The Trilogy Pt 2

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The Trilogy Pt 2The Trilogy, Part IIInto The NightAn unknown time has past after our post coital haze cast its spell on us. I open my eyes. It’s still dark with the exception of the street light passing through the window across the bed, softly lighting it on a pleasantly warm evening. I am facing the wall opposite of the windows. There’s a tender breeze bathing the bed, slightly moving the sheer lace curtains as they move to and from the window casings. Thoughts roll through my head while I’m still foggy. I look at the clock and realize it is only half way through the night. I’m very glad that I only wore boxers to bed because the warm air passing over me would have been stifling in anything more. Everything is calming, soothing. There isn’t a sound to be heard and that’s possibly the best thing to hear on a night like this. It’s very pleasurable to have comfort like this and I know we have to enjoy it while we’re here because soon it will be oppressively hot and the humidity will build as the city comes alive and people begin their commutes to work.I come to the realization that you’re not touching me. There’s a cool air passing across my back that leaves me feeling empty and naked. I am so use to always having you there with me so it feels strange and abnormal to me. Twisting my upper body a little, I turn my head. I can see your form. I want to touch you. I roll over and take in the beauty that is your body; half covered by the sheets from the waist down, leaving my imagination to wander about what I already know is down there.There’s a glow from your skin; the light outside lets out your soul in the perspectives of love and drunkenness. I can’t help be want to touch you but know I shouldn’t yet. I’ve worked on restricting myself from being aggressive, but in a soft niğde escort and urgent way, all the while wanting to feel touching me; or rather my body touching you. I have to be gentle in fulfilling my desires, which are your desires, as you always react so slightly pleased in the feeling of our connection, u*********sly all the while.I feel an erection start to grow. It’s only mildly soft as I feel like taking over your body. Images of things that could come to us if I feel I can time such desires just right, the union I longer for between us could be intoxicating, thrilling, insurmountably loving. It’s tender touch of lust at first. I imagine myself just taking your body and rolling it toward me and placing you on your back roughly, however I know this isn’t what you’d want or what even I wouldn’t want. Love at night, the middle of the night, should be an amazing act of love, even though I am seeing a side that requires me to be rougher with you. It’s something I want to do for you but only by catching you off guard when you least expect it. It has to be spontaneous but passionate. You will get that. You had better be watching your back because I will pounce you when you least expect it. I roll things through my mind and take into the entire act that I want to do, planning it out, much like I do when I am preparing for a big conversation, a presentation for someone, a truly heroic action. I have to leave these things in calculation to ensure you reach the maximum potential of pleasure for all parties; or prepare for the fallout of the sad or confrontational images and instances that will perpetuate from these things. Again I fight the urge to roll you over and just make rough love to your goddess-like body. You are on a high pedestal and need to be revered. Slamming escort niğde into such an act would not be at all romantic or sensual. It would violate that pedestal you stand on. It would tear it down. I, of all people, should not be the one that does it. I should be the one to stop anyone from doing it.I slide my body near you, a mere two feet apart. I feel almost as if I’m slithering toward you, planning the right time and the natural action I already have drilled into my plan. I slide against you, my cock is half way erect now. I am preparing myself for a smooth connection with your body as if your nakedness is calling me and attracting me to you, just as if we were magnets.Finally! I make contact. My body runs into you, gently, and feels the coolness of it with soft hairs on your back. We fit my front to your back, spooning softly. My build up and yearning is finally satisfied as you arch your back so slightly to my touch.There is no sign of extra heat that I usually feel when we spoon this way. My hand touches your hip and slides down your upper thigh at which point I repeat up and down movements. You push your ass back against me which makes me realize just how hard my cock really is. I have it pressed directly against the crack of your ass and stay very still as to not wake you up. You inhale and exhale a deep breath and rock backward toward me. My cock is now pressed slightly inbetween your ass cheeks. It seems as if you’re at least slightly awake. Was this involuntary? Or was this just an attempt to make my situation worse? I soon found out.Your arm made a movement back toward me, assuring me that you were most definitely awake. You touch my cock and wrap your hand around it, stroking it back and forth. I life my head enough to see the side of your face and niğde escort bayan realize you have a slight smile on your face although your eyes are closed. You separate your legs and allow me access to your pussy. You aim the top of my cock so it’s even with your hot opening which is so wet that it feels as if it could be running down your leg. Again you push against me, but with more force, telling me to push myself inside. I willingly accompany you and make an easy, progressive move until I am fully involved with the magic between your legs. You let out a small gasp as I reach the full hilt which leaves me pressed deep against your cervix. You start a rocking motion, encouraging me to start fucking you. Making no hesitation, you increase your speed rapidly so I am fucking you quickly and fucking you hard. It feels amazing! I love your inner walls so much! And then – it happens.You writhe in passion, a very quick and powerful cum from you that I’ve never seen you experience or your body give up to me. I stroke myself fast and hard and ride you through it. The way your body tensed as you came indicated that it was particularly hard. This seemed to increase your hunger for my cum. Your leg lifted higher as I placed my forearm under and raise it higher. There is much less friction from you now and it opens my freedom to fucking your pussy from behind while you’re on your side. Now my thoughts shifted to something else.It was time and we both knew it. I slammed hard against you and force myself in and out of your pussy with long strokes and suddenly begin cumming deep in your inner walls, coating them with my cum. My strokes become shallow as to stimulate the tip where my most sensitive area is. My body quickly relaxes. With your vaginal walls relax, your leg comes down and I slip out. You again have a smile on your face, but now it’s much larger. Again I put my arm around you; you sigh heavily and allow a deep breath out. We are cuddling again, my arm around your middle. And with that…We’re asleep.

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