Thunder Fucked… or… Virgin Storm!

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Thunder Fucked… or… Virgin Storm!It whooshed out of my mouth in a harsh whisper, “Oh, my god.”My front row seat let me see every detail even in the flickering tiki torch light. She owned the outdoor stage. Her hips swished back and forth, her stride sensuous grace. Her long chestnut hair, glowed a burnish bronze. The hot humid night fueled my desire and the girl was walking lust.I poked at my buddies arm. “Larry…. Larry, look up there.”He was sitting next to me but his attention was focused on the buxom blonde seated next to him. “Hum, what?”“God damn man, look!”He glanced a moment at the stage without really looking. “Yeah nice,” and then resumed his pitch to the woman seated next to him.The young girl on stage was the last entry in the Martinique body painting contest and wore nothing but her artwork. Tall, willowy, she stopped and posed, hands on slim hips. Twin vines emanated from her neatly trimmed snatch. They turned sharply inward when they reached her hips, crisscrossed in the middle of her taught abdomen, and culminated at her perky breasts. A burst of pink, heart shaped leaves surrounded her erect nipples, which formed the center of the most erotic pair of flowers I had ever seen. The emcee introduced her. “A big round of applause for Ms. Chloe!” I stood, clapping and hooting wildly, more than the combined attention of the rest of the audience. She glanced my way and gave me a smile, then looked down and saw my obvious arousal. She wriggled as if embarrassed, looked away but then her golden brown eyes stared boldly at me.Everyone sat down and she began her routine. A slow gyrating dance, hips and arms swaying, eyes closed, mouth parted. Her hands moved between her legs, then up and outside her thighs and hips, over her belly and up to cup her breasts. She lifted them slightly.I was entranced. She looked directly at me again and lightly pinched her nipples and then, like a swan’s wings, slowly fluttered her hands upward and above her head. All the time she was undulating to an unheard melody. My buddy Larry punched me in the arm. “Fuck b*o. Why didn’t you tell me about her?”I was about to tell him I already had but then saw his expression, gaped mouthed, eyes wide. No point. I saw Blondie licking her lips, touching her own breasts, fixated on Chloe as well.Still writhing beneath her slowly waving arms, Chloe arched her back even further and to my astonishment placed both her palms flat on the ground behind her, her feet still rooted in place. Her stomach was taught as a bow, her pubic mound proud, hip bones flared wide. I could see her labial lips and rigid clit!I heard Larry moan and saw blondie’s hands disappear down his pants, making quick jerking motions. I was leaking precum onto my leg and staining my shorts. Then Chloe did the impossible. She bent even further backward and did a handstand. Her legs went straight up, then split left and right forming a T. In a blink of an eye, her hips swiveled and she landed in a split on the stage with her arms up above her head.I went crazy as did everyone else but it was me she eyed.“Larry, did you see that?”He was standing next to me. He had his left arm all the way around his hottie, his left hand inside her blouse and fondling her breast. “Uh, sure, hot. Kind of young b*o. Catch you later.” And they headed off toward the cottages.I walked around the stage, searching for Chloe, couldn’t find her anywhere. I was about to give up when I felt a small hand on my shoulder and heard a soft, accented voice say, “Hi.”I turned, looked closely… shit, she was young! Maybe only eighteen. Six years at that age made a difference. I started to get less interested.Then she lifted up on her tip toes and lightly kissed me on the lips. “I’m so glad you liked my show.”Her eyes glowed—impossible—like an a****l’s in the dark. Her breath was warm and minty-sweet and there was a scent of lilac in her hair. My cock sprung tight against my pants.“Um…” Gods she was killing me. “It was very… athletic.”She smiled sweetly. “You are athletic izmir escort as well. I was watching you lift weights on the beach yesterday.”The innocent way she said it made me blush.She put her arm through mine and we began to walk together down a path to the ocean. “My name is Chloe. What’s your name?”“Jack.”“A strong, American name.”That accent. I couldn’t figure it out. Italian? Middle Eastern? “Oh, and where are you from?”“My secret.” And then she giggled. The sound was like a bubbling spring which was just the effect it was having on me as I felt my silk shorts dampening.We’d come to the end of the path, the palm tree line on the beach. Above was a clear night sky, stars winking against a jet black background,. The moon full but on the horizon.“So Chloe, care for a walk on the beach.”Her answer was a sprint for the water’s edge. I kicked off my loafers and ran after her. In the moonlight, her perfect rounded ass swinging, even the lips of her pussy vaguely visible.She stopped ankle deep in the warm tropic water and turned. I grabbed her up in my arms, feet dangling and kissed her, our tongues exploring. I could feel her nipples were erect even through my shirt. My cock was hard pressed against her mound and I could feel her heat.A long moment passed and she slowly slipped both her hands up against my chest and gently pushed me away. “My mother told me about men like you.” I let her down. She must have seen the frown on my face. “Oh, no, Jack. I mean she said to look for men like you when the time was right.”I just started laughing. I had never met such a precocious young woman in my life. “Time for what?” She looked at her feet and wriggled her toes. I filled in the silence. “Let’s keep walking.”We walked hand and hand for a couple miles, saying little, enjoying the warm night air. A scud of clouds was skimming the horizon. I decided to broach the subject on my mind since I first met her. “So Chloe, how old are you?”“Old enough.”“No really. How old?”She frowned then said. “Twenty-two.”I cleared my throat and she immediately responded, “Twenty.”I stopped us, turned her to face me, serious. Her face fell. “Eighteen, last week.”‘Okay…Okay… steady,’ I thought.Out loud I said, “And what brings you here.” Yeah, booooring… killing the moment like a bucket of ice on a pair of mating dogs. But she placed her hand in mind and we started walking again.“I’m here on a freshman exchange program. I got it through a cheerleading competition at my college.”“You’re here alone?”“No. I’m with a friend. I saw her with your friend.”“The blonde with Larry?”“Yes. And tomorrow I have to return home.”I was about to ask where home was but saw the clouds racing our way, half the starry sky already hidden. “Chloe, we have to get to cover. That’s a flash storm.” At my words the clouds lit up with heat lightning.She leaned against me, looking up in my eyes. She wasn’t scared, more excited, her breathing heavy. I felt myself getting hard again at her reaction.“Chloe, let’s high-tail it. There’s a grass hut at the tree line not far from here.”The wind was whipping, rain pouring and thunder and lightning crashing as we dashed inside. We were both soaking wet. No big deal for her as she was wearing nothing but an ear to ear grin. But the temperature was dropping so I took off my shirt and d****d it around her.She moistened her lips and leaned against me. “I want you to warm me.”I crushed her against me. She struggled in my grip so I let her go but she didn’t run. She knelt down and yanked my shorts off. My cock sprang out, full proud and smacked her in the face. She laughed and grabbed it hand over hand, the head and a good three inches still showing, and jammed it in her mouth.“Oh, sweet Jesus. Do that Chloe. Do that!”The storm was full upon us. The hut’s grass roof protected us from above but there were no walls, only four posts and a railing between them. The pelting rain blowing sideways into the hut felt like a shower massage.She let go with one hand and gagged down half the length escort izmir of my thick cock. Her head was bobbing, keeping a metronome beat. I leaned my head back and howled.She stopped, her big eyes looking up, hair plastered wet to her face. “Am I doing it wrong?”“Dear god, no. You are perfect!”She smile sweetly, grabbed my balls tightly in both hands and enveloped my shaft once again. This time in one long dip, she swallowed the entire length down her throat. I have never seen someone take all nine inches of my thick cock in that way. It was glorious.Then she started to gag and vomit. I pulled her up, took my shirt off her and wiped her face. She looked embarrassed and turned away. A lightning strike boomed not a hundred yards from us. She screamed and buried her head in my chest. When she glanced up again, that look of almost c***d-like fright… she was so beautiful, the lightning flickering, the warmth of her slim body against me.Then she whispered to me, “I’m on the pill…Take me.”Sweet Jesus!I flipped her over the railing in front of us. Her ass—two perfect, shining hemispheres of taught flesh—a perfect woman’s body. I hesitated… but not a woman’s experience. I slowly inserted one finger into her pussy and leaned over her back, my other hand now gently rubbing her clit. My cock was between her thighs, not inside her. I put my lips to her ear and over the driving rain asked, “Have you ever been with a man?”She turned her head, shook it and said, “No.”She was soaking wet, and not from the rain. I slipped two fingers partly inside her. There was no resistance and she did not flinch so I pushed them deeper inside. It was tight as shit and so hot. Her whole body writhed and she pushed down, burying my fingers fully in her pussy. My ear was still near her lips when she moaned, “Mmmmm…” and then she whispered harshly. “Please, be that man.”Dear god I lost everything. I reared back and jammed the plum-sized head of my cock in her tight snatch and she shrieked. “Stop!”I paused but didn’t withdraw. I leaned over her once again. “Easy… easy. Chloe, I will go slow.”She craned her head at me. The lightning flashed and her expression was like a doe caught in the headlights. Yet she said, “I trust you.”I continued to massage her clit for a couple minutes. Then I spread the cheeks of her ass and slowly worked my cock in and out, just the first two inches, then three inches. I felt her relaxing. I took some rain in my mouth and swished it around and then spit in my hand. I smeared a good ounce of slippery fluid all over my cock and slid it in a little further. Working it gradually in and out over a few minutes I now had half my length inside her. I took a chance and did a few quick but short strokes. When I stopped, she began to bob on my rigid member. She was ready. I plunged the full length in. As my balls slapped against her pussy lips for the first time, lightning struck a hundred feet away and the entire beach lit up like the noon day sun. She screamed… but it was a scream of ecstasy.Jamming, stoking her pussy full with my hot, hard meat; her legs were spread wide. I grabbed her hips and began mercilessly pounding her. I could see her hands clenched on the railing, holding on for dear life. She turned, tossed her head to get the wet bangs of hair out of her eyes, and yelled over the storm, “Fuck me harder!”I bucked her with such force she almost went over the railing.The wind whipped, lightning arced and crackled across the sky. Her legs stiffened, every muscle in those hard cheerleader thighs was visible in the constant barrage of strikes around us. I didn’t care about the sudden death all around us. All I saw and felt was my living flesh-connection pile driving between us.Then she started to shake and shudder. With a piercing wail, her whole body went into a spasm. I’d never felt my cock clamped like that. Her insides rolled and squeezed my rod from its bulging tip all the way to its base. The only thing holding her up was my prick and my hands on her hips. Before izmir escort bayan her spasms stopped, I spun her around, pulled her to my chest and reinserted my cock as she stood in front of me. The look on her face… what she whispered. I will never forget. “Man of my dreams…please… again.”I walked her back, cock still in her, until she bumped against the railing. On tip toes, she could just perch her rump on top of it. Her arms stretched left and right and her hands held tight onto the rough timber.Her eyes were wide, lips parted ever so slightly as her tongue slipped out to lick drops of rain from her lips. I slid once, in and out, then again. Her head went back, eyes closed and she growled deep in her throat, “Mmmmm…..”To a slow count of one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, I began to stroke my cock inside of her. After a few minutes she opened her eyes again. “When will you cum?”I smiled and shrugged. “You in a hurry?”She laughed. “A genuine stud muffin!”What… a… fucking… piece… of… ass… sounded in my brain in time with each stroke.I kept moving at that same steady rhythm… a long… long time. The storm blew through and the stars sparkled again. The moon was high in the sky and shown bright. I so loved the look on her face, of adoration, of joy.I could see her flushing again.One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand… I kept the pace even and steady. Any faster now and I would explode inside her before she was ready.She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me close. Her hands were on my chest—nails out like a feral cat—making wide, circling motions. “Your chest is so broad.” Then she ran them down my stomach. “And I love the way your rippling muscles make my fingers bounce as I run them to… here!”I gasped as she reached under and cupped my balls and then squeezed them. She saw me tense, laughed, and let go. “Even more I like to do this…” She tried to encircle my cock with one hand. “I can’t believe how thick it is…” She had to use both hands to completely surround it. “And I can’t believe it is inside me… that I can take that…”I kept up the steady pace, now only pushing and pulling half its length in her as she held my cock. By now my count must have been in the thousands. She let go and I went faster.The storm had blown through, the full moon now cast a bright silver light. I could see her nipples were hard, breasts and face red… even the tips of her ears. Her chest was beginning to heave, her mouth was wide open, and her eyes now closed. A few more quick strokes and her fingernails dug into my biceps. She pulled me even closer and… “Oh… oh… oh… ahhhhh.” Such a sweet and slow orgasm, so quiet and somehow so innocent. I quickened my pace even more, now no longer able to hold back. Her eyelids fluttered and her pupils were so dilated they almost hid her golden eyes. “I want to taste you, taste my first man.”In an instant I was out of her. She was on her knees, my cock held tight and jacking in both her hands.I bellowed, “Uhhhh…” and a watery spurt of precum caught her in the chin. Again, I grunted, “Uhhh… uhhhh… dear god!” And the first string of cum shot out, took her by surprise in the cheek.She looked up at me, tugging like a mad woman on my cock, and said, “All mine!” She gobbled down my rigid meat stick, jerking with one hand and massaging my ball sack with the other.My balls contracted again and again, my cock pulsing with every shot of cum spurted deep in her throat. She was choking, the white thick goo seeping out of her lips, down her chin and on her breasts. A minute passed and I finally stopped.She pulled me out, licked me off. The taught skin of the head of my cock was excruciatingly sensitive to the touch of her tongue flicking over its slick surface. When she looked up and smiled at me, I said, “You are a dream. Come here.” I lifted her to her feet and kissed her deep. I could taste the rich salty tang of my cum still in her mouth. After a couple of minutes, we came up for air. A quizzical expression spread across her face. She took a half step back and my cock dropped down, bobbing between us. She wrapped a hand around it. “In the dark, I didn’t realize you were so long… and… you’re still hard!”I laughed. “Oh, I can assure you, it will be a long and hard last day for you!”

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