Training Teacher Ch. 02

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Training Teacher Ch. 02: New Reality Revelations

RECAP: I highly recommend you read the beginning of this series, Training Teacher: The Seduction, to learn how Hannah became the submissive pet of one of her students’ parent. Part 2 begins the next morning when she wakes up… still at her new Mistress’ home… lying across the foot of the bed.

Dedication: This story is dedicated to the adorable, sweet, sexy real-life pet Julie.

Credit: A special thanks go to Steve B for his suggestions and Estragon for his copy edit. Also a 2019 February rewrite was done to make this classic story even hotter, nastier and yet, believe it or not, more romantic by Tex Beethoven.

I woke up in the morning from an amazingly surreal dream. A dream so vividly real I felt it could have really happened. A dream that awakened in me a side I didn’t know existed. A dream where my greatest pain in the ass parent, a pretentious, indomitable woman I truly loathed, had seduced me and turned me into her personal lesbian submissive slave. It seemed so real I could almost taste her pussy on my lips.

I opened my eyes.

I sat up.

I wasn’t in my own bed.

I was at the foot of Constance’s bed, the parent that just yesterday had been my biggest problem.

In one startling moment of clarity, I came to the unmistakable realization that it hadn’t been a dream, but was an undeniable and harsh disturbing reality.

The events of the previous evening came flooding back to me. My new Mistress’ aggressive seduction, her powerful orders, my need to obey, and the earth-shattering orgasms that followed. I closed my eyes and replayed last night in my head. Yes, she had seduced me and yes, she was incredibly aggressive and domineering, but I had submitted to her willingly. I wasn’t forced at any time. I could have said no. But although I’d been frequently nervous and even fearful, each time I was faced with the choice of obeying her or refusing to go along, I hadn’t wanted to deny her anything, and the overwhelming feeling of freedom when I allowed Constance to make my decisions for me was unexpectedly liberating. The pressure, the stress, the loneliness of being a single mother, even the frustration of being blamed for Constance’s son’s misbehaviour in my class at school, they’d all vanished when I brainlessly followed the orders of the powerful Constance, my Mistress.

Part of me was mortified as I realized my current predicament, while another part of me was excited as I nervously waited for my Mistress to wake up. I desperately attempted to suppress the burning desire flaming in my loins as I tried to figure out how I was going to: one- deal with Constance; two- get home and dressed for work; three- get to work and explain why my SUV was still at school; and four- most importantly, resist the growing temptation to submit to Constance again.

As I lay back down and pretended to be asleep, my inner turmoil feeling like a cresting wave crashing onto the beach, I felt the bed move. I lay still like a statue. Anticipation resonated through my pores.

I was startled when I felt the bed shake briefly as behind me, someone seemed to be climbing in. I was freaking out, realizing someone must have walked into the bedroom and seen me in all my degrading servitude. I slyly attempted to peek back and see who had joined us: who had discovered my sexual debauchery? Sadly, I was right; someone was in bed with us, although like myself, she… it must be a woman… was on top of the covers. Unfortunately, all I could see from my awkward position was black heels and a woman’s ankle in black pantyhose.

My nervous curiosity didn’t last long. I heard the polite voice of Maeko Chung, Constance’s Japanese born, Chinese raised, maid and the mother of Bao, my best grade four student greeting with great respect: “Good morning, my Mistress.”

I felt some more shuffling on the bed and heard Constance groggily respond, “Good morning, Maeko.” A lengthy silence followed before I began hearing soft moans and realized what Maeko was doing. I was shocked at the thought of the sweet, shy woman, doing what she was apparently doing. Yet my pussy was betraying me again, getting tingly while I quietly listened, like an auditory voyeur, to the lesbian scene going on right behind me like I wasn’t here.


I briefly reminisced about the first time I’d been a silent witness to a sexual performance. It was the summer after I graduated high school, and I was on a girls-only camping trip. I was sharing a tent with Sierra, one of my three closest friends. We’d partied pretty hard with a bunch of college boys and I, quite drunk and worried I might do something I’d regret, called it a night. An hour later I was woken up by a male voice. “What about your friend?”

“Don’t worry about Hannah, she’s passed out. An earthquake wouldn’t wake her. Now let me take a look at what you have for me.”

Still half görükle escort asleep, I didn’t immediately realize what was happening a foot away. But what was happening was made abundantly clear when the guy mumbled, “That’s it baby, suck my cock.”

The loud slurping sound confirmed Sierra’s exhibitionistic extracurricular activity. A couple minutes later I felt a leg bump mine, some shuffling into Sierra’s sleeping bag, followed soon after by Sierra’s unmistakable high-pitched voice. “Yes, harder, fuck me harder. Fuck me like a slut.”

I listened stunned, not remotely able to believe that Sierra, the vigilant feminist of our close-knit group, was calling herself a slut and having some summer fling. It had been her idea to make it a girls-only trip, so the irony was obvious.

Still drunk myself, I fuzzily began to realize I was touching myself. As the fucking continued inches away from me, Sierra’s and my shoulders were almost touching, I got wetter and wetter as I continued frigging myself, really getting into it while trying not to move the outside of my sleeping bag or make any noise.

The guy taking Sierra’s calling herself a slut as an invitation to treat her like one, began to verbally assault my good friend. “That’s it, you fucking slut, take my big dick. Beg for me to fuck your tight cunt.”

I cringed at the word ‘cunt’. Sierra, being the extreme feminist that she was, despised the derogatory term and ripped apart anyone, boy and girl alike, who had the audacity to use it in her presence. I waited for Sierra’s predictable lambasting and feminist rant, but instead heard her say the word I never, in a million years, thought would ever be uttered by her lips, particularly in the way she used it. “Yes, fuck my cunt. Pound me. Fill my cunt with that big, hard cock of yours.”

I let out a little gasp of shock from hearing her use the forbidden ‘C’ word. My hand, having a mind of its own, began rubbing my clit even faster and with more pressure. The verbal degradation of one of my best friends should have angered me, but instead it only increased my desire to come.

I listened to the naughty act of sin with the fascination of a perverted boy watching his first porn. Each time the guy called Sierra a cunt, slut or whore, I put more pressure on my own cunt, imagining I was the slut whose cunt he was ravishing.

As Sierra screamed, “Yes, yes, yes, I’m coming,” I simultaneously had the most intense orgasm of my young life so far. I muffled my pleasure, terrified of being caught in such an intimate act; terrified that they might catch on that I had masturbated to their fucking. Suddenly mortified by my actions, I quickly moved my hand away from my liberated vagina and tried to make sense of what had just happened: both their actions and my own.


I was brought back to my present reality when I heard Constance scream, “Yes Maeko, get Mommy off, yes, yes, yesssssss.”

Another silence lingered as I nervously waited for the inevitable.

“Maeko, excellent as always.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Maeko, could you please awaken my guest with your special wakeup call?”

“As you wish, Mistress.”

I held my breath, excited trepidation overwhelming me. I felt hands pull the thin blanket off me. Warm hands spread my legs apart. I felt Maeko move between my legs. “Good morning, Ms. Hawkins.”

I opened my eyes, feigning surprise, but my very wet pussy gave away any pretence of innocence. “Good morning, Mrs. Chung.”

“Ahhh, my pet is awake. How are you this morning?”

“Goooood,” I moaned, Maeko’s tongue making contact just as I began to answer.

“Goooood,” Constance replicated mockingly, her condescending tone returning. Maeko licked my pussy with quick sharp licks, the teasing sensation driving me nuts. I wanted to shove her head into my cunt, to use her tongue as a small cock to fuck me.

Constance, recognizing my deliriously horny state from my sounds said, “She’s fucking amazing, isn’t she? I don’t know how she does it, but those teasing slaps she does with her tongue are one of a kind. Are you close to orgasm, my pet? You have my permission.”

Finding it hard to concentrate on Constance’s words or my own, I gasped through my heavy breathing, “So… close… Mistress.”

“Just tell the slut what you want. She always obeys completely. Like yourself, she was born to please.”

Desperate to come, I, so out of character, ordered, “Finger me, Maeko. Fuck my cunt.”

Obeying in record speed, she slipped not one, but two of her thin fingers inside my oasis of juice. As her fingers slid in and out of my pussy, Maeko sucked my clit deeply enough between her lips that she could simultaneously lick it. The dual pleasure was too much, and I bellowed loud enough to wake the dead, “Oh my fucking God, fuck me, fuck me, yesssssssss!”

My body quaked bursa escort bayan and quaked, a seemingly never-ending flow of convulsions. Maeko quit fingering me and let go of my clit, but she continued pleasing me gently by licking the juice from my pussy lips. My pussy lips, tender from the unaccustomed and excessive attention of the past twelve hours, began to feel numb. I pushed Maeko away. “No more.”

It was like I’d slapped her in the face. “I’m sorry if I didn’t please you, Ms. Hawkins.”

“Oh my God, that’s not true, Maeko. You pleased me completely. So well in fact, that my vagina is a bit tender now.”

“It’s called a cunt, my pet. Little children have vaginas,” Mistress Constance corrected me.

“Sorry, Mistress. My cunt is sore from all the attention. It was relatively neglected for quite some time, so all this sudden attention is a bit overwhelming.”

“Well, your cunt being neglected won’t be a concern anymore,” Mistress guaranteed. She got off the bed and grabbed a robe. “Maeko will escort you to the guest shower.”

“Thank you,” I replied. Constance breezed past my words as she disappeared into her private washroom.

Maeko handed me a robe and I silently followed her to another bathroom. She offered, with a subservient smile, “If there is anything you need Ms. Hawkins, please ask.”

My face still flushed, I responded, “Thank you, I think I should be ok.”

Maeko walked away in her ridiculously revealing maid’s uniform and I went into the washroom and turned on the shower. As the hot water washed away my sin, I realized I still had no solution to my problems. I bounced around different scenarios, but none seemed to get me back to normality. As I lathered my body, I thought back to how just yesterday afternoon I’d spent twenty minutes with Mrs. Chung, discussing her daughter Bao’s unbelievable academic success. There wasn’t even the slightest inkling of what was going to happen that evening. I was eternally grateful that I wouldn’t have another interview with either her or Constance this school year. I finished my shower and grabbed the robe, just as there was a knock on the door.

I opened the door and Maeko handed me my bra and a blue dress. The dress was very cute and, thankfully, school-appropriate. I began to close the door, but Mrs. Chung stopped me. “I’ve been instructed to help you with the dress and stockings, Ms. Hawkins.”

“Oh,” I responded, slightly dazed.

I put on my bra and my dress and stood shyly, which was odd after what she’d just done for me and done so well, while she zipped my dress up for me. Once that was done, she politely asked me to sit on a dressing stool that was in the corner and proceeded to slowly drape the thigh high stockings up my legs, gently pressing into them as she went. The dark mocha colour really gave my legs a sexy look to them, and my pussy began to tingle again as I felt Maeko’s gentle hands massaging the silk up my legs. Her talented tongue so close to my cunt had me almost salivating as I mentally relived the pleasure she’d recently given me. Once both stockings were on, Maeko stood up, “Is there anything else I can do for you Ms. Hawkins?”

“My panties?”

Maeko’s face flushed, “Mistress doesn’t permit any of her pets to wear underwear.” She briefly flashed me her own hairless pussy to illustrate the ban.

“Oh,” I replied, slightly stunned by this newest piece of information and her casual nudity.

She went to the door. “Follow me to the kitchen.”

I reached for her hand, dying to know the answer, “How did you become Constance’s, um, her…”

Maeko grasped my hand willingly and smiled genuinely at me as she finished my question for me. “How did I become Mistress’ full-service maid?”

“Yes, please tell me,” I exclaimed, thankful she understood my blabbering question and dying to know how Constance had seduced her.

She told me her story, not once making eye contact with me. Her tone wasn’t one of shame, but rather contemplation as she remembered.


“I applied for the job as her maid two years ago. Mistress recognized me from some school function and the fact we had children in the same grade. She explained that she was a very demanding employer and expected perfection and total obedience from her help. I explained I was born in Japan but grew up in China, where I lived in a home with a very domineering father and a mother with very high expectations. This seemed to please her, and I was hired.

“For two months there was nothing obviously unique about the job except I only saw the Master occasionally. In retrospect, there were many subtle things, but nothing that gave me any reason to guess what would eventually be expected of me. For example, she often touched me gently whenever she spoke to me, she often complimented me on my appearance, and she continually made alterations to my work outfit. What began as a typically modest maid’s uniform slowly changed into something bursa escort far more provocative, as you can see. The skirt got shorter and the blouse a little tighter and cut much lower. One day she informed me she now expected me always to wear three-inch pumps. Although these were inconvenient for my job, I, of course, obeyed.

“Then two weeks ago I found a gift bag for me. In it were a dozen pairs of silk thigh high stockings with a note explaining she expected me to dress in classy stockings instead of no-name pantyhose. And since they were part of my uniform, I needn’t buy them, but just to ask her when I needed replacements. I had never worn stockings before, nor did I even know such undergarments existed. It was clear she enjoyed demonstrating her power and our differing social status. But once I put them on, I was surprised by how sexual I felt and how good the silk felt on my legs. And once I began wearing them home, my husband loved them and couldn’t keep his hands off of me!

“Then the pivotal moment occurred. I arrived at work at my usual time of 6:30 and found a note on the kitchen table instructing me to please come upstairs the moment I arrived. I obeyed, and walked in on Mistress naked with a woman between her legs. I was stunned. I had never seen two women together. While still being serviced, Mistress ordered me to her bedside and once I reached her, she explained that she was offering me a major change in my duties and that she wished me to become a full-service maid. I replied that I was unclear of her meaning. Mistress made it crystal clear as she ordered me to get on the bed and replace the girl who was currently servicing her. I stood still, mystified by the request. She repeated her order, her tone domineering and clearly daring me to disobey.

“Without a word, I moved onto the bed and a very pretty woman, who I would later learn was the Mayor’s wife, moved away from between Mistress’ legs. I positioned myself between them and awaited further instructions. Mistress explained that while most people liked to wake up with an alarm and coffee, she preferred to be awakened by having her cunt licked. She further explained that if I were to stay on as her maid, her full-service maid, this would be one of my regular duties. She added that the full-service maid position came with many perks including a substantial raise, a personal vehicle, and a clothing allowance. I would like to say I resisted, that I was forced into this role, but I, like you I am guessing, obeyed of my own free will. Oh sure, she was dominant and very intimidating, but I accepted the role all on my own, and I’m very glad that I did.

“As if I were signing a contract, I bowed to her Geisha style from my kneeling position, then with my head down asked her formally, ‘Mistress, your full-service maid requests your permission to lick your cunt.’ She laughed, told me I was precious, then assumed a serious demeanor and replied as formally as I had asked, ‘Permission granted.’

“So I leaned down and licked her cunt. I had no idea what I was doing, having never done it before, nor had I ever had it done to me either, my husband considering it something only sluts would do. I licked and nibbled until she began moaning and telling me not to stop. Once she orgasmed on my face, I felt a strange tingle flow throughout my body. I felt a genuine thrill at having pleased her in such a way. I also felt a very pleasant feeling of power in being able to bring someone such joy.

“Mistress, once she’d recovered from her orgasm, asked if I accepted my new terms. I bowed to her again, now in acceptance, and then watched as a triumphant smile spread across her face. She went on to tell me that it was time to receive my first bonus. She instructed the other woman to please me. I began to object, explaining I was married and had never had that done to me before. I was first scolded for questioning her, and then comforted when she paused in mid-scold and asked me caringly to confirm my amazing statement that I had never, ever, been pleasured by a tongue, not even my husband’s. She explained she too was married and that Pamela Washington, the Mayor’s wife, was obviously married. She went on to explain that no man can please a woman like another woman, and it was time for me to learn the forbidden fruit of lesbian lust. Mistress instructed the stranger to show me how good sex with a woman could be. The pretty woman aggressively flipped me onto my back and gave me pleasure I didn’t know was possible. I came in less than two minutes. That night I went online and began reading articles on how to please a woman. Over the next week I also watched online videos. I was determined to become excellent at this pleasant task, just like I strive to be excellent in everything else I do.”


“Wow,” was all I could muster. I hid the fact that her story of submission had made me horny yet again.

Oblivious to my horniness and awe, she suggested, “We’d better go. Mistress will be wondering. Patience is not one of her strong points.” For the first time in ten minutes, she allowed our eyes to meet. She let a smile break her usual mask of impeccable courtesy.

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