The Virgin Gets Chance to Fullfill His Wish!

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The Virgin Gets Chance to Fullfill His Wish!So after the school gets over It became the begining of the college You know whats college is about the Ultimate freedom that is the Biggest PLUS Point Of it!Since Striking the puberty i was waiting to be in college cause you know i will be away for Home most likely and other thing You know I need to have sex!:P lose my virginity thats all the horny thoughts i have :Pafter Striking Puberty i had liked Both males and females but i was more in to Males I guess!!well this is how it happenedI stay with My Uncle Clark! That is he is an unmarried guy he stays at our place few years back he have got Shifted to our city so That is how he stays with us He is Around 50 Chubby! And Morevover Handsome Lol You can guess!Our Room Conisist of 3 rooms !! well what am trying to say is Unlce had to share in my room!for the first Few Months it went to normal like he sleeps near me well i dont bother neither does he!One night i just had konya escort a bad dream and i got awaked so i Turned on the lights and Drank a glass of waterWell while drinking water i looked uncle i dont know why or how i just got harnded by the way he was sleeping show his ass! and on other part he never weared Shirt and was wearing a shorts and he wont wear underwear either so you can guess what is the view i get I could see the crack of his ass!soon i turned of the lights! and i thought to have check on him!you know my uncle takes pills that is sleeping pills so he is a deep sleeperI slowly removed his shorts not completly i could just see his Dicks wow!!:P Damn it was So So Hot!:PThis same Routine Countied for few months Soon He had Shifted Another city!:PMy Sexy Chub Goodess Departed:Pdamn! i always had wet dreams about him Hoping i would get him atleast near my bed one day!Hell Yeahh That Got Succedded!!:DGuess How?So after School got over and the results escort konya were published i got good grades:P! Wow!:Psoon i started on checknig the colleges! well i got in one of the best colleges of our Country and now guess what ?? the same place were my Uncle Stays!:Dso i called him and informed him about this and the way i talked i felt like he was So happy! About himwell he said dont Stay In Hostel Stay with him!but he has room mate now may be a month later he will go so after that i can stay with him!damn i was so looking forward for it:PEveryday I was like damn Hope days get over soon!so at last a month was overat the end of the last seesion i was leaving the campus soon i saw a guy wearong blue Jenas and a red tee damn he was so hot and perfect i was like damn wish i could fuck someone like him !when he turned lol it was my uncle i looked him completlly like from eye to legs damn he became more sexy and more chubbieri looked at dick i felt like konya escort bayan it was talking to me cOME on! Lick Me Lick Me! Lol!so we went to his apartment it was somewhat bIg!he said i have Big Suprise waiting!!You know my birthday was a week away!well i moved my stuffs from hostel to the apartment!This time i never got lucky my uncles bed and mine was separte so it was hard to do!:DWELL even then i managed to do like what i did! alwaysso a week got over and next day was my birthday during my birtday also i went i slowly unzipped and his cock got up like a rocket launcher i licked licked suddenly Uncle said Harder My son! Harder !:P Okay and i did again Suddnly I thought What ?:!Did he said something ? oh i must bed dreaming! aagin He said Harder Harder!:P damn He Caught My neck and Lowered And kisses and even i did the same whoa we lip kissed like 46 seconds i was like whoa! My best birthday Gift Ever!AND HE SAID hAPPY bIRTHDAY!:PThis was The The Big Suprise!:PNow the rest Is like every end of the Fairly!The had Sex Rest Of the Lives And lIved Happily Lol!!Need YOur Feedbacks fell free to comment rate message and you can post on my wall too!:PYour Feedbacks are like The Bonus I earn!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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