There Are Somethings You Can’t Cover Up With Lipstick And Mascara

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Penny greeted me with a hug and a kiss on my cheek, at her front door, “So happy that you could make this year’s party, Gil. It’s been too long since we’ve seen each other.” Penny and her partner, Courtney, host a party every Labor Day weekend. The party doubles as a meet and greet for people that are into kink, experienced and novice alike. The last four parties they invited me to, I was not able to attend. We do keep in touch through emails and texts, and meet for lunch a few times a year. I was introduced to Penny and Courtney by a mutual friend. I hugged Penny. “It has been too long. How is life treating you?” Penny grinned and replied, “Couldn’t be better. My ex-husband finally settled what he owed me. And Courtney breached the subject of bringing another woman to our bed.” I laughed and replied, “Exciting times for you, Penny. I am happy for you.” Penny nodded and informed me, “We have quite a few guests tonight that are new to kink, Gil. Just a heads up, most are couples. I am sure we will be asked a million questions once everyone settles in and gets comfortable.” She led me to her back patio where all the guests were mingling. “Gil!” Courtney squealed, and made her way to me. I hugged her. “So nice to see you again, Courtney. How have you been?” Courtney patted my ass and replied, “Life couldn’t be any better. I got a promotion at work, with two more weeks of vacation. Penny and I are going to tour Europe mid-October. I can’t wait. Anything new on your side, Gil?” “Nothing as exciting as your news, Courtney,” I chuckled.  She grinned and whispered, “Maybe you’ll get lucky and get to take someone home tonight.” I winked and replied, “Luck has nothing to do with it.” Courtney chuckled and grabbed my ass. “Conceited much, Gil?” I made my rounds and greeted friends and acquaintances. They introduced me to the guests that I didn’t know. It was easy to pick out which guests were new to the scene. Their reactions and replies were a little too animated. It was normal for them to be a bit nervous and excited. It was a warm September evening, everyone dressed accordingly. The women wore light and colorful fabrics that exposed a lot of skin. Most of the women were sporting, and showing off collars around their necks. They ranged from thin leather, to frilly silk bow ties. As the evening progressed and everyone was a bit more at ease, the conversations escalated from the exchange of idle chat and pleasantries to preferences in kink and sharing experiences. That’s when I approached Escort Güngören Courtney and asked her if she would mix me a drink. If I heard the terms True Master, True Dom, True slave or True sub one more time, I was sure my brain would implode. “I would love to, Gil. Let’s go downstairs to the bar. I made a bunch of Jell-O shots,” she cheerfully agreed. The basement boasted a full bar and a retro design. A Wurlitzer jukebox was the crowing jewel of the tasteful décor. There were close to a dozen people mingling on the couches, the bar and around the juke box. I took a seat at the bar next to a very pretty blonde. She looked to be in her late thirties or early forties. Her eyes met mine as Courtney and I approached the bar. She smiled at me and lowered her head slightly to suck on the straw in the glass in her hand. Courtney introduced me to her with a broad smile, “This is Joy. She works with Penny. Behave yourself, Gil. Joy is happily married.” Courtney giggled and continued, “This is Gil. Keep your eye on him, Joy. He is a very naughty boy.” I chuckled at Courtney’s introduction. Joy was also amused and replied, “Hello, Gil.” “Pleasure, Joy,” I smiled. There was something in the way she was looking at me that made my cock stir. I was certain she was a bottom, no matter what her preference in kink was. But, at the same time, if a Top couldn’t control her, she’d eat him alive. Courtney placed three shot glasses on the bar and rubbed her hands together. “I made these last night. Blueberry Martini Jell-O shots. They are absolutely delicious. Cheers! Here’s to new friends,” Courtney toasted. We downed the surprisingly tasty shots, and Courtney placed a can of Coors Light in front of me. She winked and giggled, “Behave yourself kids. Or not.” And made her way upstairs. I took a sip of beer and asked Joy, “You came down here early, I didn’t see you upstairs.” She smiled and replied, “It’s much less hectic than what’s going on upstairs and on the back patio.” I nodded and smiled, “Is it rude of us? We were young and full of questions at one time? I am certain I heard the word master more times than it was ever used in every Kung Fu episode, including the re-runs.” Joy laughed and replied, “It’s definitely not rude of us. You can only answer the same questions so many times. It is a party we are attending, not a training session,” She took a sip on the straw and asked, “What deviant behavior are you drawn to that makes you such a naughty İnnovia Escort boy?” “Deviant?” I chuckled. Joy curled her lips in a coy smile and replied, “Come now, Gil. You have a look about you that oozes naughtiness and deviancy. It’s as scary as it is sexy.” “Ladies first, Joy. I am a gentleman,” I grinned. Joy turned in her seat to face me, and slowly crossed her shapely legs. Allowing her dress to ride up high on her thighs. She smiled as she observed me looking down at her smooth legs. “Do gentlemen make a habit of ogling a lady’s legs without even trying to be discrete?” Joy asked playfully. “I can’t speak for every gentleman out there. But I do,” I smiled. Joy chuckled, “Courtney was serious. I had better watch myself around you. Since you are a gentleman, and insist I tell you first, I will. I enjoy being very obedient and very accommodating, for the right man.” She scanned my face for a reaction and said, “Your turn, Mr. Gentleman.” I smiled as I replied, “I indulge very obedient ladies.” Joy laughed and shook her head, “No way, mister. You aren’t getting off that easy. You have to answer the question. I told you all you need to know about me. It’s only fair you do the same. And don’t you dare think of holding back the slightest detail.” I took another sip of my beer and replied, “In the name of fairness, I will provide you a more detailed explanation of my deviant tastes. I am a rope top, and as sadistic as a lady requires me to be.” Joy sat up in her chair and leaned her left elbow on the bar. I stared at her large breasts being pushed forward and straining against the thin material of her dress. She approvingly watched on as I devoured her breasts with my intense stare.  “You are flattering me, Gil. I can’t tell you how good it makes a lady feel, when a gentleman admires her body so openly. Thank you,” Joy said as she lifted the hem of her dress higher on her thigh. “Is your husband here, Joy?” I asked. She shook her head, “He’s in Florida, golfing with a few of his friends. I wouldn’t dream of having him at this party with me.” “Are you obedient and accommodating for him?” I asked. “Not in the way you think. He doesn’t share my tastes. I love him dearly. But he is much to gentle to take what I offer,” Joy answered very calmly. “Take?” I grinned. Joy smiled and patted my thigh, “Gil, come now. Don’t play coy with me. I told you all that you need to know about me. Yes, take it from me; bend me to their will, no matter Kağıthane escort bayan how hard I struggle against them. I need to be sure the man I offer my obedience to is worthy, and can provide me what I need. I have wasted many hours with men who promised to take it as they saw fit. Only to be left unsatisfied, and disappointed when they didn’t live up to their promise.” “I am sure the ones that disappointed you, Joy, felt your wrath,” I replied. Joy wiggled her ass in the bar stool and leaned closer to me, “You bet your ass they do,” and winked at me. She slid her hand towards my cock and asked, “Are you curious, Gil? Do you want to test my obedience?” I stared into her hazel eyes and replied, “You know I do. And I will, right now. Go to bathroom, spread your ass wide, and take a picture of your asshole for me.” Joy feigned shock as she replied, “That is filthy.” She got up from the barstool and made her way upstairs. She returned to her seat a few minutes later and handed me her phone. I smiled as I looked at the picture of her holding her ass spread wide and her asshole exposed in all its tight glory. When I handed back her phone, Joy grinned and said, “Who knew Courtney was such a talented photographer?” I chuckled and said, “I live a twenty minute cab ride away from here.” Joy felt a slight shiver run down her back. She replied, “No marks on my face, arms neck, and the top shoulders. If I don’t ask you to stop, continue doing whatever you’re doing.” She paused; I could tell she was hesitant to continue. I nodded at her, letting her know I wanted her to continue. “Can you blur the line for me, Gil?” “You bet your ass I can blur the line, Joy.” She smiled, leaned in and kissed my cheek. “I’ll take that bet, Gil. Whenever you want to place it on the table. My ass is yours.” We said our good byes as we waited for the taxi to arrive. Forty minutes later, I opened the door to my condominium and slapped Joy’s ass as she walked inside. She turned her head and looked at me from over her shoulder, and said, “A good start. What’s next, Gil?” Joy threw her purse on the floor, turned around to face me when I had shut the door, and smiled, “How may I serve you this evening, Sir?” I grinned at her. A growl rumbled in my throat as I grabbed her hair with my left hand and her breast with my right hand. I pulled her towards me, spun us around and pushed her back against the door. I released my grip on her hair, lifted the hem of her dress and tugged at her thong, hard. It took three attempts to tear the thongs off her. I kicked her legs apart as I stuffed her damp, shredded thong in her mouth. I slid my hand from her full breast up to her throat, and pinned her head against the door. ”I won’t be using your slutty mouth just yet, whore,” I snarled. Joy quivered and nodded.

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