The Three Wise Fuckers

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My name is Bry and I work as a receptionist in a large corporation. I am outgoing in my personality, but it wasn’t always the way. I had a pretty rough time of it in high school. I was a bit short and chubby and certainly not one of the ‘cool kids’, and was constantly teased. I was very nerdy in my bland prescription glasses. The girls were always worse than the boys with their insidious taunts. My big breasts made sport uncomfortable, but I soon learnt that they had significant advantages in sports of a sexual nature! They are 22DD in the Australian vernacular which I think is about a 44 band size in the U.S.

While I am professional and demure at work, I am an outrageous goth girl, most of my work colleagues know this and embrace it. I really connected with the goth music scene in my late teens. I got right into the likes of bands such as “Fields of Nephilim” and “The Prodigy”, and a whole lot of my local goth bands. I love the eroticised sense of fashion that pervades the goth culture, the stark blackness that contrasts against pallid skin and ghostly makeup. I love the juxtaposition, the industrial ruggedness of leather and steel, the feminine fragility of expensive lace and silk. I love the old world macabre, but hate violence.

I lost my virginity when I was 17 to a fumbling guy at his parent’s place when they were out of town. It certainly wasn’t the pinnacle of my sex life, but you have to start somewhere! It was in fact sex that allowed me to build self confidence, I was good at something and that something made others (and me!) very happy. My first steady boyfriend was a much older bass player in one of the local goth bands. He was 28 and I was 19 at the time. I guess it started a fascination I had with older men. He had a pierced cock and convinced me to get my first piercing – my belly button. But I went on to get my left nipple and my labia pierced. I also have a number of tattoos. My left breast is adorned with a majestic eagle, its talon circling my aureole. Inked on the small of my back, in gothic font of course, are the words ‘I’m a wild child’. Vivid twin dragons glide upon my alabaster shoulder blades.

I spend many an evening online in various chat groups including some very naughty ones, but on most Friday and Saturday nights I don my gothic fashion and cruise the alternative clubs. I’ve had some great spontaneous sex with guys I’ve met at these clubs, but most of my debauched nights these days are from guys I have met online. These are planned rendezvous’, and the anticipation and expectation makes me so wet that I play with myself incessantly leading up to them, sliding my favourite toys in and out of my pussyhole. I’ve even anonymously posted pictures on one site, pleasuring myself, my legs spread, and my favourite pink vibrator doing its best work between my pierced pussylips.

There’s nothing like planning out an erotic fantasy and putting the wheels in motion to make it come true. It is empowering. I am going to tell you about my last adventure which was about two weeks ago. I had been corresponding online with a much older guy, his name was Michael. He had sent me some clothed pictures of himself, and while he was 45, he appeared in excellent shape. I had reciprocated by sending a clothed picture of myself, resplendent in a black flowing gown, the corset underneath further accentuated my large boobs. I had previously posted online how I loved the right man to fulfil my somewhat depraved fantasies and had described one of them where I organised to meet a guy in an upmarket hotel room during a Sunday afternoon to be fucked by a plethora of toys and objects. He had bought with him a cricket kit bag that contained all manner of things. My pussy was probed and filled for hour upon hour as this guy used dildos of differing shapes and sizes, various wickedly buzzing vibrators, and a number of other objects small and large – bottles, candles and kitchen utensils on my pussy. The rules of this little escapade were that the guy was not allowed to put his cock in me. By the early evening, after I had come half a dozen times, he finally mounted my chest, buried his cock between the tunnel of my soft breasts, jerked back and forth a couple of times and covered my chest in a torrent of cum that dribbled down the sides of my boobs.

Not surprisingly, when I posted this account online, the thread lit up with guys offering to be involved in my next adventure. Michael was very intriguing online and lived in the same city as I did, so I thought I’d sound him out for a fantasy I wanted fulfilled. I wanted to be ravished by three men, preferably three older men. Have them do to me what they will, but do it caringly and without real pain. I am not in to real pain, just the hint of danger that drifts into extreme pleasure. Also, I wanted to be blindfolded, deprived of visual stimuli. I wanted to let my mind and body merge in pleasure without the distraction of sight. When I told him by private message that this was my fantasy, he responded with the zeal that I expected, said that he would be able to find two more suitable gentlemen for video porno the assignment. He confirmed very quickly that he had two acquaintances available, aged 49 and 50, in excellent shape and with big dicks He christened the trio “The Three Wise Fuckers”. They were just over 25 years my senior at the time, but that didn’t worry me. In my book, experience counts.

We chatted about the rules of the evening. We would meet in a room in a well known hotel, we would not talk, unless I felt the need to use my safe word, my pleasure would be paramount, all three guys would wear a condom but ejaculating over my body was allowed, none of my holes would be off limits, I would enter the room wearing the blindfold and would not take it off until the three men had departed the room.

That week was a frenzy of masturbation as the anticipation surged through me. Every night I would rub my pussy, gently tugging on my piercings as I bought myself to climax. During the week a number of my workmates commented on how effervescent and cheery I was. I smirked to myself knowing that they would be utterly shocked if they knew my infectious good mood was driven by the anticipation of being blindfolded and thoroughly fucked by three strangers that were all old enough to be my father. Friday rolled around and I left work early to ready myself.

When I got home, I ran a bath doused with essential oils and relaxed languidly in it. When I got out of it, I perfumed my body with a scent that I had bought from a shop that specialised in exotic and erotic fragrances; it was a combination of French lavender, blue iris, musk and myrrh. I put on a black corset, trimmed with violet that had thick lacing, purple and black knickers with a ribbon belt and black fishnet stockings. Over the top I wore I a short black kimono dress adorned with buckles and chains. My lips shimmered with the glossy dark purple, almost black lipstick that I loved to put on, heavy mascara and pale make-up, except for my cheeks which I highlighted with dark fuchsia blusher.

As I arrived at the hotel, I was nearly shaking with lustful anticipation, my pussy was throbbing. I had been emailed the room number the night before and oblivious to anything else around me, I rushed through the foyer, into the lift and through the corridor until I came to the room, room 519. I drew a very, very deep breath, put on my mask, and rapped three times on the door as we had arranged. The door sprung open and without speaking a pair of hands grasped me lightly just above the wrists and led me carefully through. The door closed behind me.

I could sense the erotic electricity in the room; feel the three pairs of eyes on me. I was scooped up, carried to the bed and laid gently down on it. I felt first one, then a second, then a third pair of hands caressing me – my bare arms, my stocking clad thighs, my constrained torso. A pair of hands then moved to my face and gave me the most delicate of facial massages, tracing my features with the lightest of touches. I was breathless, my body was tingling and my engorged pussy was throbbing.

After a blissful eternity, the roaming hands left my body and I was sat up on the bed first, and then guided to stand up where a pair of hands busied themselves undoing my sexy dress which I wiggled and squirmed my way out of it. I was now in my exotic underwear. I stood there for what seemed like a long time before one of the men moved over to me and slowly, ever so slowly, started to untie and unlace my corset. I could feel the pressure on my breasts and stomach start to release as the corset was slowly undone, methodically and without fumbling. When it was about three-quarters undone, I felt a hand reach into the top and gently lift out my breasts so they hung on the outside of the corset before resuming the slow unlacing. Finally my corset was undone and I felt it slide to the floor.

I was lifted back on to the bed wearing just my knickers and fishnet stockings. I felt movement on the bed and then a body straddling my waist. Warmly oiled hands then alighted on my breasts and the most amazing tit massage I had ever received commenced. Fingertips ran around the outside of breasts in endless circles, clockwise then counter clockwise, and then tracing the outline of my tattoo. Finally, fingertips were placed delicately on my nipples where they teased with gentle and unrelenting pressure, my piercing was tweaked wickedly. The man who was straddling me finally relented the delicious teasing and removed himself from on top of me, but more was in store for my already ravished breasts. I heard some shuffling next to me and then smelt and felt warm lavender scented oil drizzled over my chest. From each side of me, a pair of warm hands touched each breast and started to massage deeply. In unison, both hands encircled my breasts and exquisite pressure was applied. My breasts were squeezed over and over again. In unison, each pair of hands would grab as much of my boobs as possible and squeeze and pull them upwards, allowing my flesh to slide through the oily grasp. sex izle

There was a pause in my vigorous breast massage and a little bit more shuffling before it resumed. The third pair of hands then picked up my left hand and then my right hand and placed them on the cocks of the two gentlemen who were massaging and fondling me. “Holy shit,” I thought as I grasped what felt like the biggest cocks I had ever felt. Not one, but two of them, one each hand. One was thicker than the other and I slid my hand along them to gauge their full length. I guessed they were about eight inches long and not surprisingly rock hard. I continued to tug on them for a little while until both men relinquished my over stimulated tits and moved out of my reach. I then felt hands sliding up my inner thighs, pushing my legs further apart and then applying exacting pressure on my vulva. I moaned softly and felt my back arching involuntarily as the fingers traced the crease of my vulva. I could feel I was wet, so very wet. My legs were bought back together and I was relieved of my soaked knickers. My pussy was now laid bare in front of three unseen strangers.

The two men with the big cocks moved back into reach and my hands were again guided to the turgid dicks. I felt my labial rings being grasped and my pussy lips being spread. I expected another slow teasing, but I was mistaken. Two fingers were jammed straight into my dripping pussy and pistoned in out of me for about thirty strokes I guessed, pushing me to the brink of a climax before withdrawing without warning. The two oiled pairs of hands cupped each breast, and each nipple was casually circled and flicked by a thumb. The two fingers drove back into me, twisting and churning into my cunt, again bringing towards the brink of a climax, before rapidly withdrawing again.

I moaned deeply and clenched my buttocks as this time I felt those devilish fingers deftly rub the side of my clit before sliding smoothly into me. I was now fingered in smooth and firm strokes, and I was bought close to climax a number of times, only to have the fingers vacate my poor needy pussy. I would not regret it though in the end as this was the lead up to the greatest orgasm of my life. I felt the probing change, the knuckles were now bent upward and divine pressure was being applied to my upper pussy wall. The fingers glided in and out of me, faster and faster rubbing my insides firmly. I then felt another hand being laid on my belly above my vulva, pushing firmly down, heightening the internal sensations. My breasts were being held upwards by the nipples in a pincer like grip and shaken up and down and I had a vice like grasp of both cocks at their base. I started to climax as the fingers inside me fucked me faster and faster, my whole belly started to spasm and I screamed like a banshee, as for the first time in my life, my pussy squirted as I climaxed. I felt my abdominal muscles contract and spasm violently, and then gushing wetness spraying out of my pussy. The fingers kept going inside me, unrelenting, extracting more emissions, I could feel my pussy uncontrollably release spurt after spurt of fluid. Mercifully the fingers inside slowed down their wicked ways and slipped out of my vagina. Hands also left my breasts, and I had relinquished the two cocks from my hands, as I lay back panting. I don’t know how long I lay there, but there wasn’t a sound from any of the three gentlemen for quite a while, 5 or 10 minutes perhaps. I could feel that my

I had nearly fully recovered from my shuddering climax, when I heard movement again. It sounded like the opening of condom wrappers. I was lifted up on to all fours and I shuffled around until I felt comfortable. One of the men slid between my thighs and started to lick my sodden pussy, grabbing my piercings with his lips and occasionally tugging lightly on them with his teeth. My bumcheeks were then opened from above and another tongue lapped at my anal opening. I was being worked over by twin tongues and my lust was rapidly building again. The man between my legs then shuffled himself forward under me until our lips met and we kissed passionately. The taste of my own pussy on his lips was unmistakable.

A lubricated finger then pressed itself against my asshole, before popping past my anal opening, lodging itself inside my bum, and then slowly fucking me, gradually expanding and relaxing my anal opening. A second finger was not far behind the first and I moaned deeply into the ear of the man underneath me who had latched onto my neck and was giving me one hell of a vampiric love bite, one that did not fade for weeks. The fingers in my bum were withdrawn and I was shifted so that the cock underneath me could slip into my slick vagina. I felt the big cock at the entrance of my vaginal cavern and it took a fair bit of moving around before it slid smoothly into me. My pussy had been filled on other occasions by very large toys, but without a doubt it was the biggest real cock that I had ever had inside me. Not only was it long, it had enormous girth. I started to slide up bedava porno and down on it, my slick pussy quickly becoming accustomed to the very substantial visitor. I was doing all the initial work, I had built up a steady rhythm on the largely motionless cock, fucking it furiously.

Then from underneath me, my asscheeks were grabbed firmly and I was steadied. The cock inside me started to thrust up into me in a stabbing motion, impaling my cunt then sliding out ever so slowly until just the cockhead was still inside me. After a dozen or so of these stabbing strokes, he simply launched into me, slamming me with that big fat cock, driving up and down with unbelievable speed, withdrawing nearly all the way out and then plunging in deep. Then all of a sudden he stopped and held his cock deep inside me. I felt my ample asscheeks being spread wide and then the momentary probing of a cock at my bumhole, I was going to be double penetrated, skewered by dual cocks. I screamed in ribald pleasure as my asshole expanded to accept the welcome invader that ten started to slide into and out of me smoothly and firmly. There was more shuffling on the bed and the third man was now in front of me, his cock being thrust towards my accepting mouth. I was now airtight, being worked over by approximately 20 inches of cock. I was in the end thankful that it was the smaller of the three dicks that was lodged in my bumhole, the combined intensity of the cocks in my vagina and anus was insane, I don’t think I could have copped with any more length or girth at that time.

It was the cock in my ass that started fucking me hard, pushing me forward with each stroke before dragging me back, rocking me vigorously upon the cock in my pussy. It was hard for me to stay still and suck the dick in front of me, it kept popping out with all the activity but I did my best. The cock in my ass was methodically fucking me, it popped out a couple of times but was quickly reinserted into my now slackened anal opening. The man underneath me was starting to get more frantic, his breathing ragged, he thrust into me frenetically and groaned into my ear before he spasmed and went virtually limp, his condom covered cock pulsating inside me as he came. He lay there as his cock softened and slipped out of my pussy, but by anus was still being plundered by penis. The man who had been pushing his cock into my mouth had gotten off the bed. After another five minutes of anal fucking, the speed increased, and each deep thrust into my colon was accompanied by staccato grunts until the cock was simply left inside my bum as deep as it would go, and after a few seconds the man quivered and I felt the twitching and pulsing eruption inside me as his orgasm crash landed.

He quickly withdrew, but my anus was not going to be unoccupied for long, the big cock from my mouth was sliding and gliding between my butt cleavage, before hands again spread my cheeks and a tower of cock descended into my already opened and used asshole. The anal pounding I had just received allowed me to take the big cock inside my anus with relative ease. My ass was now being fucked hard and my asscheeks spread wide. The rhthym slowed, my asscheeks were kept open wide as I felt the huge cock withdraw momentarily from my anal cavity before plunging back in. I could feel three pairs of eyes spying on my opened asshole as it gaped and winked when the large cock vacated it. Finally the hard anal fucking resumed and it didn’t take long for the man to climax, no doubt completely filling the condom with an injection of semen.

After a little break I was scooped up off the bed and wordlessly chaperoned onto the lounge where I was offered a cocktail which I downed quickly. I didn’t know whether this encounter was wending its way to its denouement yet or not, but this thought was quickly answered as bodies moved and I felt hands caressing my thighs and arms. I could smell the aroma of massage oil that mingled with the after sex odour. I was led back to the bed, placed on my stomach and an orchestra of hands worked in symphony over my still lust filled body. Light fingers danced and slid over my feet, firm hands grasped my shoulders and applied delectable pressure, my bum cheeks and inner thighs were feathered by the lightest of touch. After about twenty minutes of bliss, I was flipped over and my breasts were again firmly massaged. The massaging stopped abruptly and I was towelled off lightly.

My legs were then spread wide and I felt velvety cuffs being applied to my ankles first and then my wrists. I was being tied spreadeagled to the bed, and my pussy started to tingle with the dangerous powerlessness of the circumstance. For about five minutes I heard no sound, detected no movement. The slightest of sounds finally, as I felt movement on the bed between my legs; and then hot breath on my vulva. The soft wetness of lips were then upon me, kissing and nuzzling my engorged and oozing sex. For the next hour I was orally pleasured by a tag team of tireless lips and tongues, coupled with wickedly experienced digits. I flailed and flapped against my soft restraints as during the course of about the next hour I climaxed over and over again. I had never received so much oral pleasure before. It was just simply mind blowing. My vagina dribbled copious amounts of pussy nectar that added to the already soaked bed.

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