The Swingers’ Chronicles

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Signing my divorce agreement was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Twenty years wasted.  Twenty of my cutest years, might I add.  Bastard.  He and his underage bimbo took everything from me—my dignity, my self-esteem, my motivation, and we won’t even discuss the hit my bank account took.I sigh as I look in the mirror.  That was almost five years ago.  Let it go, I tell myself.  I have to let it go.  And get ready…for tonight. I’m not sure that I even want to venture out anywhere.  The thought of my couch, my sweats, Netflix, and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is so comforting and enticing. Worst of all, I have no idea where we’re going.  My best friend, Kim has been hell-bent on ‘getting me back out there.’   She’s been on a mission to get me dating or at least as she puts it, “get me laid.”  Neither of which I’m interested in at all.My daydreaming is halted by the shrill sound of my cell phone.  I look down at the screen.  It’s Kim.“Hey,” I answer.“Hey.  Are you getting ready?  I want to be out the door at 9 o’clock.  I’ll be at your place by eight and we can have a pre-game drink.”  Her exuberance is annoying to me.“Where are we going?” I whine. “I don’t have anything to wear, especially since I have no idea where we’re going.”“Dress to impress. Sexy.  Don’t wear your usual dowdy, nun garb.  Okay, I’ll be at your place soon!”  Her sing-song voice grates on my nerves, in spite of how much I love her.Dress to impress, she says.  Easy for her.  Kim is my age, tall, willowy, with huge boobs, and long blonde hair.  She turns the heads of men of all ages no matter where she goes.  I find myself sighing again, but I’m not sure if my sigh is in resignation, irritation, or both. It doesn’t matter,  I don’t have time to ponder the answer because it’s time for me to shower and dress.  With yet another sigh, I head into the bathroom.An hour later, I am dressed and ready to go…or so I think.  I hear a car pull into my driveway, so I peek out of the blinds.  I see a black Uber SUV park and a very handsome man get out and open the door for Kim.  He is muscular, bald, black, and young – just her type.I can’t help but shake my head and smile as I see those long, toned, tanned legs ending in strappy high-heeled sandals stretch out of the car.  Kim emerges barely dressed in a black halter dress that leaves almost nothing to the imagination.  Her breasts are outlined in the stretchy, black fabric, and her nipples are clearly visible, erect, and begging for attention.  The dress clings tightly around her waist and hips, ending just below her high, tight, round ass.  I watch the sexy Uber driver ogle every inch of her body.  Kim reaches up and caresses his face as she hands him a folded piece of paper.  He grins down at her lasciviously and watches as she sashays her way to my front door.Shaking my head at her brazen sexuality, I resolve to at least give the night a shot and make my way down the stairs just as she breezes through the front door.“What the fuck are you wearing” she exclaims as she looks me up and down with disdain.“What do you mean?  What’s wrong with this?”  I’m not sure what her problem is.  My pretty, button-down, cream-colored, silk blouse and black pencil skirt seem fine to me. “Jesus!  Yeah, no.  This isn’t going to work.”  Kim grabbed my hand and pulled me to follow her back up the stairs.She starts rifling through my closet and starts pulling clothes out of the bowels of my closet.  I’m wondering where some of that stuff came from.“Get undressed,”  Kim barks at me. “You aren’t wearing that shit.”  She tosses some clothing that I haven’t seen in years onto the bed.I begin to unbutton my blouse as I peruse what’s on my bed. I pick up a black, sheer long-sleeve shirt.  “I have a pretty black camisole that I used to wear…”She cuts me off, “No.  No camisole.  You aren’t going to a business meeting.  Get undressed.”Soon, I’m standing before her in my black cotton bra and black bikini panties.  She looks over at me and rolls her eyes.“What the fuck is that?” She says, gesturing up and down my body, clearly disgusted with sex hikaye my undergarment choices.I glare at her as she goes over to my dresser and starts to root through my drawers.  She finally pulls out lingerie that I had long forgotten about.Kim tosses me a pile of silky black garments.  “Put those on.” she barks.I begin to pull apart the mess of garments.  There is a black lace, balconette bra that pushes the breasts up and out yet bares the nipples, a tiny, black lace thong, a matching garter belt, and black silk stockings.“This stuff won’t fit.  My ex bought these for me.”  I feel defeated before we even begin.“Mia put on the bra.  Then put on the garter and stockings, then the thong, in that order.”  She has the tone of an irate drill sergeant and I find myself slipping into the lingerie, with some resentment.  To my surprise, they did fit!As I slide the thong on, Kim stops me to explain that the garter and stockings go on first, then the thong goes on over the garters. I look at her confused, not sure if that is correct.“Trust me,”  she says and begins to search through my shoe cabinet.  I slither into the garter and pull the silky stockings up my legs.  Once I fasten them into the garters, I am struck by how pretty my legs look in the black silk and lace.  Next, I pull the slinky black thong up my thighs and wiggle into the tiny lace garment.   I’m amazed that this stuff still fits and feel rather proud of the way it looks on my body.  I grab the bra next and put it on.  I pull my breasts up and nestle them into the half cups of lace.  My nipples look erect and delicious just above the black lace. I gaze at myself in the mirror and am surprised to see a strong, toned, healthy body staring back at me.  I notice how high and round my breasts look framed in the black lace of the bra.  I notice my flat stomach that goes from the bottom of the bra to the top of the black lace garter belt.  My pubic region is erotically framed by the black lace garter and thong.  And my legs, encased in the sheer black silk, almost rival Kim’s gorgeous stems.   I gasp at my reflection and look over at Kim in amazement.“Yeah.  You’re beautiful and sexy, Mia.  You just forgot about it.”  Kim looked me up and down with a huge smile on her face.  “You still got it going on.”  She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me over to sit at the dressing table.As I sat down, she grabbed a comb and a can of hairspray.  “Now, you need fuck me hair!”I allowed her to spray and tease maximum volume into my long, light brown hair.  She then started to add additional makeup to my face.  I was flabbergasted at the image staring back at me.  Move aside Bridgette Bardot, Mia is in the house.  I laughed in amazement, making Kim smile widely and hug me hard.Finally, she had me slip into the very sheer black shirt and tight, black leather skirt.  When I voiced my concern over my very visible nipples, she tossed a black blazer at me.  Then she had me slip into five-inch black stilettos and silver jewelry.  We were finally ready to start the evening.  However, I still had no idea where we were going.“Where are we going, Kim?”  I ask her as I grabbed my black clutch purse.“Mia, tonight you just need to trust me and just go with the flow.  It will be amazing.”  Kim hugged me tightly and dialed up our Uber for the night.As we slid into the back of a black SUV, I noticed the driver giving me an appreciative stare.  I smiled and felt sexy, young, and vibrant for a change.I watched as Kim gave the driver an address written on a piece of paper.  He cocked one eyebrow but didn’t say anything.“So, Kim,” I started, “where the fuck are you taking me?”“We’re going to a very exclusive, new nightclub.  You’ll love it.”  She patted me on the knee and smiled widely.  I smiled back, nervous, but trusting her to guide me through the night.Soon the driver pulled into a sketchy-looking strip mall.  We drove to the farthest side of the mall before he stopped.  How could this possibly be a high-end nightclub?  As I took in my surroundings, I noticed several expensive sports seks hikaye cars parked in the valet section.  Where the hell are we I thought to myself.  I watch as Kim paid the driver and instructed me to follow her.Young, handsome valets held the door open as I got out of the car.  I noticed the young man staring into my blazer, hoping to catch a glimpse of my nipples that were on full display beneath.  I am oddly tingly as I enjoyed his gaze.  As I walked up the red carpet leading to the front door, I could hear the pulse of dance music from inside.As we walked into the club, I took in my surroundings.  This was a lobby.  Where was the so-called club?  The pulsing music and colorful lights were just behind big, leather-clad doors.  I overheard Kim telling the gorgeous European-looking woman behind the register that we were a ‘female couple’.  I was confused, but before I could ask, the woman snapped a plastic wristband on our arms and a big, burly bouncer threw open the leather doors.“Welcome to Heaven, ladies.  Enjoy yourselves and be safe.”  With no smile on his face, he motioned his head for us to go through those big leather doors.I was unprepared for what I saw once inside.  The huge room was dimly lit with big black leather couches along all the walls.  A disco-style, lit dance floor was in the middle of the room, colorful strobe lights casting rainbows on the walls.  Huge flat-screen TVs were on each wall with porn playing on each one.I noticed many people, some in elegant cocktail attire dancing, drinking, and flirting with each other.  I was intrigued by them.  Some were in various stages of undress.  I could not help but look at and appreciate the exposed breasts and bare bottoms of some of the women.  I watched as a handsome, middle-aged man lifted the skirt of the woman next to him and caressed her bare ass cheeks.  I began to feel a long-forgotten ache in my groin.“Kim, what is this place?” I whispered into her ear.  She grinned like a Cheshire cat at me.“This is a swinger’s club.  Very exclusive and really fun.  Just watch, enjoy, get turned on, Mia.”  She kissed my cheek and headed over to one of the many bars to get us drinks.I felt as though I could not catch my breath.  Swingers?  Did she really say swingers?  I was nervously looking around me, studiously avoiding the nudity and graphic sex on the TVs all around me.“Here, drink this.”  Kim shoved a cocktail into my hand.“What is this?” I asked her.“Vodka shot.  Shoot it.”  Kim demonstrated by downing the shot quickly and looking at me expectantly.  “Now, Mia.  You need to loosen up.”I hesitantly took the shot. The icy liquid stung my throat and burned all the way down to my stomach, but then spread warmth throughout my body. Kim then grabbed my hand and we went through another set of big leather doors into what looked like a locker room.  Yet another beautiful, tall woman handed her a key to a locker.  Is it a prerequisite to look like you stepped out of European Vogue to work here?“Take off the blazer and put it in here.”  I shook my head.  I felt too naked with my nipples exposed.  “Oh, come on, Mia!  Now.  Do it.”  I started to unbutton my blazer as I watched Kim remove her sexy little dress, hang it in the locker, and reach into her bag to pull out a garment.  I watched in horror or fascination, not sure which, as she slithered into a sheer, slinky, low-cut purple teddy.  She added a fringed cocoon wrap over it and smiled up at me expectantly.  “How do I look?” she asked.“Naked. You look naked.”  I told her.  “Kim, I can’t be this naked around people I don’t know.”  My discomfort was real and very noticeable.“Mia, your boobs are stellar.  You want people to notice. Just keep your shoulders back and watch people look at your sexy body.  Allow their appreciation to excite you.  You don’t have to do anything but watch the people around you and learn how to feel sexy again. Now come on!”She grabbed me by the hand and we walked back out to the pulsing nightclub – but not before I took notice of even bigger leather doors with big gold letters “Play Area.”  I was just about to ask Kim what was behind them when a man walked past and commented on my clearly visible breasts beneath the sheer fabric.“Nice tits, baby.”  His comment made me even more uncomfortable with my breasts on full display, but I quickly noticed both men and women giving me appreciative glances and stares.  I felt that familiar tingle in my groin again and my nipples responded by getting rock hard.We found bar stools along a railing by the dance floor.  After ordering another round of drinks, Kim and I settled in to watch the sexy goings-on around us.We watched as gorgeous, sexy couples began to fill the dance floor.  Grinding, kissing, and groping each other, the dancers were like a softcore porn movie.  I was transfixed by their actions.  I watched two women fondle each other’s bare breasts, dipping their heads to suck, bite, and tease each other’s nipples.  I could feel myself getting aroused.Kim nudged my arm as she gestured for me to look at the side of the dance floor where a preppy-looking man sat along the wall, clearly in ecstasy as his huge cock was pulled through the fly of his khaki slacks by a gorgeous woman kneeling in front of him. She licked her lips before taking his thick penis deep into her throat.  I could not believe what I was seeing.  He gently grabbed the back of her head and thrust himself deeper into her throat.  She worked her mouth up and down his hard shaft as one hand stroked the base of his penis and the other hand played with his balls. I was both appalled and aroused at the same time and found myself wanting to see him cum in her mouth.“That’s sexy as hell, isn’t it?”  Kim asked me.  “The energy in this place is so raw.  I love it.”  She watched the blowjob intently as she spoke to me.“I’ve never seen anything like this,”  I admitted.  “How did you find out about this place?” I asked her.Before she had a chance to respond, the sexy bald, black Uber driver came up behind her and slid his arm around her waist as he took in her sexy outfit.  I watched in amusement as my friend turned, posed, and positioned herself to allow this man to take in the best her body had to offer.  I turned away just as he pulled the purple teddy aside, baring her breast and taking her hard nipple into his mouth.I focused my attention back on the dance floor.  So many beautiful bodies all moving in time to the music.  I noticed that the blow job couple had moved along, much to my disappointment.  But replacing them was a woman, in just a thong, dancing on and around a stripper’s pole in the middle of the dance floor.  Her large breasts swayed erotically back and forth as she danced, and a group of both men and women caressed her body as it moved in time to the music.  My eyes jumped from that to a gorgeous, curvy woman lounging on a black leather sofa at the edge of the dance floor. She was clad only in a short dress with the top of it pulled down below her breasts.  Her large, pink nipples were rock hard. As she watched the dancers, she was playing with one nipple – rolling it between her fingers, then pulling on it.  Her other hand dipped between her widely spread legs. I watched in excited fascination as she slipped her finger deep into her shaved, wet, pussy, finger fucking herself for a moment before rubbing her clit. I could see her pussy lips get more swollen and shiny. She leaned her head back as her breasts heaved in response to the pleasure her fingers were causing as she masturbated.I could not turn away. She was incredibly sexy and erotic. My eyes traveled from her beautiful legs, up to her very visible pussy, to those firm, round breasts. I was entranced as I watched her sensuously lick her full, red lips. It was then that she clearly saw me ogling her. A heated, embarrassed flush came over my body and I turned away, mortified at being caught.All of this is sensory overload, I thought.  There is so much going on, so much to appreciate, it’s overwhelming, yet erotic. I tried to catch my breath and calm myself.I ordered another drink from a scantily clad waitress and focused my attention back on the other side of the dance floor as Kim and her friend walked, hand in hand, to the area behind the big leather doors with the “play area’ sign.

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