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Subject: There is no buddy like an older brother Part 2 There is no buddy like an older brother. Part 2 By Chaim groeiutrecht@ My older brother Steven hold me tight and he was right, I was his young little brother, but I was sure I was gay. I went limp, put my head on his broad shoulder, and sobbed against his neck. Changing the mood, he slid his arms around me and held me like a child, “Now do you understand why I have a lot of question for my baby brother?” He whispered softly into my ear. “Yes,” I replied, “I’m sorry.” He petted my blonde hair and hold me close, “Don’t feel bad, I love you as my brother, my little super hero.” Steven stretched out next to me, and I crawled closer to him, touched his warm skin and he hold me tighter. “You’re so young. You don’t know what you want. We’re brothers. Brothers help each other out, that’s not the point. Why didn’t give you hell last night? Especially since you entered my room and masturbated in front of my mirror. To tell you the truth, I don’t know why I didn’t stop you. Why and my own cock got hard and I was so horny. Little brother, why can’t I just get myself to get up off this damn couch and walk away from you? I’m confused and don’t know, but it is great to feel your soft and warm body.” I couldn’t help him, I had no answers and he continued, “Sure, Timmy, I was horny, we had sex, you opened my box of Pandora. I’m your older brother and I’m straight! You gave me a strange present which seems valuable, but which in reality is probably a curse. I do not know anymore. I no longer know, I’m afraid and nervous about asking questions about sexual orientation, I have to find out to calm some of my fears, do want to find out with me, Timmy?” I had no idea my brother could be like this, philosophical and taking care of me this way, he was still holding me tight against his muscled body. This was a side of him I’d never seen before. Steven quietly wrapped this muscular arms around me in a tight bear hug. As he held me tightly, he said quietly under his breath, “Yes little brother, just give me more, let’s simply enjoy each other being horny. We’re all different, straight and gay, bisexual, talking openly about it gives us an opportunity to understand what we are feeling without labelling. We Leave the door open to the future, mutual masturbation or whatever you call it. It can also deepen our relationship and I want to be your brother, you can turn to with any issues. Do you understand?” I didn’t reply, it was not possible for me to say something what made sense. Sexual identity can sometimes be so complicated, it took me years to find out and to accept I was gay. A fact, and now I wanted him, my older brother, to have sex with me. Steven moved me to the floor and went on top of me and holding me in place, strtching my arms above my head. With my own young strength, I wrapped my smooth legs around Steven’s lower body and tighten my body scissored on my brother. It must have looked like a kind of wrestling match. We were both content just to press our bodies and cocks and balls hard against the other. Neither of us had any problem with giving or getting it. I had no problem with any of that either, to give him what he wanted or to take what he wanted to share with me. It was what we both most expected, wanted and hoped for. For him playful wresting match was a good excuse to feel what he want to feel and to touch what he wanted to touch: me! Steven took the deepest breath he could, his face grimaced looking at me. Steven prepared himself for something, gathering his strength, I felt it. Suddenly he lifted me, every muscle in his body moved, I felt his strength, he was carrying me with him. He wanted me to feel his manly power as he flipped me over, pushing my face into the pillows, which caused me to loosen my scissor hold. In a flash his sweat-slick muscled body had squirmed free and he catched his breath. He smiled and adjusted himself. I could see that his cock was as stiff as it could get. Playfully he flexed his biceps, and this core muscles. I stood up slowly, my boy cock painfully hard as I gazed at Steven’s muscled body. I had new respect for my brother’s strength now. Neither of us could ever get enough of it, but Steven was much stronger. I pushed me down again and his hand went over my body moving onto my smooth legs. My strength, the pride of my young life, was not great enough to defeat my brother. I grimaced, my eyes tightly shut, as I poured my last strength into our playful fight, but he continued to overpower me. Finally, at long last, I could stand it no longer. He sat up naked on my belly, grinned his dazzling white grin and he flexed his biceps again, showing his manly power. He was rock-hard and looked so beautiful with his bulging pecs straining proudly that my boy cock trembled and my full erection oozed drips of pre-cum. I stroked his manly body, feeling his muscles, the shape and contour of his throbbing physique, and I felt like I was touching his pure sexual power, a man who simply exploded with sex. Yes, this way my brother was a real handsome man. “Feel me, touch me!” He whispered and I slipped my hands all over his strong torso, feeling the hardness and strength of each muscle, and at last I gripped his rock-hard penis in my fist. Steven looked at me, grinning widely to encourage me, “Oh Timmy, yes boy!” he sighed as I played with his hard cock. I nuzzled closer, pressing as much of my body against him as I could, feeling our warm, sweat covered skins slide against each other. He whispered, “Am I sexy?” “You are one of the sexiest men in the world!” “Sexier than David?” He didn’t wait for my reply. Steven moved me and simply took my smooth legs spreading them wide. He pushed my legs up against my chest slowly till my knees touched my little boy escort izmit nipples. “What are you doing?” I reacted totally surprised, “Relax, boy,” he said gently. As he continued to push my legs up against my chest and brought them to my shoulders spread them even wider. He was exposing my boy butt, my little virgin asshole. I felt exposed and was shocked and was trying to figure out why he could come this far. What the hell, I let things get out of hand, I was confused and upset. My thoughts were interrupted when Steven said, “Are you ready for your big brother to fuck you, baby?” He asked me breathlessly, “Timmy, I wants to fuck you really hard today. Can you take it hard?” “Oh yes, Steven, whatever,” I moaned. “Fuck me. Do it good and hard.” He groaned, “I never fucked a man nor a boy like you. I want to try it and I’m horny again.” “I know!” I trembled and shivered, I felt my brothers soft wet tongue on my exposed virgin asshole, he began to swirl his tongue all over my asshole. It was my first time being rimmed and it began to feel really good. He was crafting a pleasurable feeling that I never knew existed. I gasped at the intense feeling and found myself pushing my ass against his licking tongue. Steven was horny as hell and moaned against my boy hole and darted his tongue in and out of me a couple times causing me to scream out and grab onto the couch cushion. “Oh yes!” Steven french kissed my asshole making time stand still. As my little ass relaxed completely he gave me an oral assault which had me quivering like jelly. After some time, he climbed on top of me and kissed me, “Are you enjoying your experience so far, gay boy of me?” he asked. “Oh yes brother, all of it, Steven. I absolutely love it. I have wanted this for a long time. Are you going to take my virgin ass now?” I grunted and moved down again between my legs as he made out with my sensitive pucker. I was hoping this would last forever. The feeling was unbelievable! “Don’t stop, please!” I whimpered. Steven smirked a little and flicked his tongue over my hole a few times more before moving from my ass. “I am looking forward to doing that for you, but first, I want you to try something else.” I looked down at my cock and noticed a volley of pre-cum running from my piss slit down my shaft. Who knew licking an asshole could feel that good? Well, obviously my straight brother Steven! I was excited with anticipation with being penetrated for the first time his man’s cock. I laid there for several minutes catching my breath, as my breathing returned to normal. I smiled at Steven and he said, “Timmy, come with me upstairs,” my brother panted as he stood up and walked towards the stairs leading to his room. I just stood up and followed my brother like a willing puppy. He gestured for me to lie on his bed after he had closed the door. I slowly walked over to his bed and laid down on my back. “You don’t seem to be arguing with me, telling me how straight you are…” I noticed, “Oh fuck boy, I want it all the way and you triggered me. Let’s get one thing straight…” he laughed, “Whatever I learn about myself in this respect is okay and I want to enjoy you my way. Sex is sex.” was his response. “That’s all it is to you? A free orgasm without using your hand?” I asked a little disappointed. “I’m not, my little gay boy and the fact that you, my little brother is sexually attracted to me makes me feel uneasy, but I want to have the experience. I want sex, I want you, but still sex is sex.” he said again and he chuckled a little and I said to him, “You’ll change your mind when you are done!” I watched him as he went over to his dresser and pulled a bottle out from his top drawer. “What are you doing?” He walked over to me and I noticed he had some lube. The lube I bought last summer, sneaky and afraid someone whould see me. I didn’t use it much on my asshole, afraid it might hurt if I penetrated my tight virgin boy hole. I kept it under my briefs in my dresser. “What’s that for?” I asked stupidly. I was surprised my brother found my lube under my briefs in the dresser. “Timmy… how old are you again? What do you think yourself, little gay boy?” Steven sat down between my smooth legs and hoisted them up like he had done downstairs on the couch. I lifted my head up and watched as he once again lowered his head to my little asshole. The first touch of his tongue on my hole made my body squirm. He flicked his tongue all over my pucker and darted his tongue in and out like he was in desperate search for something down there. I spread my legs wider in hope to get more of his tongue. My eyes closed and my back arched when I felt his tongue dive into my asshole and wiggle around. His lips kissed at my hole while his tongue twisted around inside of me making me want to shout out, but all I could do was grunt and moan. How do you describe a pleasure like that? I wasn’t even touching myself. I felt his tongue slide out of me and after his kissed my hole a few times his mouth was gone. “You seemed to like that a lot, Timmy,” Steven said. He had cockiness in his tone. “Make me cum, Steven,” was my response. I heard myself say the words and I was a little surprised, but mostly I didn’t care. I had to get off. “Spread your legs farther apart.” I obeyed and closed my eyes, anticipating what was next. A few moments passed and then I felt his finger wiggling inside me. “Could you just blow me?” I asked afraid to feel a sudden pain. “I can get you off without even touching your cock.” “Uh-huh, I’m sure you can, but I really need to cum.” “Push back on my finger, little gay boy. You will love this!” “Steven…” “Push back on it!” I sighed and pushed back on his finger like he said and I felt his finger slip inside me to the first knuckle. It felt izmit escort funny. Not at all like his tongue. It didn’t feel good, but it didn’t feel bad. “Push harder,” Steven ordered. I pushed and I felt his finger go in farther to the second knuckle. I gasped and squirmed to the new feeling. It still felt weird, but kind of good. “Spread your legs more and put them on my shoulders,” he instructed. “This obviously isn’t your first time,” I observed as I placed my smooth legs on his shoulders. “Shut up, Timmy. You want to be my little gay boy, you will be my little gay boy.” Steven’s finger drove in deeper and hit something inside of me that made me grunt and tilt my head back. I can never control my body when I feel good like that. “Looks like I found it, you feel your gland, your prostate.” Steven slipped his finger out to the tip and pushed a second finger in. I pushed back on them and they both slipped in easily and hit my gland again. “Oh! Oh please, go deeper,” I moaned pushing my ass against his invading fingers. He twisted his fingers around inside me and clawed at my gland. I grabbed my cock in my hand and squeezed. I had to get off. Sometimes there’s just too much pleasure and you can’t take it. “No! Hand off. This is gay, this is just anal pleasure, little brother. Only anal for you, gay boy.” Steven said, brushing my hand away with his free hand and holding it down firmly on the bed. I whimpered and bucked up against his finger. I squeezed his pillow in my hand and groaned. He kept rotating his fingers inside me, rubbing my gland, making my body quiver and quake. Just when I was beginning to feel my balls churn his slipped his fingers out of me. “No, Steven, please don’t tease me. I need it! Steven don’t stop,” I whimpered, panting. I wiggled my ass around in search of his fingers, but they were gone. “Calm down Timmy. Don’t let the pleasure control you like that,” he laughed and slapped my ass. I blinked my eyes back open and looked at him. He was lathering up three of his fingers with the lube. When he saw me he smirked and patted my left leg that was draped over his shoulder. I slowly moved my hand back to my cock and squeezed it again. Clear cum escaped from the piss slit and ran down my shaft. I had been dripping so much pre- cum, I wondered or there would be any cum left to shoot. “Don’t touch, no hands,” Steven said, smacking my hand away. I was getting kind of mad at him. I felt like a little kid. His witty remarks and smirking made me feel like I was really his baby brother. “Just get me off, Steven. Okay?” “Don’t rush everything,” he said simply. I felt his fingers line up with my exposed hole. “Don’t hurt me.” “Relax and push back on it like you did with one finger and it won’t hurt too much.” I closed my eyes and lay back. Steven began pushing his fingers inside of me and I pushed back on it like he told me. I tried as best I could to relax, but it was really hurting. Steven’s three fingers were pretty big! Really big for my tight ass. “This hurts. Take it out,” I groaned “Relax. It’ll feel better when it’s all the way in.” Steven kept pushing it in and I pushed out. Steven’s fingers was slipping in slowly, and I was wondering when the good feeling would come into play. My cock was still throbbing and standing straight at attention while his fingers manipulated my virgin hole. The pain was becoming intense and just when I opened my mouth to tell him to take the fucker out of me I got a tingling feeling all over my body. “It they are in. Now just relax and breathe deep,” Steven instructed. I could feel his eyes on me though my eyes were closed and I couldn’t see him. I breathed like he said and tried to relax. It still burned, but it didn’t feel so bad anymore. “Ready for me to finger fuck you?” he asked. “Mm-hm.” He slowly eased his fingers out of me, to their tips, and slide them back in slowly. “Mmm.” “See? Feels good doesn’t it?” he asked, softly. He slide them back out and pushed them in slow again. I breathed out and squirmed around to the feeling. It felt nice! He repeated his action over and over again, slowly, and it took several strokes until I got the really good feeling. “Faster,” I breathed. He pulled them out of me quickly and slid them in faster. “Ugh..,” I grunted. He definitely hit my gland. Steven was rubbing my balls while he fucked his fingers in and out of me. He kept going faster and faster building up the pressure inside of me. Every so often he’d hit my gland and send me into frenzy. Gradually he began fucking me as fast as he could and I knew I was going to cum the hardest I’d ever cum in my life. My balls were churning and my whole body was feeling the pleasure. I clamped down on Steven’s shoulders with my legs and threw my head back as the pleasure danced through my body. The indescribable feeling was back and I felt so helpless. I wanted to shout how good it felt, but my mouth just moaned out incoherent words. I tried to open my eyes to look at my brother but they didn’t want to open. I never knew there was such a pleasure. My lust and pleasure took over my mind and body, I was unable to control it. I wasn’t even touching myself but there was a rapid flow of pre-cum coming from my cockhead. I felt Steven swiped some from my glans and with his finger and he brought it up to my lips. I sucked my own boy juice from his finger and moaned. Faster and faster his fingers went inside me. I knew I wouldn’t last long. I needed it, my body spasmed in ecstasy, enjoying every subtle sensation. More pre-cum emerged from my engorged tip, and I felt the build-up of sensation deep inside as my crotch muscles began contracting, ready for the long forward leap into orgasm. I knew I was on my way. I cried out, “Oh Steven!” as a huge spasm enveloped izmit kendi evi olan escort my cock-root and pelvis, making my hips come up off the bed. I was totally caught up in it, my boy cock throbbing hard and my eyes closed as I was overwhelmed with sensation of my orgasm. My entire body quivered in delight. My joyful groans filled the room as I thrashed on the bed, dizzy from the storm that wracked my whole young body. I felt his fingers hit my gland again and my boy pussy spasmed over and over milking his finger as my orgasm washed over my entire body. I couldn’t hold back any longer. Cum spewed from my throbbing cock and went everywhere! It hit my hair, my stomach, my face, my chest, the wall, Steven’s bed and all over his body. I knew I would cum soon, but I was surprised. My orgasm just hit me. Out of nowhere, oh shit! Usually it builds up before I explode, but now I reached the brink and entered pure bliss and I couldn’t control myself. I tensed up and began bucking around uncontrollably. My toes curled and my head shot back. I knew I was shouting because I could hear myself from a distance talking in phrases and groaning. I didn’t think I’d ever come down from my sexual high. I was shooting my load so hard it was almost painful. Finally, after about what seemed like forever, I calmed down. My toes uncurled, my head fell back against Steven’s pillow. I was panting trying to catch my breath. It seemed like I couldn’t get enough air. “You seemed to enjoy that,” Steven said dapping at a puddle of cum on my stomach and licking it off his fingers. I felt his fingers slip out of me and with a pop I knew it was gone. I felt empty but very content. My breath was beginning to return back to normal and my cock was slowly going limp. I smiled and chuckled a little. “What’s funny?” Steven asked, smiling down at me. “Nothing. That was just really incredible.” Steven smiled and laid my legs back down on his bed. He pulled me up into his strong arms and hugged me. “I thought you would enjoy it,” he said against my neck looked into my eyes. He grinned and stared back into mine. I lifted my head up and did the unthinkable. I kissed my brother right on the lips. I was the one prying his lips open and snaking my tongue into his mouth and he was the one who was shocked and motionless. I kissed him deeply and rubbed his back. When I noticed his hard cock poking me in the leg, I broke the kiss and looked down at it. “You didn’t cum,” Steven whispered, “No. I didn’t.” I rolled my brother over on his back and spread his legs. As I got between his legs and stared down at his throbbing cock. I was beginning to feel unsure about this, was Steven as Straight as he wanted me to believe? Steven felt my hesitation and said, “Don’t do anything you don’t want to.” “It’s just confusing, I want to repay you. What you did to me was unbelievable.” Steven looked at me, “This isn’t about sex, we are brothers, so you don’t have to repay me. You do what feels right but this obviously doesn’t feel right to you,” I replied, “It felt right for me, I want you to feel good.” It’s amazing what good sex did with me. Steven smiled, closed his eyes, his lips parted as he gasped for breath. He looked content and peaceful lying there. I leaned down at kissed up his chest to his neck and rubbed my fingers over his nipples. “You sure I was your first time?” I asked breathlessly. “Um, don’t ask silly questions.” Steven responded, while I kept kissing at his neck. “Have you been with a lot of guys, Timmy?” He asked. Raising my head up from his neck and looked at him. “A few, but just the way kids play. I’m learning a lot about you tonight, you didn’t have to fuck me with your fingers, you didn’t have help me out. I didn’t expect you to.” Steven smiled, “You know me, unpredictable, Timmy but my moral compass was screaming that this is wrong, that I need to put a stop to this right now. At the other hand a little devil is screaming for me to take you the way you are and make you mine to pleasure my needs. You a very beautiful boy with soft and smooth skin, but he should be with someone his own age, not your older brother. It would be wrong of me to allow this to happen, it’s incest and you are a barely legal to have sex!” I said to him, “You’re making it again into a big deal, and it’s not a big deal, It doesn’t matter. Did what we just did feel right to you?” I asked, looking him right in his eyes. “I don’t know. Somehow I liked it.” I got upset about his attitude, “Don’t play stupid, Steven. Your boner shows you liked it very much, but how did you feel, Steven?” I stared into his eyes for a long time before saying, “I don’t know.” Steven sighed and looked at me very seriously, so I asked him, “Okay… here’s a weird question. Would you feel comfortable with me inviting David over to have sex with you after what we just did?” “What kind of question is that?” “Answer it. Would you mind?” Steven looked troubled, “N-no. I wouldn’t mind.” He lifted an eyebrow at me. “I mean, personally I’d mind in the sense that you’re my little brother and I don’t like you having sex. I just learned, not even a couple of hours ago that you were gay. I’m not quite use to that yet,” he explained. “Wouldn’t you be jealous?” He laughed at that, but I wanted to know, “Would you?” I asked rolling over on his side and facing him. “You’re my little brother. I’m straight, remember?” “I know, we’ve already know that, but would you be jealous if I had sex with David?” He thought about it “No. Do what you want, you have your own life and needs.” I responded simply, “I will!” I said and hopped out of the bed. “What are you doing?” He asked, looking up at me. “Inviting David over!” “I’m not comfortable with that, Timmy, but I don’t think it makes a difference anymore,” He responded and waited. “Ask David to come over, but I want to meet this guy.” Steven said. What could I do now? End of part 2 groeiutrecht@ Please donate to Nifty to keep this site open and free! End of part two. By ail

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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