Torturous Boots Ch. 02

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Pete had returned home and took off his leather attire, he felt wonderful and horny again, after all the perverted things he did to a helpless James he couldn’t help but feel hard again after Cumming three times. Even though he was tired he was thinking of the next gang member responsible for Sally’s death and what he planned on doing to him. His contacts made sure that James was dropped near his home so when he woke up he would not know where everything took place. The next day James stayed home in his flat and was not keen on telling the other members what Pete had done to him, Pete never gave him any indication that what he did was because of Sally so James just thought he was simply targeted.

The weekend came and while Pete had spent the next two days plotting on getting the next gang member to the warehouse he was also eager to go to a Fetish Club and have some fun. Pete got geared up in leather again and wore a leather coat that reached his thighs exposing his sexy thigh high boots. A couple of female fetish clubbers picked him up and they headed off. Once they got to the street where the club was they parked up and headed down the street. Strutting away and their heels clicking on the pavement Pete heard his name being called by a familiar voice, looking over to his right Pete saw Bradley the cop on his own approaching him. As Bradley approached him Pete instantly noticed that Bradley had noticed his sexy high heeled woman’s boots and gave him the same look that a man would give him with a boots fetish!

“Err Pete I like your boots!” said Bradley staring at them.

Pete placed one leg out and stood like a woman, he knew when he had his prey and planned on seducing it even if the man was a cop; Pete didn’t care and loved using his boots as weapons against men with a boots fetish!

“Really, they are really sexy aren’t they?” he said teasingly rocking his foot on the stiletto heel.

“I didn’t know that you like to wear women’s boots,” he said, “I mean look at the stiletto heels!”

“I love stiletto’s they make me feel really sexy!” Pete said whom then started to strut toward Bradley then slowly around him, clearly seducing him.

“Well they are dame sexy boots! And I think you pull it off well,” Bradley said admiring Pete’s boots.

“You think so?” said Pete teasingly and balancing one of his heels, he was clearly flirting with the cop.

“Yes!! I really like them on you; you pull it off better then a lot of women!”

“Hmm, thank you for the complement; shall I give you a little twirl?” Pete suggested and Bradley seemed very eager to see.

Pete did a little 360 degree twirl and gave a girlish giggle as he twirled and when he looked at Bradley he noticed that he had a huge Bonner.

“Oh you must really like what you see Mr police officer!” said Pete with a giggle.

Bradley was embarrassed that he had a Bonner but Pete was reassuring,

“Look Mr Police officer don’t be ashamed of being turned on by me, so many straight men are, you see this Fuck-Me Boots are so dame sexy that any straight man like yourself would want to worship them even if worn by a guy like me, they can make any man horny so you are no exception. You have a boots fetish and like what you see! So maybe sometime in the near future we can meet up and have fun!”

Bradley seemed pleased and nodded but still tried covering his hard-on with his hands but was helpless when Pete walked up to him and started rubbing his booted foot up his leg,

“Do you like that hmm?” said Pete seductively as he continued to tease Bradley who gave in to his lust and Bostancı Yabancı Escort removed his hands exposing his hard on there in the street.

Pete slowly moved his booted leg all they way up Bradley’s leg until he was completely standing on one leg and his other booted foot was pressing against Bradley’s hard on,

“Oh look how turned on you are!” Pete said excitedly “My boots have made you really hard!”

“I just wanted to give you an update on Sally, we haven’t found the muggers yet but we have a few leads,” Bradley said. He was worried people in the street would see what Pete was doing to him so he backed away even though he didn’t want to.

“Ok,” said Pete still rocking one of his booted feel on its heel seducing Bradley who was now keen to leave. “Keep me posted!”

Bradley left and couldn’t get his hard on to go down, the sight of Pete in his sexy high heel boots really did it for him and was hoping that Pete meant what he said in meeting up.

Two days had passed and Pete had all his plans for the next gang member. This time is was a guy called Marco who was a skinny blonde 19 year old. Pete was planning on employing the same tactic with the attractive woman he knew and waited and watched Marco until the time was right. Marco went into a snooker club where they had a bar and Pete set the woman onto him and it didn’t take long for her to spike his drink and get him out of the club. When they got to the car Marco passed out and Pete moved in.

Marco awoke in the same factory as James only he was tied to the floor by his hands and feet facing upward. He was complete stripped of his clothes and next to him was a plastic funnel. Pete appeared wearing the same leather outfit he wore when he tormented James, Black leather dress, corset, long gloves and his thigh high leather boots with long stiletto heels! Pete started to strut toward Marco whom couldn’t see Pete clearly because of how he was tied to the floor; however the sound of Pete sexy long stiletto heels made that sexy clicking sound that high heels do. James thought it was the woman whom had a drink with him at the club and felt excited but he was stunned when Pete stood over him in his luscious leather gear.

“You heard the clicking sound of my high heels and I bet you got excited! Sorry to disappoint you.” said Pete with a girlish giggle.

“Who the fuck are you and where are all my clothes?” said Marco.

“Oh you’ll not be needing them right now!”

Pete climbed on top of Marco and spread his legs so he was sitting on him and looked down at him. It was just like the scene in one his favourite movies Batman Returns, he was Catwoman and Marco was the helpless Batman!

“Hmmm, What a turn on!! This is just like a scene from Batman! I’m Catwoman but I won’t be licking your ugly face!”

“Get the fuck off me faggot!”

“Right now you are telling me later you will be begging me!” said Pete and Marco spat on his face.

Pete grinned and sat up. The spit from Marco hit him over the mouth so he slowly opened his mouth and with his tongue he slowly began licking his spit soaked lips and let off a moan in pleasure as he did it.

“You’re fucking sick!” said Marco as Pete cleaned his own mouth with his tongue.

Getting up Pete stood over Marco and raised one of his booted legs and with the tip of his boot started rubbing Marco’s chin,

“Oh do you like my sexy boots?”

“Stop that!”

Pete was already starting to feel horny as the pointy tip of his high heel boot caressed Marco’s chin,

“I know you like my Bostancı Yeni Escort boots,” said Pete and moved the pointy boot-tip onto Marco’s lips, “there how does the leather taste?”

Marco was furious and began trying to free himself but to no avail, he really did have a boots fetish and loved the sight of a sexy woman in them but Pete was bending the boundaries because he was wearing the kind of women’s boots that instantly makes Marco rock hard but he was not a woman. Marco was cursing himself because even though it was Pete in those luscious thigh high leather boots a small part of him was turned on.

“Who the fuck do you think you are you faggot! Wearing a leather dress and women’s boots! You look like a freak!” said Marco with anger.

Pete was annoyed at Marco’s comment and withdrew his booted foot from Marco’s face then kicked him sternly in the balls. Marco was in immense pain and Pete began giggling like a girl again.

“Look you sick peace of shit let me fucking free,” said Marco in pain.

“I don’t think you are in a position to make demands,” said Pete who slowly placed the sole of his booted foot on Marco’s penis and slowly start rubbing it.

“There you go honey-bunny, yesssss, lets get you horny for me!” he said as he rubbed.

Marco was furious as his cock began to grow rock hard,

“Stop that!”

“Your head is telling you no but your dick is screaming yes!” said Pete who continued to rub. “I know you like high heel boots! I can tell you have a boots fetish!”

“The other guy I tormented was turned on by my boots but this guy truly loves them, I can tell when he looks at them but he obviously likes women in high heel boots and not guys!” Pete said to himself.

Marco became just as aggressive as James but he too was strapped down so tightly he could not break free.

“Yeah, you like that!” said Pete as he placed his stiletto heel onto Marco’s rock hard penis and caressed it. “You love my high heel stilettos!”

“Get the fuck off me!”

“Why? Look how hard my stiletto heel has made you, your throbbing!” said Pete who was in ecstasy again.

Pete stepped on Marco’s hard cock again and began caressing in circles savouring the torture.

“Round and round my booty goes and where it stops on you will know,” said Pete teasingly as he continued to caress Marco with the sole of his boot.

Marco was enduring so much pleasure but was angered at whom was giving him this pleasure, Pete was right and he knew it Marco loved his boots but hated the fact that he was wearing them. After so much resistance Marco could not contain himself anymore and exploded with cum all over the pointed tip of Pete’s boot. He was relieved that he ejaculated but furious that it was Pete that made him with his high heel boot.

“Ah how was that for you?” Pete asked but Marco did not answer.

Pete then placed his other foot on Marco’s balls and placed his come soaked booted foot over his face.

“You will now lick every drop of your cum from my boot!” he said and stepped on Marco’s balls to show him he was serious.

Marco tried resisting but gave in fairly easy and slowly his tongue made contact with his cum on Pete’s boot.

“Yeah that’s it taste your cum, lick it slowly off my boot!” said Pete. Slowly and surely he licked all of his own white cum off Pete’s boot and Pete was ready to continue. He stood over Marco and looked down at him grinning. He then reached under his leather dress and pulled out his penis.

“What the fuck are you gona to do!” Marco said.

“Oh Bostancı Masaj Salonu a few things, lets start with giving you a bath first!”

Pete began pissing on Marco’s face which infuriated him! Pete loved it and his aim was perfect as he soaked Marco’s furious face with his urine. But Marco was in for much worse. Pete pulled up the skirt section of his black leather dress and pulled out his penis.

“You sick fuck!” yelled Marco because he knew what Pete was going to do.

“Don’t fucking do it!” he yelled.

Pete opened his mouth and slowly licked his top lip like a woman again and began stroking his penis with his leather gloved hand. His other hand he caressed himself and sucked on his index finger as he pleasured himself. Pete really got into himself and jerked himself off until he was ready to cum.

“Are you ready because here I cum!” he said and he began shooting spits of white cum and aimed perfectly again as his cum landed on Marco’s furious face!

Marco was yelling in disgust as Pete’s cum splattered on his face and Pete whom was still licking his top lip relentlessly made sure he squeezed every drop of cum from his penis onto Marco. Once Pete had finished he stopped licking his lips and looked down at Marco, he had just urinated on his face then ejaculated but like James was to discover the torment was far from over!

Pete stepped over Marco and picked up the funnel from the floor and walked back over to Marco only this time he got down to his knees behind his head.

“Why are you doing this you sick son of a bitch!”

“Maybe you will realize why later!” said Pete who then placed the tip of the funnel into Marco’s mouth.

Marco was helpless and now had a funnel down his throat; Pete on his knee’s placed Marco’s head between them firmly so he couldn’t move it.

“Thirsty Honey-Bunny? Let’s fix you right up!”

Pete placed his penis over the top of the funnel and began urinating again! This time his urine went directly down Marco’s throat so he was drinking Pete’s urine! Marco couldn’t move his head and was forced to swallow Pete’s piss and not a bit of was wasted because of the funnel. Pete however wasn’t finished and instantly became horny again so he started jerking himself off yet again. Wasting no time Pete caressed his penis with soft leather gloved hand and Marco knew what was coming. Pete unloaded another load of cum directly into the funnel which oozed down into Marco’s throat! Marco was disgusted but could not do anything; he was being punished and now had not only had Pete’s urine down his throat but now his cum.

Pete got up and removed the funnel from Marco’s mouth and remarkably Marco was too distraught to even say anything, he was just moaning in disgust. Pete got up onto his high heeled feet and walked over to Marco, spread his booted legs over him and sat on him again like Catwoman and watched him with a smile. Marco was tormented beyond return and Pete waited to land his final blow. After re-charging Pete climbed over Marco and was preparing to jerk off on his face for the last time only this time the pointy boot-tips of Pete’s boots made contact with Marco’s body so while Pete Jerked himself off he caressed Marco’s body with his pointy toe fronts. Marco was turned on with what Pete’s boots were doing to him and was unable to contain himself from getting hard.

“Yeah get horny for me again! Look at what my boots does to you!” said Pete as he looked back while jerking himself off.

Pete continued to please himself and Marco and his third jerking off session didn’t take as long as he thought because of Marco’s arousal he exploded the last of his cum onto Marco’s face again and watched it drip down his mouth, chin and cheek. Pete was done and used the same method to end the session as he did with James but had plans for the remaining three members of the gang!

To be continued…

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