The Waxing Scene

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Since I can’t say names and places, I am just going to make some things up. We’ll call these people just a, b, c and so on. I signed a legal contract, so I am bound by law not to say anything about such people in detail such as names and places. So bear with me here!

I went with a and b to a BDSM club on Saturday night. Actually, I went with a, but b showed up later. Originally, a and I were just going to stay for a introduction and then the workshop following and then we would decide later if I wanted to stay while the club was actually open. Turns out, I wanted to stay. So I did!

*Caution* Even if I have to repeat myself…SEXUAL CONTENT!!!

While watching a and b get there grove on in their own scene, I watched another couple doing a “wax” scene. A and b were doing their own “who’s in charge” scene in a large room where there are other tables as well as other “kinky” toys.

Couple c and d were totally erotic. C had tied down d with some long ass nylon ropes in a very interesting knot format. D laid there completely nude, spread eagle, and blind-folded. From afar I watched as c teased her with hot dripping wax all over her body. First running the hot candle along her body, changing from heat to blowing on her skin causing her to stir her senses in such I way that I could feel myself getting turned on.

While observing, I found myself wondering what it would truly feel like if I was in d’s position. I imagined c’s hands running along my body the way he was doing to d’s.

Since this was that couple’s first time doing the scene, D wasn’t able to handle as much as she thought she could. She was laying there nude for about an hour and I could totally see why she was having a hard time with it. Or so I thought.

After a and b finished their scene, I joined the couple in the social lounge where I observed other couples in their flogging and their pulling their significant others around in dog collars. C and d joined the lounge later on. I told C that I thought that their scene was totally erotic and would have to try doing something like that sometime. Little did I know that c would offer to actually do it.

At first, I was hesitant because I didn’t want to cause any trouble Ataşehir Olgun Escort with the couple, but upon d’s insistence, I was given full permission. I stood there completely torn between going nude in front of all these people and then feeling the strong desire of wanting to experience it. So after consulting with a and b, I went ahead and joined c in the other lounge.

First, c laid out the plastic in which I would be laid on, lit the candles, while I undressed. Standing there, in front of a and b, feeling a bit braver than I had ever felt in my life, I peeled off the blanket in which was wrapped around my now aroused body. Since A had stripped in front of me without a second thought, I felt more comfortable in returning the favor.

C laid my down on the table, blind-folded me with a special blind-fold that would completely shut out any light or any ability to see anything. I laid there while the ropes were tied around my arms and legs. Starting to feel the apprehension that comes from being blocked from my primal source of senses, my body went tense. But I didn’t back down, because I knew that if I was going to try new things, I needed to be upfront and just do it.

Since I had no idea what was going on around me, my hearing actually became sharper. Funny, coming from someone who is hard of hearing, that actually surprised me. I could hear things going on in the other room that I would not have heard unless I had focused on such things.

C began to talk to me, asking me if I was ready. In my firm yet shaky voice, I said yes. Laying there completely nude, tied down, and blind-folded, I was left to wonder what was going to happen next.

Suddenly, I felt the strong sensation of heat along my body. Every part of my body instantly responded, not jerkingly, but in an arousing sort of way. I crooned to the feeling as he slowed the candle along my body and blew cold air on its path. The mixture of sudden heat and cold made my toes curl.

I began to focus on the sensation welling inside me. I became acutely aware that I was very tied down. So tied down, that pulling only made the sensations stronger.

Suddenly, there was nothing there but air. Not heat, Ataşehir Sarışın Escort not cold, but just normal air. Confused I “looked” around trying to figure out what was going on. Out of nowhere I felt a hot spot on my stomach from wax being dripped on me. My reflexes sent me nearly right off the table had I not been tied down, I would have flown right off.

The sudden heat drops on my stomach made my body flinch as more was dripped on me. Amazingly enough, it wasn’t painful. I thought it would be. But it wasn’t. If anything, it was teasing me. Teasing me to take more. Begging me to call for more.

Toes curled, arms tensed, my breath shortened, I waited for the next drop to fall on my stomach. Boy was I ever wrong, I felt heat along my right leg, then my left, then going up my legs towards my crotch. With c’s breath following the trail of hot wax, my body arched in a way that only happens when severe pleasure is reached. Closer is all I could think of. …CLOSER…

Being left again with air, I felt the strange sensation of wanting to scream and moan at the same time. Then…my left nipple felt hot. Combined with the deprevation of senses and being tied down, my nipples were very very hard. Don’t ask me why. The sudden heat..omg…just writing this…making me beg for it again…the heat of wax being poured all over my chest and nipples made me pull tighter on the ropes. My moans escaped in such a way that I only moaned more.

Asked again if I was ok, I said yes, please continue. I wanted more. I wanted all of it. I had never felt so alive and so deprived at the same time. Without thinking about what I said, I made the comment that this was so much better than sex. I heard a few laughs around me, instantly I became aware of the audience that surrounded me, I became even more aroused than ever. C laughed and said that it was so much better than sex at times. Feeling relaxed once again upon hearing his voice in my ear, I continued to focus on my body.

My arousal so evident, I began to feel more and more alive as the wax continued to tease my body. I felt the wax slowly going towards my breasts and then suddenly hitting my crotch. My breath suspended, I gasped Ataşehir Şişman Escort in surprised. Every inch of me moaned in the surprise of hot and cold on my soaking pussy. My arms and legs pulling on the ropes increasing my desire, I croaked my plea for more. And I was awarded with a ample supply of wax right where I wanted it.

C blew on me once again, slapping my legs away from his path. I responding in only moaning more.

My mind going stir crazy thinking about the anticipation of his next spot, and trying to keep from tearing out of the ropes, I could only moan louder and harder.

His voice softly speaking in my ear again, “Where do you want it?” My answer, breathlessly, “EVERYWHERE.”

Once again, I was awarded with a much bigger drop of wax on my breasts again. Slowly, he teased my chest and continued up on my neck, and so close to my mouth, I almost welcomed it to my mouth. So close, I nearly kissed him. The temptation alone was driving me wild.

The excitement was starting to make my head float. I figured ten minutes was enough for me to get a feel as to what the “big” deal was about it. So, reluctantly I said I was ready to stop.

Upon being unblinded and reblinded with the soft light around me, I felt the sudden case of nervousness as I sat up, but instantly felt more alive than ever. A was next to me smiling as I suddenly shouted out something, only to realize that I was talking rather loudly. Actually, it was pointed out.

A and I sat there peeling off the cooled wax off my body. The feeling of having my arms again was rather liberating. The room in which I was in was rather different to me. I had a whole new outtake on what I saw. The “toys” as I referred to them, became things that caused pleasure, or the appropriate way to say that, would be to AIDE in pleasure. They are designed to let the imagination flow and to help administer those creative juices.

Upon dressing and thanking C for the wonderful experience, I went back to the social lounge and started talking about the scene, and said that it was the best ten minutes of my life. Boy did I get some laughs and looks out of that statement. Confused, I looked at A and D explained to me that I was “under” for more than an hour. I didn’t believe her. Everyone around me said that it was true. I was so shocked. I kept saying I couldn’t believe it.

I will save what happened next for another entry since I am quickly approaching my limits for this one.

So share your thoughts with me on this one.

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