There’s a Girl in the Boy’s Locker Room!

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There’s a Girl in the Boy’s Locker Room!Wanda peaked through the double doors leading from the gym. The long hallway leading to the boys locker room was dim. Only a few lights were on for security. Good she thought everyone is gone. She slipped through the door and slowly let it close behind her, making sure it made no noise. Slowly she started sneaking down the hall staying along the wall. As if, this was going to keep her hid, if anyone was here. There was a good chance that a five foot five, 90 pound, 18 year old girl in a white cheerleader skirt and sweater would be noticed in an empty hallway. Especially one she had absolutely no business being in. Tonight had been the first football game of the season, and that made it the traditional “senior dare night” for the Adams High Warrior Cheerleaders. As tradition dictates the seniors from last year’s squad each wrote a dare on a slip of paper. This year’s seniors, on the night of the first game, each draw a dare, and must do it before the night is out.This year there were five seniors. Tawna was the head cheerleader. She drew last and all of the girls thought she got the easiest one. Hers read “Moon the other school’s band as their bus pulls out.” Tawna mooned their band, their team bus even their head coaches car.Some were more racy. Anna drew a slip that read “Give a player a blow job… During half time.” This one was pretty easy for her. Her boyfriend was a bench warmer for the team and wouldn’t be missed in the locker room. Besides, everyone knew Anna was a swallower. It was easy to believe her when she said she had completed her dare.Tina drew her slip first, hers read “Take band geek picked by the Head cheerleader behind the snack bar, and get him touch your bra. If you are the head cheerleader the rookies get to vote and select the geek.” Tawna picked the tuba player he was huge and disgusting. Tina at first refused but later the girls saw her go around the corner with the tuba player in tow. A few moments later, she rejoined the others on the sideline. Tina said “He touched it,” then brought her hands around saying “and here it is.” showing the girls the bra in her hands. They all yelled foul but eventually agreed that she had completed her dare on a technicality, but they would let it count.Those 3 three were done. Sammi and Wanda still needed to complete theirs. Sammi’s said “Strip completely naked under the bleachers. Stay naked at least five minutes.”Wanda’s said, “After the game enter the team locker room. Bring something out of a player’s locker to prove you were there.”They had both waited until everyone else had gone. Sammi should be naked by now, Wanda thought as she neared the bend at the end of the hall.She steadied her nerve by telling herself that everyone was gone and that she wanted to be done before Sammi. She snuck around the corner and into a dark locker room. Wanda didn’t care for the smell and was shocked to see all the lockers were empty. Confused, she quietly looked around some more. All the lockers were empty.That’s when she saw another door. The sign on the door said “Warrior Team Room” and below that “Players Only”.Aha. Apparently she was standing in the gym locker room. The players had their own locker room. Being very quiet she snuck to that door. She tested the door knob and sure enough it turned. Without so much as a noise, she opened the door and peeked inside. The smell of sweaty gym socks met her nose, but happily the room was dark. Like the other rooms only the security lights dimly lit the room. She moved slowly into the team room. She checked the first locker she came too. It had a pad lock on it that kept Wanda out. Disappointed she checked the very next locker, Bingo, it didn’t have a lock. She opened it quietly. The grandbetting yeni giriş jersey hanging in it was number 82. Right away she knew this locker belonged to Tommy Keats, the star receiver on the team.Quickly she looked through the stuff in the locker. What could she take that would prove she was here? Then she found it. Tommy Keats’ jock strap. She looked at it, noticing that it had an 82 handwritten on it. This would definitely prove she had been here, Wanda’s Pussy dampened as she stared at the jock strap in her hands. She wadded it up in her hand and turned to leave.That’s when she came face to face with Coach Simpson. “Well Miss Hanson, what have we here?” With that he grabbed the jock from her hand. Holding it up in front of her he said “My Office.” and pointed to the lighted window in the door at the end of the locker room.Wanda walked to the office then opened the door and stepped into the light. She stood in front of a desk that had a cheap looking chair sitting behind it a couple cheap lockers on one side and a leatherette sofa on the other.Coach Simpson walked around and sat in the cheap chair.Opening the center desk drawer he pulled out a piece of paper and placed it on the desk in front of Wanda. “Do you know what that is, Miss Hanson?””No.” Wanda answered honestly.”That, Miss Hanson, is a discipline referral.” Said the coach “When I fill that out and you are charged with theft, you can expect a suspension.”Wanda began to tear up. “Maybe even expulsion when the Superintendent hears where you were stealing from.”Wanda began to weep. “Please. It was a stupid dare.” she pleaded.Coach Simpson got up and walked around behind her, “I can’t let you steal from my players.” he said “That would make me feel bad. I don’t like to feel bad.”He ran a finger seductively down her arm saying “Now if you could find a way to make me feel good, maybe we could throw that form away.”Shocked, Wanda looked back at him saying “What are you suggesting Mr. Simpson?””Call me Coach.” He said and running a hand up her leg said “I’m not suggesting anything. I’m flat out telling you. You either bend over that desk and let me do as I please, or I fill out that form and you get expelled. I may even call the cops and have you arrested for theft. It’s all up to you.”Wanda thought for only a moment and then without saying a word. bent over the desk putting her hands in the center of the blotter. Coach Simpson said “I’ll need you to bend over further.”Wanda bent further down and placed her elbows where her hands had been.The Coach looked down and stared at the red spankys peaking out from under the edge of her white skirt. “Come now Miss Hanson,” He said “I want you to put your pretty little titties on that desk, and I’m not going to ask again.”Wanda began to cry harder but did as she was told and bent the rest of the way over, putting her chest flat on the desk.This position bared more of her spankys to the coach’ s view. “Mmmm” He moaned, as he began rubbing his hands on her upper legs and her ass. Wanda flinched when the coach flipped her skirt up unto her back. He rubbed his hands on her ass some more saying “very nice”. With that he grabbed her spankys on both sides and with a firm pull yanked them off her ass and down past her knees.Wanda Reached back and grabbed her panties and as she tried to stand up, the coach put a strong forearm across her back and forced her back down onto the desk. “Now, Now. Miss Hanson.” Coach said “We’re just getting started.” With the other hand coach reached around and started rubbing Wanda’s clit through her white cotton panties. “Someone is enjoying this a lot more than she is letting on.” He said smiling as he felt the wetness soaking her panties. Wanda was angry grandbetting giriş as her tears continued falling. Angry at the team for the stupid dare, angry at the coach for what he was doing, and planning to do, but angriest of all at herself for getting turned on by all of this.Coach took his arm off her back saying “Just stay right like that. You might as well allow yourself to enjoy this, you know it’s going to happen.”Wanda held still, scared of what would happen next but unable to get her mind off the heat building in her pussy as he continued rubbing her clit.Wanda heard a snap and then a zip and then the coach’s shorts slide down his legs to the floor. Wanda jumped as she felt Coach’s hard cock flop against her panty covered ass. Slowly Coach rubbed it on her panties as he reached down and pulled his shorts off first one ankle then the other. Coach grabbed both her wrists. Using his powerful strength he pulled her hands away from her panties and placed them beside her head on the desk. Leaning down he whispered in her ear, “Keep them right there.”Again Wanda did not move. Coach moved back just a step, then placed a thumb inside the waistband on each side of her underwear. A chill ran through Wanda’s body as he slowly slid her panties off her young ass and down her thin legs.When he got them down to where her spankys were still wrapped around her ankles, Wanda lifted her leg and allowed him to slide them off. As she shifted her weight and lifted her other leg coach said “Good girl. Work with me and this will be more fun for you.”Why was she doing it. Why couldn’t she seem to fight. She thought.Coach moved back up behind her and placed his hard cock in the crack of her ass. He used his feet and spread her feet wider. Then he reached around and rubbed her clit as he slid his cock up and down on her ass. As he reached on down between her legs and spread her pussy lips, Wanda could feel his precum leaking on her ass.”Oh God!” Wanda screeched, Looking back at him over her shoulder. “Please don’t do it that way. Please, Please use a condom.”Coach said nothing but answered by placing the head of his dick at the entrance to Wanda’s pussy.”Please No Mr. Simpson.” Wanda pleaded weeping openly.”Call me Coach.” he said, grabbing her by the hips and ramming his cock all the way home. “and I go bare back. Don’t worry too much. None of my other little girls have gotten pregnant.”Wanda groaned as Coach hit bottom. His cock felt huge, filling her like she’d never been filled before.Coach began to stroke in and out hard and fast in Wanda’s hot pussy. Slowly he felt her start to relax and after a few strokes she was involuntarily humping her taught ass back to meet his every stroke. Wanda’s pussy made lewd squishing sounds as he pounded away at her pussy. She lifted her head and moaned aloud as his cock seemed to touch all the right spots deep inside her.She lifted herself off his desk, but not to get away, instead she simply got more leverage to slam herself back against his thrusts. Coach let go of her hips and slid his hands under her in inside her sweater. He pushed her sport bra up off her little titties and began to tweak her nipples. Wanda looked back over her shoulder at the coach. He noticed the tears had stopped and another look had taken over her face. This one was pure lust. Wanda was moaning and panting as Coach began pinching her nipples.Suddenly coach stopped stroking his cock in her pussy and even as Wanda kept trying to keep the motion up he said “Would you like me to stop Miss Hanson?””No.” she panted.”No what?” He teased”Please don’t stop Coach.” she begged.”I want you to say it. What do you want Miss Hanson?” He continued. “Please fuck me coach. Please!” She practically yelled.Coach grandbetting güvenilirmi started his in and out motion again, but slowly and not nearly as deep as before.Wanda moaned with pleasure, but her pussy was begging for more. “Harder.” She quietly moaned.”What?” teased coach, keeping his light slow pace. “I can’t hear you Miss Hanson.”Wanda looked over her shoulder again and scowling at the coach yelled at him “Fuck me Harder!”Coach grabbed her hips and began pistoning his cock in and out of her pussy deep and hard again.”Yeeessss.” Wanda hissed. “Fuck my pussy harder.”Coach slammed his cock into her pussy “You are one hot bitch, aren’t you, Miss Hanson?””Yes, Yes!” Wanda yelped “Fuck this hot little Bitch.”Wanda’s pussy began to spasm as her orgasm overcame her. She screamed with surprise. Her orgasm had snuck up on her. The two boys she had been with before never made her cum.Her pussy muscles milked away at coach’s cock as he slammed in and out of her pussy. As her orgasm continued to rip through her body, the coach leaned down and whispered in her ear “Your really enjoying this, aren’t you, you hot little cunt.””Yes.” she moaned as her orgasm began to wane.Coach slapped her ass as her orgasm passed and fucked her even herder. In just moments she felt her orgasm building again. Coach reached around and began stroking her clit as he continued slamming his cock in and out of her wet hole.”MMM” Wanda moaned as the added stimulus sent her spiraling towards another orgasm.”Go ahead Bitch, cum again.” Coach snarled.Wanda’s pussy began spasming in a second more powerful orgasm. “Fuck Yes!” She screamed uncontrollably.A few more strokes and the coach had all he could stand. Burying his cock as deep as he could he began shooting his huge load deep into her milking pussy. Together they came and came. Her orgasm gave out first as did her arms. She collapsed onto the desk as Coach continued to empty his balls deep in her tight pussy.When last of his jizz was deposited deep inside her the coach pulled out, then flipped her white skirt down over her ass. He laid his cock on her skirt, then reached down and wrapped it around his cock, wiping it clean.Coach reached down and picked up her panties and spankys as he walked back around to his desk chair. As he reached his chair Wanda had begun to recover. When she looked up at him with the lust still in her eyes, he threw her panties on the desk in front of her. “You can put those back on.” He said. Then opening his drawer he held up her spankys and said “You’ll need a new pair of these, because I’m keeping these as a souvenir.” With that he dropped them in his desk drawer and quickly pushed the drawer shut. “They’ll be added to my collection.”Wanda grabbed her panties and flushing beet red slowly started putting them on. As she moved, Coach’s semen was seeping out of pussy and running down her leg. After she got her panties on she looked up at coach Simpson praying to herself that she wouldn’t get pregnant but secretly wondering how she could get him to do this all again.Coach took the referral form off his desk and said “I guess you paid your penalty and I won’t be needing this.” and stuck the paperwork in his drawer. Then he tossed Tommy’s jockstrap at her saying “Here you’ll need this for your little dare.” Then added “you may go, but remember when you write your dare for next year’s seniors, I expect you to write exactly what you read earlier today.”Without a word Wanda turned, wondering how many years this tradition goes back and started toward the office door.”Miss Hansen,” Coach said stopping her in her tracks “If I catch you stealing from my players again, the next time, I stick my dick in your tight little ass.” Wanda gave him a sly grin.As she snuck back out the hallway toward the gym, she couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have that done to her. As she reached the gym door she thought, we have a home game next week, I guess I’ll have to try and complete my dare then. With that she dropped Tommy’s jockstrap and stepped out into the gym.

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