To Bask in Breastford Ch. 07

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Coach Blue had to pull the phone away from his ear as his wife chewed him out from the other end. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and he had awoken between two lovely, busty women: Natalie Knockers and Paula Swanson.

The three of them had had a morning quickie, after which Natalie and Paula had exited to the living room. The reason they gave for leaving Coach Blue so disappointed had been simply stated as “girl talk.” However, they had left the door open just a bit; allowing him to continue to look at their glorious naked bodies.

His heart had sunk as he watched them pick up the clothing they had discarded the previous evening and began putting it on. He had begun to fondle himself as he watched the two busty beauties get dressed. The two had finished talking as they put on their bras and thongs when Paula had noticed the door was open, and that Coach Blue was jerking off.

She and Natalie had had more words before walking back to the bedroom door, opening it, and gesturing for Coach Blue to join them in the living room. The coach had sprung off the bed with lightning speed and been dragged to the living room couch by his raging hard on.

Paula and Natalie had taken to their knees between the coach’s hairy legs and proceeded to ease his case of morning wood with their hands and mouths. Coach Blue had gripped the tops of their brunette heads and buried them into his crotch. He had just been starting to relax and enjoy the double blowjob when his phone had rung from inside the pockets of his discarded pants.

Upon hearing this, the women had given a start and Coach Blue had panicked. Not wanting anything to disturb the busty babes, he had done the first thing he could think of to keep the phone from ringing: he had answered it. Natalie and Paula had missed a beat, but nevertheless had continued with their dual blowjob.

Coach Blue had been somewhat shocked to hear his wife’s voice on the other end, although he couldn’t say he wasn’t expecting this call. He hadn’t spoken to his wife in two days; and she would be expecting him to return home this evening. On top of that, the last time they had spoken they had ended on a bad note. He guessed that she was still going to be somewhat steamed at him. He had been right.

“What do you mean you missed your interview, Steven?!” shouted his wife from the phone.

Paula and Natalie had taken to rubbing his cock on either side with their tongues. They looked up at him as they did so. Their tongues made their way up his long shaft to the head of his cock, where they batted it back and forth between them.

“Mmmm…” Coach Blue moaned into the phone.

“Well? Is that all you have to say?” asked his wife.

Paula locked eyes with him and breathed on the tip of his cock. She kept her eyes on him as she lowered her mouth over it and wrapped her lips around his shaft.

“Oh fuck!” shouted Coach Blue.

“Don’t you raise your voice at me!” shouted his wife. “You march right back over there and beg them to give you that job. Do you understand?”

Paula took his cock out of her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She kissed it on the tip and made out with it while looking up at him with sad eyes. She then handed it over to Natalie who slowly lowered her mouth down on it and began to suck it into her throat. Coach Blue ran a hand over her brunette head and pulled Paula closer to his shaft so she could lick whatever Natalie couldn’t.

“Yeah…yeah…” he moaned.

“Good.” said his wife. “So I’ll expect you to be home tonight.”

“Yeah…” Coach Blue moaned. “I…I mean…No! Honey, I got another job offer. That’s why I had to miss the interview.” he said, finally jumping into the conversation.

As Natalie sucked on the coach’s hard member, Paula pulled back from the action and raised up. She locked eyes with Coach Blue as she reached behind herself.

“You did? How much does it pay?” asked his wife.

Coach Blue had one hand on Natalie’s head while she sucked him off. His eyes, however, were glued to Paula as she unclasped her dark purple 36DD bra.

“Oh it pays…it pays…”

He trailed off as Paula pulled her bra away from her chest, exposing her massively huge hooters.

“Big.” he finished. “Very, VERY big.”

Paula smiled at him, then joined her friend in blowing him; this time topless. She took his prick into her mouth and began to bob up and down vigorously. Natalie took this opportunity to let her own flesh balloons breathe. She reached behind and unclasped her bra just as Paula had.

“Steven!” his wife exclaimed. “That’s fantasitc!”

She said this just as Natalie was letting her twins out. Her big boobs bounced free as she winked at Coach Blue.

“Yes, they are.” Coach Blue told his wife.

“So where will you be working?” she asked.

Both women now put a hand on his rod and stroked it, raising up as they did so. They smiled and winked at him seductively, displaying their massive chests proudly between their kurtköy escort arms as they jerked him. Their funbags were so big that they bulged against their arms and ballooned out even further. Coach Blue talked to his wife as the two busty beauties jerked his cock.

“Breast…breasts…big, beautiful, bulging, breas- I mean – Breastford!” he managed to get it out finally. “The name of the town is Breastford.”

The two lovely milfs now went back to tongue bathing his dick as they buried their faces between his legs once more. Coach Blue put a hand on Natalie’s head and forced his cock into her mouth.

“Breastford?” said his wife. “I’ve never heard of it.”

“Oh it’s here, believe me, it’s here.” Coach Blue responded, taking Paula by the head and shoving his manhood down her throat.

“Well it sounds like something out of one of your disgusting porn movies.” his wife said. “Which, I might add, we still need to discuss.”

“Aw let it go Paula. I mean, Laura. Let it go.” Coach Blue said, taking his cock out of Paula’s mouth and shoving it between both their mouths.

“I will NOT!” Laura said. “Jill and Eric have a computer too, you know, but theirs isn’t infested with porn!”

Coach Blue groaned. Eric was a bigger horndog than he was. He kept his porn in a box in the garage, but he wasn’t about to rat him out. After all, he was pretty sure Eric had never had Natalie Knockers and Paula Swanson suck on his dick before.

He leaned back and let the two busty women suck him off, enjoying the feeling of their tongues all around his cock and balls. Poor Eric.

On the other end of the phone, his wife was going on about how he should be a better husband and not look at other women, or something. At one point, Coach Blue felt the urge to yell back at her that they hadn’t had sex in over a year, but that feeling was quickly put to rest as Paula Swanson slapped her face with his dick.

“Those big-breasted bimbos have nothing to offer you! Do you hear me?!” shouted his wife.

Coach Blue leaned forward and cupped one of Paula’s giant jugs. She stopped sucking on him and allowed Natalie to take his full length into her mouth as the coach squeezed her big, bulging boob.

“Loud and clear.” Coach Blue replied, grinning down at Paula.

Paula smiled at him as he felt her up, then she took her big breasts in her hands, lifted them to his legs, and rested them on his thighs.

His wife went on.

“And those boobs? Don’t even get me started. I have just one thing to say about them: FAKE!”

Paula leaned forward and wrapped her all-natural breasts around Coach Blue’s aching rod. Her tits were so big that they bulged around his hard member and almost swallowed it whole. She winked at him as she began to bounce her big boobs up and down on it.

“Oohhh yeah…” moaned Coach Blue, as Paula’s titflesh bulged around his aching prick.

“I’m glad you finally agree with me.” his wife continued. “You see, honey? I’m a REAL woman, not like those liposuction Barbies you see in that filthy smut of yours. And real women with real boobs are all you’re ever going to get. Do you understand, honey?”

Coach Blue took his eyes away from Paula’s bouncy rack and watched Natalie standing up. His mouth began to water and his dick began to leak precum on Paula’s heaving jugs as Natalie got up off her knees, showcasing her busty, skinny figure.

Natalie approached Coach Blue and sat down next to him, immediately grabbing his head and guiding it into her cleavage.

“Hell yeah!” said the coach as his face was buried between Natalie’s massive melons. Natalie began to rub her colossal jugs up and down the coach’s head as Paula did the same to his cock. Her boobs almost completely swallowed his head, and Coach Blue moaned into her busty rack and the phone simultaneously.

On the other end of the line, Laura could hear her husband making some inaudible moaning type noises. They were almost always cut off by a loud scraping sound. It sounded as if two objects were scraping against his phone; two really big objects.

“Steven, what’s going on over there?” she asked.

Coach Blue pulled his head, and phone, out of Natalie’s cleavage.

“Oh those are just some…balloons.” he said, gazing at Natalie’s awesome rack. “Really big balloons. They belong to the welcoming committee.”

“They threw you a party?” Laura asked.

“You could say that.” Coach Blue said, as Paula stood up and Natalie took her place.

“Mmm, Steven.” Paula said, grabbing Coach Blue by the head and forcing one of her big tits into his mouth. “Suck on these big, juicy melons.”

“Who was that?” Laura asked. “Did someone just offer you fruit?”

Coach Blue began to suck on one of Paula’s tits as his wife waited for his answer.

“Steven? Steven!” she called. “Are you there? Pay attention. I need you to see about our moving situation.”

Paula took the phone from Coach Blue, who immediately used his hands to feel her up as he sucked on maltepe escort her huge tits.

“Hello. This is Paula Swanson.” she said. “You must be Steven’s wife.”

“L-Laura.” Laura said, a little surprised. “I wasn’t aware my husband was…with anyone at the moment.”

Coach Blue sucked on Paula’s huge jugs as Natalie began to bounce her boobs up and down on his hard cock.

“Oh yes.” Paula said, clutching Coach Blue to her bosom tightly as he latched on to her nipple. “Yes…yes..yes!”

She cleared her throat for a moment.

“Ahem. Yes, your husband stopped by for a quick little welcome we put together. He’s a little busy right now…” she said, looking down at Coach Blue as he feasted on her tits. “I guess he just couldn’t resist them…” she trailed.

“Them?” Laura asked. “Resist what?”

Paula thought for a second.

“My…um…melons?” she said.

Laura’s voice changed to a happy tone.

“Oh are you a gardener?” she asked. “You know…I’ve been trying to grow some melons of my own, but I just can’t seem to get them as big as I’d like. How long have you been growing yours?”

Paula looked down at Coach Blue through her cleavage.

“Oh…since I was a little girl.” she said.

“I see.” Laura replied. “My Steven’s a sucker for melons.”

“I can see that.” Paula said, watching Coach Blue nurse on her tits through her cleavage. “I believe you wanted to talk about our housing situation?”

“Oh.” Laura asked. “Are we going to be neighbors?”

Paula closed her eyes and let out a slight gasp as Coach Blue sucked on a nipple.

“Not exactly.” she said. “We just invited your husband over for a little…welcoming get-together.”

“We?” Laura asked.

“Yes, my friend Natalie and I. Things got pretty wild, actually.” she laughed.

“You can say that again.” Natalie added, massaging the coach’s dick with her melons.

“Really?” Laura said. “Steven never really was one for parties. I sometimes throw parties for friends, but I can never really get him to come.”

“Oh…” Paula said, running a hand through Coach Blue’s hair as he buried himself in her cleavage. “He came last night.”

“You can say that again!” Natalie said, as she slammed her titties down on the coach’s thighs.

“Yes. Hm,” Paula said, hesitantly. “Perhaps you’d like to talk with Natalie, she works at the school along with myself, and she’s also head of the Neighborhood committee.”

“Oh you work for the school district?” Laura said.

“Y-y-y-y-y-e-e-e-s-s-s-s-s-s” Paula said, as Coach Blue shook his head from side to side between her massive orbs.

“And there’s another worker there with you?” Laura asked.

“Yes…yess.” Paula said, recovering from the coach’s motorboat. “Natalie Knockers. She’s also head of the neighborhood committee, so you can speak with her about your housing situation. Shall I hand the phone to her now?”

“That would be lovely.” Laura said.

Paula handed the phone to Natalie, who gripped her tits with one hand by stretching her arm across and reaching for the phone with her other hand. Her skinny arm didn’t do much to hide her massive jugs, and they seemed to almost swallow her entire arm. However, she somehow managed to keep them wrapped around him, so she could jerk him off and talk to his wife at the same time.

“Hello?” Natalie said into the phone.

“Natalie?” Laura asked. “This is Laura Blue. Coach Blue’s wife?”

“Oh yes.” Natalie said, looking up at Coach Blue and smiling as he slid his dick between her hooters. “He’s helping me out with some…heavy jugs right now.”

“Yes my Steven can be quite helpful, when he sets his mind to it. And he keeps in shape as well, so I’m sure he’ll have no problem helping you out with that heavy lifting.”

“I’m glad to hear that. My juggs are so big, and heavy. I have enough back problems as it is.” Natalie exclaimed, wrapping her big boobs around his prick even tighter. “Oh right there, Steven. Right there. Oh yeah!”

“So when can I expect a moving truck?” she asked.

“To…mor…row….!” Natalie said. Coach Blue had thrusted between her breasts with such force that they bounced up and threatened to knock her out.

“Wonderful!” Laura exclaimed. “I don’t mean to be rude, but I need to speak with my husbnad now.”

“I’m sorry.” Natalie said, looking at Coach Blue’s head between Paula’s jugs. She glanced down and saw his other head protruding from her deep cleavage as he slid his boner between her massive tits. “He’s a little…buried…right now.”

“I’d still like to speak with him. Put him on.” Laura said, slightly frustrated.

“I must say…” Natalie said, as her big boobs bulged around Coach Blue’s aching prick. “I’m just BULGING with desire to work with your husband.”

“Oh fuuuuck!” Coach Blue moaned into Paula’s rack. He began to thrust his dick in and out of Natalie’s cleavage at super speed. On the other end of the line, Laura could hear what appeared to be slapping mutlukent escort noises.

“That’s very nice.” she said. “Now put my husband on the phone.”

Natalie felt Coach Blue’s dick throb against her flesh as her tits bulged around him.

“Your husband seems very enthusiastic.” she continued. “In fact, I think he’s going to explode from his excitement any minute now…”

Paula took the cue and clenched Coach Blue to her bosom.

“Oh Steven!” she said. “Fuck those big, massive tits. Cum all over them!”

Natalie locked eyes with Coach Blue as she spoke into the phone, her arm still keeping her tits in place around his cock.

“Hold, please.” she said, putting his wife on hold.

“But I-“

Laura had just enough time to get those words out when she heard the familiar “click” of being put on hold.

“While I tittyfuck your husband…” Natalie said, locking eyes with Coach Blue.

“What nerve!” Laura said to herself, unaware of the comment Natalie just made.

Natalie now put the phone down and gripped her boobs with both hands, jerking the coach off with her massive orbs. It wasn’t long before Coach Blue was shooting out of her cleavage like a geyser. Natalie tilted her head up as she felt his dick throb again and again between her boobs. It began to rain hot cum on her face. She opened her mouth and tried to catch some. Then she brought her head back down and looked at him as his cum cannon unleashed itself all over her face, neck, and rack.

Coach Blue continued to feast on Paula’s melons as he erupted from the beautiful cleavage of Natalie Knockers. He managed to catch a glimpse Natalie jiggling her big boobs around his cock, coaxing spurt after spurt of his sticky seed. She gripped his cock with her heaving rack once again and began to bounce her big boobs on him, titfucking him like a true tit-slut as he came all over her huge rack.

It had been almost thirty seconds and he was still cumming. This was definitely a record for him. Paula got to her knees next to Natalie and placed her mouth over his cock as it protruded from her friend’s busty cleavage. She smiled at him as her face and Natalie’s tits got soaked in his seed. Natalie looked as though she had been sprayed by a fire hose that held jizz instead of water. Her face was soaked; Paula kissed her as both their faces now got hit by the coach’s stream.

Finally, at just under a minute, the final drops of his rod leaked out and drizzled down to Natalie’s rack, which looked like she had dipped into a tub full of cum. The busty babes smiled at him as they kissed each other, his dick still buried deep between Natalie’s heaving jugs. Paula took her hand and placed the entire length of her arm across Natalie’s big rack. She slowly brought her tits up and then down and then up again, letting them bounce on his cock and coaxing a few more drops from his aching dick.

“Mm…goooooood boy!” Natalie said, smiling as cum dripped from her face.

Paula wrapped a hand around his sticky cock as it pulsed inside Natalie’s cleavage. She slowly jerked it up down between her friend’s busty hooters. Natalie brought her head down and licked the head as Paula tugged it up and down between her boobs.

Paula whispered something in Natalie’s ear, and Natalie nodded her head in agreement. She picked up the phone again as Paula began to lap at her chest and Coach Blue’s dick with her tongue. Coach Blue leaned forward and put a hand on Natalie’s shoulder. He slowly pushed his cock up through her cleavage again and again, savoring the feeling of her glorious titflesh bulging around his spent dick.

“Sorry about that.” Natalie said into the phone.

“Well it’s about time!” Laura said. “Now put my husband-“

“Your husband is extremely tired.” Natalie cut her off. “He needs time to rest. But expect a moving truck tomorrow around noon. Also, I’m afraid he’s going to be tied up for the rest of the day, so don’t bother calling him.”

“Listen here you-“

“That’ll be all then.” Natalie said, hanging up. She pulled Paula’s head to her rack and Coach Blue’s dick, urging her to do some clean up.

“You’re so good at fucking my tits.” Natalie said, smiling at Coach Blue.

Coach Blue gasped, trying to catch his breath. He had never cum that much in his life. He had only ever seen a few porn movies where a guy came that much.

“Thanks…” he managed to say.

“You’re wife must really enjoy it.” Natalie said.

Coach Blue reached down and gripped both sets of tits.

“Nah. She’s nothing like you lovely ladies.”

Paula and Natalie looked at each other. They smiled, and then bent their heads down to clean him up.

After a few minutes of this, both women stood up.

“We’re going to get cleaned up.” Natalie said, bending down to pick up their clothes.

Coach Blue stood up, one hand still on his rod.

“Can I come with?” he asked hopefully.

The two women looked at each other.

“No…” Natalie said. “We have things to talk about. Girl talk. You understand.”

“Oh.” said a sad Coach Blue.

“Why don’t you put some clothes on, and then go back to the house and get a fresh pair?” Paula asked. “And once we’re all set, I’ll give you a tour of the school.”

“Oh.” Coach Blue said, half-heartedly. He had been hoping for a pair, alright. “Okay.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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