Their First Adult Book Store. Part 1

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Their First Adult Book Store. Part 1After the Concert, Joe and Albert stopped at a bar for a few drinks. Fabulous Korean Babe bartender. It was their first time in San Francisco. They were from the small town of Clopton, and at age 21 they hadn’t gotten far from home before. They were having a great time flirting with the beautiful Korean woman. At 1:45 am, the bartender called last call and they had one more for the road.As Joe and Albert headed up the street, looking for a cab to take to their motel, Albert spotted the 24 HR Adult Video Arcade on the corner. “Look, Joe, there’s that adult place we saw before the show.””Oh yeah.That’s funny.” Joe laughed and then so did Albert. There was nothing like this in or near Clopton.Silently they both walked on, but looked at the Arcade instead of looking for a cab.Joe finally broke the ice, “Well, do ya want to check it out?”Albert was so glad to hear that, “Yeah, let’s do it.”The two young men entered the Adult Book Store. There were quite a few men (only) inside, looking at porn magazines, checking out sex toys and DVD’s or just hanging out. Several of the men paid attention to the two newcomers.”Oh wow!” Albert exclaimed, looking at all the sexual merchandise. “I think we’re beyond ‘Playboy’ here, Joe.””That’s for sure, Albert.” Picking up a DVD picturing a group of men and women in some bizarre S&M scene, Joe added, “I’d say way, way beyond.””Look at all those smut mags.” Albert motioned toward the many alanya escort rows of various porno mags and went to them, Joe was right behind him.They began to browse at the titles. Albert picked up a mag called ‘Tight’, and thumbed through it. Joe looked over his shoulder. It was full of pretty young women, all claiming to be 18 years old. The first few pictorials had girls showing their panties and little boobies, and then their snatches. The two Cloptonites enjoyed the pics very much, making crude and suggestive comments and getting pretty horny. Then came the set with the 18 year old girl having a crush on her Biology teacher. A full page picture showed the girl, about to take the older man’s penis in her mouth. His dick was very big and very hard. This type of porn was foreign to them. They both looked at the hard cock for a moment. Their innocence caused them more fascination than embarrassment. “I’m that big, too.” Albert chimed in, breaking the tension.Joe laughed so hard, the others in the store all looked at them. Those that weren’t already checking them out, that is. “Yeah, right.” Joe doubted his friend.”Whatever.” Albert casually replied. Then he handed the magazine to Joe and moved down a bit looking for more titles.Joe took another look at the Biology teacher’s dick and wondered. Then he put it down and moved on himself. They each began to thumb through many of the mags. There were all the genres. Young women. Old women. Fat escort alanya women. Black women. Latin women. Asian women. Panty women. Leg women. Fetish women, etc. etc. etc..Albert was the first to reach the gay section. By now, Albert’s dick was getting pretty hard. He picked up a copy of ‘Inches’ and was shocked at some of the men. Albert figured he measured up to those guys in the 8″ range, but the 10-11 inchers had him shaking his head. “Damn.” He quietly muttered. He moved on to some other gay mags and, with more realistic models, he relaxed from comparing himself to just enjoying the pics. Suddenly Albert realized that he was standing there getting horny to gay porn. He just knew that Joe must be looking at him like he’s crazy. Raising his head from the magazine, Albert saw that Joe was very concentrated on his own mag. “Whatcha got there, Joe?””Panty Boys.” Joe answered without looking up.”Cool.” Albert went back to the ‘zines.Joe was keen on the ‘Panty Boys’ mag. He’d always liked getting panty peeks of girls. He loved when the J. C. Penney’s catalog arrived, due to it’s extensive pages of panty and bra ads. He’d even stolen panties from select hampers to sniff and masturbate with. Now seeing these male models in sexy panties and other lingerie seemed to excite Joe. He told himself that it was only the panties themselves that were making his dick get so hard in his tight briefs.One man who had been eyeing them decided that he’d waited alanya escort bayan long enough. He could tell that they weren’t experienced at this type of place.The ruggedly handsome man in his late 40’s, approached Joe and Albert. “Hey, you guys seem to be enjoying yourselves. Have you been to the video arcade? That’s where the real fun is.”The two young men both smiled. “Oh yeah, the video arcade.” Joe remembered.”Yeah, we’ll have to check it out.” Albert said.”Great, I’m going there right now, myself.” The man smiled largely, “By the way, my name’s Gary.” He extended his hand. Joe shook first, then Albert, each introducing themselves. “Just ask the cashier for $3 in tokens, then you can stay back there as long as you want. Hope I see you guys inside.” Gary winked at them before turning to go.”You don’t think Gary’s gay, do you?” Joe asked Albert.”Naw, he’s too macho to be gay.” Albert answered.”Yeah, but check out these macho guys, in the mags. They’re gay.”Joe pointed out.”Hmmm…. . But, ya know, they’re profesional models, that’s all. They’re not really gay.” Albert rationalized. “Real gay guys are obvious. Like Ryan Seacrest and those two guys from high school.”Joe thought a bit, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Both men felt more reassured that each of them, in fact, wasn’t gay.They went to the counter and told the cashier that they each wanted $3 in tokens. The cashier sold them the tokens without a word.They headed down the corridor, toward the Adult Video Arcade. Albert got around to saying something he’d been thinking, “I wonder why there are no women in this place.””Yeah, huh?” Joe said. “Maybe there’s some back here.”The sounds ahead grew louder, the corridor grew darker.

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