The Urinals – Part 2

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The Urinals – Part 2This story is a work of fiction.He laughed “No need to be so jumpy, son. I was just feeling it.” he smirked at me and reached for it again, this time though I didn’t jump back and let him wrap his fingers around my shaft “U-uh, I.. ” I tried to speak, but I was far too surprised and, to my surprise, aroused, to do anything about it.. He began to stroke me and fuck, it felt good.. I thought about what would happen if someone walked in “M-mate.. What if.. You know, someone walks in?..” the man smiled and nodded “Yeah, we should go somewhere more private..” and walked into the nearby stall, leaving the door slightly open, I knew what he wanted me to do, I debated it, should I? Shouldn’t I? Oh god, what was I doing.. I swallowed hard and went for it, I walked into that stall, not sure of what I’d find or what the fuck I was doing. I pushed the door open and found him, sitting on the closed toilet legs apart, cock out and with a grin on his face “Well son, I see you came to play.” he beckoned me closer and I moved closer, shutting the door behind me “I-I was.. ” I was still so nervous that speaking wasn’t something I was able to do, he just smiled and then he tugged down my jeans “Let’s get you more comfortable, son.” he teased down my boxers and carefully exposed my balls, he looked happy at what he was seeing “Damn son, you’ve got some big balls!” I looked down, wondering if they were really so big.. But I didn’t have long to wonder, the man leaned in and pushed his tongue against the tip of my cock sending a shiver of pleasure through my body “Aah fuck!” I blurted out, he looked happy about that, continuing to push his tongue against my sensitive tip. “Oh my god..” I braced myself against the walls of the stall, he pushed his lips over the head of my cock and began to suck me, so slowly, so teasingly! “Aagh! FUCK!” I let out a loud groan, biting my lip to stifle it the best I could. “That’s it son, just enjoy it..” The man, who’s name I didn’t even know, was giving me such pleasure, he moaned as he pushed down, sucking me deeper, sending sweet tingles up my body as my stomach fluttered.I grunted, putting my hands on his head, this only made him more zonguldak escort eager as he started slurping on my cock, teasing my balls so carefully and teasingly, pushing down deep, oh fuck, he was so good! “Nnng!” I let out a yelp of pleasure, my knees shaking as he just kept sucking, I could feel his tongue slide back and forth over my tip, teasing against my slit and then down my entire shaft.. “M-mate..? I.. I’m gonna.. Cum if you.. Don’t..” he paid no attention, he just kept sucking my cock, teasing my balls with soft squeezes and tugs, it’s almost as if he knew exactly what I liked and wanted.His slurping was loud, he didn’t seem to care that someone might walk in, he drooled and moaned around my shaft.. I no longer cared that he was a man, it felt too good!He stopped sucking for a moment, pulling his lips slowly from my tip. “You ever had your hole eaten, son?” My eyes widened “N-no.. No I haven’t.” What did that mean? Was he?.. Oh god, should I?.. He grinned at me, turning me around and bending me over, I didn’t stop him.. I was curious about it, I won’t lie.. He pulled my cheeks apart and I could feel the heat from him so near me. “You’ve got a pretty pink hole, son.. You know that?” I blushed, part embarrassed and part aroused “N-no.. ” I stammered.He moved closer and soon I felt his tongue against me, it was warm and wet, a sensation tingled through me as he continued licking.. Oh fuck, was this how this felt? Why wasn’t I doing this every day! “A-agh..” I moaned, “That’s it, enjoy it.” he kept licking and soon I was arching my back and grunting, trembling. “F-fuck.. It feels weird.. Bu-but good..” I told him, he kept licking until he started prodding his tongue against my sensitive hole and moaning “Aagh! Oh fuck.. Oh fuck!” I bit my lip, grunting as he kept going, his hands on my arse and his tongue pushing into my hole, it felt wrong but so fucking good! I looked down and realised I was dripping precum, so much precum.”You wanna try something more, son?” I heard from behind me, then he went back to licking and prodding my hole “M-more?” I asked, I wasn’t sure at first what he meant, but then.. It dawned on me “Y-you want to.. ” He licked my escort zonguldak hole deep and hard before pulling away “Yeah, I want to fuck you.” I straightened up my back and turned to see him “F-fuck me?!” Oh god, what was I doing.. I shouldn’t be here, doing this, but I was.. “I-I’ve never..” I stammered, he laughed “You’re such a cute one!” messing up my hair and smiling at me “Listen, I’m not gonna force you son, but if you want to give it a go, I’m game.” I stood back and thought.. Was I gay? Was this who I was? But if I was gay why did I love eating pussy? “I-I want to try..” I surprised myself, what the fuck was I doing?!”Good.. Turn around and bend over, just like before.. Okay?” He was calm and gentle “Okay son?” I turned around and bent, just like before.. “L-like this?..” I managed to speak. “Yeah, son. Just like that..”He put his hand on my hip and moved up behind me, I swallowed hard, my heart racing.. “Don’t worry son, I’ve got a condom, okay?” I nodded, hearing him spit down at his cock and lube it up.. “Okay son, breathe out, slowly..” I did as he asked me, breathing out slowly, I felt it.. The tip of his cock against my hole, I tried to relax and breathe, feeling it prod against me “A-ag.. ” I bit my lip, the new sensation wasn’t bad.. It hurt a little, but not awful.. And then I felt it slide inside, there was a mild sting as he entered me and I hissed out loud “Easy son, take it easy..” he stroked my back and slowly he was inside me, it felt so strange, I’d never had that before.. A new sensation.”You okay to carry on?” he patted me on the back and I nodded, adjusting to the cock in my arse “Y-yeah.. I-I’m good..” I felt him pull back slowly and slowly push back inside, repeating.. It began to hurt less and then there was a tingling, a good tingling.. “Aaa.. Aag..” I was surprised by the sensation, it felt.. Good!He slowly increased his speed, pulling back and pushing in, it felt good, then it felt great.. “F-fuck!” I grunted loudly, his hands on my waist he groaned behind me “Oh fuck son, your hole’s so tight!” I grunted in reply, the pleasure building and building, precum dripping from my cock onto the tiled floor “Aagh! Fuck! Oh god zonguldak escort bayan that feels amazing!” I heard him laugh as he kept fucking me, I bit my lip and grunted, letting out moans as his cock pushed against my prostate “J-Jesus! Oh fuck yes!” I growled, my back arched instinctively as he kept fucking me, increasing in force.”That’s it son, feels good, right?” I nodded, groaning, it felt fucking amazing! He started to thrust in hard, deep, it made me yelp, my cock twitching as my precum oozed out onto the floor. I heard him grunting, panting for air behind me.. I tingled so good! Fuck, so good!Soon, he was fucking me hard and fast, it stung but mostly it felt amazing! I held onto the door and moaned, enjoying every second of it! “Son, I’m gonn.. Gonna cum..” I heard him say, I nodded and grunted, he kept thrusting and I heard a loud groan coming from him “Fuck! Fuck yes!” I felt him shudder as he came, his cock inside me, the condom catching his hot load.. I felt the heat. “Oh god.. Nnng fuck!” he panted for air as he slowly pulled out of me, leaving my hole feeling empty “ag fuck..” the sensation was new.I turned around to see him sitting back on the toilet, removing his condom “Thanks for that son..” he winked at me. I walked over to him and moved my hips side to side to make my cock move, “You owe me a blowjob, I think..” I smirked, he smirked back and nodded “Yeah, I reckon I do.”He looked up at me and licked the precum from my tip, pushing his lips over the head and soon my entire shaft was back inside his mouth “Oh fuck! FUCK!” my cock twitched and I was so close, so fucking close! My body trembled as he drooled around my shaft, I held his head as he slurped.. “I-I’m gonna..” I felt the pressure building, I was going to cum.. I groaned loudly, my body twitching as I unloaded inside his mouth, he just kept sucking, just swallowing as he sucked.. “F-Fuc.. Oh fuck..” I panted, my sensitive cock being overstimulated made my legs weak “S-stop.. Stop!” I laughed, teasingly slapping his head. He laughed back, looking up as he licked the last bit of cum from my tip “I had fun, son.. Listen, if you ever want to mess around, here’s my number..” he handed me a card with his number, got himself dressed and left me in the stall..When I left the bathroom my mates asked what took me so long, I told them I must have eaten something that didn’t agree with me, they didn’t question it.. I wonder if I should call him?The End.

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