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the youngini am a 70 year old married bi guy. the wife was away for the day so i got to do what i love to do, go hunting. one of my favorite hunting places is the restrooms at the beach. when i got there i saw nobody around but i went into the restroom anyway. stood at the urinal a few minutes and was about to leave when a youngin came in and went right to the urinal next to me. he looked like he belonged at the beach, thin with curly blond hair.he walked up to the urinal and i knew right away that he wasn’t there to take piss when he pulled his cock out, it was rock hard and throbbing. average thickness but about 8 or 9 inches with a beautiful cut mushroom head. i couldn’t resist and reached over and stroked him which brought out a deep moan.i took him back to stall and i sat on the seat looked at that youngin’s sweet cock. i leaned forward and engulfed it. WOW, how sweet…. i could tell he was really turned on and he wouldn’t last long. i could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth. i reached down and grabbed his hairless balls and that’s all it took. he moaned loudly and started shooting. youngin’s have such canlı bahis sweet cum. he shot a big load and after swallowing all of it i assumed we were down but he pulled me up and took the seat and grabbed my cock. did not expect that from a youngin.he immediately plunged my cock into his mouth and started sucking. i could tell he had not sucked a cock before, but i give an a for effort and as turned on as i was it didn’t take long for me to explode in his hot mouth. he sucked every last drop and swallowed. i noticed he was stroking his cock as i was cumming. this youngin was ready again. gotta love the youngins. i wasn’t going to pass this up and took the seat and went to work extracting a sweet second load of cum from this beautiful cock. sweet sweet we were walking out he said he had never done that before, in fact he had never had sex of any kind with anyone. i asked him if he would like to come over to my house. he said he was there with family for a picnic lunch but would be able to visit in the afternoon. watching him walk away my groin tingled with anticipation.he showed up at bahis siteleri my house in the middle of the afternoon. i had just showered and had just a robe on. as he walked in he reached into my robe and stroked my cock.mmmmmmm. i sat on the couch and asked him to get naked. wow, what a show. that sweet hairless body and his throbbing cock standing straight out. he knelt down and started sucking my cock and playing with my balls. so nice to be able to relax and enjoy. after a few minutes i couldn’t wait any longer and had him stand up so i could get to that sweet cock.with him standing in front of me i sucked his beautiful cock. feeling the throbbing in my mouth. such a wonderful feeling. sucking that cock and feeling him pump my mouth, i reached my hands behind and felt his soft cheeks, squeezing them as he pumped my mouth.but i had bigger plans. i had him straddle my lap, right over my hard throbbing cock. i looked up at him and saw the want in his eyes. i reached over and got a drop of lube and put it on the head of my cock. holding his waist i started to lower him down onto my throbbing cock. bahis şirketleri soooo sweet when the head popped in, so sweet. he slowly slid down until he had it all. he stopped and squeezed…. WOW what a feeling. he started to grind around and i played with his perky tits, he seemed to enjoy that so i started sucking on his nipples and that really turned him cock is about 8″ and as i said before his was at least 8 maybe 9. so we could head. i love heading. if you have ever had a pussy or ass riding you and they slide up so just the end is in and work just the head of your cock, it is wild….., head in then almost out, head in , almost out, sooooo good. so i had him do that to my cock. what made this extra special was as he was doing that to my cock i could suck the head and top couple of inches of his sweet cock.we would do that until i could feel him getting close and then i would slide him all the way down and let him grind some as i suck his titties. then back up for more heading. after a few rotations of this i was getting soooo close myself so i brought him back up so i could suck his head and he headed me. when he got close i brought him with my mouth. as he is shooting guess what his ass is doing to the head of my cock, squeezing the head and making me shoot in his sweet ass. sweet nectar in my mouth and sweet cumming in his ass

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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