Three’s Company

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Three’s CompanyI had a super hot experience lately that I wanted to share. I am a female to male trans guy (FTM) who has had my breasts removed and have been on hormones for years but still have my pussy. I get so horny all the time and my wife simply can’t keep up with me. I put an ad online for a jerk off buddy, a guy who would like to meet and watch each other. Most of the guys are married too but curious to play with a guy with a pussy. This one older guy was free to meet up at lunch so we both drove to the parking lot of a nearby park. My heart was pounding as I parked next to his camper van. I nodded at him and he nodded back. Being as discrete as possible, I got out of my car and quickly got into the front seat of his van. My pussy was already getting wet on the drive over and i could feel my thick one inch clit throbbing. after exchanging greetings we didn’t waste any time getting into the back of his van. The windows had curtains so we had privacy, or so we thought. I reached for the button of my jeans as he undid his pants. He said his name was James and he was much older than i had expected. I’m 23 and he told me he was 70. it felt so dirty and the thought of his old hands working my pussy was hot. plus I was excited to see his cock. He slid his pants and underwear to his ankles. He was a bit nervous and he played with his cock trying to get it hard. I pulled down my pants and stepped out of them. My clit was already hardening so it was protruding out of my slit. I pulled my swelling lips back and showed him my big clit. bursa escort He gasped: “Wow! That is so fuckin’ nice”. And then: “Can I touch it?”I was aching for his touch. His finger grazed my clit and i gasped: “Oh, that feels good. Why don’t you feel how wet I am?” He moved his finger down my slit and felt my hot pussy which gets super wet. I spread my legs and started to play with my clit. Touching the little shaft and watching as he started jerking his cock with his other hand while his fingers slide over my pussy. His finger found my tight hole and he slide it inside me. “You’re so tight and wet”. i bucked my hips a bit to work his finger deeper. I reached over and played with his balls, my hand wrapped around his semi-hard dick. “ohhhh, baby, your cock is soooo big”. i spread my legs so James could get a full view of my swollen wet cunt, open and ready for his fingers, lips, tongue and cock. i wanted to go further than watching each other pleasure ourselves. i leaned over and kissed him, our tongues darting in and out of each others mouths as i jerked his cock. Something caught my eye and when i glanced over James’ shoulder, i spotted a guy looking at us through the drivers side window. i jumped causing James to jump and reach for his shorts. he pulled them up and went to the drivers seat. i pulled my pants up quickly thinking the guy worked for the park. Turns out he was just some dude who saw us and wanted to watch. While james wanted him to leave, I had an idea. “Let’s invite him in”. James was hesitant but I insisted bursa escort bayan and promised to give James a good show. I got the sense he was too nervous – sometimes married guys draw the line at mutual masturbation and my pussy was aching to get stuffed. James opened the door and we moved to the back. Our voyeur slid into the front seat and shut the door. He moved to the back and by that time my pants were already off and I spread my legs. James was a bit territorial and immediately put his face into my sopping wet cunt. Our guest was practically busting out of his jeans. His bulge was huge! He watched James’ tongue flick my clit, his lips tighten over it as he sucked it and stretched it out. Our guest moved closer and i couldn’t get his hard cock my mouth around his hard cock fast enough. He slowly began to fuck my face as James munched my pussy. His tongue darting over my lips and into my hole where he could fully taste me. I moved my hips to meet his tongue action covering his face in my juices.We switched up positions and I sucked James’ cock while our guest watched. He positioned me on all fours and got down on his knees behind me as I licked the underside of James’ cock and sucked his balls. I moaned as I felt the head of our guest’s cock moving up and own my cunt and then he gave one thrust of his cock, pushing into me balls deep. I cried out and that made James’ cock leap to even more attention. “Fuck me, oh please fuck me, I fucking need your cock”, I begged the stranger. James filled my mouth and started to pump escort bursa my face. I choked on his cock as my cunt was plowed, a thick pulsating cock pistoning in and out of me with such deep, hard and deliberate strokes. When our guest pulled his cock from my pussy, James did something I hadn’t expected. “I want to clean your juices from his cock”, he said. We both looked at our guest who smiled and presented his dick to James who licked and sucked him clean. I rubbed me clit and fingered my pussy as I watched this fantasy threesome unfold. I got on my back and James decided it was time, he didn’t want to miss out. He positioned himself between my legs and our guest grabbed his cock directing it into my fuckhole. “Fuck me, baby, I need to feel you inside of me”. James slid inside me and i clamped my cunt down around his cock. He gave me a few great strokes before pulling out and allowing our guest to fuck me. All of this time I was rubbing my clit feverishly and was so close to cumming. Our stranger pumped me until i whispered in a hoarse voice: “give me your hot load. I need you to cum inside of me. Give me your fuckin cum”. He pumped for a few more strokes and I could feel his prick spasm. He shot deep inside me. James was right there first to lick and suck his cum and my cunt off our guest’s cock and then to fuck my cum dumpster. This old man grunting and pushing deeper into me made me cum again, “you dirty old man, you love this cunt, don’t you?” I asked him over and over as he grunted yes, I grabbed his ass and pulled him with my muscular arms deeper into me. He also came in my pussy. After a couple of minutes he got up and passed us some towels to use as cum rags. I looked at the clock, fuck, that was a bit longer than an hour – I had to get back to work!

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