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Tomorrow. Tomorrow she will stop, she will tell him “no more”. Today though she didn’t want to, she couldn’t; she loved him. She could only have him during the weekdays. He went home every night to his wife and family; she went home to her empty condo. He went home to a warm home cooked meal; she went home with take out, if she ate at all. He slept in a bed with his wife; she slept in her bed alone, clutching her pillow as if he was there.

Kit was used to the life. She loved it Monday through Friday but when Friday evening came, her heart sank, pained really for those forty-eight plus hours. Then Monday morning would come around and once again her heart would sing and her body would feel alive with pleasure. There was always a downside to the way she loved, but she accepted it, not easily, but it was what she knew. Long ago Kit had dreams of a loving man, maybe even marry someday, but it just didn’t seem to happen for her.

Her first married lover was in back in college; she’d fallen for a professor. How she loved him, he was everything to her, she was only eighteen years old but here was this man, a man, not a boy, treating her like a queen. So what if he was only available sometimes, so what if they couldn’t tell anyone, she loved him and he loved her. Maybe that set the stage, created the pattern, she didn’t know anymore, it was too long ago and too many married men ago.

With each relationship she’d had with a married man she had learned something. Sometimes it was about her and what she did or didn’t want; sometimes it was about what she gave up to have love in her life. And she did give up a lot. She knew the highs came with the lows too. She was a secret, when what she really wanted was to scream out to the world “I love this man”. She didn’t go away for the romantic weekends, that time and privilege belonged to his wife. She couldn’t phone him when she needed or wanted him, in fact she recalled many times she never even had their phone numbers. But there were days it was worth it all, oh, those were the wondrous days. Today was one of those days. It was Monday and he was coming!

Jim was her current lover. He loved her she knew it. He wasn’t like the others; he wanted her totally. He was willing to give up so much for her he said. He was in love with her and she knew she was in love with him. They had met online in a chat room, hit it off immediately and quickly proceeded to phone calls. He worked in the city, and her condo was not far from his office. After talking on the phone one morning the subject of meeting came up; they would meet for lunch they decided, safe enough. Recalling that lunch now she should have run but it was already too late for her. She had fallen fast. When he told her he was married it no longer mattered, she’d been here before and now that she’d fallen there was no going back. She was addicted to this life, even if she didn’t want to admit it to herself. In this life style choice she knew to let the good feelings take over the bad.

Today was one of those perfect days in her love life. He had taken the day off, just to be with her! She was in bed still and he let himself in with his key, bringing coffee and bagels and as always that single flower! He knew just how to please her; she knew she couldn’t resist him. She watched him come into her bedroom, his eyes not leaving hers, piercing right through her; she felt the stir deeply. He knew how she would react; she knew he knew. Placing the coffee and bagels on the nightstand he presented the deep red rose to her with his mouth. Leaning down, the rose in his lips, he kissed her sweetly, slipping the rose between her lips as they had so many times before. They lingered upon each other’s lips, savoring the first kiss of the day. With her giggle the kiss was broken and she lay in her illegal bahis bed with the red rose between her lips while he looked at her with desire.

Kit was already feeling the moisture between her legs, her womanhood ready for his touch. He knew. He knew her so well, knew that she would orgasm almost immediately, that she would come over and over just in their first lovemaking of the day. Their pleasure was mutual, he loved that he could give her so much pleasure; she loved giving him pleasure. She had a way of bringing him to the edge and keeping him there for what seemed like forever before exploding together. Kit loved that she could make him hard so soon after their climax and took pride in that, as he hadn’t experienced that in some years. Their lovemaking was fantastic every time, it was true love making as well. Oh yes, sometimes it was downright fucking, but even then, their love was there.

Kit rose from the bed slowly, allowing him to take her in with his eyes. She wore the gown he gave her last week. A soft blue gown that could barely hold her ample bosom, her breasts always excited him most and dressed for him in things that accentuated her breasts. There was a side slit giving him access to her most private places. It was the elegance of her very being, everything about it was Kit; the lace trim, the scallop edging, the sweet with the sexy. He watched as she slid out from under the covers, one leg at a time, giving him a little show. She had her ways and he loved every one of them. She could tease without even knowing it, she had no idea of her sex appeal or her sensuality, she just had it. She was intoxicating to him as he was to her.

Jim reached for her as she passed him, but she slipped out of his grasp, with a grin and a look that said, “Almost my love, almost”. She placed the flower in the Waterford crystal bud vase he had given her with his first flower gift. Kit kept the vase in her bedroom so she could see it before she fell off to sleep in hopes of dreaming of him and it was the first sight of her day giving her the smile on her face and in her heart. Today it held the single red rose that dripped with moisture, just like the moisture she was feeling down below. She freshened up and returned to Jim, walking softly and quietly towards him, her eyes watching him to see his want. Neither lover could hide anything from the other. They were completely in tune with one another, in and out of bed.

As she closed in on him he took hold of her, whisking her into his arms with a flourish as she let out a laugh. This time she wouldn’t get away nor did she want to. He held her with surety but gently too.

“Oh, Jim, good morning to you! I love you my sweet man.” She couldn’t contain her joy of being in his arms again.

“Hello Kit, my darling Kit! I love you too!” Jim placed her feet back on the floor while kissing her hard and long.

It was the kind of kiss that told her he didn’t want to wait any longer to have her. His hands caressed her cheek and slid to her breast, touching her softly and feeling her nipple respond to his touch. Touching her again she moaned for more and he took her nipple into his mouth through the silk fabric of her gown. She was wet and wanting he knew, now would he tease her or take her now? Jim’s decision was made for him as his jeans suddenly became very constraining. Kit’s hand slid down to his crotch and feeling his hardness she started to fumble with his button and zipper wanting to free him to her hands now.

He moved her backwards to the bed and stood in front of her, with urgency she lowered his jeans to the floor. His hand was on her shoulder as he stepped out of them and then wandered down to her breast again. His touch sent a shiver through her while she removed his boxers, the final barrier to have him illegal bahis siteleri in her hands. His hardness always made her feel so good, knowing she caused that in him, she wanted him now, she wanted to taste him. As her hands gently touched his cock Jim let out a moan and she knew that moan well, he wanted more from her. When her hand slid to the base of his shaft she moved forward and took his head into her mouth, her warm and wanting mouth.

Kit savored the taste of his precum letting her tongue circle and taste him. Jim placed his hands on her head directing her but she needed no direction she knew just what he wanted, it was what she wanted too. She loved his cock with her mouth taking more of him into her mouth, loving him. Running her tongue down the underside and coming back up to that sweet Vee spot to tickling him. Kit could hear his moans and felt him begin to throb in her mouth, which urged her on. Sucking him deeper and deeper, licking him, pulling him in more and more. He thrust into her until she could take no more but she wanted to. Kit tilted her head back slightly to open her throat to him, she wanted to devour him, to bring him to that edge and she was doing just that. With his hands upon her head he started to pull out while Kit was determined to keep him in, the sweet dance began, sliding in and out, over and over until Jim dangled at that sweet torturous edge.

She had him just where she wanted him now, he knew it too and he pulled out of her mouth. She slid back on the bed and he crawled up to her, his mouth over hers, eyes looking into eyes as he lowered his mouth to hers. Kissing with passion, open mouths loving each other, barely coming up for air. His full weight was on her now and her arms embracing him tightly. Jim pulled away from the kiss, pressing upwards and gazing into the depths of her eyes. His eyes telling her what he wanted now, kissing her as he scooted down lower and lower, moving aside the gown to find his heaven in her hot moist womanhood.

Her legs spread expectantly, sending her heat and scent into the room like a potion. His hand slid over the silk fabric of her gown, moving through the slit to her warm moist pussy. She was on fire and he knew it would take but a touch to bring her to the edge and then one more to send her over the edge. His mouth barely on her heat and he felt her moving to the apex, he knew she needed the release and without delay he gave it to her, watching her face and hearing her guttural moans spurred him on again.

Kit could always come over and over and he was determined to do that for her, her pleasure was his too. As she hummed softly he knew it was time for more and his tongue moved within her warm, soft folds, opening her more. Her hands moved to her breasts, as he loved her hot wanting pussy. Her squirms and moans told him, actually made him want to take her farther and farther, sending her higher with each lick and each suckle. When he heard that special soft moan he slid a finger, then two, into her and she reacted just as he knew she would by gasping and spreading her legs farther apart. She squirmed a bit and he curled his fingers to find her G-spot and when he had her there he wouldn’t let up. Kit screamed out for more and more while she released and flowed onto his hand, he felt every contraction and kept going until she begged him to let her come back. He knew she’d want more in a moment so he let her come back to him slowly, kissing her clit as she returned.

Jim was a fabulous lover and always made her feel wanted and womanly. He wanted more of her taste now and slipped his tongue into her folds once again. Again Kit moaned with a want for more. He indulged upon her sweet feast again and again, sending the waves of pleasure through her entire body. He felt her shivers and canlı bahis siteleri moved into her heated pussy more and deeper, she could hardly stand it but wouldn’t want anything else in the world but him loving her this way. His tongue dragged against her clit and she exploded with a scream while dripping her juices, which he lapped up with pleasure. Jim loved her taste; he couldn’t get enough of it. Just as he felt her last quivers he slipped back up her body kissing his way to her mouth, he wanted her to taste herself from his mouth. Kissing her hard and deep, just as his cock would be in a moment, deep within her.

Kit loved his kisses, returning each with a fever and passion to devour him. Jim’s cock teased at her wet opening and she wiggled to pull him in, but he wasn’t quite ready for her to have that pleasure. He’d tease her until she begged for him to enter her, tease her until she could take no more. Panting his name she could hardly speak.

“Jim, ah ah, please Jim, please, please, ah ah ohh ohh, I need you in me now”, Kit was at that point of no return.

“Just what would you like darlin’?. The playfulness in his husky voice only increased her need.

“YOU, NOW, IN ME, PLEASEEEEEEE JIM!” It was almost a demand but really it was total desire.

Jim placed his cock at her opening again and slowly entered her, stretching her, listening to the sound she always made, that sweet feeling produced a song in her voice. He fell for it every time; he fell for everything about her. Their eyes were fixed upon each other as he moved deeper and deeper, just languishing in the first moments of this magical union. They were one now, and she kissed him tenderly; whispering her love to him, thanking him for the union she so desperately wanted.

Kit loved the feeling of him within her, wanting it to last forever. She loved to delay the release as long as possible just to remain conjoined with him, her lover. She felt him move slightly and contracted to keep him there, but he was stronger and slid almost out of her, leading her to beg him to come back.

“You don’t want me to leave, hmmm? ” It was almost a growl from him, his desire building with hers.

“You know I don’t, please, please come back to me.” Her pleads were rewarded more than she could have wanted as Jim pounded back hard and deep into her pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhh, oh god, yesssss” Kit let it out now, “Yesssss Jim, more, more!”

And more is what she got, he continued his loving assault on her, taking a nipple into his mouth while she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him into her closely. Their dance of rhythm had begun and with each movement they were closer to each other and to the climax they craved. As though they were climbing a mountain they pushed on and on, wanting to delay but not either, the reward was too awesome and the power of their love couldn’t stop them. Their climax was loud and stunning, seemingly endless as they enjoyed this perfect timing yet again.

They lay spent with him on top of her. She loved that feeling, the security and safety of being protected and cared for. Jim stayed inside her while their quivering abated and their eyes and minds slowly came back to earth. The passion with which they loved each other had almost blinded them again. They gathered their breath and kissed tenderly not talking, just touching. As Jim rolled off her, Kit let out a moan of sadness, she hated when he left her body, as much as he hated when he left her bed and home.

“Oh, my sweet, how good you are to me. I love you so very much and I love they way you love me.”

It was all she could say to him, she always felt so overwhelmed with emotion after they made love. He returned her sentiments with a sweet kiss upon her mouth while brushing the hair from her face; that well loved mess her hair had become from their loving. The tenderness, the sweetness and the passion of it lingered long after they fell asleep in each other’s embrace.

Her last thought before drifting off to sleep was certainly not about tomorrow.

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