The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch6/P3)

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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch6/P3)Leandra screamed, as Kaliko pushed his whole cock down into her ass. His boney old hands, holding those cheeks apart for his cock. He watched as his pale cock pushed that green hole wide. Leandra threw her head back, his cock so deep and so good.”Oh fucking god, don’t stop. Feed my ass that cock”.He smiled and threw his weight into the next thrust. Shoving his cock down to the base. Leandra could feel his coarse pubic hair rubbing against her ass cheeks and hole. He held his cock in her ass grinding around inside. Making her feel all his cock.”Dorothy why don’t you sit in front of her.” Dorothy walked up to the bench and sat her pussy in front of Leandra face. Leandra looked up at her, as she began licking at her pussy. Dorothy bit her lip, watching Leandra tongue lapping at her wet pussy. She reached down and ran her fingers through Leandra silky black hair. Leandra smiled and slide her tongue in deeper, pulling Dorothy sweet pussy juices into her thirsty mouth. “Oh Leandra….don’t stop, don’t stop”. Dorothy tilted her head back and began to shake. Her pussy on fire as Leandra swirled her tongue in her. Dorothy pushed her pelvis up into Leandra face and exploded. “Oh yes, oh Leandra”. She looked down wanting to look into Leandra eyes, but Leandra was too busy sucking up Dorothy pussy juice. She had never tasted anything so sweet and amazing. She put her lips over Dorothy pussy, vacuuming up this amazing pussy fluid. Leandra could swear her pussy tasted like gumdrops.Leandra was finally able to look up at Dorothy. She pulled her head up and they kissed. Sharing the taste between their soft lips. Kaliko took this opportunity to start pumping his hips hard. Fucking Leandra ass in and out. His small powerful legs pushing him forward with more force. Making Leandra ass open wide to except his entire cock.Leandra gripped the bench and pulled her mouth away. She pushed back, unable to control her a****l instincts. Her ass and his cock, meeting in the middle welcoming one another. Kaliko shoved in hard and exploded. Spilling his hot thick cum down into her ass.”Fuck yes take that cum. Who’s my cum queen”. Leandra held her ass on his cock hating him and loving his cock at the same time. “I’m your cum queen”. He asyabahis yeni giriş slowly slide out,”Dorothy come back here, I don’t want this cum to go to waste”. Dorothy got up and walked around behind Leandra. She sat down behind her and pushed her cheeks apart with her smooth delicate hands. Cum begins to ooze out and Dorothy quickly slide her tongue under the hole. Letting the cum flow down out Leandra ass and onto her tongue. The cum propels itself over her tongue and down into her throat. Dorothy swallowing the sticky cum as her throat becomes full. The taste so salty and unpleasant, but Dorothy can’t stop herself, wanting it all. She slide her tongue up to the hole as the cum began to stop. Dorothy slide her tongue in and began pulling the rest out. Leandra moaned and reached under to her pussy. Rubbing her pussy as Dorothy licked her ass out. “Oh Dorothy, I’m cumming ….I’m cumming”. Leandra almost collapsed as her pussy flowed with juices, down on the bench. Dorothy didn’t stop, licking her ass with a furious hunger for Kaliko cum. Their bodies covered in sweat. They both sat up ,as Kaliko ate a apple, smiling at them. He walked down the bench and put his cock in Dorothy face,”Suck it”. She smiled up at him, then threw a punch that landed squarely on his face. Knocking him back onto the ground. He looked up at them in disbelief,”How is this possible”. Leandra now showed him her evil smile,”It’s called sweat you idiot”. Kaliko pulled himself up and was about to call his rockmen when a hand came out of thin air and grabbed his throat. Kaliko was pulled up into the air. Kicking his legs, trying to get free. Dorothy and Leandra looked up to find Omby.”I’m sorry I’m late. I ran into a little trouble”. His clothes and hands covered in rock dust, as he held a rather cruel looking sledgehammer. The girls got up and threw their clothes back on. They walked back to the trap door in the kitchen. Omby holding Kaliko by the throat the whole time. Leandra and Dorothy each grabbed a hold of the metal handle and pulled the trap door up. They could hear the lion still pacing back and forth in his prison. Leandra turned to Kaliko,”How do I get the belt off him”. Omby let his grip go just enough for Kaliko to talk. “I’ll never tell you, asyabahis giriş you worthless whore”. Omby squeezed again and put Kaliko closer to the Lion. Lion swinging his claws at Kaliko, trying to tear into his flesh. “Ok…..ok, I’ll tell you”. Omby pulled him away from Lion. He let his grip loose again. “Talk you theft”. “You must pronounce yourself as the new nome queen and say your fathers real name.” Leandra turned to the lion and held her hands up announcing herself to her kingdom. “My name is Leandra, daughter to the great Nome King Roquat the Red. I claim this kingdom and all its property as my own. I am Leandra the Nome Queen”. The belt around the Lion throat unsnapped and fell to the floor. “Where am I.” Dorothy ran up to Lion and threw her arms around him. “Your safe now. I’m so happy to see you. You were being controlled and we rescued you”. The Cowardly Lion looked around the room then at Omby, Leandra and Kaliko. “I know of Omby Amby and Kaliko but who is she Dorothy”. Dorothy pulled Leandra over to the Lion. “Lion this is Leandra, Leandra this is the very brave Lion. She’s the new Queen of the Nome Kingdom”. Lion offered his paw and Leandra shook it. Omby let go of Kaliko, walked over to the chain holding Lion and smashed it with his hammer. The Lion walked around the room stretching his free legs. He then came up on Kaliko and growled in his face. “What do we do with him”. Leandra bent down and picked up her fathers belt. “My people will deal with him.” Leandra clapped her hands and a rockman came out of the wall. “Now that I’m queen, I control the rockmen. He will show you the way out. I will follow, I just have to settle business here.”Omby and Lion walked up the stairs, as Dorothy go to the bottom step and looked back. “You sure your ok. You want me to stay.” Leandra walked up to her and held her hand. “Thank you but I’m fine. I’m queen now I have to start being in charge.” Dorothy smiled and ran up the stairs after Omby and Lion.Leandra waited until she knew that Dorothy and the others were a distance away then she turned to Kaliko. “You did well my loyal servant. You have played the disgruntled former servant well.” Kaliko stood up and bowed to her. “Thank you my Queen your plans are working out like you asyabahis güvenilirmi said.” Leandra looked down at the belt, so clean and smooth. She pulled her dress up and wrapped it around her waist and snapped it closed. The room went black except for a image of her father who was standing in front of her like a ghost. “My daughter, I am so proud of you. You wear my belt and now have all my magical abilities. The belt does have its limits. You can only have one wish per day but the belt will protect you from any harm. They will hate and fear you. But you are stronger then I ever was. Remember, I love you.” Leandra turned away from Kaliko, as the room lite up around her. She wiped her eyes of tears. Then turned and faced Kaliko again. “Dorothy and her friends have no idea what I’m planning. Have you found the other item I seek.””Yes my queen. When you sent me to steal the Magic Belt from Queen Ozma, I was able to look in the records room of the Emerald City. They have placed your mothers magical broom in the, Castle of Mombi. The wizard put it there when he was unable to destroy it. It is protected by gobkins, munchkins that Mombi turned into horrible creatures. They can’t turn them back after Mombi’s death, so they have them live in her former castle.”Leandra walked up to Kaliko and looked down at him. “You have done well. You could have told me about the spell on the wine. I know you had fun watching Dorothy with the rockmen, but to have her and me drink the wine was a little to far.”Kaliko dropped to his knees. “I’m so sorry my queen I never meant you harm. I thought if Dorothy saw you drink, she would not hesitate to drink.”She tapped him on the head. “Its ok I know you were only enjoying yourself and got too much into your villainy role. I forgive you.””Thank you my queen.”She clapped her hand and two rockmen came out the wall and grabbed Kaliko, holding him up between them. “My queen I have done everything you ordered.” She ran her fingers over his face. “I know you have and I will always remember it but my father did die on your watch. You let Himself the Elf transform my father into a cactus which was destroyed in a fire. Did you ever try to save him, NO. Did you ever try to transform my father back, NO. Now you want me to show mercy. I will show you the same mercy I’m going to show Queen Ozma and the rest of Oz.”Leandra turned her back and began walking up the stairs.”Make a wish.” As she got to the top of the stairs and closed the trap door she could hear Kaliko screaming as the rockmen tore Kaliko in two.

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