The Swimming Hole

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Cydney Greene was surprised when she rode over the ridge and saw the rocks and trees she had been using as a landmark all week were actually sheltering a beautiful pond made by the spreading of the creek as it pooled in a low spot before moving on down the valley. That surprise was nothing compared to the shock that rippled through her when she realized the secluded spot was not uninhabited. Lying naked on the grass under the shade of a tree was Ben Gilliam, the son of the landowner who had given her permission to ride across his land on her way to the upper pasture her family owned. Cutting across the Gilliam’s land on her way to fix fences up there saved her thirty minutes of riding each morning and evening as Ben’s father had pointed out when he heard she planned to spend the week out there. The repairs were finished earlier than she’d expected so she had allowed her curiosity to dictate her moves and rode over to the trees that appeared to be growing in the middle of no where.

Cydney tipped her hat back and leaned on the saddle-horn as she looked around the area and back at the sleeping figure lying vulnerable and exposed on the ground. Her eyes were drawn to him leaving her only dimly aware of dismounting and tying her horse out to graze. She stepped closer to Ben and her shadow fell across him as she looked at all 6′ of nakedness. His blond hair was slightly damp leading her to conclude he’d been skinny dipping prior to taking a nap. Her eyes skimmed over the features of his face from his chiseled nose to the angle of his jaw, softened and innocent in sleep. His chest was mostly hairless and she noted with interest that his tan was only slightly lighter at his waist and hips. Obviously he had spent some time sunbathing nude.

Her eyes traveled down the arrow of hair at his navel and she stared long and hard at his cock and balls nestled in the dark curls of pubic hair. She had never seen a naked man before other than in pictures and drawings from health class. Seeing him like this excited her and she could feel her body tightening as she looked at him. She forced herself to look away and glanced quickly around the clearing that surrounded them. There was no one else within miles of them. Her eyes swept over him again. Her fantasies had centered on him for the past few months and she could feel that familiar tingle beginning. It usually only swept over her at night when she was in bed alone dreaming of being held against him, of being kissed by him. She always awoke restless and achy from those dreams with only her own fingers to bring her the relief her body craved. She could feel herself getting wet and looking down at herself, she wasn’t surprised to see the bumps in her shirt caused by her nipples, tight, hot, and eager for his touch.

“Get a hold of yourself,” she mentally chastised herself. “One look at him naked and you’re breathing like you’ve just run a marathon. What if he wakes up and catches you?” she continued scolding herself. Her whole body felt hot and it wasn’t the temperature of the day.

Deciding she could take a swim to cool off and be gone before he woke up, she propped her hip on the outcropping of rocks and bent over to remove her boots. She nearly groaned aloud as she wriggled her toes inside her socks. She quickly flipped her braid over her shoulder and unbuttoned her blouse. She removed her jeans without making a sound. Risking one more peek at the sleeping figure she dropped her panties and bra on top of the mound of clothing on the rock. She had no idea how lovely she was or how sexy she looked silhouetted against the sky with her breasts jutting out, the flatness of her stomach giving way to the slight rise of her woman’s mound, and her long, sleek legs tapering down from the tautness of her butt. The man sleeping on the ground had no idea the picture of perfection she made as she walked out into the shallows and lowered herself into the cool water. As she submerged herself, her long, dark hair held tight in the braid, floated out behind her on the surface of the water.

Cydney splashed water up onto her face then stood up and flipped her wet bangs back before she started a slow crawl across the water. When she reached the other side she turned and began a backstroke toward the rock. Stopping only to admire the scenery, she continued to swim back and forth across the small expanse of water completely oblivious to the fact that her sleeping companion was no longer asleep.

Ben knew he’d only been sleeping for a few minutes when he felt the tickle of a fly walking up his chest. He brushed it away as his hand passed over it to push against the erection he had sprouted upon wakening. If Cydney had been watching she’d have gotten an eyeful seeing all 8″ of rock hard cock pointing at the sky. Ben sat up and glanced out over the swimming hole. He got his own surprise when he saw Cydney’s head pop up behind the rock. She was swimming toward the other bank and her back was to him but Ben knew who she was. He could feel himself getting harder as the object of his most recent fantasies continued her swim.

Ben couldn’t believe his luck as he stood up slowly and moved into Ataşehir Escort the water with her. He fully planned to give her the chance to leave if she wanted it but he had to at least find out if she was interested in anything besides swimming first. He couldn’t remember the number of times he had gotten off imagining her naked with him. Cydney was shy and although they spoke to each other and she seemed friendly, he hadn’t gotten up the nerve to actually ask her out or even ask if he could give her a ride someplace. He had thought about it and it seemed like offering her a ride would be the perfect opening, but so far, no opportunity to do it had presented itself. A little devil inside him said she wouldn’t have taken the risk of stripping and swimming near him if she hadn’t at least thought about what might happen if he woke up. She was standing near the rocks checking the band around her hair when he spoke.

“I didn’t know we had a mermaid in this swimming hole.”

Cydney froze. Two thoughts popped into her head at once. If Ben was in the water with her he must still be naked and the husky timbre of his voice suggested he was as aroused as she’d gotten while watching him sleep. She blushed and dropped her hands to her sides.

Ben lifted his hand and reached out to stroke her arm with the tip of one finger. Her skin was soft and he watched as a shiver ran up her spine. “Are you cold?” he asked.

“No.” Cydney knew the breathy sound of her voice gave her away. She cleared her throat and said it more forcefully.

Ben’s hand dropped from her arm and Cydney felt his hands come to rest at her waist, one on either side, not moving, just resting there. She held her breath as she felt the water moving between them as Ben stepped closer behind her.

He was careful to keep some distance between them even though his cock was aching to rub against the firm butt he could see below the surface of the water. He didn’t want her to feel his erection unless she was interested in the same thing he was. His voice dropped even lower, barely above a whisper as his head moved closer to her ear.

“Did you watch me sleeping when you got here?” He placed a kiss on her damp shoulder and nuzzled her neck. “Did you like what you saw?” he asked huskily before he gently bit the side of her neck.

Cydney’s head dropped back against his shoulder and she couldn’t stop the breathy little moan that escaped when he bit her. Her breasts grew heavy, the nipples getting firm and achy. She felt her body tightening below the water and she turned a little towards him and arched her neck in invitation to him to do it again. Ben’s mouth opened again and she felt his teeth scraping against the cord in her neck over and over as she continued to moan. Her body grew hot and she longed to reach down and pull his hands up onto her breasts.

Ben couldn’t believe what was happening. He had hoped she might be interested in him but he sure hadn’t expected to do something so right the first time he tried. He looked down at her and saw her nipples were tight little beads. Slowly he skimmed his hands up her waist and gently cupped the mounds. He moved closer and felt more than heard Cydney’s gasp as the head of his cock pressed against the cheeks of her butt. He couldn’t hold back the groan that escaped his own mouth. To finally touch her the way he had wanted to, to feel something touch his cock besides his own hand, it was heaven and hell all rolled into one. He moved again and pressed himself flush against her back.

For Cydney the feel of him against her was every bit as delicious as she had dreamed it would be. She looked down at his hands on her breasts and watched as his thumbs brushed against the erect nipples. Her palms opened and she pressed them flat against her outer thighs. They itched to touch him but she didn’t want to turn around. He felt so good against her back. He pulled back a tiny bit and then she felt him thrust his hips against her butt again. Oh God, that felt even better. Her hands slipped back and she pressed them against his thighs as he thrust again.

Ben didn’t know how many times he could do that again. It felt wonderful and her hands were kind of gripping his thighs as he pushed his cock against the crack of her ass. He could hear her moaning a little and he knew he was too. The water kept the thrusts from being very forceful but he hadn’t cum in a couple of days so just the little motions they were making were enough to make him throb with the need for release.

He moved his hands down to her ribs and began to back them up into the shallower water. His intention was for them to lean against the rocks and for him to calm down a little before he ended up cumming when he wasn’t ready.

Cydney didn’t know where he was going but she knew she wasn’t ready to stop playing. When she felt Ben move back she thought he was leaving. She turned toward him and her eyes dropped to his crotch. What had been soft in sleep was now long and hard. It stuck straight out towards her. As she watched, it rose up toward her leaving no doubt that he was a fully aroused male. She was transfixed by the Kadıköy Escort sight and her hand reached out to touch it. She brought her palm up under it and let the weight of it rest there for a moment. She could feel it pulse against her hand and her fingers closed around it.

Ben gave a deep groan and thrust himself forward in the ring her fingers made. “Oh God, Cydney,” he moaned. His own hand circled hers showing her how to hold him, how to let him slide against her hand as he thrust his hips forward and back. “Oh God,” he groaned again and Cydney felt him swell even more. She was staring at him like she’d never seen anything like it in her life. He wanted to pull away but her fascination with his cock was his undoing. He couldn’t have stopped her from touching him if his life had depended on it.

The head was an angry reddish color and she could feel the vein underneath swelling. The hole at the tip seemed to expand and a huge gush of milky, white cum shot out and landed on her hip and lower stomach. Ben’s hand kept moving hers as more and more cum shot out onto her and the water. It was incredible to watch and Cydney was completely mesmerized. She stood there and continued to stroke him as the milky evidence disappeared beneath the surface of the water. When Ben let go of her hand, she was reluctant to release him. She felt such a wonderful high, such a feeling of power knowing she had brought him to that point that she didn’t want it to end. She looked up into his face and smiled shyly at him.

Ben grinned back at her and reached out to pull her against him. He could feel the slickness of his cum on her thigh so he reached down and splashed some water up on them. He cupped some water in his hands and used it to wash her off.

“Sorry about that,” he said. “I didn’t plan to do that quite so soon,” he shrugged as he looked into her brown eyes to see if she was disgusted by it. She smiled back so Ben pulled her into his arms again. He leaned back against the rocks and held her close.

“I guess you know that it sometimes doesn’t take much for us guys to get hard.”

Cydney nodded her head against him. Now that it was over, she was feeling a little embarrassed about how she had stared at him and touched him. She was glad he was holding her so he couldn’t see her face. She had heard her girlfriends talk about having sex with their boyfriends so she knew that sex was over once the guy climaxes. Unfortunately, her body didn’t want it to be over. It still felt hot and needy. She was still wet and very conscious of the feel of his chest against her breasts and his legs against hers.

“I don’t want that to be all there is to this,” he continued. “I’m not that selfish.” He waited but Cydney didn’t lift her head or say anything. Ben tipped his head back and put a finger under her chin. He lifted her head and watched Cydney open her eyes. She looked as uncertain as he felt.

“Hey, did anyone ever tell you how sexy you are?” he asked. He watched her face as she smiled at him. Slowly he bent down and put his lips against hers. Their first kiss was an exploration, lips soft against each other, Cydney’s head lifting to press closer to him. The second kiss was firmer, more demanding as Ben pulled her up against his body. Their mouths opened and they tasted each other, tongues rubbing against each other, lips pressing firmly against the other. The kiss went on and on as Ben began rubbing his hands up and down her naked back.

Cydney loved the feel of Ben against her. She wanted the kiss to go on and on. She had been kissed before but they paled in comparison to this one. No one had ever held her this way or touched her the way he was touching her while his tongue licked against hers. She reached up and pulled his head tighter against her. Her other hand held onto his shoulder as her body strained to get closer to his. As they moved against each other she felt something brushing her thigh. She knew it was his cock and she couldn’t help the slight turn of her hips that put her in line with it. Her body wanted more and it didn’t matter how much her mind tried to remind her of what her girlfriends had said.

Ben felt her movement and knew in that moment that he wanted to bring her the same kind of pleasure he’d felt when she jacked him off. He ran his hands down her back and over her butt. He gripped her cheeks in his hands and pulled her against him. Still kissing her, he ground his hips against her even though his cock was only semi-hard. When he stepped back and her hands dropped, he took them in his.

“Come on,” he said. Turning he walked out of the water pulling her along behind him. He spread out the towel he had been lying on earlier and pulled her down beside him on it. As she sat down he pushed her backwards so she was lying flat on her back. He lowered his head and used his lips to rub hers apart before kissing her deeply. He felt her hands come up over his back as she pulled him closer. He slid one of his legs in between hers and up against her mound. He heard the soft hitch of her breath as he pressed his thigh firmly against her.

Cydney felt the pressure of Ümraniye Escort his thigh against the softness that was already wet for him. She could feel how slick she was as her pussy lips slipped against each other with the feel of his hard muscles against them. She wanted so badly to rub herself against him that she couldn’t think of anything else, not the hard ground against her back, the sun shining down on them, or the idea that someone could ride up and see them. She felt one hand slide down her side and back up again to cup her breast. The nipple was already pearled tightly when he brushed it with his thumb. She broke the kiss to gasp at the exquisite feel of his fingertips plucking at the tight bud.

Ben looked down and watched his hand against the whiteness of her breast. It was an erotic sight and he felt his cock respond against Cydney’s hip. He knew she felt it too and his eyes were as hot as hers when he looked into her face. He looked back at his cupped fingers and pressed them around either side of the plumpness in his hand. It forced the nipple up and he reached for it with his lips. His mouth finally closed over it and he felt his cock give another jump at the feel of the tight little nub against his tongue. He alternated sucking on it and teasing the tip with his tongue.

Cydney moved restlessly against him, pulling him down closer to her breast and finally giving in to the urge to rub her pussy against his thigh. “Oh God,” she thought as her clit responded to the feel of the hardness against it. Her hips moved again and she found herself unashamedly rubbing herself again and again on his thigh. Her outer lips finally separated and she could feel the hair-roughened thigh actually rubbing against the wet, swollen folds of her pussy. It felt so good but it just wasn’t enough. Her fingers itched with the need to reach down and bring herself some relief.

Ben drew back and looked into her face. He could see the need there and hear her whimpers as she rubbed herself against his leg. “Show me where to touch you,” he pleaded. “Please? Show me where you touch yourself,” he begged as his hand slid down her body. He pulled his leg back and pressed the heel of his hand against her clit so his fingers were covering her hole. He pushed and heard her groan. “Here?” he asked as his fingertips slipped into the wet warmth. He rolled onto his side so he could reach her more easily.

Cydney was completely powerless to do anything but respond. She had long since passed the point where she could stop. Her body cried out for relief and if Ben wanted to help give it to her, she was more than willing. She pulled his hand up and used two of her fingers to spread her lips apart. She watched Ben’s face as he saw the swollen clit and wet hole that were in such need of attention. She felt his cock jerk against her and knew he was as hard as he’d been earlier, completely destroying the image her girlfriends had given her of a man’s ability to regenerate after an orgasm.

Ben’s cock was hard as a rock again. He wanted nothing more than to bury his rod in the pinkness of the wet pussy that glistened in the sun. He saw the hard nub of her clit and brushed his thumb across it much as he’d done her nipple earlier. The groan he heard Cydney make told him that was where he needed to touch her. He brushed his thumb across it again and she groaned again.

“Oh God, Ben,” she moaned when he increased the speed of his thumb’s movement. “Yes, faster,” she begged. She continued to hold her pussy lips apart as her body spiraled up toward orgasm.

Ben dipped one finger into the hole that seemed to need filled. He then brushed the moisture across her swollen clit enabling his thumb to move even faster across it. He pinched it a little between his finger and thumb and her back arched up off the towel.

“Yes,” she cried out. “Don’t stop,” she moaned at the sky as she strained toward his hand.

Ben flicked the end of it with his finger, fascinated by the moans and cries she was making as he played with her clit. He got the feeling she was about to cum and he suddenly felt the need to taste her. He pushed her hand away so he could hold her open and still rub her clit with his fingertip. He used his other hand to hold her lips apart lower down and licked her from her hole up to his rapidly moving finger. He felt Cydney’s hand on the back of his head, gripping his hair. Knowing she had to be close, he pressed his tongue against her and let the tip of it slide into the hot, wet hole just as she cried out again.

“Yes, Ben,” she cried, powerless to stop herself from holding his head against her as her orgasm tore through her. She arched up, her heels digging into the ground and felt the spasms going on and on. She knew he was still licking her, and he continued to rub her clit as her body shook with the force of her climax. The shudders continued as her pussy clenched on his tongue and her cum leaked out to be lapped up by him. Her hips kept humping up against his face as each little shiver tightened her pussy hole on the tongue that alternated licking and filling her. Slowly she sank back against the towel as the tension drained out of her. She could feel the movements of his fingers getting slower as her climax waned. Finally she released his head and let her arm flop back across her eyes. Now that it was over, she was acutely embarrassed and afraid to even look at him.

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