Tipping Point 02: Lipstick , Lace

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Since the night of the staff party Anna and Nick had taken things slower. It had been so intense and amazing that they had decided to step back for a few moments. Work had been hilarious with the rumours going mental around school about the two of them and they had been enjoying flirting and teasing but they were both busy and hadn’t had a lot of time to experiment and see where things were going yet.

Nick was at work one night finishing his paperwork when he got a text through from Anna asking if he was free to pop round and help her with her planning as she’d had something dumped on her last minute and wasn’t as sure where to go with it. Nick’s imagination spun to life and he hoped maybe there was a chance for something more but he was happy to go help either way so he texted back that he’d be there in about thirty minutes as he just had to finish off and pack up.

He hadn’t ever packed up quicker in his life and got sorted then set off in the car round to hers. He was still in his black suit, blue shirt and tie as he drove and realized that without realizing he was wearing the tie that she liked the most.

He pulled up outside her house and walked from the car – he was feeling particularly nervous although after all that happened the other night he wasn’t sure why – he just wasn’t sure if he was expecting too much hoping that something might happen. He knocked on the door and it opened quickly and he heard her voice inviting him in from behind the door.

He stepped inside the house and the door closed behind him – he looked round for her and his jaw practically hit the floor as he saw her. The first thing he noticed was her eyes – they always caught him and after he saw them go dark that first time he could tell just from looking into her eyes that she was incredibly turned on. The perfect dark smokey grey eye shadow with black eyeliner and mascara framed them topkapı eskort perfectly and her lips shone with the bright red lipstick. His eyes greedily travelled down her body admiring every inch of it – she was wearing black lace underwear that suited her perfect curves amazingly, the satin black dressing gown flowed softly around her and the strappy heels she was wearing completed the perfect outfit that had his cock throbbing in a heartbeat.

He stepped in instantly and pressed her against the wall so she couldn’t move and kissed her hard. She tasted perfect and he kissed and held her tightly her hands pushed his jacket off his shoulders and he let it drop to the floor. Her hands dropped down to rub his cock through his pants. He hadn’t thought he could get any harder but the touch of her fingers against his cloth covered shaft was driving him wild. He broke the kiss to whisper one urgent word.



She groaned in need as she pressed against him then grabbing his hand dragged him through into the lounge where she stopped and pushed him back towards the sofa. As he moved she unbucked his suit pants and as he reached the sofa helped him slide them down. In moments he had kicked off his shoes and pants and she slipped her fingers in through the front of his boxers finding his hard cock. He saw down as she knelt on the floor in front of him and as she pulled his shaft out she lowered her head to wrap her lips around his throbbing shaft.

He groaned out loud at the exquisite sensations of her lips sliding over the head of his shaft and the sight of her bright red lips sliding down his shaft lower and lower. She took nearly all of it into her mouth and he stroked her soft hair, as he moaned softly. His head dropped back as he lost himself in the sensations. She began moving slowly up and down his shaft, her fingers slipping inside bayan escort his boxers to tease his balls. He could hear the noises of her talented mouth on his cock and groaned – it had been days since he had last cum and she was teasing his shaft in ways no one else ever had.

The sight of her kneeling, so perfectly dressed, working his shaft was incredible – but when she looked up and made eye contact and he saw the lust and need in her eyes he lost control. He grabbed her head and pulled it down his cock, ramming the full length to the back of her throat and exploding as she choked trying to take his full thickness and length. His climax was intense as he filled her mouth with his cum, only half aware of her swallowing it down desperately as he crashed back onto the sofa gasping.

Slowly he came back to his senses to find her kneeling between his legs, stroking his still hard cock and looking up at him with a smile that had more than a hint of smugness. He lifted his hip and she slid his boxers down, taking his socks off as well. His tie was off seconds later and he undid his shirt shrugging it off.

Naked on her sofa he watched in a kind of awe as she stood up in front of him and he leaned forwards to kiss her pantie covered pussy. His fingers hooked into the elastic and drew them down her legs, savoring the view of her smooth cunt. He leaned forwards again and ran his tongue the length of her slit. She hissed a sound of pleasure but then pushed him back on the sofa. Lifting the dressing gown she knelt on the sofa, straddling him and shifting up his body until her soaked pussy was rubbing against the head of his cock.

He lay back, his hand gently on her hips, looking up at her wicked smile, gorgeous eyes and amazing breasts and then his breath caught in his throat as she slowly lowered herself down, impaling herself on his rock hard cock. They let out çapa eskort a groan together as she moved closer into him. His hands gripped her hips tightly and he shivered as she worked herself as far down his shaft as she physically could.

His fingers were almost digging into her hips as she slowly rocked back and forth. His shaft was moving deep inside her and hitting every sensitive bunch of nerves. She came hard. Her eyes flew wide as the sensations of his thick shaft inside her sent her whimpering over the edge into her first orgasm. He grabbed her head and pulled her in for a hard kiss as she gasped from her own climax before going back to rocking her back and forth.

Reaching up he slid the dressing gown from her shoulders feeling it pool around his legs on the sofa. Next he reached behind unhooking her bra, her hands were on his shoulders, nails digging in slightly as he slid her bra off as she rocked on his throbbing shaft. He was glad he had already cum other side he definitely wouldn’t have lasted this long inside her tight hole. Her breasts were amazing. He leaned forwards to wrap his lips around her nipples – sucking, teasing them with his teeth.

She was riding his cock harder now, he could tell that she was approaching another orgasm. He grabbed her breasts, squeezing and teasing them harder, with his other hand grabbed her throat, squeezing it as she made eye contact with him again. The darkness in her eyes urged him on. He squeezed tighter and bucked his hips, thrusting up into her deeper and deeper…

“Inside you?”

“Yes… Sir…”

She smiled as she said it and that was all he needed. He slammed up deep inside her again and leg go once more. His cum flowing out inside her pussy. Shaking he grabbed her and pulled her down hard, thrusting up again with every pulse of his cum. Her eyes went wide as she felt the throbbing inside her and she came again, clutching him tightly. He flopped back on the sofa and took her with him, locked together with his cock deep inside her. He kissed her forehead gently and cuddled her close to him. He wondered what she had planned for the rest of the night.

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