The Voodoo Blanket ~ a twisted story

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The Voodoo Blanket ~ a twisted storyEmily had arrived to the beach early that morning and set up her blanket in her favorite location for some early morning tanning before the sun became too warm.She had just barely closed her eyes and felt the warm rays of the sun soaking her skin, when she was startled by a wild looking Haitian man bending over her.Before she could react the man had blown a handful of powder into Emily’s face and instantly she was unable to resist, although her mind still seemed clear, her body only slowly and with great effort obeyed her commands.The dark skinned Haitian wasted no time and quickly stripped off Emily’s bikini and then walked away with it carelessly discarding it on his way back to the parking lot. Leaving Emily sprawled nude and helpless on her blanket.With little haste and the Haitian went back to his van and dug out an assortment of ancient fetishes, dark wooden statues and an assortment of modern sex toys of bizarre design.Returning to Emily’s blanket the Haitian voodoo man took great care in arranging the paraphernalia of his trade, muttering in some ancient tribal language under his breath as he worked with sinop escort great care.Satisfied with his preparations the Haitian voodoo Man turn his attentions back to Emily laying naked in the sun. From his kit he retrieved a strange oil of his own concoction and with generous amounts poured on his palms as he prepared Emily’s sex for the coming ritual.The voodoo Man’s mutterings had now became a strange sing-song chant in some forgotten tribal dialect. Deep in her sex Emily could feel the oil go to work and her belly glowed with a strange inner heat.The voodoo Man worked his trade using his hands, his mouth, his thick black cock, and some of the strangely shape toys on Emily sex.Emily’s moans and labored groans could be be heard on the wind carried over the dunes as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body. Yet people in the nearby parking lot took no notice of Emily’s plight. Strangely not even one glanced in the direction of the bizarre ritual that was being carried out only a few hundred feet away in plain sight.The African holyman withdrew his thick cock from Emily’s exhausted pussy. The holyman again apply the strange oil to Emily’s sex. escort sinop Long skilled fingers rub the oil deep into every inch of Emily’s cunt.Emily stared up into the clear blue sky, as the heat of the sun, now risen high into the sky, beat down on her naked flesh.. Her body was slick with sweat from copulating with the black skinned holyman, as well as the other things he had done to her.Again Emily could feel the strange oil taking effect and the renew heat within her belly growing and aching to be filled with the holymans thick cock and then quenched again with his seed.Feeling his fingers deep inside her cunt, skillfully massaging the oil into her sex, the holyman was like some ancient tribal craftsman lovingly polishing a statue dedicated to some dark God.This slight respite from Emily’s ordeal allowed her a moment to realize that the holyman’s strange chanting was being echoed seemingly from the crudely carved statues that he had arranged, and the warm sea breeze carry the sound of ancient drums from somewhere far away.The holyman allowed himself a moment of self-indulgent pride in his work, Teicu the goddess of lust would be pleased sinop escort bayan with his dedication. The ritual had been for her, for it was the great Teicu who had sent demons to visit the holy man’s grandmothers grandmother and teach her all forms of carnal knowledge which had been passed down through the generations.Now the holyman had come to this land, who had stolen so many people from their tribes, to work the goddesses will. The holyman could feel the goddesses approval and amusement that he had taken one of the white devils women to use in the sacred ritual to sanctify the spot in the name of the goddess Teicu.As the holyman mounted his captive again, plunging his ebony cock deep into her sex, the swollen head of his organ massaging the woman’s sacred spot, his mind wander for a moment from the ritual.He thought briefly that hours for now, when he was finished with her he would place a mark on this one, so when there was need of her for further rituals she would come to him unbidden and submit herself to Teicu pleasure.The ebony skinned holyman had spent an entire cycle of the moon preparing and saving his sacred seed, and now it would be well used on this one.Again Emily cried out in exquisite orgasm The sounds of her labors at the hands of the fiendish priest carrying down to the nearby parking lot, where other beach goers carried on oblivious to Emily’s trials…

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