The Unusual Professor

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Damn, this is so hot!

Teresa sat on the couch, stunned at what she was seeing. On the screen before her she could see her room mate, Jenni, across the knee of a early forties woman. Both were naked, with the older lady spanking the younger Asian girl in a steady pace, alternating between both full cheeks. What was even more interesting is that instead of Jenni trying to escape, she seemed to be moving her ass higher towards the blow. She was also noticeably wet.

The older lady may have some appearance of age, but she looked for all the world like a professor, with nice, open face and small tits. She was slim, more from working out, Teresa assumed, than from anything else. Her body looked toned, and a great overall tan indicated that she bathed quite regularly, and in the nude, for she had no tan line. But at the moment, she was enjoying the firm, ripe ass of Jenni bouncing to her blows, with a look of glee in her eyes betraying the aura of an angry woman.

“That’s it you whore!! Only a true bitch in heat would take this spanking and love it! That’s what you are, a dirty, well spanked whore!” barked the woman.

Teresa sat stunned, as she saw her room mate moan all the louder to the insults, all the while the woman spanked her. It was obvious that the woman spanking the Asian girl was enjoying herself, her nipples stiff and her cheeks flushed. The assault continued, as the moans of Jenni turned louder and louder with each spank.

Man, I’m soaked! thought Teresa, as she saw the video, still stunned at what the package turned out to be. It was a closely guarded secret that Teresa, also an Asian woman of Japanese decent, that she wanted to be spanked and treated like a slut. She had confessed to Jenni one drunken night about her desire, but she had never indicated that she would be interested in another woman being her top, mainly because she had not yet grown accustomed to the idea that she has of late been turned on more and more by women.. And now here was her room mate, enjoying it!

Quickly pausing the video, she looked at the package to see any clue to the sender. It’s only return address was a post office address, but with no name. Judging by the home setting but quality lighting, this might be a high class home video. Oh fuck it, I need to cum!

Shrugging out of her jeans and plain T-shirt, Teresa sat back down on the couch and decided to tease herself before continuing. Trailing her fingers over her breast, she enjoyed the feeling görükle escort of her wet pussy and cool air. She could imagine herself, over the knee of the woman, begging to be a whore. She could feel her ass tingling as she felt the blows, and wondered what it would be like, smelling another woman’s heat and wanting to lick her in gratitude.

Resuming the video, Jenni was still being beaten, but now the blows were more spaced out, much to Jenni’s chagrin. It seems that the cute girl was close to orgasm, and it was evident, as her breath was more hoarse, and the knee of the older woman was drenched.

“Oh, look at what the little slut has done to herself! She’s gone and wet her Mummy’s leg like a naughty girl! Such a slutty whore you are!” Exclaimed the woman, to which Jenni hung her head down in shame.

Teresa moaned out loud and teased her nipples, as the older woman continued to spank her charge, but now at a slower and more measured pace, much to the frustration of Jenni. I seems as though Jenni was close to orgasm! How someone can come from a spanking alone thrilled Teresa, and she quickly placed two fingers onto her pussy lips, teasing them as she watched the scene unfold.

“Oh no, dirty sluts like you don’t get to come so easily! Did you think of Mummy’s needs when she asked you to suck her pussy like a good girl? No, you complained and made it so it was a big chore! So instead of you licking my pussy, you get a spanked ass! No, no more for you, go into the corner!” barked the woman.

Jenni got up, a bit unsteadily, and bowed to her mistress as she walked over to the corner. It seems she had been there a lot, as she immediately opened her legs and spread her arms above her head. Her spanked ass was a delightful sight to Teresa, who was awed at just how slutty her room mate could be. Her hand was moving of it’s own violation, a blur of speed as she watched her roommate, who she had known for a year, spread herself, as if she was waiting for some one to take her, use her.

“You!” the older woman replied, seeming directing the camera “I want you over here, to please your mistress!”

“Yes, Mistress” a southern drawl replied, before yet another woman stepped into the scene. She did not seem as old as her mistress, but rather seemed to be only less older. She was a perfection of a mature blonde lady, with her hair flowing all the say to her ass as she walked to her mistress. She, unlike Jenni, didn’t seem to bursa escort bayan mind her being naked, which also boasted amble breast for sucking, and a trimmed pussy, very noticeable for being wet. Her as had the unmistakable colour of a ass recently spanked.

She was also wearing a collar, with a leash attached. When she arrived to her mistress, she immediately went down onto her knees and presented her leash to the mistress, who took it firmly. For a while the looked at each other’s bodies, the blonde woman looking at her mistress with warm eyes, while the older mistress looked on with lust. Then the mistress seemed to collect her self and addressed the slave.

“I have a treat for you, my dear. You have performed your duties well, and I always reward my most loyal servants.” the mistress said, before she turned around and opened her ass cheeks. ” Lick my ass, slave, and enjoy yourself for it”

“Oh, thank you, Mistress!” the blonde enthused, much to the curiosity of Teresa. What kind of woman, she asked, would enjoy licking another’s ass?

Her question was answered with the response of the blonde. She leaned forward and placed one gentle, soft kiss on the pink rosebud, to which her mistress sighed. Taking this as her cue, she then proceeded to lick in long, sure lines, never seeming to touch the woman’s soaked pussy. Her mistress obliged to help with her pleasure, by holding her ass cheeks wide and lewdly, all while the blonde licked and slurped at the ass, seeming to treat it as a most precious gift. Teresa then noticed one hand of the blonde stroking her ass cheeks, while the other played with her nipples.

“Oh yes, just like that! I can see your feeling your beaten ass, you slut! I remember so well this morning, how you asked me to spank you, at the kitchen table! You never wear clothes anymore, and you were so cute and horny! I should know, you were so wet just from when you woke up! Most probably dreaming of countless women, all of different races, treating you like the down and dirty slut you are! Oh yes, I can see how you closed your eyes as you were spanked over the table, asking for more while you played with your nipples! Pinch them!” the mistress barked, to which the blonde pinched hard, and moaned the louder.

Teresa moaned loudly. Never before had she seen such natural display’s of submission and arousal. Her hands had been making a wet mess with her pussy, she was so wet! Then she felt the first trickle bursa escort touch her asshole, and she shuddered. This is how sluts should feel, wet and naughty and desperate and feeling fuckable. A piece of quivering flesh, something animal, bestial. One hand on her pussy, she let the other hand hold her buttocks open, letting the juices pool around her asshole. One finger tracing her rosebud, she felt naughty. Then with a sudden urge, she pushed her finger, and was surprised how quick it went in, and how nice it made her feel. While gearing up for a second finger (oh, she wanted to have a cock shoved in!) her attention was brought to the cries of pleasure of the screen.

The older woman had stopped cussing and cursing, instead her mouth was open and her eyes tightly closed. The noise of the blonde mouth working her asshole was loud and sloppy, as she raked her nails down her beaten ass, growling and moaning like a dog. The mistress then tensed, and howled in pleasure as her ass started to shake. Her orgasm was powerful, and she lost all control of herself, shaking herself around and arching her back, which pushed her further onto the tongue that was buried into her ass.

Teresa lost control. Roughly shoving three fingers into her wet pussy, the biggest amount she has ever, she cries out as her body goes into over-drive. Briefly she wonders how her orgasm could not have melted her body, she forgets all about the video, all about what the world is, who she was, all that was important ceased to exist as her pussy, her cunt, her honey-pot was all that was important, it was essential to keep rubbing, to keep shoving, to keep pinching her nipples harder and rougher until there was no end, over and over and over..!!

Finally, after the last shuddering breath is sighed, and Teresa is panting with the afterglow of a powerful orgasm. The people in the video seem to be experiencing the same type of exertion, while the older mistress slunk down into the chair, the same one to which she held Jenni captive over her knee. It was a beautiful sight, a thoroughly satisfied woman. The blond seemed anxious to cum herself, having not had her release, but she had discontinued with her abuse of her ass.

The woman than seemed to look directly at the camera, clear that she was about to say something.

“Hello Teresa, my name is Professor Madison White, and I have a particular offer for you to think about. If you’re interested , keep this tape on. If you are not, I hope that you understand that you must not allow this tape to any authority at the given time. But one way or another, your friend Jenni will be coming home to you, and you must have a answer to my proposal. I will give you two minutes time to decide.”

To Be Continued…

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