Timesheet Troubles

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I have been working for my employer for about 6 months as the payroll secretary in which the ratio of men to women were about 30:1. The attention a young attractive girl gets from these workers were enormous, and exciting. I was familiar with a few of the men who worked there through coffee breaks and happy hour get together, but there was this one guy, Deric, who I really wanted to get to know.

Since we worked in a large warehouse style atmosphere, when anyone with high-heels walks down the corridor, the sound of clip-clop can bring the workforce to a standstill knowing a female was walking down the hall. I have noticed that when I make the long walk, Deric too looks up to see who is approaching and on every occasion I try and make eye contact and offer a sexy smile.

One afternoon, I knew I had to work late to finish payroll. I had worn my new pin-stripped mini skirt suit with my stiletto shoes hoping to make an every lasting impression on Deric. What happened that afternoon had made an ever-lasting impression on everyone in the building.

After auditing the timesheets, I noticed that Deric had not signed off his time – hmmmm, I think that requires a personal visit because I don’t want this sexy, hot man to miss out on a paycheck, and it was my job to insure the timesheets are done properly.

Before leaving my desk, I secretly slip off my panties and checked illegal bahis to see if my clean shaved pussy was still soft as silk. My own touch brought instant arousal. I proceeded down the corridor to see Deric who knew I was approaching by the sound of my shoes. I greeted him with a big smile at his workbench. I made sure when I bent over to show him where to sign he could see my hard nipples protruding through my white shirt. At this point, I could almost feel myself dripping with excitement.

When I stood up I was met with Deric’s warm tongue and soft lips. His passionate kiss sent shivers throughout my body. Before I had a change to breath, he hiked up my skirt and cupped my ass cheeks in both hands. He lifted me to the top of his Craftsman’s toolbox, which was about shoulder height. Deric’s eyes lit up when he seen my newly shaved pussy swelled with pleasure awaiting his tongue. He began to lick my clit with slow even strokes, and slowly thrusting his tongue inside me. I began to moan louder and louder. I grab his hair begging him to stop, but he continued to press his face closer to my pussy. “Oh fuck don’t stop . . . . I’m cummming” I screamed, grinding my clit on his tongue and arching myself almost off the toolbox. I scream his name and he frantically lick up all my cum juices. I lean over and kiss him passionately enjoying the taste of myself on his lips.

Without illegal bahis siteleri me moving a muscle, Deric picked me up while I still straddling his face and moved me to his workbench. I wanted to taste his big cock so bad. I could see from his work overalls that the outline of his penis was huge and begging to be put into a nice warm mouth. As Deric leaned back on the workbench, I crawled between his legs and began to stroke his huge member. I bent down in front of him and started slowly licking his pre-cum off of his cock. The fingers of my other hand slid in between his ass cheeks and I started rimming his ass hole. Deric moaned with pleasure. As I began to fondle his balls with my fingers, I slid my lips down over his penis until I couldn’t get any more in my mouth. Then I started moving my head slowly up and down, but flicking my tongue with every pump. Deric began to arch his back and cry out with joy . . . .moments later I lick up his huge load off his balls and penis while he still shivered with pleasure.

Once he gained his composure, he pulled me on top of his already hardening cock. I felt the hot head of his cock, dripping with cum, begin to trace over the around my asshole and pussy. I spread my legs, opening my thighs and he rubbed the head of his cock up and down over my slit. I waited anxiously and then I felt the head of his cock part my soaking wet canlı bahis siteleri lips and burrow up until it reached sweet spot. I began rocking and pumping Deric’s hard cock enjoying every inch of his huge member. I wasn’t sure how close he was to cumming, but I was just moments away. The felling of his cock inside me and his balls rubbing up against my asshole drove me over the edge. I collapsed on his chest smiling with total satisfaction.

Deric, determined not to let this moment end, turned me around clasping me at the waist in a doggy style position. With one had down at my pussy, he slowly stroked my clit and worked his still hard cock into my asshole. The sensation of you playing with my clit makes my muscles relax so that the slow movement of him pumping my asshole makes the sensation incredible. My moans were coming from both the naughtiness to me of what we are doing, to the sensations coursing between my backdoor and my clit, this almost felt like an electrical current passing between the two holes. I don’t know if I was cuming from the hand stimulation of your rubbing my pussy or the wonderful full pumping of your cock in my ass, but either way, I was in heaven, and apparently so was Deric by the scream he let out when his load was shot deep into my ass.

We both collapse on top of the workbench. Unaware of our surroundings, we look up to find the whole crew enjoying our timesheet correction class. I had Deric sign his timesheet and returned to my office to finish up my shift. From that day forth, the timesheets have been a mess. . . I guess everyone wants a personal visit when their timesheet is wrong.

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