company in the Jacuzzi. She was wearing a terry wrap that barely covered her from her chest to her crotch. As I said earlier, svelte describes D. She is about 5’10”, with a slim build, long, long legs and blonde hair that she keeps in a short, pixie style. She disappeared into the spa and Ken suggested we join her.

When I had showered earlier, I had noticed a short terry wrap hanging in the closet in my suite. Ken and I went into change. One thing that I hadn’t told Ken is that I am a naturist. Whenever I am home, and the weather is good, I sunbathe nude in a secluded corner of my backyard. Actually, I’m nude whenever possible. I just enjoy the freedom of not wearing clothes. I sleep nude and, both at home and in my hotel room, I’m nude most of the time. In my work related travels I have been able to stay, occasionally, at clothing optional or naturist/nudist bed and breakfast inns and lodges. Anyway, I slipped out of the t shirt, shorts and sandals, put on the wrap and headed towards the spa.

Both Ken and D were in the Jacuzzi. I sat on the edge, took off the terry wrap and slipped into the chest deep warm water across from them. D handed me a glass of wine. We soaked, chatted and relaxed. D had her left arm around Ken’s shoulders. She put her wine glass down then started to kiss Ken and to caress his face. Pretty soon her hand was rubbing his chest. Ken seemed a bit uncomfortable and kept looking over towards me. D then asked if I was uncomfortable watching her seducing Ken. I told her no, and I was envious of Ken and he should enjoy the seduction. She just smiled and went back to kissing him. Pretty soon they were in a deep kiss when Ken sort of tensed up. Although it was hard to tell through the bubbles and foam, I was pretty sure she was stroking Ken’s cock and fondling his balls. I decided to see if I might join them. I moved around so I was sitting next to D. Ken had his head back with his eyes closed and his arms spread on the edge of the Jacuzzi. D was kissing and sucking his nipples. I turned and kissed D on the back of her neck. She didn’t pull away so I lightly touched her shoulder and kissed her neck again.

She stopped what she was doing, turned and kissed me on the lips, then went back Escort bayan to seducing Ken. I put my arms around her waist and put my hands on her belly. I could feel her right arm moving as she stroked his cock. She stopped stroking, took my right hand and placed it on Ken’s thigh, then she resumed stroking and fondling him. I moved my left hand up and cupped her left breast and kissed her again on the neck. She then took my right hand and placed it on Ken’s cock. I moved it down to cup his balls. She whispered to Ken and he hoisted himself up so he was sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi. He had a pretty good hard-on. D went back to stroking him. She pushed herself between his knees and she was kissing and licking his thighs and balls. She replaced her hands with her lips and tongue.

She was licking his cock like it was an ice cream cone. She reached behind her with her left hand, gave my cock a squeeze, turned her head towards me, opened her mouth into an “O”, ran her tongue around her lips, turned back to Ken and plunged her mouth over the top of his cock. Ken just leaned back on his elbows and smiled. I leaned around D and kissed her on the cheek. She stopped sucking his cock long enough to give me a french kiss. She went back to sucking while I cupped her breasts, tweaked her nipples and kissed her neck, shoulder and cheeks. She again stopped sucking, took his cock out of her mouth, turned her face toward me, licked her lips and nodded toward the erect cock. I looked at Ken’s cock, then looked back at her.

She licked her lips again so I wrapped my had around her hand and Ken’s cock, leaned over and gave her a french kiss while I jacked her hand and Ken’s cock. She leaned forward and started kissing Ken’s chest and nipples. I moved around behind D, slid my hand under her butt cheeks and between her legs, cupped her cunt in my hand and gave a squeeze. She reached back with one hand and pressed my hand against her cunt. D slid back down to Ken’s cock and resumed sucking. I moved around beside her and started kissing her neck. She pulled Ken’s cock out of her mouth and sort of pointed it at me. I licked the tip of it and then kissed her. She started licking up and down the side of his cock. I joined her in licking the other side. We would meet at the top for a kiss and then resume licking.

Ken sat up for minute to see what was going on because I’m sure he hadn’t expected to have two tongues working over his cock. He just smiled and leaned back again. By now, D and I were taking turns sucking his cock. The feel of having the cockhead in my mouth and my lips around the shaft was different than I expected. I especially liked to run the tip of my tongue around the rim of the crown. I also liked to start at Ken’s balls, lick the length of the bottom of his shaft, then suck as much of the cock it my mouth as I could. D and I shared and sucked for quite some time when Ken suggested we move to someplace more comfortable.

We moved over to the chaise lounge where D had been sitting earlier in the evening. Ken lay down on his back, D and Bayan Escort I knelt on either side and resumed sharing his cock. D then seemed to sort of back off and watch. She was running her fingers up and down her cunt lips and cupping a breast while she watched me blow Ken and I was really enjoying giving Ken a blowjob. It was a first for me and, I expect, a first for him too. He moved his hips and legs to one side of the lounge so I had room to prop myself up on one elbow. In this way I could fondle his balls and really go down on him. D leaned across the lounge and started to lick and suck my cock.

It was enjoyable but also distracting. I really like being sucked off, but I was finding that I also enjoyed sucking off a cock. Finally, D said, “Enough of this, I want a cock and I want it now!” With this, I moved out of her way. She straddled Ken’s hips, facing his feet, lowered herself and guided his cock into her cunt. She took in almost all of his cock when she started to rock her pelvis.

I watched as Ken’s cock glided in and out between her cunt lips. (Frank Harris described this, I believe, as “a cinder sifting movement”.) Ken pulled D back so she was lying against his chest. He started to run his hands from her cunt up to her breasts. D stopped her “cinder sifting” and Ken started to thrust with his hips. I found that I could kneel on the ground at the end of the chaise, lean forward and suck and lick Ken’s balls and the bottom of his shaft as he fucked D. I also found that, if I leaned a little farther, I could lick D’s cunt lips and suck her clitoris. This continued for some time when I felt Ken’s balls tighten and his cock harden even more. I moved up to suck D’s clit.

Ken arched his back, drove his cock as deep into D’s cunt as he could, groaned, and began to cum. I could feel his cock twitch and jerk as he shot his load. D sort of growled and used her hands to push my face hard against her cunt. I sucked her clit and she started to shake as she started to cum. She arched her back and pushed her cunt down onto Ken’s cock. My face was still mashed into her cunt. She was shaking and jerking and moaning.

Finally, she started to relax and come down from her orgasm. I leaned back on my knees and watched the couple before me. Ken’s cock was still deep in D’s cunt. She was laying, on her back, on Ken’s chest. Her legs were widely splayed. Ken was cupping and rubbing her breasts. She had her head tipped back and she was breathing like she had just finished a marathon. Ken’s cock was shiny with their juices. Her cunt hair was all matted with spit and juices, Her thighs were wet and cum was leaking out around Ken’s cock and starting to puddle on the cushion. I leaned forward and gave his cock a long slow lick from his balls and up between her lips to her clit.

I gently sucked and licked her clit until she pushed my head away. I moved back onto my knees at the end of the lounge. Ken’s cock slipped out her cunt with a soft plop. D swung her leg over Ken and he moved so she could sit on the lounge next to him. We all let out a big collective sigh and just grinned at each other. I walked behind them and put my arms around both of them. There was nothing we could say. We had just had an intense sexual encounter that had opened new feelings and experiences for each of us.

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