Traumatized Brother Part 1

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Buzz . . .
Shane Henney looked up from her notes and picked her phone. There was a new message. Her best friend, Helena smirked. “Tell your boyfriend we’re busy.”
But it wasn’t Marc. The phone ID displayed the name Kyle, her 16 year-old younger brother. She frowned. Kyle doesn’t text her, not unless he needed something from her. She accessed the message.
Wer r u?! been here 4 an hour!
“Shit!” she cursed.
“What?” Helena asked.
“I forgot I have to pick up Kyle at the bus station!”
Helena’s eyes widened. She had this not-so-secret huge crush on her younger brother ever since she saw his picture in her wallet. “You mean that 16 year-old hot and gorgeous younger brother of yours?”
Shane rolled her eyes. “Will you behave yourself? I won’t be long.”
“Ooh, you bet. I will sit here and wait for the arrival of my Kyle.”
“Shut up.”
The bus station wasn’t that far from her apartment. It took her five minutes to arrive. She immediately saw him, standing with an impatient expression on his face, phone in hand. Shane had to smile. Her kid brother’s not a kid anymore. She hadn’t seen Kyle for two years ever since his father and their Mom broke up and his Dad took him. They lost communication sometime over a year ago. Kyle was his half-brother. Their fathers were different. Two years ago, after of fourteen years of fighting, they finally broke up. Shane decided it was time for her to live alone. She was nineteen by that time. Kyle lived with his Dad in Attleboro and she took an apartment in New York, near NYU where she was studying.
Three weeks ago Kyle had called her. He sounded sad. His Dad had married another woman and wasn’t treating him nicely. Their Mom was off the radar. They didn’t know where she was. The last thing they knew about her was that she was living in Ohio, with a new man. Kyle had nowhere else to go so she decided to take her role of being a big sister to the next step. She told him he could live with her.
Shane got out of the car. Kyle hadn’t seen her. She sneaked behind him and gave him a hug. They’ve always been close. “Hey!” he protested, turning around. When he saw her, his jade green eyes smiled. He was very good-looking – and she wasn’t saying that because she was his brother. It was the truth. He had bronze hair which fell into his eyes, long dark eyelashes, pale skin and tall frame. Shane had to crane her neck to see his face. It was no secret that her brother was an eye-candy. High school, college – it didn’t matter, they liked him. Once she accidentally dropped her wallet in the cafeteria, it burst open to Kyle’s picture. He sent it to him. That was the first time Helena see her brother and thought he was her boyfriend. When she found out he wasn’t, she decided she wanted Kyle all to herself.
Kyle made a face. “Sister, dear, did you forget?”
“Sorry, Kyle. Really. I was rewriting my notes and I lost track of time.”
“ ‘S’okay.”
“I’ll take you to dinner, to make up.”
He grinned down at her. “Cool.”
Shane took Kyle to the nearest McDonald’s. While waiting for their order, Shane grilled him with questions. Demanding to know how he’d been for the past two years. Kyle told her about his Dad, his new wife who had once hit him when he opened up the topic of their Mom.
“She did that?” Shane asked angrily. It was no secret to them that their Mom wasn’t the most responsible person on the planet but she never hit them. Who the hell did this woman think she is?
“It’s okay, sis. “It was my fault. Shouldn’t have talked about Mom in front of her.”
Shane stared at him. Kyle was the nicest kid she’d ever known. He never got mad at anyone. Even at their Mom. Their food arrived and it was easy for them to switch into lighter topic. Kyle would be living with her so he transferred to a high school not far from her apartment.
After eating, they headed home. They were laughing all the way. Kyle was telling a hilarious story when he accidentally dropped his phone in the toilet.
“Ew!” she exclaimed.
“Right, sis,” he said, laughing. “I picked it up but it was already malfunctioning so it was a total waste of time.”
Helena was still at her apartment when they arrived, waiting for her Kyle. When he saw her, he frowned. “Kyle, this is my friend, Helena. Helena, meet my younger brother.”
“Hi,” she said, offering him her hand.
He ignored it. He turned to his sister and said, “Do you mind if I head and catch some rest? I’m exhausted.”
“Sure,” said Shane, frowning. She didn’t know why Kyle was being rude to Helena. “The one at the end of the hallway is your room.”
“Thanks, sis,” he said, carrying his bags and heading off to his room.
Shane grinned at her friend. “Backfired,” she said.
“Shut up,” said Helena. Then her face morphed. “Oh, my God, Shane! He’s hotter and much yummier in person!”
Shane rolled her eyes. “Shut up, he’ll hear you.”
“I don’t care.” Helena leaned down and patted her crotch. “I’m so wet!” she giggled.
“You fucking pervert,” she said, chuckling. “Remember he’s my brother.”
“Yeah and I’m going to fuck him!”
“You slut!”
“Come feel my pussy, Shane. I’m so horny right now.” She took Shane’s hand and placed it under her skirt, making her feel her wetness.
Shane giggled. “You sure are.”
“Come play with me, dear friend,” said Helena, pulling Shane to the couch and removing her panties. Shane grinned and plunged two fingers in her friend’s cunt.

Kyle watched in awe.
He was on his way to the bathroom when he caught sight of his older sister sitting beside her friend Helena, her hand moving up and down between her legs. Kyle wasn’t a kid and he wasn’t stupid not to know what was going on. The fact that he had a hard on proved that. Unconsciously, his hand fell to his crotch and massaged his dick through the thin material of his boxers. He fished his cock out and rubbed it up and down. He didn’t care about the size but he knew 9 inches is more than average.
He looked down and saw that they had switched places. But instead of just fingering his sister’s pussy, Helena was down on her knees and licking Shane. Kyle felt like he was having a fever. A droplet of precum formed on top of his cock. He spread it around his mushroom cockhead.
And then it happened. His brain flashed memories like crazy. A boy tied up, being beaten by a man. A woman kneeling between the boy’s legs, sucking his dick. He started breathing hard and his erection subsided a little. He was starting to pant. He had to cover his mouth to keep himself from screaming.
Nothing’s going to happen, he tried convincing himself. Stop it. You’re safe now.
He put his cock back into his underwear and head to the bathroom, doing his business. He didn’t take long. When he passed the stairs again, he couldn’t help himself and looked down. This time it was different, his sister with a dildo buried deep in her pussy. Helena was watching, rubbing herself.
The lust fought its way to his brain but the memories came back, fighting with it. He was forced to go back to his room because he was starting to hyperventilate.
He took off his shirt and dropped on the bed. He always sleeps in his underwear. Kyle noticed he was shaking. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. Relax. Stop reminiscing it. You’re with Shane now. She’ll protect you.
At the thought of his sister, Kyle took his phone from the bedside table and sent a text to her:
Nyt, sis. Tnx 4 taking me in.
He didn’t expect her to send a reply, knowing she was busy pleasuring herself so he gave a little start when his phone buzzed. He picked it up and read:
8s okay. Go 2 sleep. Luv u.
It had been a long time since she told him those words. He calmed down a little and sent a reply.
Luv u 2.
He put it back on the table and closed his eyes. Not long after he was asleep, the nightmares hit.

“So, you have any plan for today?”
Shane was busy fixing herself and Kyle breakfast. She could feel his eyes following her. She knew why. She missed him greatly. She would’ve given him a kiss last night before he went to bed but she thought about it. Shane was certain he would be grossed out.
“I’m thinking maybe I should explore the neighborhood. And probably check the school out.”
“Well, I have classes today and I have to work so I won’t be home until early evening.” Shane was taking summer classes along with Helena. They were both major in med. “Just be careful, okay? And don’t get lost.”
“I’m a big boy now, sis; you don’t have to worry about me anymore.”
“Right. Big boys don’t need smothering older sister.”
He grinned. If she looked like him, she would be popular and surely have boys falling head over heels for her. Instead, she took after her dad. Kyle took after his. “Have you heard from Mom?” Kyle asked.
“No. Have you?”
“No. She’s probably too busy with her man to notice her son moved in with his sister.”
“She deserves to be happy. After everything that happened.”
That’s the Kyle she grew up with. He was always kind, seeing the best in people. She couldn’t help it. She reached out over the table and touched his hand. He flinched buy didn’t pull away. “You deserve to be happy, too.”
“I am. Because I’m living with you now,” he said, grinning.
Shane returned his smile without hesitation. Her phone buzzed and she knew it was Helena. She checked the watch and found out she’s running late. “I have to go,” she said, gulping her juice. Shane took some dollars from her wallet and handed it to Kyle. “Here, in case you want to buy something.”
Kyle was reluctant. “Oh, that’s not necessary.”
“Take it,” she said, shoving the money in his hands. “See you later.”
“Take care,” he said.

Kyle walked aimlessly through the streets of New York.
He looked around in fascination. The buildings were huge and there are a lot of people around. He’d never been in New York before.
He was sitting outside a cafeteria, enjoying a glass of shake when he sensed someone standing over him. He looked up and saw a gorgeous girl looking at him. “Hey, I’m sorry but all the seats are taken. Do you mind if I share?”
Kyle looked around. Sure, the caf had become full the last hour he was sitting there absentmindedly. “Sure,” he said.
The girl sat down. She was wearing provocative clothes. Sleeveless top with round neck, showing her impressive cleavage. Her skirt was so short he could almost see what was under. “I haven’t seen you before. Are you new?”
“Yeah, I just moved here.”
“With a girlfriend?” she asked, smiling.
“With my sister, actually.”
“Oh. I’m Yvonne Crane, by the way.”
“Kyle Henney,” he said, hesitated, then shook her hand. She squeezed his, looking at him under her lashes. Kyle hoped he was just imagining things. He quickly finished his shake and stood up. “I have to go.”
“Already?” asked Yvonne. There was genuine disappointment in her voice. “Wait!” she said when he turned her back on her. She rummaged in her bag and came out with a wrinkled piece of paper. She handed it to him. “We are having a party this Saturday. I think you should come.”
Kyle received the flyer reluctantly. “Yeah, sure.”
“See you,” said Yvonne, smiling.
“See you,” he agreed and walked away.

“Kyle? You home?” Shane called when she entered
It was early afternoon. Her last class was cancelled and she wasn’t needed in the coffee shop so she went home early. Helena wanted to hang out but she declined, wanting to spend the rest of the day bonding with her brother.
One quick look in the living room told her Kyle wasn’t there yet. She went to the kitchen and saw his laptop still running. She shook her head. Talk about not needing older sister, she thought. She was surprised to see the wallpaper in his computer. It was their picture, taken on the day before she moved out for college. Her eye teared up a little.
Shane was about to turn it off when it beeped. A message box appeared. It was from someone called god0f6. She had to think about that one first. When she realized it meant god of sex, she giggled. Teenage boys, she thought. The message sent, however, is no laughing matter.
What’s up, faggot?
She frowned. She knew enough to know that the word faggot meant gay. And why is this guy calling her brother faggot?
Is Kyle gay?

“Shane, I’m home,” Kyle called after he let himself in.
“In here,” said a different voice. Kyle felt himself frown. He didn’t recognize the voice. He followed where it come from and found himself looking at Helena.
“Oh, hi,” he greeted awkwardly. “I didn’t know you’re here. Where is Shane?”
“Out. With Marc.”
“Oh.” He looked away. Helena’s clothes were very distracting. She’s more provocative than Yvonne. Her shorts were extremely, well, short. Kyle could almost see her pubic hair peeking. Her top was sleeveless and so thin Kyle could see her nipples. His cock started waking up. Kyle panicked as he was wearing his cotton basketball shorts and his front was tenting up.
Helena giggled. “I’d say I have your attention.”
Kyle blushed. I covered his manhood with his hand but Helena Topkapı Escort pushed his hand away, revealing the obvious bulge in his crotch.
“Fuck, babe,” said Helena. She reached out and fondled his dick through the thin material. Kyle shuddered. “Oh, God! It’s huge!”
Helena continued massaging his cock. Kyle thought he was going to explode right there and then. She reached under his shirt and rubbed his stomach. “Mmm, very hard ans. Such a turn on.” She Helena pulled his shirt over his head. Like a mannequin, Kyle let her. Before he could put his arms back down, Helena had kissed his left armpit. “Mmm! Smells wonderful.” Now he was blushing again. He hadn’t taken a bath since morning and he was sure he was stinking.”
She stood on tip toe and crushed his lips with hers. It wasn’t his first kiss. He was eleven when he first kissed a girl. But with Helena, it was different. For one, it was wet. She licked his lips and tried to open his mouth with her tongue. At first he didn’t let her in. But he thought, What the hell, it’s going fine so far. He let his lips part and Helena attacked his mouth. Kyle tried to keep up. Helena was obviously a pro.
Kyle then reached for her tits. She groaned in his mouth. “Feels good,” she whispered in his ear. She started kissing and sucking his neck. He hoped she didn’t leave a hickey. The last thing he wanted was to let his sister know he was hooking up with her friend.
Helena moved downward, planting a wet kiss in the middle of his chest. He took a sharp intake of breath. The scent of Helena’s hair was intoxicating. He felt his cock harden to the point where it hurt. He reached down to massage it but Helena knocked his hand aside. “Don’t. I’m the only one with the authority to hold your fucking cock tonight.”
She reached inside and fondled his dick through his boxers. He hoped the heat didn’t burn her. Helena then caught one of his nipples and sucked. He groaned softly. Kyle hoped the scent of sweat didn’t turn her off.
She knelt in front of him, as though worshipping him. His hard on was level with her face. She kissed his crotch. Kyle’s breath was quickening as she pulled his shorts and underwear down. His cock escaped the confines of the fabric and hit her in the cheek. “Sorry,” he said.
Helena stared in awe on his erection, clearly fascinated. “Oh, my fucking God! This is a monster!” Kyle felt his chest swell with pride at her compliment. She stuck out her tongue and licked the precum that was flowing continuously from the tip of his cock. “Tastes good, too!” She opened her mouth as wide as they would go and took the head in.
Kyle squeezed his eyes shut, feeling the warm and wet insides of her mouth. He could feel Helena struggling to fit him in her mouth. When he peeked, he saw that she managed to swallow at least three inches of it. It was one third of his entire length but it was more than enough. His hips thrust forward involuntarily. He felt the tip hit the back of her throat and she gagged. Helena pulled away, coughing.
“I’m sorry,” he said.
Drool dripped down the side of her mouth as she tried to catch her breath. “Babe! Are you trying to kill me?”
“Sorry,” he said again.
Helena smiled at him and stood up. “I love your cock,” she said. Her breath smelled like his cock. Not exactly erotic for him but the side of his dick glistening with her saliva was more than enough for him.
She pushed him to the couch. He fell and kicked his boxers and shorts off. Helena kneeled between her legs. He separated his thighs to give her more access to his dick. She took him again in her warm, wonderful mouth. He tilted his head back, moving his face from side to side.
Helena was a pro in blowjobs! Now she could take at least half of his entire length in her mouth before gag reflex hit and she was forced to remove him. She rubbed his cock up and down using her spit as a lubricant. When she licked his balls, Kyle thought he would die of pleasure.
It was going so well until . . .
“Tell her, boy!” a man yelled. Kyle felt a fist hit his face. He saw stars momentarily. Hands closed around his neck, cutting off his Air. “If you don’t I will choke you to death!”
“Honey, relax,” said a woman’s voice from below his waist. “If you kill him I won’t get his yummy boy cum anymore.” Kyle felt her mouth envelope his cock and he groaned, not because of pleasure but because of pain. The woman would sometimes bite his cock. She wasn’t exactly gentle about it.
“Please,” he pleaded, his face streaked with tears and blood. “Just let me go.”
The sound of impact reached his ear before the pain reached her mind. He had punched his stomach. He started puking into his chest. “Please,” he said again. He didn’t have time to hear the reply because right then, he lost his grip of the world and slip into unconsciousness.
Kyle’s eyes flew open. “No!” he yelled standing up and drawing his cock from Helena’s mouth. She sat back down hard, a confused look on her face. “I’m . . . I’m sorry.”
He picked up his clothes and ran upstairs to his room. His eyes were blurred with tears as he slammed the door shut. He was putting back his clothes when he stumbled and fell, shirtless. He curled into a ball and cried and cried until his eyes were sore. A overwhelming sensation flowed from his chest into his throat. He curled his fist, bit his knuckles and screamed. His voice was muffled, thankfully.
When he calmed down a little, he fetched his phone from his pocket, opened it to the Gallery and browsed his photo. There were some with Shane with it. Even in his situation, her face brought peace to his mind. The following photos, however, had the opposite effect. It was his pictures which he took in the hospital. The first five or so showed his face patterned with bruises and cuts. The next ones showed his torso, also covered in bruises. Lastly was his broken leg.
At the sight of himself, Kyle started crying again. He wasn’t into self-pity but he couldn’t help it. After what he’d been through, he guessed he deserved a little sympathy from himself.
His body started shaking again as memories came back. Get a grip, he told himself. It’s over now. No one will hurt you anymore.
Loud and urgent knocks on his door brought him back to the present. He gave a start. “Kyle?” It was his sister. “Kyle, open up, please. We need to talk.” There was pleading in her voice that broke Kyle’s decision not to answer her.
He opened the door slightly and saw his sister’s scared eyes, looking at him. He decided, as he let her in, not to tell her a thing.

Shane found herself rubbing her pussy.
She was crouched on the top step of the stairs and was leaning down, watching the scene before her. It was very erotic and Shane was very horny. She was very surprised when Helena took Kyle’s shirt off because he was ripped and had muscled chest and noticeable six pack. She was even more surprised when Helena kissed Kyle’s armpit. She thought it was gross but something about her younger brother’s hairy underarm turned her on. She was, however, most shocked when Helena pulled Kyle’s shorts and underwear down, exposing his cock. It was so big! Sure, she had seen Kyle naked but that was when he was six and his penis was big back then, she guessed but she never thought much about it.
She rubbed herself furiously when her friend started sucking her brother’s dick. It was her plan. When she read that message, she immediately called Helena to ask for her help. She was more than happy to oblige. In fact, she told her when she arrived that she was fingering her pussy all the way.
Shane didn’t care if Kyle was gay. She would love him the same but she needed to know the truth which is why she hatched a plan with her friend to test Kyle. As far as everything is going, she proved that her brother was no gay. He was enjoying the blowjob and was even massaging Helena’ big tit. He kissed her back – something gays would be extremely grossed about.
She watched as Helena pushed Kyle on the couch and she got a glimpse of her brother’s cock without anything blocking her vision. It was very big, at least nine inches, she guessed. And very beautiful. Shining with Helena’s saliva and his own precum, Shane couldn’t help thinking how delicious it looked. She hoped, for the first time, it was her sucking Kyle.
Shane! She scolded herself. He’s your brother, for fuck’s sake!
Then something happen. Kyle suddenly stood up, pulling his erect penis from Helena’s mouth. He mumbled something, picked up his clothes and ran upstairs. She was shocked with what happened that she forgot that to get to his room, Kyle would pass her. He didn’t notice her, though. There were tears in his eyes. She had never seen him cry before. He seemed really upset and Shane found herself asking the question again? Is Kyle gay?
She sat there for a few minutes, trying to comprehend the unexpected turn of events. She looked down and saw Helena frowning. Shane adjusted her wet underwear, licked her lips, tasting her own pussy juice and stood up. She knocked loudly on Kyle’s door. “Kyle?” she called. There was no answer so she knocked again. “Kyle, open up, please. We need to talk.”
His door opened a little and he picked. She nearly cried seeing his teary eyes. “Can I come in?” she asked. Kyle nodded. Shane stepped inside and, as she’d expected, her brother’s room looked like any teenager’s: dirty clothes strewn everywhere, his stuffs lying on the floor.
“Sorry for the mess,” he said.
“No, it’s okay.” Shane sat at the edge of his bed and looked at him. “Kyle?” He glanced at him. The sight of his red eyes made hers water. “I owe you an apology.” His eyebrows rose in question. “I asked Helena to do that.”
“Y-you did?” he asked, clearly shocked. “Were you watching?”
She nodded reluctantly. Kyle blushed and wouldn’t look at her. “Look, Kyle. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable or put you in a situation where you will be tempted to question yourself.”
“What do you mean?”
Shane took a shaky breath. “I was home earlier than usual. My last class was cancelled and I wasn’t needed at the coffee shop. When I arrived, your laptop was still running and . . . well, someone called godof6 sent a message. And it said . . . it said . . . ‘what’s up, faggot?’ And I didn’t know what to think. I know what that word means.”
Kyle squirmed uneasily and dropped his gaze again. “Shane, I . . . I . . .”
Shane stood up and grabbed his face with both her hands. “Kyle. Kyle, look. I don’t care if you’re gay. I don’t c are, okay? I will still love you the same and won’t judge you because of that. And I’m sorry for what I did. I just wanted to make sure. I’m so sorry, Kyle. Please say you forgive me.”
He refused to look at her. “Of course, I do. I understand what you did.”
“So . . . is it real? Are you . . . gay?”
This time, Kyle looked up, an intense fire burning. “I’m not.”
The door opened and Helena entered reluctantly. “Hey,” she greeted. “I’m sorry for barging in but I’m going to go and I just want you to know.” She turned to Kyle and smiled. “Don’t worry about it, okay? I understand if you couldn’t do it with a girl.”
“I’m not gay,” said Kyle with such intensity that Shane stared at him.
“Okay,” said Helena, turning on her heels. She noticed something on the floor and bent over to pick it up. “Hey, girl. I think you dropped your phone.”
She handed it to Shane but Kyle yelled, “No!”
It was too late; Shane had already seen the picture. Her blood turned to ice. Her heart nearly stopped beating. “Who did this to you?” she demanded, her voice rising in agitation.
Kyle looked down again and Shane saw tears dripping from his face.
Helena sensed a talk that wasn’t meant for her. “I’m going to go. See you tomorrow.”
As soon as the door hit its frame, Shane spoke again. “Kyle James Henney, look at me. Who did this to you?” Kyle wasn’t answering again. “DAMN IT, KYLE! TELL ME!”
She was surprised with herself. She didn’t curse. Not ever. Unless Marc was doing something extremely good in terms of sex to her. Kyle was surprised, too. He took a deep breath and said, “Shane, there’s a reason why everyone thinks I am gay. And it is for the same reason why I decide to move here.”
And he told her.
Every word broke Shane’s heart until she was sure it was beyond repair. So this was the reason why Kyle avoided girls except from her. Why he seemed to have turned into one of those loner younger brothers. Shane couldn’t help looking at the pictures again. She scrolled down and saw much more photos that chilled her to the bone. Tears are flowing down her face in an uninterrupted stream.
“Oh my, God, Kyle,” she whispered. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t want you to worry.”
“Was that the reason why we lost communication last year?”
Kyle nodded.
“Tell me what I can do to make you feel better, please,” she said.
“There’s nothing you can do,” he said carefully. “I’m going to have to fix this all by myself.”
Shane reached out and hugged her brother. She hugged him so tight she was afraid she would choke him Escort Bayan but she didn’t care. She wanted Kyle to feel safe. How long they just sat there hugging, she wasn’t sure. Kyle had stopped crying and just buried his face on her shoulder. She pulled away and said, “I’m going to sleep tonight.”
“No, it’s okay. Really. I’m fine.”
“No, you’re not. Just wait here and I’ll get changed then we will sleep. I won’t take a no for an answer.”
She went to her room and slumped down on her bed. Only then did she release the tears she had been holding back. Yes, she had cried in front of Kyle but she didn’t want to let all of it flow. She wanted to be strong for her. But now, alone, she released them. Tears flowed into her face, her nose was running but she didn’t care. She tried imagining what her brother had gone through but the images were ugly and painful that she pushed them away. What was causing her agony was the fact that she knew who did those things to her brother.
You will pay, she promised. I’m not going to stop until you are all in jail.
She went to the bathroom and did her business. When she was done, she went back to Kyle’s room. He was there, staring at the ceiling, wearing only his boxers. She had forgotten he never slept with any clothes except his underwear. The sight of his beautifully muscled body made her uncomfortable.
She swallowed hard and crawled beneath the blanket.
“You’re serious about this?” he asked.
“Fine, then,” he said, turning his back on her. “Be prepared to wake up with bruises on your face and under the bed.”
Shane giggled, glad that Kyle was able to joke. She knew Kyle moved a lot when he was asleep. She didn’t care if he punched her face many times that night. Or if she woke up under his bed. All she wanted was to keep Kyle safe. “I’m fine with that.”
She snuggled closer to his back and felt the heat from his bare skin. She could smell sweat and his body spray. His sheets smelled the same and there was something in it, something distinctly male. Strangely, the scent turned her on. She could feel the insides of her pussy getting wet. God, Shane. You’re a fucking pervert, she thought to herself. She closed herself, ignore the lust and fell asleep.
The next morning, the sun shining on her face woke her up. She looked up and saw some hair. It took her some moment to realize she was staring straight into Kyle’s armpit. She was using his chest as a pillow. Shane couldn’t help but gawk. Armpit, for her, was the most disgusting and gross part of a man’s anatomy, next to their asses. She always shuddered whenever she thought about those hairs and sweat. But now, looking at Kyle’s underarm, she found herself getting wet again.
She checked her brother and saw his breaths were even. He was still asleep. Slowly, she inched her face closer to Kyle’s armpit. She was intrigued how Helena felt when she kissed his underarm. Soon, the hair was tickling her nose. She closed her eyes and sniffed. He smelled great. There was the fading smell of chocolate, his deodorant. More dominant was the scent of sweat. Whenever Marc teased her to smell his underarm, she would decline and get upset. But with her brother, she sniffed and sniffed, inhaling his intoxicating scent.
She tentatively pulled herself closer and kissed his armpit. The smooth skin that was covered with bushy black her tickled her lips. She stuck out her tongue and licked. It tasted salty. She found herself craving for more. When her tongue was running the area of his underarm did she realize what she was doing. Fuck! she scolded herself. What the heel is wrong with me?!
Her sudden movement had pulled the blanket from Kyle’s waist to his legs. Just when she was resolved to leave the room and avoid further temptation, her eyes fell to Kyle’s bulge. She had seen it last night but from only a distance but she knew how big her brother’s cock was. She didn’t want to think about it but Kyle was three inches larger than Marc’s dick.
From the looks of it, she knew Kyle had an erection. She knew from the days she slept with Marc that it was normal for boys to have hard ons in the morning. Her hand moved on her own, reaching to her brother’s crotch. When her hand made contact, she shivered. Kyle’s cock was emitting heat so much that it nearly burned her. She massaged it softly. It seemed to grow more.
She realized what she saw a while ago wasn’t an erection anymore. Now she was making Kyle have one. His cock started pushing up, making an obvious in his boxers. The fabric was so thin she could see his cock and the thick pubic hair just above. She reached down and fondled his balls. They had really grown bigger. The head of Kyle’s dick was now pushing its way to the waistband of his underwear. Soon enough, the top part of it was out, passing his bellybutton.
Shane’s breath quickened. She couldn’t believe how beautiful it looked. The head was pinkish, a clear indication it was fresh. Fresh! She giggled with her choice of word. Kyle’s cock saw no sign of being used by someone too much except for a darker ring of skin just under the head where the foreskin was cut when he got circumcised. The head was the size of a bulb. The shaft under was just as thick. She wondered whether she could wrap her fingers her hand all around it and touch her own fingers.
She let her hand move and touched the tip. It felt the tip. It was so smooth, hard and soft at the same time. It wasn’t the first cock she had seen. Hell, she had slept with five boys when she was in high school and three guys in her college life, including Marc but Kyle’s cock was the biggest and by far was the most beautiful.
Kyle suddenly moved. Shane’s heart jumped to her throat, giving a start. She pulled her hand away but Kyle dropped to his face, lying on his stomach, trapping her hand beneath. Her wrist was twisted and pain shot to her arm. Her body fell as she gave a yelp. Kyle opened his eyes and looked groggily at her. “Hmm? You okay, sis?”
She acted like she just woke up. “Mmm? Yeah. And um, my hand is twisted so if you don’t mind . . .”
Kyle noticed her hand still pressed to his hard cock. His face reddened. “Sorry,” he apologized, rolling to his back only to embarrass himself more as half of his cock was still out of the waistband of his boxers. He quickly pulled the blanket to cover himself. Shane gasped. “Sorry, Shane. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”
Shane forced herself to laugh. “Uncomfortable is definitely a word for it.” She stood up and couldn’t help the tingling sensation in her pussy at the memory of the smell and taste of Kyle’s armpit and the sight of his cock. His eyes traveled down her body and lingered in her crotch. He then blushed again and looked down. “I’ll see you at breakfast.”
As soon as she entered her room, she stripped naked, lied down on her bed and took out her dildo. Helena helped her get it. She stared at it and wasn’t satisfied. Kyle’s cock was much bigger. But right now, she needed to satisfy herself. With one mighty push, she buried all seven inches of it to her pussy. She couldn’t help the moan from escaping her lips.
“Mmm. Yes, yes.”
She pulled it out and plunged it again, moving it in quick motions. She licked her lips and tasted the remaining sweat from Kyle’s armpit. The taste of it triggered something inside her and she had her first orgasm. He body shook with the pleasure. “Oh, yes. Yes! Kyle! Fuck me with that cock, Kyle. Fuck me!”
She was lost in lust that she didn’t care she was fantasizing about fucking her brother. She rubbed her clit with her other hand while moving the dildo in and out her pussy. The base of it was coated with her juice. She gave it a big push and buried it in her cunt. Tremors shook her body as her pussy muscles gripped the dildo tightly. She had another orgasm.
“Kyle! Oh, fuck! I love your big cock! Give your cum to me!”
She didn’t care if Kyle could hear her. She was lost in pleasure. When her orgasm subsided, she pulled the dildo out and sucked on it, pretending it was her brother’s dick. “Mmm,” she moaned while her mouth was filled. Her lips were stretched and it was only seven inches. She wondered whether she could take all nine inches of Kyle’s big dick into her.
She imagined Kyle saying, Yeah, sis. Suck on that cock. You know you want it.
Shane rubbed her clitoris with her other hand while the other was moving the dildo out of her mouth. When the tip hit the back of her throat, she gagged. She managed past half of it. Could she deepthroat Kyle’s cock. She could do Marc, given he wasn’t that long and girthy but, as she’s moving her head on the dildo like it was a real cock, she imagined if she could take all of her brother down her throat. Or if she could have at least the head. She could live with that.
Imagining Kyle cumming into her mouth, she came for the third time.

Kyle couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
He was on his way to the bathroom, greatly embarrassed from waking up with his sister’s hand on his erection. He was also worried that Shane had smelled his stinking sweat. He hadn’t showered the night before so it was no surprise to him when he felt his armpit wet.
He was leaning against the door frame of Shane’s bedroom, hand in his underwear, rubbing himself. He could hear his sister moaning. “Mmm, yes, yes.” He heard. He took out his cock from his boxers and started masturbating. His cock was swollen with desire. Waking up with your sister’s hand on your hard on could do that to any guy. Plus, when Shane stood up, he saw how gorgeous his older sister was. Her tits weren’t huge but for him, they were perfect. The curve of her waist nearly drove him crazy. And that was before he saw the wet spot in her panties. That made his cock throb.
He was about to go to the bathroom to release himself when he heard his sister moaning. He was worried at first but when he found out what was happening, he couldn’t move. He furiously moved his hand up and down his shaft. The slit of his cock was glistening with precum.
Then . . . “Oh, yes. Yes! Kyle! Fuck me with that cock, Kyle. Fuck me!” He was frozen for a moment. His sister was masturbating, too, and because of him! She was fantasizing about having his cock in her wet cunt!
He closed his eyes and visualized what his sister looked like naked. His hand was almost a blur in his cock.
“Kyle! Oh, fuck! I love your big cock! Give your cum to me!” he heard his sister beyond the door. That was all he could take. He started shooting his teenage cum into the floor in front of his sister’s bedroom and to her door. He could feel every spurt leaving his cock and he moaned then quickly covered his mouth with his other hand. Rope after rope of semen shot from him to the door. His orgasm lasted for almost thirty seconds and by the time he was done, his hand was covered in his thick cum, as well as the floor in front of him and the door to Shane’s room.
Shit! he thought as he quickly stuffed his still hard gooey cock into his underwear and rushed back into his room to find something to clean up the mess he made.

Shane heard the moan. She stopped short, tossed the dildo under her bed, put back her clothes and peeked.
She saw Kyle’s retreating back, entering his room. Her heart thumped, worried that he had heard her. She was about to step out and see if Kyle had heard her when she saw the mess. White sticky stuff in pools in the floor in front of her room. Her breath caught in her throat. She had some feeling what that stuff was. She leaned down and scooped a little into her finger. It was still warm. She brought her finger near her nose and sniffed. She was right. It was cum. A boy’s cum. There’s only one boy in the house. Kyle. Suddenly, the moan she heard earlier made sense. Kyle was masturbating just beyond the door, the same time as she was! And this was his cum!
Shane heard Kyle moving in his room and she knew he was going back here to clean the evidence. Quickly, she scooped the remaining cum into her palm until there was not a single drop remaining. When she turned around, she saw streaks of Kyle’s semen in her door. She palm full of Kyle’s cum and let the remaining drop into her hand. As soon as the last drop had been transferred into her hand, she went back to her room and closed the door.
She sat down in her bed and looked at the huge pool of Kyle’s cum in her hand. It was too much! It’s like he hadn’t masturbated in months! She knew the normal volume of a male’s ejaculation. Slowly, she brought her hand closer to her face and sniffed again. It smelled like ajax and chlorine. She had always hated the smell of boy cum. She never let Marc ejaculate anywhere near her. There was one time, when he celebrated his 21st birthday that she let him cum on her face. She was grossed out. She hated the smell and the sticky feeling. But now, smelling her brother’s cum, she found her pussy getting wet again.
Shane stuck out her tongue and licked. A big glob entered her mouth and the taste exploded in her mouth. It was sweet and salty at the same time, a little tangy and very istanbul Escort tasty. She closed her eyes and savored the taste. Soon, she was nearly drooling for it. She gave her palm one huge lick and soon, all of Kyle’s cum was in her mouth. Her tongue tingled as she played the sweet and sticky substance of her brother’s lust in her mouth. She pushed it against the roof of her mouth and savored the thick consistency of Kyle’s cum. She wasn’t doing anything to herself but just as she swallowed her brother’s cum in one huge gulp, she was rewarded by an orgasm.
She lied down on her bed and thought how Marc would react if he found out she was fantasizing about her brother. Marc’s angry face invaded her mind but just as soon as it appeared, the image of Kyle’s pulsating dick replaced it. At the thought of his cock cumming, she thought, I want to have all of him. His body, his cock, and his cum. God, I want my brother!

“What?!” Helena exclaimed.
She was eating lunch with her best friend when Shane told Helena what happened to Kyle and what had caused him to act such way. Kyle had left her the decision if she would tell Helena about it. He was still embarrassed this morning, refusing to look at her. She knew that it was because she saw his erection and was afraid that she saw the mess he made outside her door. “A bird pooped in front of my room,” she reasoned, trying not to make her voice shake from lust. She had wanted a different breakfast: Kyle’s cock and his cum. “I’ve cleaned it, though.”
“Yeah,” said Kyle and went back to eating his cereals. When he was done, he looked at her and said, “I’m sorry about my outburst last night.”
“It’s okay. It’s understandable to be traumatized with what you’ve been through.”
“Yeah, especially since they threatened me not to tell a single person or they would come after me. You know them, Shane. Their family is powerful. They’ll know if I disobeyed. You know you can’t tell anyone, don’t you?”
“I know,” she said. “Though, truth be told, I’m thinking about telling it to Helena. I mean, I owe her an explanation.”
“Can you trust her with such secret?”
“Of course. I could be a serial killer and Helena wouldn’t tell anyone about it. I trust her with my life.”
“Then I guess the decision whether to tell her or not falls on you.”
After considering what might happen, she decided to tell Helena. She trusted her. As she’d expected, she was shock to hear what Kyle had been through. “Yeah,” she said. “Kyle is terrified and wouldn’t tell the authorities.”
“And you’re planning to, are you?”
“Of course, I will. Just not now. Kyle was right; the people involved are all part of powerful families and they have connections everywhere. They could come after him if I do so and I can’t let that happen.”
“You really love him, do you?”
“I do. I love my brother so much I want to do something to help him fix it. I want him to be normal, you know. I mean, Helena, come on, it is no secret to both of us that Kyle’s kind of . . . you know, attractive—“
“Yeah. And the more he avoids all those girls, the more they would think he’s gay. I don’t want that, Helena. I want him to go out there, date the girl he likes and have fun and he couldn’t do that if the memories are torturing him. It won’t be right if he still thinks that every single girl who comes up to him has intentions of hurting him.”
Helena had actually tears in her eyes. “I wish I could help you. And Kyle. I really like him, you know. But look what happened last night; he freaked out.”
Helena’s face then became serious. Shane recognized that look. She knew Helena had thought of something. “Shane, there might be a way for you to help your brother. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to help him?”
“I am.”
“My idea is . . . well, it isn’t good and extremely wrong. Kyle is acting this way because, just like what you said, he thinks every girl coming his way has plans of hurting him.”
“Shane, there’s only one person in this entire planet Kyle knows would never do anything to hurt him. He trusts you fully.” Shane was starting to get on the same page as Helena was and she found herself leaning forward, urging her to say the words. “If you really want to help Kyle, you gonna have to have sex with your brother.”

Shane was lying wide awake in her bed, thinking about her conversation with Helena earlier. Kyle wasn’t home when she arrived; thankfully, sparing her the guilt she was feeling for wanting to do what Helena suggested.
The thing was, she wanted to do it. She wasn’t sure whether because she wanted to help him or because she had been fantasizing about having sex with her brother all day long. From the moment she swallowed Kyle’s cum she had wanted to fuck his brother.
It was all wrong, she knew, but she also knew that she just couldn’t stand doing nothing while Kyle was struggling to be normal. She had to do something.
Removing her blanket covering her slim body, she went out of her room and went to Kyle’s. She was determined to do this now. She didn’t care what was right or wrong. She didn’t care if she was doing it for the sake of helping her brother or because of her body urges. She wasn’t going to deal with those things now.
Shane slowly opened her brother’s door and let herself in. Kyle was, as usual, sleeping wearing only his boxers. She walked silently to hi bed and stared at the glorious body of her sixteen year old brother. The moon gave his skin a sparkle, giving him a god-like feature. She looked at his face and touched his cheek. He looked so much younger in his sleep, fourteen at the most.
Shrugging of what was right or wrong, she crawled beneath his sheets and grabbed Kyle’s dick through his underwear. She didn’t know she had grabbed too hard and Kyle squirmed in his sleep. She had been burying her bodily urges all day long and now she had let them out.
Kyle opened his eyes and her heart jumped to her throat. But this time, instead of chickening out, she held her ground. “Shane? What are you doing?” He seemed to saw she was rubbing his cock through his boxers for he yelped and backed away. “Hey! Why are you touching me?”
His sudden movement had pulled her hand away but she quickly placed it back. “Shh. It’s okay,” she said as she slowly lowered herself into Kyle’s lap. “I will help you get through your trauma, Kyle.” She couldn’t take it anymore, she crushed her lips against his. Kyle was pulling away at first but she wouldn’t let him. Soon enough, he was kissing her back and my, he was a good kisser! He used his tongue all the right way. He tasted so sweet that Shane’s pussy started getting wet.
He pulled away. “Shane, this is wrong.”
“Shh, shh, Kyle. I want you to forget what is right or wrong this night. Just this night, Kyle and I will help you. Will you do this for me?”
“What am I going to do, Shane? Are you talking about having sex with me – your brother?”
“I am, Kyle. I’m going to have sex with you and show how much wonderful things you are missing.” She pulled off her top and watched in delight as Kyle’s eyes widened. He licked his lips slowly, making Shane’s mouth water with the sight. “Your reactions are because you are afraid. You think every single girl is going to hurt you and I know you know I won’t, right?” He nodded. “Which is why I am the only one who can help you through this. I love you too much to just watch you get scared. And the only way you will be able to move on is by facing the memories head on and know that not all the people expressing interest with you have dark intentions.”
“I don’t think so, Shane. This is immoral, this is just wr—“
She stopped him again with a kiss. While tonguing his mouth, Shane reached down and grabbed his dick. She could feel the hardness through her underwear. He had a boner, which said it clear: He was affected with her body.
Kyle wasn’t moving at first but soon enough, he was moving aggressively. His hands went down her back and grabbed her ass. She took in a quick breath and bit his lower lip gently. “I love you, Kyle,” she whispered in his ear.
“I love you, too, Shane,” he answered back without hesitation.
Shane licked his earlobe and Kyle shuddered. “You don’t have to be afraid anymore, Kyle. I would never do anything to hurt you,” she said, staring at the smooth contour of Kyle’s neck. The sight grabbed her and before she could stop herself, she was biting the side of his neck.
“Ow! Shane! You just said you would never hurt me.” He was laughing so she knew he wasn’t mad.
“I’m sorry, you are just so sexy.”
His eyes shoe with pride. Shane wasn’t able to stop herself, she made her way down Kyle’s neck, kissing, licking and biting slowly. She stopped on his chest, kissed the center and sucked on one of his nipples. “Mmm, feels good, Shane.”
She moaned back and moved her way lower. The trail of hair just below his bellybutton nearly drove her crazy. She licked it while hooking her thumb in the waistband of his boxers and pulled down. Kyle lifted his ass off the bed to help. When his cock was finally free, she couldn’t breathe. It was so beautiful.
Ste leaned closer and kissed the tip, causing Kyle to shudder. “Now, Kyle, I want you to think of all the things you experienced.”
Kyle opened his eyes. “What? Shane that will ruin everything.”
“No,” she said, kissing him on the lips again. “Trust me.”
He nodded and closed his eyes again. His body started shaking and Shane knew he was remembering everything. She kissed his lips again and whispered, “It’s okay, Kyle. You are safe now. No one’s going to hurt you.”
Kyle’s body slowly settled. Shane had already missed his cock so she went down on him again, this time taking the head of his dick in her mouth. Kyle moaned loudly. Her lips were stretched to its point and it was only the head, she wondered if she could take him all in. She flicked her tongue back and forth the slit, forcing its way in. Kyle squirmed and moaned, more loudly this time.
“Shane . . . oh, yes. That feels good!” She ran her tongue under the head and she knew she nearly drove him crazy. “Oh, fuck! Suck my cock, Shane!”
His trash talking turned her on. She reached down her panties and rubbed her clit while humming on Kyle’s cock. His head flipped from side to side, not knowing what to do. Cum, Kyle, cum, she urged him in her mind. She longed for another mouthful of his teenage cum.
She bobbed her head up and down and she managed to take at least three inches in her mouth. She ran her tongue on the underside of his cock, causing him to groan and moan. Shane took Kyle’s cock out of her mouth, spit on it and went down again, this time using her hand to masturbate the part that she couldn’t take in her mouth. She used her other hand to fondle his balls. This caused Kyle’s legs to shake. Shane recognized the signs. Cock swelling larger in her mouth and balls pulling closer to his body. Kyle was close to cumming.
“Shane, I’m . . . I’m about to, ah . . . Shane you’d better pull out or I’ll . . .” he started withdrawing his penis from her mouth but she wouldn’t let her. She pulled his hips closer and sucked like crazy. “Shane! Oh, my Go! Fuck, fuck, fuck! I’M CUMMING!” Sure enough, Shane felt him explode in her mouth, cum shooting from the end of his dick straight into her throat. Shane pulled out a little so the head remained in her mouth. Rope after rope of his teenage semen shoot into her eager mouth, waiting, begging for more. Kyle was shaking and moaning beneath her. She swallowed one mouthful of cum only to find her mouth being filled again.
Yes! Yes, give me all that cum, Kyle!
She swallowed a second mouthful. Kyle’s cock orgasm slowly subsided until it stopped completely. By that time, Shane had swallowed three mouthfuls of his delicious boy cum. She sucked on the head, forcing him to produce more. She was rewarded by a big glob and she swallowed it gratefully.
Shane took him out of her mouth but continued licking the head, cleaning for more cum. She didn’t want to waste a single droplet. When she was satisfied that there was none left, she lay down onto Kyle’s heaving chest. She gave him a quick, tongue-filled kiss, letting him taste himself in her mouth.
“Was that good or what?” she asked when he opened her eyes.
“God, Shane. That was the most amazing blowjob I’ve ever had!” Shane’s eyes shone from her brother’s compliment. She kissed him again, letting her tongue explore his sweet mouth. Kyle pulled away. “What is that thing I’m tasting in your mouth?”
“Your cum, silly.”
“Wait,” he said, stopping her from kissing him again. “You swallowed my cum?”
“Of course. Why won’t I? It’s delicious. The best thing I’ve ever had.”
“But don’t I taste, you know, yucky?”
Shane laughed. “Hell, no! You taste so good! Don’t worry, the next time you cum, I’ll save some for you.”
Kyle shuddered. “Yikes. No thanks.”
Shane giggled and reached between their bodies and rubbed herself through the thin fabric of her underwear. Kyle’s eyes traveled down and widened to see his sister playing openly with herself.
Shane took his hand and placed it into her wet pussy, making him feel her wetness. Kyle’s breath quickened as she leaned and whispered in his ear, “Now, baby bro, are you ready to take it to the next step?”

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