Tommy James Likes Panties, Ch. 2

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It was the next afternoon after the last bell of school. Tommy James walked up to Ariadne’s car. Tommy reacted, almost out loud:“Holy shit!”Ariadne had her hand down her pants, masturbating in her car. Her breathing got heavy. She began to moan softly. Her eyes closed as her fingers fondled her damp treasure.“Mmmm… murgh.”A knock knocked her out of her trance. Ari quickly tried to get herself together. She unlocked the door for her co-worker and friend.“Oh, I’m going to remember this. Having fun in there, Ari?” Tommy said.“For your information, Thomas… yes, I masturbate in here. You want to know what panties I have on?” Ari said, simply.Tommy’s head tried not to jerk, but his ears began to perk at that.“I thought so, Thomas. You know those that have the smiley face…”“Can you show me?” Tommy said.“At the first stop sign,” Ari said.Tommy James was listening with intent. She didn’t know that Tommy had his own special time with Ari’s purple panties the previous night. They were so soft. They had a unique feel to them. He smelled her juices on them. He rubbed them against his erection that night while masturbating. But through it all, he still didn’t know why she gave them to him.Soon almanbahis they stopped at the first stop sign, which was not far from campus. Tommy started to dream up what they looked like in his head. Ari quickly showed her underwear to him, lowering her yoga pants to reveal a cute, almost cheeky pair with a smiley face on the back of them. Nothing in that description was left unsaid. He started to undress her with his eyes.“Hmm. Cute,” Tommy said, as his erection got bigger. “But they don’t seem like you, you know? Unless I don’t know something.”“They were cute. Unless you’re of that mindset…” Ari said while driving.“What mindset?”“The mindset of ‘you know a little bit from what panties she has on,’” Ari said, turning to me. “Which can be sometimes right. Sometimes wrong.”’Damn it, how did she know?’ he thought.“Take me for example, I wear thongs. You saw me masturbating in my car. In my case, I might be hypersexual.”“Yeah,” Tommy agreed. “That might be a good thing though…” Tommy joked.“Shut up,” Ari jabbed at him.As Ari jabbed at him, Tommy did get a peek at those beautiful breasts of hers. He tried not to stare. Ari might have not known it. Was he a pervert? He might almanbahis yeni giriş have been. He called it admiring.“Hey, Ari?”“Yeah? Ari said.“Is there anything… and I mean… anything…. That I need to know before traversing this labyrinth of sexy bras and panties?” Tommy said.“Oh, yeah, I never told you this. Thomas, I’m about to teach you a crash course… in about ten to fifteen minutes about the bra. You’re a dude, so you wouldn’t get this. The bra is the fence, the trampoline, the treasure chest that guards these girls,” Ari said, motioning to her breasts.“Right.”“You might think these ‘girls’ are for seducing. Not totally. I was blessed with nice tits. Big tits will weigh on you later on. Think, boys,” Ari said, in a teaching tone.“I know you’re not supposed to ask a woman this, but: How… how big are yours?” Tommy said.“C-Cup.” She said simply.Tommy began to wonder now how many dudes were dreaming about Ari. She was taken. But it began to hit him. Was he starting to have feelings for Ari? Ariadne had the curves Goddesses and Queens are made of. And it was all hers. She was beginning to turn him on.’She’s taken. She’s taken,’ Tommy said in his head.She made him almanbahis giriş so hard in the past. Her car stopped, jerking him out of his trance. They stopped at the store.“Good luck,” Ari said, touching Tommy’s leg, as they got out.“What the hell you mean ‘good luck?’” Tommy said. Ari giggled.“You got this,” She said, smiling, with a hand on his cheek.They entered with the door of the store dubbed Top Drawers with the chime sounding. Tasha greeted them.“Well, for once, you’re early,” Tasha said.“Yeah, for once,” Ken-Ken said, rubbing it in.“You can’t have your new employee late, can you?” Ari said.“Mm-hmm. Side dick…” Ken-Ken whispered in her ear, then sashayed away.“I understand you two are friends at school,” Tasha said.“Yes, ma’am,” Tommy said.“Interesting. Tommy, Ariadne will train you,” Tasha said. The two fist-bumped. “You should handle it, right, Ari?”“Yes, Tasha.”“We have an understanding.”Tommy looked at Tasha’s wide sashaying hips as they glided away.“Come on…” Ari said to Tommy. Tommy put on his serious face, but not before he had one last look at Tasha’s ass.“Damn,” He whispered.That afternoon was pretty quiet. Not much happened in the time that they were there for their shift. Most of the time, however, was Ari showing Tommy around, teaching him the ropes.“So, these are the underwear. They get divided into different subsections,” Ari said.“Right,” Tommy said. He looked at all the underwear.

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