The Train Journey

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The Train JourneyShe boarded the train at Paddington and moved down the carriage to her seat, as she sat down she took off her coat and gazed out of the window, a little smile adorned her face as she knew that in less than an hour she would be with him again, and this time it was for a whole weekend.The train jolted as it moved out of the station and just at that exact time her phone vibrated in her pocket,the vibrations sent a tingle all the way around her body, again she began to grin as she knew the message was from him, as she reached for her phone she could feel that her nipples had become erect and she also sensed the warm the feeling that was happening inside her knickers. was this in anticipation as to what may lie ahead for the weekend? The message just read ” i have just jumped in the shower, see you soon, i love you x ” her heart fluttered as she replied, she knew she felt exactly the same towards him and pretty soon he would be meeting her at then other end.Just as she was about to put her phone away she remembered the pictures that he had been sending her all morning and decided to look at them again, it would make the journey a bit more bearable, as she scrolled through the pictures all she could think of was how she had missed him,how nice his cock looked and more importantly how nice it felt inside her as he fucked her. She stopped on one picture it was of his hard cock his skin was pulled back and his bell end was glistening with pre cum, all that she knew at that moment was she wanted it, she wanted to hold that cock and guide it into her mouth, she wanted to wank it, lick it and suck it. She squirmed in her seat,she could feel that her cunt was more than just a little bit moist in fact it was beginning to drip she could feel the juices running out and she knew that there was already a damp patch inside here knickers. güvenilir bahis siteleri She looked up and saw the ticket inspector standing there, he gave her a knowing look, surely he had seen what she had just been looking at on her phone hadn’t he? he punched her ticket and wished her a good journey and gave her a cheeky smile as he moved down the carriage.Opening up her bag to put her ticket away something caught her eye, she reached in to grab it, it was her little bullet vibrator, a thought suddenly raced through her head,surely she couldn’t could she ? Looking round the half empty carriage there was a woman working on her laptop, another with an ipad. a man reading a paper and another on his phone, non of them were looking at her or even seemed like they had noticed she was there,she pulled her coat over her lap and slid her hand underneath, she unbuttoned and then unzipped her jeans, still nobody seemed to even look at her so slowly but surely she eased the bullet into her knickers,parting her lips slightly so it nestled nicely against her clit,she could feel how wet she was and as she pulled her hand out she knew there was a little bit of wetness on her finger she lifted it to her mouth and sucked on her finger it not only tasted good but she smelt good too.As she slid back into her seat she hit the button on the end of the bullet, Fuck that fells good she thought as it started vibrating against her now slightly swollen clit, she tilted her head back and closed her eyes and started to think of him and how she wanted him, she wanted him to just lay her down and lick her cunt,she loved the way he had done it the last time they were together,the way he would tease her by just running his tongue up the inside of her thigh then down the other one, pausing slight over her moist pussy lips not licking but close enough for perabet her to fell his warm breath on them, a feeling that drives her mad but in a good way. she would then raise her head slightly to look down at him only to find him looking straight back at her, a cheeky grin covers his face as he buries is head down and starts to kiss, nibble and lick all around her pussy, the intense feeling she is getting is making her clit throb it needs some attention and very soon. She feels his tongue very gently running the length of her cunt still sort of teasing her but she liked this feeling, he then opens her with his fingers as soon as he dose this she can feel her juices trickling out and down her crack to her arse which is where he starts to lick again, his tongue circles her arse, slowly he moves up and slides his tongue into her pussy which he is holding open tasting just how sweet she is then finished the movement by sucking on her now exposed clit. He feels her body tense and she lets out a little moan as he pushes his tongue down onto her clit and then holds it in his teeth playfully nibbling on it,gently he eases in 2 fingers they slide in easily as her cunt is now just dripping with her juices. Still licking her clit he slowly starts to finger fuck her pussy, each time pushing his fingers in deeper and deeper and getting faster and faster, her back arches and she reaches down to hold his head in that position she can feel herself cuming and doesnt want him to move or stop from where he is licking,she cums but it is just a small one, is this just the start of it? He carries on finger fucking her,every time he thrusts them in he brushes past her g spot, he knows exactly what he is doing and knows exactly what he wants to see, each stroke is now getting harder and faster he is still licking her clit but to add to the intensity perabet giriş she is thrusting her cunt onto his face as well,her breathing is getting heavier,his fingers are working faster,her cunt is pulsating she knows she cant hold on much longer she knows this feeling,she grabs hold of the bed sheets,tenses her body again and lets go, she squirts her cum out of her pussy all over his hand and all over his face but he doesnt stop he carries on vigorously finger fucking her, again another gush on cum flows out…Stop stop she yells at him but he takes no notice pushing his fingers in again, he wants more, he wants her to squirt until she is empty, the walls of her cunt tighten around his fingers,each time he pulls them out cum just flows out her pussy ,this is the wettest he has ever seen it but he just carries on licking, lapping up her juices, she tastes so good he cant get enough of it, her whole body is now shaking her legs clamping his head and with one more gasp she lets go again as the last bit of cum dribbles out of her cunt and down the crack of her asre and finally onto the already soaked sheets, she pushes him away and just slumps back on the bed,she can take no more, she glances at……Just then she is woken from her dream with an announcement that the next stop will be Reading, her bullet was still vibrating against her clit, glancing around to see if anyone was looking at her she slid her hand under her jacket again and into her jeans to turn it off, she could feel her knickers were absolutely soaking wet, had she cum as much in real life as he had in her dream,she must of and had anyone seen or heard what she had been doing ?? She sorted herself out and fastened her jeans and composed herself just as the train pulled into Didcot,she opened the door and stepped onto the platform looking for him but cant see him anywhere,suddenly she feels his familiar touch from behind her as he holds her and kisses her neck,she turns round to face him looks into his eyes with a massive smile on her face knowing just what the weekend will hold……..She is going to have her man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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