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Theatrical….28Theatrical……28Come Saturday and I left her in charge of Andrew while I met up with Gerald and we spent the night at the hotel, I had never really figured out why we just didn’t go back to his place, I had a slight inclination where he lived but not certain, all I knew was that it would be a nice house because of the district it was in, but then when I thought about it, the hotel better suited our needs, especially mine with my wayward tendencies, but this weekend I had to talk with him about his long term plans because the wedding in America loomed on the horizon and I wanted to go as much as he wanted to take me, things at home were at a stage where I could easily and would be justified in walking out even though the house belonged to me as my grandmother had left me the money that I had bought it with, if Gerald would let me live with him then I could leave the family intact and get out of their lives, I wanted to be with him, I needed to be with him, he was my life, my oxygen.Our first meal together that Saturday was lunch, I was dying to get my hands on him and I think he sensed it because he teased me unmercifully by insisting on another cup of coffee which he never had done before, chatting about all kinds of stuff when all I wanted to do was get him to the room and jump his gorgeous bones, but it did give me the opportunity to broach the subject as I began by saying that I was looking forward to the American trip but was not certain if I was going to be able to get away, unless, and it went on from there, I told him about my husband’s affair and how I was so unsettled at home, I told him about my options and he actually asked me if I would like to move in with him, I suddenly panicked and said that I would like to keep things the way they were even though I adored him, I suggested that I would make my husband move in with his floosy then I could take care of my c***dren myself, my resolve must have impressed him because he didn’t push the situation but afterwards I was kicking myself for not grabbing the opportunity while it was on offer, he seemed a bit down that I had refused his offer and to this day I have no idea why I said no but like the stupid twat that I am, I did, we spent the afternoon in bed as I became re acquainted with my best friend, his cock, he took me to heaven and back several times and I concluded by realising that it wasn’t just sex with him, he was the complete package, sometimes warm and gentle as he made love to me and other times fairly rough as he fucked me to within a fraction of me losing my senses again and passing out, I ejaculated on him at one stage in the shower as I stood on one leg being thrown up the air as he rammed his cock up into me, slamming his magnificent tool against my cervix, I was screaming and shrieking as he fucked me, we had dinner and were having a drink in the bar fairly late, tormenting each other by dragging it out when we heard voices, there was no one else in the bar apart from a barman, the local team were playing away hence my husband being away so there were no supporters in, but I wasn’t too bothered, I needed to talk to him anyway and was losing interest in being deviant because I had done almost all of my list, the swing doors into the bar flew open and Julia came in, she had obviously been drinking, “ah there you are, I was looking for you two” she said, I stood up, “what’s the matter, has something happened, is Andrew ok?” I said fearing the worst, “yes, everything is just wonderful” she said as she sat down on Gerald’s lap, she put her arm round his shoulder, “Jen sends her love and asked me to give you a kiss for her” she said as she planted her mouth on his, I could almost taste the vodka, she clung on to him and shoved her tongue in his mouth, he held his hands up at each side of her, I smiled, “so did mum tell you” she said, “what?” he said trying to humour her as she squirmed on his knee, “my little brother, my naughty little brother tried to fuck me the other day” she said, “I was suddenly concerned that she might say something she shouldn’t about my having educated Andrew, I was concerned that he might just put two and two together, “I’m sure that Gerald does not want to hear about your adventures” I said, she waved her hand at me, “it’s ok mother dear but I need to tell your fellah about what sort of family we are, so!, Gerald, where was I?” she said, “you were telling us about your brother” he said smiling at her, “my naughty brother” she corrected, he nodded, “him and his friend stripped me and fondled my bosom, they did, really they did and then they tried to fuck me, did I tell you that bit?” she said, “yes you did sweetheart” he said, she stared at him and rested both hands on his shoulders, “am I really your sweetheart?” she asked, “of course you are” he said once again trying to humour her, “my brother has a nice cock but I like yours better, if you want to fuck me you can, I don’t mind, I won’t resist, not like I did with my brother” she said, “your naughty brother” Gerald said correcting her this time, “that’s right, my naughty brother” she said, “whose that?” she said trying to focus on the barman, she was not wearing her glasses and everything more than a meter away was a blur to her without them, “it’s the barman” Gerald said, “do you think that he might want to fuck me, if I show him my tits will he fuck me?” she said, “possibly” he said, she was having problems focusing on him as well and he was only 4 inches away from her, I chuckled as I watched my daughter with what could easily be her future güvenilir bahis siteleri step dad, she started to undo her blouse, “if I show him my tits then he’ll fuck me she murmured to herself as she struggled with the buttons of her blouse, “can you help me Gerald, I seem to be having a problem and my barman is waiting” she said, he looked at me, I nodded, I was once again curios as to how far this would go, he undid her blouse and her flowered bra was visible with its bulging contents, she looked up, “hey!” she said, “Mr barman, would you like to have sex with me?” she said still squirming on Gerald’s knee, the barman smiled, she looked at Gerald, “tell him Gerald, tell him he has to have sex with me, tell him I’ll let him fondle my bosom” she said, she had obviously taken a liking to this word bosom because she was using it a lot, “how can I get him to fuck me?” she said, “perhaps if you took off your knickers” I said joining in, I was getting horny just thinking about it, “she looked at me and put up her thumb, “Gerald will you do me the honour of pulling down my knickers?” she said, “are you sure about this?” he asked looking at me, I moved my seat around so that was right beside him, I, leaned over and put my lips beside his ear, “I want you to, I want you to give her to him, let him fuck her if he wants to, little tramp, she deserves it” I purred flicking my tongue around his ear lobe, I was not sure what was coming over me, this was my daughter and I wanted to see her get butchered, to get punished for interrupting my night with my man, she stood up and swayed, he caught her and brought her back in line, then she pulled up her skirt and he took hold of her white cotton knickers and pulled them down, I saw the look on the barman’s face as he took in this beauty he was being offered, Gerald took her hand as she stepped out of them and sat down again on his lap, her skirt round her waist, her pussy in full view, Gerald had his arm round her waist and he slid his other hand into her pussy, she opened her legs, “what are you doing Gerald?” she said as I sensed that she was sobering up, he’s getting you ready” I said, “for what?” she said “for the barman, you said you wanted him to fuck you so now you are ready for him” I said, Gerald had his fingers on her pussy fingering it, Julia was still squirming but she was also trying to push his hand away as the reality began to dawn that she might have to see this through, Gerald’s attention to her pussy and clit was wearing her down as she began to weaken, reaching behind and grasping his head, I stood up and waved to the barman to come over, he slowly put down the glass he was polishing and moved around in front of the bar and then slowly towards us, Julia was staring at him as Gerald slid the hand that had been round her waist up and took her bra with it, her tits bobbed out into the open, the barman stared at them, I bent down facing the barman giving him a flash of my cleavage in my loose fitting top, I pulled apart Julia’s legs exposing her genitalia to the world, then I held out my hand to the barman, he moved closer and I pulled down his zip, Julia was now almost frantic on Gerald’s fingers, I fished around inside his pants and pulled out a sizeable cock, Julia stared at it, I was slowly wanking it to bring it up to full hardness, I now had a handle and I pulled him closer to Julia, “open your legs wider sweetheart, were’ going to give you what you want” I said, she glanced at me and Gerald put his hands on the inside of her legs and pulled them open further, her vagina and labia lips on show as she was stretched open, I pulled the cock closer as I steered it into her, the barman lunged forward and the cock disappeared into Julia, she jerked her head back and the barman began to shaft her, she brought her head forward again and grabbed hold of his jacket dragging him closer so that the rest of his cock went into her, I was already making a mental note to add this to my list, she leaned back balancing herself on Gerald’s knee and lifted her knees as the guy increased his pace into her, he was building, I could tell, Julia was gritting her teeth as her orgasm surfaced and she shuddered hard, the barman groaned and launched his wad into her cunt, she moaned as his sperm shot into her, he wilted out of her panting as she dropped her knees gasping, she stood up and cum was dripping out of her, I looked down and Gerald had cum on the knee of his trousers where it had spilled out of her, we stood up, wished the barman good night and went to bed, I got Julia into the bathroom and onto the bidet, I shoved my fingers into her feeling the puddle of cum inside her and flushed her out, she clung to me while I did it, then I got undressed and put her in the shower, I washed her down and showered myself then we put her to bed in the other bedroom and we went to bed, “Gerald was smiling at me” so, was that so that she would not disturb us?” he asked, “of course, I don’t want her in the middle of us tonight, I want you all to myself for a change” I said smiling, as usual he gave me a night to remember taking me in every position including my arse and again I finished up yelling and shrieking at him as my many orgasm’s ripped in to me tearing me apart.The following lunch time we went home, I was not looking forward to the evening because it was time to sort this out, I had the evidence of his infidelity with Leslie along with the fact that he had slept in my bed with her, we sat in the lounge and when I accused him of having an affair with her he perabet denied it, then I pointed out all the evidence including her long hairs In the shower which was a fabrication but he didn’t deny it, then I told him that I had found someone else and asked him to pack his things and leave, Julia and Andrew were sat with us at their insistence and Julia was upset, dads and daughters and all that stuff, Roy was in tears by the time we went to bed, I slept with him and he suggested that we have one more time, I refused, I didn’t want him touching me, I belonged to Gerald now, I was wholly and solely his property and it felt good, I was already regretting not accepting his offer to let me move in with him, and it was another seven years before I did after Andrew got married.Roy moved in with Leslie and I was alone in my bed, Julia went back to college and it was three nights later that I invited Andrew in to my room, I let him strip me after a severe talking to about respecting women and the use of condoms, neither of which he had applied when he tried to fuck Julia, but I made him use one as I rode his cock, we shared a shower and I sucked his cock in the shower, funny how life changes.Three weeks later saw us winging our way to JFK, I had been forced to limit Andrews visits to my room to once a week, he was wearing me out once he had mastered the art of holding off till I came, he had even taken me in the shower one day holding my leg and shafting me and of course the freedom also meant that I was seeing much more of Gerald, he came round to my house one evening for a meal and I introduced him to Andrew, I managed to get him into my bed and almost but not quite fucked his brains out, this seemed to break the ice a little and I was invited around to his splendid abode, a fabulous place and again regretted my refusal to move in, he had not mentioned it since preferring to respect my wishes, but this was one occasion that I wished he wouldn’t, Andrew being the man of the house resented Gerald from the start so that was never going to happen, we still visited the hotel and Gerald had a similar experience to me with the football crowd when he was set upon by a hen party in the hotel one night but of course they had picked on the wrong guy because not one of the 10 women could walk straight the following morning as my fuck machine went through them, but like I said, here we were on our way, I was very excited and managed to get him into the plane toilets for a mile high experience but he gave the game away when I realised he had done it before, he was too slick with his technique, Del had managed to wangle a seat on the plane, she had craftily organised several meetings for him during the week to sort out little things, and what does an executive need if he is to attend meetings, a secretary, we giggled like schoolgirls when she told me but I was pleased to see her again, we had to stop at JFK to complete the entry to America formalities, then we flew on in the Leer to the private airstrip at the farm in Colorado, the place was massive and was to be the venue for the wedding and party Mildred had already had her bridal shower as they call it, so Del and I missed out on that one but come the Saturday we witnessed Mildred Leyton Mitchel marry Leroy Thomas Swanson the third, it was a truly momentous occasion with hundreds of guests from around the world, including among others, the princess Samir, I mentioned her specifically because she was my gift to him after what happened to me, it was a couple of days after the wedding, the afternoon before we had been taken to see the ritual of the stud farming part of the estate this involved a brood mare that was in season and a magnificent black stallion, the horse was brought up to the mare and as he tried to mount her a big condom was stuck on his cock, I say cock but it was more like a fucking baseball bat hanging down between his legs, a few strokes and the condom was full of very valuable semen, I felt a bit sorry for the mare because there was no foreplay involved at all, he never wrote, he didn’t call her, but then it would probably have brought tears to her eyes anyway from what I saw of it, Del nudged me as his cock expanded to about twenty times its normal length once he got a sniff of the mare, the following morning Gerald had gone for his early morning swim in the pool, he had been in the habit of doing this leaving me in bed for his swim then laying on a sun bed for an hour catching some rays, of which there were plenty, but this particular morning I had got up early after he went out and went for a walk, it must have been the sight of what I had seen before that drew me to the stables, most of the workers on the farm were black negro and some of them were working in the fields as I strolled along the path, I entered the barn and apart from the occasional movement of a horse it was fairly quiet but then I heard a whimpering sound, I moved quietly along the rows of stalls with their railed top sections, I approached an open stall and stopped dead in my tracks, in the stall was a black woman, naked, she was holding on to the rails with her hands and was bent over as a very big black guy with an enormous cock was shafting her from behind perspiration dripped from the nipples of her huge tits as they swung beneath her chest, the whimpering was coming from her, his cock was like a small tree trunk and was so big that it was only half way into her and by the way she was jerking at every forward stroke, I would say that he was hitting the top, like perabet giriş I said I froze mesmerized by the spectacle, she must have seen the movement and turned and looked at me, then she smiled and flashed her big pearly white teeth at me like Sam used to do, the guy looked at me as well and also smiled, as I watched, she came twisting and writhing her black shiny body, I turned and walked out, I was feeling all kinds of things, it had been a bit like seeing the stallion and the mare only this time the mare had got her reward, my nerves were jangling and my pussy was definitely leaking, needless to say Gerald got a very warm welcome when he returned as I leapt on him and he creamed my cunt for me, Gerald had satiated me but there was a tiny speck of irritation in me that drew me back the following morning, I walked very quietly into the stables and apart from the occasional snort of a horse there was no sound, I approached the open stall hoping that this was a regular occurrence, instead of the couple in the stall there was just a wooden stand with a saddle on it, I as wearing my blouse top and my favourite yellow shorts, as I looked at the saddle on its stand, then a pair of hairless black arms came round me and grasped my breast pulling open my blouse as my tits bounced out, I felt my nipples distend instantly, hands around my waist and I was lifted and unceremoniously thrown over the saddle face down, I didn’t fight it, I just let it happen, my shorts were pulled off me and my buttocks pulled apart, then I felt a face and tongue between my buttocks as my arse and cunt were licked and the tongue penetrated my juicy cunt, my arms and tits were hanging over the saddle as I stared at the straw covered ground then I felt the end of a very thick large cock being rubbed up and down my slit to wet it and by now there was plenty of wet, then it was forced into my cunt as my mouth opened in a soundless scream, I felt like I was going to be split in two as it pierced my labia lips and made them yield to it, it penetrated my cunt as she adapted to it, I felt that cock go all the way in as it sc****d along the inside of my cunt, I was coming already just with the penetration as I jerked and humped against the warm worn leather of the saddle, he began to shaft me driving that cock in and out of me, I was being torn apart by him, I came 4 times before he let go and fired what seemed like a gallon of spunk into me, it flooded me instantly with hot sperm then it was pulled out and I heard the footsteps leave the stall, I hung there for a few seconds then dropped off the saddle to the floor panting still, my chest heaving as my nipples began to retract back into their areoles, I grabbed a hand towel that was hanging on a nail by the door to the stall and wiped my cunt, spunk was dribbling out of me, I pulled on my shorts and knickers, then I wrapped the blouse around my torso and tied it below my breast to hold it closed as all the buttons had gone as it was pulled open, then I got shakily to my feet and made my way back to the house, I spent a good long time in the bathroom on the bidet, my vagina had taken quite a battering, I had to try to dodge Gerald’s amorous approach when he came in, the day went as smoothly as ever and I spent a bit of time in the pool which in itself helped to sooth my savaged genitalia, I caught some sun and realised I was getting bikini marks, I was also getting some interested looks from the other execs that were there but with the state my undercarriage was in, I didn’t take them up, Del came and sat with me and I told her about my experience, “so technically you were ****d” she said “yes I suppose technically I was but I’m not complaining and I am not going to tell anyone because tomorrow they will all be down there” I said, she smiled wryly, “so you’re going back again tomorrow” she said, “I might” I said smiling at her, at dinner that night I found myself sat next to the princess, they had been moving us around the tables for dinner to allow us to meet everyone and to mix up the conversation which was nice, “hello” she said, “you’re Gerald’s partner yes?” she asked, he was chatting with someone in the door way so hadn’t joined us at that stage, “well, yes I suppose I am but really we are just good friends” I said, “so how would you describe your relationship with Gerald?” she asked, “open” I said, she smiled to herself, “why do you ask?” I said, “oh!, no particular reason, I like him and wondered, he has as you say got balls” she said, it took me a second to decide whether she was asking me or telling me, I had seen her by the pool earlier in the day with three handmaidens, all with fabulous figures but her majesty had a very nice pair of tits that were a little out of proportion with the rest of her but knowing Arab women I knew that the rest of her would soon catch up, her skin was very tanned in texture although I knew that her colouring was in her breeding, the hand maidens had been applying cream and lotions to her and both Del and I caught a whiff of the perfume and agreed that it was a good job that the stallion wasn’t loose, or the men for that matter, so you like him then?” I said, “oh! yes, I like him a lot” she said “well don’t worry about me” I said, she smiled at me her eyes sparkling, “did you know that he takes an early morning swim around 7.00 in the morning” I said winking at her, she blushed and resumed her meal, Gerald came and sat down, the princess grinned at him wolfishly past me, the following morning saw me positioning myself on the balcony which overlooked the pool, Del had called me to see if I was going back to the stables but I told her that during dinner I had lifted my hand for some reason and found that I was shaking, I put it down to the fuck from the morning, I settled in my chair to watch.To be continued…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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