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Subject: Trailer Park Thanks for reading! Please consider a donation to fty ! That’s how this plays stays open and available! Trailer Park It was just me and my Mom! I never knew my Dad but I musta looked like him cause when Mom was drinking she would give me hell. I was twelve and puberty had a hold on me. Not much special or amazing here slender brown hair brown eyes I wore glasses and thrift store clothes. I sorta went to school some. She didn’t care. She waited tables at a diner for lunch and dinner. Then she was a bar maid at night. We had this terrible trailer we lived in . At least she seldom brought the men home here. This nice older lady would give me a sandwich a day. She would see me and call me to come over. Are you hungry Shane? I would nod yes and she would give me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She would mutter about my mother as I stood and ate. Her husband just smoked and glared at me. He called me an urchin. The old man coughed and wheezed and the wife was a big heavy woman would hug me and tell me every time. It will be ok! I could go days without seeing Carol, my Mother. Then she would roll in for a hour or a night sometimes with a brown grocery store bag with food. She would leave me a few dollars for things. I washed my clothes in the sink and kept the place picked up and straight. The landlord was this greasy guy. He would come by and ask for Carol. She’s at work I would say and he would huff and fuss and tell me the rent was late again. Carol came home and I said the landlord was in the park looking for his rent. She told me to go tell him to come back over and that I should stay away for a while. I walked till I saw his car and looked at him till he opened up the window. My mom said to come by to get the rent and for me to stay away . He leered at me dirty like and headed towards our trailer. That’s how our rent got payed every month. I knew what was a going on but I’d sit out by the road and wait for him to leave. I’d stay away on rent day as long as possible. She was always mad after he left. When your a poor kid you figure out things . When you are barely living almost a street kid you learn fast or you get hurt. You still get hurt beat up and picked on by everyone. I knew things that folks implied and I knew what there eyes revealed. There were some older boys in the trailer park that rented a trailer . They were bad news all the time. They drank and smoked pot and had parties with other rowdy folks and well they picked on me bad. One of their friends would bring me food now and then. His eyes weren’t mean or hard . He gave me some clothes in a bag once. The other boys saw him and gave him heck. He told them all off; patted me and told me to get home. His name is Chris he’s my only friend sorta . He drives a blue Mustang. In the bag were some of socks basketball shorts and tank tops. I put my new clothes in the dresser in my tiny room. There was no food here again so I walked to the grocery store to kill time. I had seventeen cents. I was barefoot and it was hot. I sat down by a street sign and fell asleep konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort I guess. I awoke to someone touching me gently shaking me. Kid Kid wake up he says are you okay? It was a middle aged man in slacks and a shirt. I was all groggy and disoriented. He helped me up and walked me along the sidewalk then up to a house. We went inside and he fixed me water with ice. Then he asked if I was hungry? I nodded and he fixed me a sandwich. I felt a touch better but I had a bad headache. Can I lay down please ? I asked ? He walked me to a bedroom and had me lay on a bed. Where do you live kid? The trailer park I said and dozed off. Now if you don’t know what the heats like in Alabama in May it’s brutal. I slept a few hours I guess and when I woke up I was scared . New place and all. I could hear a TV playing and it was cool in the house. I walked to the living room with my pee boner pushing my shorts out. Can I use the bathroom please ? Sure he says and gets up and shows me where it . He’s in shorts and that’s it . He stood by the door and watched me pull my basketball shorts down and point my dick at the bowl. He was trembling a bit. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him lick his lips. We went back to the kitchen and he had made box Mac and cheese. His names Harry and his wife left him a while ago. He asks me if I wanna shower or anything ? I knew what he wanted without knowing. The way he looked at me and his fingers twitched. I declined and said I need to head home . I had told him that my mom waited tables at the Pots On Diner and worked at Luckys Bar. She must be gone a lot ? I nodded in agreement. He asked me to come back anytime and said I never lock the back door. He kept his hand on my back as I walked out the door and I knew he wanted me to stay. I walked into the trailer park and it was late. The lights at the road sign buzzed and the bugs swarmed . It was hot and I was sweating. I walked along off the sparse gravel and then Bobby one of the older party guys says hey Shane what are you doing out so late. Come here he says gruffly. Bobby was the more assertive of the two guys but Darrel was no nice guy either. I only saw the beat up charger at their trailer. Bobby was sitting holding a beer can in what looked like boxers two sizes to big. I stood by his car and he was like want a coke ? I shrugged and nodded a yes. I seldom got a soda. He says come on inside and I followed knowing I shouldn’t . The trailer smelled like sweat pot and grease. Bobby dug out a can of bud and a coke. His mullet was sweaty and he smelled sorta funky sorta making my insides churn but not bad churn . His boxers hung low on his narrow hips and his big feet and long toes were dirty. But heck my feet were dirty and I was sweating. It was hot as balls inside the trailer and the fan just moved the heat and the funk faster. All the trailers in this park were junk. He hits a button on the remote and porn starts to play on the tv. You like this he says and I am staring sipping my konyaaltı otele gelen escort coke and unaware I’m hard. I saw him reach into his boxers out of the corner of my eye and he was playing with his dick. He was drunk and glassy eyed. Why don’t you suck this for me Shane no one will know and it will be our little secret. He grabbed my arm and pushed me down . He was angry and mean sounding . He pushed the swollen head at my lips and said suck me Shane or I’m gonna fuck you up. I opened up my mouth and put the head inside. I lapped at it with my tongue . He thrust and I gagged . He was staring at the tv screen and he pumped and pumped then after a long time he grunted and hot salty sperms erupted in my mouth. I coughed and sputtered and gagged and he flopped on the sofa with his arm over his eyes. Tell any mutha fucking body about this and I will kill you ! You hear me! I nodded and left with my half empty coke. I got to our trailer and I was safe she wasn’t home. I washed up my tank top and hung it up . I stripped and got in the shower using only cold water . I didn’t have any soap so I just scrubbed away the sweat. I laid in the bed and sweat and then jerked off having a huge cum. I woke up hungry and peeked out of the window but no VW Beetle. There was no food at all in the trailer so I drank some water then took a cold shower. For me being hungry was a constant. I slipped on the same clothes and went out. Old Mrs Jones gave me a piece of chicken in a paper towel . The she asked me to help her get Mr Jones back into bed . We go inside and he’s in his chair when I touched him he was cold. She says to me he’s been sleep since last night and won’t budge. I said Mrs Jones I gotta run grab something I will be right back just let him rest ok. Sit down and rest yourself of I won’t be gone long. She looked frantic. I ran down to the front trailer the office . I ran inside and told the old woman to call a ambulance for the Jones that Mr Jones was dead in his chair. She just looked at me shocked and said I was telling tales. I stood up my whole five feet and said if you won’t call I will. She picked up the phone and asked for the police. I ran back to Mrs Jones and stood outside till the police car pulled up. I said to the first cop they are inside. He said for me to get he would handle things . I walked back to my trailer and watch the happenings from the stoop. A middle aged heavy woman drove up and hugged Mrs Jones and they went inside. When they were leaving several hours later the middle aged lady carried a sack to my stoop and knocked . Shane she said when I opened the door . Yes I said I’m real sorry bout Mr Jones . Momma says for me to give you this so you will have food to eat . I hid most of the food in my room and ate a little of the other cold food . I went out about dark and walked about. I was hungry but I wasn’t having cramps and such. I ended up over by the park walking around. My head was swirling with things . I sucked a dick and touched a dead guy in the same 12 hours konyaaltı rus escort . I felt bad for Mrs Jones mostly. As for Bobby making me do that well men look at me all the time with that look. I mean I’m sorta girly tall and slim for my age with soft features and well my butt was sorta there. I wandered for a while and was walking home. It was sticky hot . I knew I was stinking. Heck everyone was sweaty in Alabama. I had pulled off my damp tank top and walked up the driveway at the trailer park. The last clock I saw at the park entrance said eleven thirty. It was near midnight I was guessing. There were maybe 45 trailers in the place and maybe ten weren’t safe to live in. A few had window air conditioners. Some folks were nice some weren’t I kept to myself . I was walking by the guys trailer and both cars were there. As I walked by Darrel says hey squirt what are you doing out so late . Headed home I says. Come here he says to me . Want a beer he asks ? I’d rather have a coke I reply. Well you can have a coke but it’s gonna cost you. I swallowed hard and said can I get a smoke too? Shit you little fucking beggar. If you let me screw your hot momma I will give you a whole pack of smokes. I muttered fuck you softly. He was do you want the beer or not? I nodded I liked beer ok but coke was better and I’d smoke if I could bum one now and then. Sometimes it makes being hungry not seem so bad. He hands me a Bud and a smoke. He says you was over here last night weren’t ya? I nodded that I had got called over by Bobby he was pretty drunk and all. Yea he’s sometimes mean as a snake when he’s all drunked up . I said he was just drunk. How old are you Shane ? I said 12. Where’s Bobby I asked ? Out he and Ace went to the store. They won’t be back for like 30 minutes or so. Darrell was short wide and stocky with a real hairy chest. He says your momma is hot ! I just shrugged . He pats the stoop and says have a seat. I sit down next to him and he’s got something on his mind. Did you hear about old man Jones ? I nodded and said yea I called for the cops to come over. He says did you suck Bobbys dick last night? I ain’t mad or nothing hell I’m not a queer. I just sipped the beer and looked down . He rubs his rough hand on my back and says will you do it for me? I’m hungry I say. He says I give ya some potted meat and crackers . And a coke to? Sure he says . But hurry up before they get back. We walk behind the trailer and he pulls his shorts down. I get on my knees and his dicks way smaller than Bobby’s and it’s sweaty and smelly. It makes me cringe some but pretty quick he’s all boned up and trembling. He shoots off and pulls out of my mouth and snaps the waistband up. He goes inside and comes out with two cans of potted meat and a sleeve of crackers . Thanks I say and ask about my coke. He goes in comes back with a cold can and says fair trade keep it tween us ok. I’m looking out the window when Ace and Bobby come back and there’s laughing and such and Darrell and the guys keep looking up my way. I thought to myself that maybe I could work this out for food and stuff. I go to moms room still wet from my cold shower and look in the mirror at my self. I only had a few hairs above my dick but it was as long as Darrell’s dick. I am stick skinny but my ass looks full. I guess there are guys that like my look. I turned off the lamp and realized that someone was watching me. I think I will stop here! Thanks for reading Cheers

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