The Trainer

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Lexies’s bare legs were crossed at the knee as she sat on the edge of the motel bed and carefully read the letter that Ted, the male college student, handed her. It was written by his friend David and contained the unique code word in the final paragraph. It was a code word that she assigned to every customer who referred another male to her.

Ted was justifiably nervous. He had never had sex with a woman before, and Lexie was to teach him. At nineteen that was something he didn’t want to admit.

“What did David tell you about this, and why did you want to see me?” she asked. “Speak freely – I ask that of everyone I see.”

She smiled. Her slight overbite had a sexy appeal, and Ted’s boner was already apparent inside his pants.

He sighed, and stammered, “Well, he never used to have girlfriends, and now they won’t leave him alone. I wanted to know why he was so successful and he told me he had good training from you, so I wanted to, you know, have a chance too. And he said you only take guys who haven’t gotten laid yet.”

“Anything else?”

“No. He said there are secrets and he wasn’t going to tell any guy.”

Lexie looked a little younger than her 29 years, although her demeanor conveyed her experience. She held out her hand, and Ted handed her an envelope.

“Take all your clothes off,” she directed, and watched as he awkwardly complied. He stood before her, his cock straight out. Lexie uncrossed her legs and removed her shoes. Then she hiked her skirt up around her hips. “Get on your knees and remove my panties,” she said, almost in a whisper.

Ted rushed to do as she instructed. When he got her panties down to her ankles, she pulled them back up and said, “That was too quick – go slow and pay attention to the girl!” Ted tried again, and Lexie noticed that his hands trembled a bit as he slowly tugged her panties down. She let him take them completely off.

“Now,” she said as she opened her legs, “you have to learn to eat pussy. Come closer, and inhale my scent.”

Ted’s cock pulsed and pre-cum oozed from his excited member when he looked at Lexie’s pussy. He had only seen pictures of female anatomy. The light brown mat around her glistening labia added to his already high arousal. He came closer, and inhaled. It was a sweet, primal scent, one he had never known. His cock got harder yet. He inhaled deeply, moaned, and touched her pussy with his lips.

Lexie smiled to herself. Ted continued to inhale her scent of arousal and gave her pussy enthusiastic kisses. He licked up her joy juice several times, and went after her pussy with a fervor that pleased her. She let him keep going until he looked at her for more direction.

“Not bad for your first time,” she said, and removed her skirt and top. Ted looked at her in awe, and his cock throbbed. She lay back on the bed. “Now I want you to lightly feel my body with your hands. All over, and go slow.”

Ted’s anxious hands started at her feet. He got more aroused every minute as he felt her legs, her inner thighs, her pussy mound, her midsection, and her firm breasts.

“Now give my pussy more attention with your mouth.”

She moaned as Ted enthusiastically kissed and licked her fresh arousal for several minutes. “Okay, Ted. That felt good. You may enter me now, and lay on top of me, face to face. I want you to go slowly, and refrain from ejaculating until I give permission!”

He wasted no time getting his desperate member inside her. Lexie kept completely still and passive as Ted experienced intercourse for the first time. She looked deeply into his eyes and sensuously puckered her lips. Ted panted. Betturkey He could not keep still, and permitted his cock to control him. As he freely pumped, Lexie was satisfied that the session was going according to her plan.

The stimulation was too much for Ted. “Omigawd! Damn! Uhhh! Uhhh! Aaaagh!” He thrust wildly and allowed his cock to take the satisfaction it had been demanding. Lexie tried not to giggle.

Ted tried to hide his disappointment at having spurted so soon. On the other hand, that was his first time in a receptacle other than his own hand, and it really felt good. After a few minutes, his member was still firm and he began to entertain thoughts of another sweet ejaculation inside his female mentor. It was then, when his arousal began to renew its demands on him, that Lexie reeled him in.

“We were just beginning your lesson,” she said with a good-natured giggle. “You know I charge by the cum, don’t you? I know you want to continue today – did you bring enough with you? There’s a lot more I can teach you today.”

Ted paled as he withdrew from Lexie. He regretted letting his impatient cock take charge, but wondered how long he could have held off in any case. “I can’t afford any more today,” he dejectedly stammered.

Lexie waited a moment. The room was in complete silence, and then she said, “I’ll tell you what – I’ll give you another lesson today – on the house – if you’ll practice eating pussy some more.”

His face brightened, and then the realization set in. “But I just -“

“Yes, you did. And if you extract it with your mouth, you can have another lesson. Remember, it’s not just your sperm there, it’s my pussy juice too. You liked that, didn’t you?” She spread her legs.

Ted couldn’t believe what he had just heard. After his very first ejaculation into a woman’s pussy, he was being told to clean it with his mouth. On the other hand, his arousal was returning, and the sight of Lexie’s womanhood oozing with their freshly mingled juices of pleasure was one he knew he would never forget.

Lexie had almost convinced him, but needed to overcome his reluctance. “Some men always eat pussy after intercourse. It gives a girl wild orgasms. Have you ever given a woman an orgasm? A real one? You want another lesson today, don’t you?” She noticed Ted’s cock hardening, and gave a sexy whimper. “Get all your sperm out – and swallow! Then you’ll learn more about how to be successful!”

Ted’s arousal overcame his reluctance, as Lexie knew it would, and he got close to Lexie’s entrance.

“Get every drop, now – I’ll tell you when to stop.”

Ted tentatively licked around her pussy before homing in on his profuse ejaculate. Lexie moaned and squirmed, which spurred him on and he licked more aggressively. After several minutes Lexie yielded to her orgasm. Ted was in awe when he heard her gasps and wordless moans as she bucked and wiggled.

“More, Ted! Keep going,” she breathlessly panted. He put his mouth back on her pussy and sucked. As he extracted more sperm, Lexie kept wiggling, and eventually surrendered to another intense orgasm.

Ted’s cock was hard and desperate again after seeing Lexie’s orgasms. She smiled seductively and said, “I want you to enter me now and take your time. You can go slowly or even keep still for a moment when you need to.” Then she spread her legs even more.

Ted inserted his member where his mouth had been. It felt good, and of course his impatient cock craved more of the intensely erotic feeling. He had to constantly rein in the craving so he could go slowly and avoid popping off again.

As Betturkey Giriş he pumped, Lexi whispered, “Brush your lips gently on mine,” and sensuously puckered her mouth. Ted felt a zing of pleasure from the teasing almost-kisses, and after a moment of this was unable to halt the progression of events.

The pleasant feeling in his cock intensified, and in short order he felt the spurts traverse through him and into Lexie’s pussy. “Oh God! Ahh! Nnnngh! I can’t help it! Unhh! Unnngh!”

It was indeed a sweet ejaculation for Ted, who had not experienced a woman’s pussy before that day.

Lexi giggled. “Pull out now, Ted, and give my feet some attention with your mouth. Make it slow and sensuous.”

He fervently licked and kissed her feet. She guided him, telling him to take each toe inside his mouth and feel it with his tongue.

“Oh, that feels good, Ted!” she moaned. Her spermed pussy became creamier with her nectar added to his ejaculate. After a while, she had him lick her legs from her ankles to her hips.

“Eat my pussy again, Ted,” she commanded.

She gave him a stern look to encourage him when he was about to balk. “Come on, your training is progressing well. We may be able to finish up today!”

She spread her legs slightly to entice him. He reluctantly put his mouth to her pussy for his second creampie of the afternoon. Her two intense orgasms, in which she pounded the bed with her fists and wildly rocked her hips, made it worthwhile to Ted. Then she turned over and had him feel her body from her head to her toes.

By the time he had felt her firm nether cheeks, and heard her contented moans, his erection returned, as Lexie knew it would.

“Okay, there’s one more lesson today, but you’ve got to put your mind to it,” Lexie stated. “I’m going to act like an inexperienced college girl, and I want you to give me a nice long fucking. When you feel you’re close to ejaculating, either stop pumping completely, or pull out for a while. That will impress the girls. Flip me over and fuck me when I’m on my tummy, at least once. Be careful to not ejaculate then. Also, after you’ve squirted in my pussy, put your mouth there and suck me clean, without my telling you to do that.”

Lexie put her clothes on and had Ted sit next to her on the bed. Then, she pressed her lips on his. Her passionate approach to making out caused him to respond in kind, and only a few minutes later he slowly removed her panties while gently brushing his lips on her pussy. His erection was rock hard, and he had to keep telling himself to avoid being hasty. When he got all of Lexie’s clothes off, she gave him a saucy smile as she spread her legs as though asking for it.

Ted was visibly aroused and panting as he got between her knees and grasped her hips. She encouraged him by guiding his turgid member to her juicy opening. When he thrust inward, she moaned softly, and looked into his eyes as he took a few thrusts. Her submissive pose with her hands open and beside her shoulders aroused Ted even more. Then she felt him deliberately slowing his pace, and smiled.

After a few moments of careful thrusting, he pulled completely out, and nudged her over on her tummy. When she arched her back, Ted almost lost his load. He carefully penetrated her, and took deliberate, prolonged thrusts, each time going in to the hilt. Then he lay on top of her. He felt her moans in his midsection, and had to stop thrusting for a moment. A few carefully measured pumps, and he again withdrew.

Lexie turned over onto her back, and invited him inside her again. Face to face, Ted saw her excited Betturkey Güncel Giriş eyes close up. His arousal became more intense, and he realized he was powerless to stop it. He exclaimed aloud and pumped wildly as his lengthy ejaculation took hold. Each spurt wracked his whole body, and he swore that his ejaculation was more intense than he thought was possible.

Lexie smiled when Ted came out of his absorption with his ejaculation, and he remembered that he had another cleanup task. He pulled out and saw drops of his spent lust at her entrance. He noticed a feeling of reluctance, at the same time that Lexie’s pussy had a sexual, primal look.

When he placed his mouth on her freshly sexed pussy, she gasped. As he continued to lap up their juices, she moaned, twisted, and contracted her inner muscles until she yielded to a powerful orgasm.

A little while later, as she put on her panties, she said, “That wasn’t bad, Ted. You should know that the main ingredient of this training was to get you to clean the girl’s pussy after you ejaculate. That is how you will be successful.”

Then she told him about the code word, and the need for secrecy about details of the training. After Ted left, she placed a call to the friend who referred Ted.

About a week later, Ted noticed that a couple of college girls were getting friendly – girls that he had fantasized about. One of them, Trish, approached him between classes. As she sidled up to him in her short skirt and bare legs, he did his best to conceal his prominent erection.

Several hours later, Ted was on Trish’s bed, gazing at her delectable pussy, looking in her excited eyes after having given her an intense orgasm with his mouth. She willingly spread her smooth legs and guided his aroused and throbbing member inside her. He tried to keep still as he felt her chest against his, and pressed in for sweet and sensual kisses.

A few thrusts threatened to send him into ejaculation. He pulled out and nudged Trish on her tummy, and entered her again. He was determined to give her a good fucking before ejaculating, although every minute brought him closer to surrendering to the urgent wishes of his cock.

After a short while he again pulled out, nudged Trish over on her back, and entered her. Face to face, his determination to prolong intercourse dissolved, and he took long, deep thrusts.

A moment later he crossed the line into the most intense ejaculation he had ever experienced. He spurted and spurted into Trish’s welcoming pussy, surprised that his cock gave so much.

For a few moments Ted enjoyed the feeling of his member nestled inside Trish’s pussy. Then he decided to put his training to work and make her feel good. He withdrew, and quickly got between her legs. Her blushing pussy lips appeared puckered, as if asking to be kissed. The creamy mixture of his semen with her nectar welled up at her entrance, and he gave a tentative lick.

Trish pumped her hips and gasped. Another lick, and she moaned. Then he enthusiastically applied his oral pussy skills, and Trish reacted with passionate moans and frenzied rocking of her hips. A moment later she pressed her hand over her mouth and went into an intense orgasm. A few moments later, another one. And a third.

She pulled him on top of her, guided his erection into her hungry pussy, and pressed her mouth on his. He freely let himself plow her pussy, and a few minutes later, exclaimed, “Oh my God!” as he again spurted recklessly into her. They lay panting, and after a few more residual spurts traversed his cock into her slippery grotto, he again applied his mouth to her insatiable pussy. Three more orgasms hence, and they slept.

A few days later, one of Trish’s friends, Penny, put her hand on his shoulder, looked directly at him with excited eyes, and said, “Ted, would you like to study together this evening?”

Of course, he said yes.

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