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Theatrical ….8Theatrical…….8Anna was building rapidly as she whimpered with the onslaught of cock inside her, I moved along the side of her and felt under her, taking the weight of her swinging breast in my hand and squeezing it, I had never groped a woman’s tits before but today, so many rules were being broken, so many taboos were being displaced, the waiter grunted and folded over Anna, she moaned as she felt the hot surge of spunk being squirted up her arse, she collapsed on my friend, he looked down at her and stroked her hair, she laid on his chest, her huge tits flattened against him, he looked at me and smiled, “are you happy now?” he asked, I felt a sudden pang of guilt, I had steered the waiter to her and engineered the fucking that she got, one she would remember for a very long time, she fell sideways off my friend as she disengaged herself from his cock, I was happy to see it back in the light again, Anna rolled off the bed and staggered to her feet, “that was awesome and I would like to see him again if you ever decide to let him off the lead again” she said, she wrapped her gown round herself and went out followed by the waiter, he hung around in the doorway, I think he expected me to follow but I had a cock to satisfy and it was beckoning to me as it stood erect in front of me, I knelt on the bed and closed in on it, I looked at my friend, he smiled and I got hold of my other friend, I kissed the end and again tasted the cunt of my sister, I straddled his legs and looked down at the tip of the monster in my hand, it was still wet and slimy from my sisters vagina, “go on then” he said, I looked up at him, “what?” I asked, “suck it” he said, “and if I don’t?” I said, “you will be punished, you have been a bad girl doing that to your sister so if you choose not to suck but just to fuck it, you will be punished” he said, “how?” I asked, “you’ll see if you choose to risk it” he said, my stomach churned, was he going to dump me and turn to my sister as he felt sorry for her, I looked at him, “are you going to dump me if I don’t suck your cock?” I asked, “no, I like you, you are special” he said, my heart leapt, “then how will you punish me, I was tempted to try my luck, it might be something deviant and right at this moment I liked the sound of deviant, especially as I had recalled the incident where I nearly fucked my son, the cock was resting against my stomach, I lifted my torso and sat down on the cock, I had taken my life in my hands, I think I knew him well enough to know that he would not hurt me and that we might both enjoy the resultant punishment, I rode it to several orgasm’s and took him as well but my mind kept straying back to his threat, what did he have in store for me, I was soon to find out, he went into the shower and I went into the lounge, Anna and Lisa were dressed, Mary was getting dressed and the waiter had gone, “thanks for that, it was fabulous” Mary said, Lisa nodded, she was still in a daze, Anna was quiet, “are you planning to pendik escort spend the night with him, here?” she asked, “yes, I think so, I am not sure what he has in mind you saw what he is like, he is full of surprises and that’s what I love about him!” I said, Anna jerked her head up at me, “love, you love him, are you sure?” she said, “yes, I am absolutely sure, if you were in the same position, would you have shared him with all of us?” I asked, “never” she replied, “and that is how confident I am about my feelings for him, he can do what he wants and who he wants as long as he keeps me happy and he does, in every way” I said, “well, we are off, we’ll see you at the wedding, I have left an invitation for him as well in case you want him to come, I know I do” Anna said smiling at me, “me too” Lisa muttered, he came out of the shower, “I want you to take a shower” he said, “why, do I smell I said lifting my arms and sniffing, he chuckled, “no but I want you clean for your punishment” I looked at him, “are you intending to punish me tonight?” I said, “of course, did you think that you were going to get away with it, no, take a shower and get dressed, what you came in should do the trick” he said, I went into the shower, my mind racing, what on earth was he planning, I was suddenly very apprehensive about his intentions, I scrubbed my breasts and my pussy, I knew that somehow they would be involved in this whatever it was, I looked in the mirror of the bath room as I dried myself and my mind wandered back to my son again, I wondered what would happen if I let him watch me taking a shower, nothing obvious, just leave the bathroom door inadvertently ajar one night, my pussy twitched at the thought of him taking a wank as he watched me, the vision of his erect cock that day was still haunting me, maybe he had already seen me naked, I didn’t always make sure the doors were closed properly or took extra precautions, I could feel my lust growing but there were more important things to think about right now, my impending punishment being my prime concern.I came out of the shower and got dressed, my buttons on my blouse were open to half way down my bra, showing off the upper curve of my breasts, my skirt seemed shorter than ever, I put on my lace topped stockings and stood ready for inspection, he walked around me as I stood rooted to the spot, ”undo another button” he instructed, I obeyed, the whole of my bra was now exposed with my tits oozing out of it, partly because my tits were swelling with anticipation of what he had in store for me, the only thing I was certain of was that it was most certainly sexual, if not, why the extra button, he lifted my skirt and examined my thong, it was nipping me a bit but that was the very least of my concerns, we went out of the hotel and got in his car, he leaned across and kissed me on the lips, I blushed a little but I was not sure why, “don’t worry, I won’t let you come to any harm, I promise” he said, kartal escort “now I was really worried, what the fuck was he planning, I was beginning to wish I had sucked his cock whilst at the same time I was excited, we drove to the next town which was about 7 miles away, he cruised the streets for a short time and then we stopped outside of a greasy little café, an orange coloured light seeped through the cracked glass of the windows, he got out and I got out as well, we went inside and found a small table by the wall, I glanced around, the place was full of very undesirables, a juke box was playing and a guy and woman were dancing slowly on the square foot of floor that was loosely called the dance floor, “what the heck is this place?” I whispered, “it’s the local knocking shop” he said, “how did you know about it?” I asked, “I used to come here for breakfast when I was an apprentice down the road, it looks totally different in the daylight” he said, “so I have to ask, why are we here?” I asked, “you’ll see” he replied, a guy in a dirty apron came over to us, “a beer and a coke” he said, the guy wandered off, there was a guy leaning on the bar eyeing my skirt, I pulled it down but to no avail, he continued to stare, lean on your arms” he said, I studied his face, “do it” he said forcefully, I leaned on my arms, my tits pushed up inside my bra so that the blue veins stood out as they swelled up and partly out of the top, the guy came back with the drinks, he picked up the coke, “I don’t drink beer” I said, “you do now” he replied, again I looked at him and took a sip of the grossly bitter liquid, I grimaced as it slid down my throat, good isn’t it” he quipped and smiled at me, I shuddered at the taste, “you’ll soon get used to it,” he said, “must I?” I replied, he never answered, just looked around, the guy by the bar was heading our way, “so what are we talking about here?” he asked leering at me, “how do you want it, in a car or a knee trembler round the back of the café?” my friend asked, my stomach churned, he was negotiating a price for me, “round the back”, a quickie” he replied, “20 quid my friend offered, 10 and that’s my final offer” the guy replied, “fuck off out of my sight you dreg” my friend said sneering at him, look at her, look at those tits on her couldn’t you just get your mits around those as you bury your cock in her, she’s gagging for it” my friend said looking at my breasts, I was gagging for it but not from the greasy little creep he was trying to sell me to, the guy eyed me, “ok, 20 it is then but she’d better be good or I’ll be back” creep said, “right! Straight fuck, condom and no rough stuff or you won’t be coming back ever” my friend sneered, the creep put twenty pounds down on the table and my friend scooped it up before I had the chance to collect my wages, he handed me a condom, “make sure he wears it, we don’t want any nasty infections do we” he said, I stuck my tongue out at him, I stood up, I maltepe escort was now both excited and disgusted at what I was about to do, I was going to let a creepy old bastard maul me and fuck me, what had I come to, what was I doing, I was saying sorry for getting my sister fucked in a manner that was not nice, I had taken it with the full knowledge, she had no choice and suffered a stretched arse for her sins, I tottered outside with the old guy, unbeknown to me, my friend was close behind to ensure I was ok, I got outside and the old guy came at me groping my tits, I lifted my skirt and pulled aside my thong, then I went for his cock, it stunk dreadful, he tried to kiss me but I wasn’t having any of that, I got his cock out and started to wank it, aren’t you going to suck it up for me” he said, not on your life” I said, I dread to think where it’s been” I said, he was grumbling but his cock hardened, “turn round so that I can do you from behind” he said, “na, you can do me from in front, here I said as I shoved the condom over his cock and steered him between my legs, I felt his cock go into my wet cunt “let me see your tits” he said, I reckoned it might shorten this experience so I hoisted up my bra, my tits plopped out into his waiting grasping fingers, it must have lasted all of 45 seconds, then he grunted and I felt him fill the condom, he fell out of me, I pulled down my bra and went back inside, my friend was at the table, “can we go now?” I said, “no, not yet, that was too easy” he said, “how do you know?” I asked, I watched, do you think I would leave you in his clutches, I have to protect my investment” he said, what investment, are you some kind of a peeping tom?” I asked, “well, if you would rather I left you here to fend for yourself then I will see you at the wedding, good luck” he said as he made to stand up, I panicked, “no!!, no, don’t leave me, I couldn’t bear to lose you again, not after all this time, you broke my heart before, please don’t do it again” I said, he took my hands, “I am going nowhere, I only lost you because of that number thing, I am not going to leave you, never, this is just a bit of fun and I bet you have this on your list of fantasies” he said smiling at me over the drinks, I blushed, well, as a matter of fact it was, but I had a much smarter place in mind for my interview for my new role” I smiled, so would you rather go to club?” he asked, “yes please” I replied, “so drink up then” he said, I had picked up the glass and swigged down half of it before I remembered what it was, I nearly choked on the strong bitter taste of the half pint, he laughed and scooped me up then ushered me out. I was still choking as we got into the car, he leaned across and kissed me, I love the taste of beer on a woman” he said, I smiled, actually the taste wasn’t so bad when you got used to it but I could not see myself wanting to get used to it, I had experienced it too many times when Roy came home from the pub stinking of the stuff, his beer breath all over me and as usual expecting a shag from his old lady, that is how my youngest was born, 10 years after his sister, very much a surprise when I found out I was pregnant, I cursed but the boy was now 14 and I would not have changed him apart from the dirty books.To be continued….

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