Trailer Trash Teen Hates Rules Ch. 08

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – When Bob and Anna Wilson and their three adult kids John, Kate and Dylan along with spoiled cousin Madison went camping in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, they met and befriended two young men in the US on a working holiday – brash Australian David, better known as Davo, and his friend Travis, originally from New Zealand.

While Madison was a nightmare on the Wilson family’s 1994 camping vacation, another niece Breanna who is currently staying with them is far worse as is her best friend Isabella. When Davo and Travis arrive in the Wilson family’s Pennsylvania hometown, can they do something to relieve the long-suffering Wilsons of trailer park tramp Breanna and housing project whore Isabella? Find out by reading the eighth and final story of sexual shock comedy ‘Trailer Trash Teen Hates Rules’.

All characters and events depicted in this story are fictional, with any similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental and unintentional. Please be aware of the strong fetish themes, coarse humor (including bathroom humor), foul language and violence in the story, which may not be to everyone’s taste.

Otherwise, please enjoy Breanna’s last adventure and rate and comment.


SATURDAY morning was the start of a beautiful Pennsylvanian summer day as Davo drove the van out of Philadelphia and into the country, Travis in the passenger seat navigating.

Passing by a farm, the young Australian looked at a field full of sheep and goats and turned to his New Zealander friend. “Hey Travis, try not jumping out of the car and scaring the sheep this time.”

Travis grinned and shook his head at his friend’s latest joke about New Zealanders and sheep. “Oh come on Davo, get some new material.”

As the duo reached the outskirts of the town the Wilson family called home, Davo glanced into the fields of another farm and his eyes went wide in astonishment. “Hey, how did we come to be in New Zealand?” he asked Travis. He pointed out the open van window.

“What is it now, Davo?” asked Travis before the young red-haired man’s eyes also went wide as Davo pulled to the side of the road and both guys looked across the field. The sound of cows mooing and the whinnying of a horse filled the van as the young men observed the amazing sight of a large black horse chasing one of a herd of cows, the stallion rearing up on its hind legs and attempting with great enthusiasm to mount the cow.

Davo shook his head as he pulled back onto the road and continued driving. “That is some weird, fucked up shit. Kate never said anything about her town being so strange.”

“No,” agreed Travis. “Although that cousin of hers, that Breanna girl sounds strange. Are you sure you really want to go there?”

“Fuck yeah, if she’s hot like Kate said she was,” said Davo. “And talking about Kate and fucking, I bet you can’t wait to get into her knickers?”

The images of Kate filled his mind, the pretty six-foot girl with her long dark hair wearing her white panties and her E-cup breasts harnessed with a white bra; Kate naked, her beautiful big breasts, the plump cheeks of her bare bottom and her luxurious carpet of black pubic hair that grew over her mound and over her pink pussy. Travis felt his groin stirring. “I hope we get a chance. On the camping trip it was okay because her parents were always so occupied with what Madison was up to, but here it might be different.”

“Breanna is much worse than Madison so Kate was saying, so I think Mr. and Mrs. Wilson will be fully occupied,” observed Davo as he slowed down on approach to an intersection. Continuing along the road, Davo turned the van into a motel parking lot. This motel was much nicer than the sleazy, cheap establishment on the bad side of town, and Davo looked the place up and down. “This looks pretty good,” he said.

“Yeah,” agreed Travis, as he stepped out of the van. He observed some signs in the park across the street, promoting the Christian Music Festival to take place that same Saturday. “Hey Davo look at this, the Christian Musical Festival. I wonder what that’s about?”

Davo also looked at the signs. “Jesus, I can’t think of anything more fun,” the young Australian said sarcastically.


Davo’s hypothesis that Bob and Anna Wilson were fully occupied that morning was an accurate one. They had not one but two problem teenage girls to deal with. The husband and wife glared at both Breanna and Isabella as the girls displayed their terrible table manners at breakfast, eating toast covered with peanut butter and jelly with their mouths open.

Neither girl had dressed, Breanna and Isabella both barefoot in oversize tee-shirts over their panties. Dylan of course was most interested in both his cousin and her hot Latina friend, his groin stirring as Breanna changed her position at the table, opening her legs to show her white panties while Isabella’s knees drifted apart to show the blue floral cotton panties that covered her pussy and bottom. The two girls consumed istanbul escort the last of the orange juice without asking the Wilson family if they would like any more before making their way upstairs, leaving their breakfast dishes un-cleared on the table. Dylan craned his neck as the two barefoot teenage girls made their way upstairs, observing their legs and panties.

“So, who are these two guys that are coming over for lunch today?” asked Breanna to Kate later that morning. Kate was dressed in a long blue floral skirt, her big boobs filling out her tee-shirt. Breanna wore jeans and a tee-shirt and Isabella a revealing blouse and a short skirt. Kate was busy dusting, neither Breanna nor Isabella feeling any inclination to help her.

“Davo and Travis, we met them when we were camping,” said Kate. “They’re from Australia. Well, Travis is from near Christchurch in New Zealand originally, but like Davo he lives in Melbourne.”

“We had to learn about Australia in geography at high school,” said Breanna. “It was so boring.”

“Well, why don’t you tell Davo and Travis how you feel when they arrive?” asked Kate.

“I will,” said Breanna, a challenging tone in her voice. Failing to assist Kate with moving a small cabinet, Breanna then said to her cousin, “So, what do they look like?”

“I’ll show you,” said Kate. She retrieved the packet of photographs from the camping trip, and opened them up, showing Breanna and Isabella the photographs that contained Davo and Travis. Kate saw Breanna’s interest aroused as she looked at the good-looking, muscular form of Davo, wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts, although her trailer park cousin was careful to maintain a look of indifference as she examined the photographs.

Isabella was far less constrained about expressing her opinions, although for once in her life, she only had good things to say. “Are all New Zealand guys this good looking?” she asked, pointing at Travis.

Kate was a little dismayed that Isabella was so interested in the guy that interested her, but obviously did not express these feelings, given that her parents had no idea what she and Madison had gotten up to with the guys on the camping vacation.

Breanna made her exit from the living room, the images of the great-looking young Australian traveler in her mind. Between her legs, Breanna felt her clitoris tingling and her vagina dampening as she closed the door to the room where she was staying. Pulling down her jeans to leave her standing in a tee-shirt and white bikini-style panties, Breanna reached into her bag and pulled out her tight and very short denim shorts, pulling them up and adjusting them so they fitted around her aroused pussy. As Breanna returned, Kate noted Breanna’s change of clothes, and it was obvious that her trashy cousin had taken the bait.


The morning seemed to drag for Breanna and Isabella as they awaited the arrival of the two great-looking guys from Australia. Towards eleven, they jumped with excitement when the doorbell rang, but to their great disappointment it was only Samantha. John’s fiancée looked pretty as ever in a lemon-colored summer dress, the girl carrying some fruit she had cut up for the barbeque. John greeted her with a kiss, and the couple made their way into the kitchen.

Another fifteen minutes passed before the doorbell rang again, and this time it was indeed Davo and Travis. “Davo, Travis, how are you?” asked Bob Wilson, as he greeted the two young men warmly and invited them inside.

“G’day Mr. Wilson, pretty good,” said Davo in his strong Australian accent. He held up a plastic bag containing steaks and sausages he and Travis had purchased at a butcher’s shop in town. “Sorry, we’re running a bit late. As soon as the butcher found out we were from Australia, he wouldn’t stop talking …”

Bob laughed, recognizing the butcher’s shop bag. “Old Mario? Yeah, he’s a nice enough guy but once he gets talking …”

Davo also laughed. “Yeah, he kept saying how great it must be to live in Australia, how we can go to the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House, a swim at the Great Barrier Reef or for a picnic at Ayer’s Rock any time we like. When I said I was from Melbourne, it didn’t seem to register.”

“That’s Mario for you,” said Bob, feeling more relaxed than he had felt all week.

“Why don’t I put this in the refrigerator, Davo?” Anna suggested, taking the butcher’s bag from Davo and into the kitchen.

“Thanks Mrs. Wilson,” said Davo, as he and Travis greeted Kate, Dylan and John.

“Hi Davo, hi Travis,” said Kate warmly.

“G’day Kate,” said Davo, shaking hands with her.

“Hi Kate,” said Travis. “It’s good to see you again.”

“Yes, it’s good to see you too Travis,” said Kate, her smile masking a puzzling feeling inside her. She had really been looking forward to seeing Travis, but now that he was here she didn’t feel excited, in fact she felt kind of flat. Kate thought to herself that maybe it was just stress, that Breanna’s escort bayan antics during the week had worn her down, and that soon she would feel that excitement again.

Davo turned to John and Samantha. “Great to see you again, John,” he said as he and Travis shook hands with John. “And you must be Samantha,” Davo continued, shaking hands with the pretty strawberry blonde. “John’s told me so much about you.”

Samantha laughed and smiled. “Only good things, I hope?”

Davo noticed Samantha’s left hand, and the ring on her finger. “Wow, did you get engaged?”

“Yes, just this week,” said Samantha.

“Congratulations,” said Davo, he and Travis again shaking hands with John and Samantha. He grinned at John. “Your days of freedom are nearly over.”

“Yeah, Samantha’s already set out my schedule for the next week and the week after,” John joked, Samantha playfully poking him in the ribs.

Davo and Travis’s attention was captured by the entrance of Breanna and Isabella, Davo’s eyes going wide at the sight of Breanna, the pretty blonde dressed in a tight tee-shirt that accentuated her breasts, and the short denim shorts that showed off her shapely legs.

Bob looked at the two girls. “This is my niece Breanna, and her friend Isabella,” he said, the tone of his voice stern as he reflected on the many troubles Breanna had caused in the turbulent week. “They are both nuisances but aren’t here for long, tomorrow they will be going back to the other side of town where they belong.”

“G’day Breanna, how are ya?” Davo asked, deliberately accentuating his Australian accent as he shook hands with the girl.

Breanna, although very much interested by Davo was determined to be her usual self, and looked Davo up and down with a hard expression. “You’re from Australia? We learned about Australia in history and geography in school.”

“So what do you think of Australia?” Davo asked.

“I think it’s a heap of fucking shit,” said Breanna.

“Breanna!” snapped Bob and Anna in unison.

“Oh, you know how to swear, that’s very impressive,” said Davo to Breanna, the girl glowering back at him as he shook hands with Isabella. “Perhaps Isabella is more friendly?”

“Nice to meet you Davo,” said Isabella, shaking hands with Davo and then Travis.

“Hi Isabella, I’m Travis,” said the young man, quite taken with her good looks.

Isabella looked at him, and in a way that was completely at odds with the tough, streetwise girl who had grown up in a housing project, burst out giggling and blurted out, “You talk funny,”, sounding more like a naïve groupie meeting an actor or popstar on whom she had a crush.

Davo laughed hysterically, and Isabella blushed at what she had said and how she had said it. “Isabella, what the fuck?” asked Breanna, also laughing.

“Breanna!” warned Anna, increasingly exasperated that her niece could scarcely avoid using the word fuck in every sentence that came out of her mouth.

“Sorry, I don’t know why I said that,” said Isabella.

“No, that’s okay,” said Travis, also laughing.

“He does talk funny,” said Davo. “Australians always need to interpret for New Zealanders, so if you need to know what Travis is saying, just ask me. Just for a start, when Travis says ‘fush’ he means ‘fish’, and when he says ‘pug’ he means a pig, not a small dog.” He turned to Bob. “Now, how about I show you how us Aussies do a barbeque, Mr. Wilson?”

“Looking forward to it, Davo,” said Bob. “And I’ll show you and Travis how to do a Philly cheesesteak.”

“Sounds great,” said Davo. “Travis and I had Philly cheesesteaks for tea the other night, bloody great.”

The Wilson family and their guests split into three groups. There were the guys, Bob, John, Davo and Travis at the barbeque each with a beer, talking about things like sports, cars and fishing. There were the girls, Anna, Kate and Samantha who worked together making salads and also talking. There were the rebels, Breanna and Isabella who sat smoking cigarettes.

Left alone to brood in his own resentment was Dylan. The small statured young man had scarcely been acknowledged by Davo or Travis, and as usual he felt as though he was in the shadows of his brother and sister. Watching how relaxed his father was with the two guys from Australia, laughing and joking and talking about a variety of things made Dylan brood all the more. He and his father had never really been able to do that. Once he had gone fishing with his father, and they had barely spoken more than a dozen words the entire day. This contrasted greatly with how his father interacted with Kate or John.

With the barbeque ready, everybody sat down outside to eat, Bob feeling more relaxed than he had all week when this was shattered by two voices – young and male – calling across the back yard and setting the dogs to barking. “Hey, that looks really good.”

Dylan’s two loser friends Wayne and Kenny were there standing at the gate, as usual not knocking or ringing Kadıköy escort the doorbell. Bob cursed. These two worthless morons were attracted by food more than hyenas and vultures to a carcass of a dead animal on the African plains. And given the amount junk these two losers ate, it was amazing that they both had skinny frames, and did not weigh more than 250-pounds each.

“I love those chips,” said Kenny, staring at a bag of potato chips.

“And I’m really thirsty,” said Wayne, eying off a bottle of lemonade.

“Could we stop for lunch too?” asked Kenny, not bothering to hint at what he wanted.

Bob sighed, then an idea crossed his mind. “Yes, come in.” Bob went into the garage and removed a children’s table and chair set – used by John, Kate and Dylan in early childhood and put it alongside the main table.

As he did this, Anna introduced Wayne and Kenny to Davo, Travis and Isabella. “This is Davo White, Travis Black and Breanna’s friend Isabella Ramirez.”

Bob noted that both Wayne and Kenny gave Breanna a wide berth, as though afraid of her and he pondered what type of insanity was behind this. With his niece and his son’s loser friends, Bob assumed anything was possible, although even in the depths of his imagination Bob did not even come close to the truth. It was fortunate he did not, for if Bob knew about Kenny accidentally rupturing the condom he wore as he and Wayne engaged in anal sex with Breanna on Bob and Anna’s marital bed earlier in the week, he would surely have suffered a fatal stroke.

Bob placed a bottle of soft drink and the potato chips on the table. “Eat, and try not to say anything stupider than you two already do.”

“Thanks Mr. Wilson,” said Wayne, opening the chips.

“Yeah thanks,” said Kenny, as he stuffed a handful of chips into his mouth and ate with his mouth open.

“So Davo, do you put kangaroos and koalas on the barbeque in Australia?” Wayne asked, the young man thinking this was a great source of conversation, an opinion Bob did not share.

“Kangaroos yeah, but not koalas. Too tough and not enough meat,” joked Davo.

“They eat horses in France,” Kenny chipped in. “Do you eat horse meat in Australia?”

“Boys!” warned Anna.

“Only the ones that die at the racetrack,” laughed Davo, meeting the stupid question with sarcasm.

“There’s this really weird horse at a farm not far from here,” cut in Wayne. “It likes to mount cows.”

“Yeah, and the other morning it fucked another horse,” Kenny blurted out, he Wayne and Dylan all laughing, while Samantha put down her knife and fork and regarded Wayne and Kenny with distaste, losing her appetite at this conversation.

“Boys, that’s enough,” growled Bob.

“Actually, we saw the horse on our way into town this morning,” said Davo. “It was in the cow paddock, chasing the cows.”

“Yeah, it was pretty weird,” said Travis. “I think it has an identity problem.”

“Did it mount one?” asked Kenny.

“Okay, no more talk about horses and cows you two,” said Bob. “Is that clear?”

Kenny suddenly burst out laughing. “What’s funny?” Dylan asked his friend.

“I just realized that Davo’s surname is White and Travis’s surname is Black,” said Kenny, “that’s funny.”

“One of our mates in Melbourne has the surname Grey,” said Davo.

Kenny stopped laughing. “I don’t get it,” he said, a blank expression on his face, everyone else sighing at the young man’s stupidity.

During the rest of the lunch Kate, who was sitting opposite from Travis, could not help but notice the way Isabella shamelessly flirted with the young man, preening herself, talking often to him. Kate thought she would feel annoyed about it, yet felt indifferent, and the images of Brett filled her own imagination. She had looked forward to seeing Travis so much, yet so far it had been a big letdown.

Breanna sat next to Davo, her attitude deliberately cool. However as Davo was talking to John and Samantha about a high school camp where he and other students had cycled from Melbourne to the nearby city of Geelong, then rode out along Victoria’s famed Great Ocean Road and past the well-known Twelve Apostles rock formation on the coast to Port Campbell, he felt fingers on his leg, stroking his leg through his shorts.

Glancing under the table, he saw that Breanna’s hand was responsible. Maintaining her stony, hard expression Breanna moved her hand higher up, teasing Davo’s groin with her nimble fingers. As he continued to describe the Great Ocean Road, Davo felt himself getting harder and harder at Breanna’s touch and choked, going red in the face.

“Are you okay, Davo?” John asked, passing him a glass of water.

“Yeah,” spluttered Davo. “Just swallowed the wrong way, I think.”

Satisfied with her work, Breanna withdrew her hand and acted like nothing had happened, and the conversation turned to the Christian musical festival to be held that evening, which Kate and Dylan were attending. “Why don’t you come along too?” Kate asked Davo and Travis.

“Yeah sure,” said Davo, neither he nor Travis having ever having attended such an event, and unsure of what it entailed.

“Issy and me will go too,” said Breanna, raising her hand.

“Yeah, count us in,” said Isabella.

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