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Ben saw a wispy white figure stood above him, whoever the figure was, they looked terrifying to him, one moment he had been in his home, and the next moment he had awoken restrained to a metal bed in a white room, Ben got the sense this figure was filled with malice and only meant harm, he tried his best to resist and run, yet somehow he was frozen in place below it as if frozen in time itself, frozen by a mix of fear and the creature’s power over him he judged in his delirious state.

Jennifer couldn’t help but feel a sense of power as she brooded over him in her white protective suit, all her life she had milked subjects and carried out medical examinations on them, but this time observing his huge balls and penis, she got the sense that just maybe, this time was different, after nearly 6 years of this, she desperately hoped to God that it would be, just maybe, she might be able to finally find a specimen worthy of admiration.

“Huh so this is the subject I have been hearing about,” Jennifer said whilst poking his huge balls with her gloved index finger, his bells were massive, probably the size of the largest Jen had ever recorded in her work, if not bigger, “My god are you sure he’s not erect?” Jennifer asked the attendant in sheer perplexion.

The Attendant just nodded calmly, their faces were obstructed by their white gas masks but Jennifer got the feeling she was just as excited as she was, “Wow, well let us begin, is he amply sedated and paralysed?, could you double-check the Gas readings real quick” Jennifer requested politely.

Without any delay the attendant then went off to the control panel and returned without moments, “Yes Doctor, all seems in order, he should be semi sedated, enough for manual stimulation” the Attendant reported.

Jennifer nodded before then measuring his penis length with her fingers, “My god, his penis must also be quite abnormal don’t you manisa seks hikayeleri think? are we sure he is not erect at the moment, do you think I should check?”

“Might as well, but im pretty sure he isn’t, his blood flow and arousal levels seem fine, though just be warned if you start now he may slowly awake”

Jennifer bit her lip whilst eyeing his penis, it was likely the largest she had ever seen in her career, she had milked countless subjects before, but this was definitely something else, “Im doing it, pass me the lubricant please, and ready a test tube” Jennifer ordered whilst tightening her white gloves, as placed her hands on the subjects abdomens she began to notice him stirring, he was clearly soon due to awaken, even despite the dosage, this was something extraordinary she knew, she hoped.

Just as the Attendant returned with a tube and a bottle of medical lubricant Jennifer turned to her yet again “Notify the Lab that I am about to send them a semen sample, I want its potency analysed and its DNA fully synchronized, put this at top priority, tell them I believe this subject may be a Genesis carrier”.

Even wearing a gas mask Jennifer knew she was just as surprised and shocked as she was, this was even more evident by the fact that she lingered for a moment, “Ar….Are…. Are you, sure Doctor?”.

“Yes, now get going, as you may know, drugs will not have as potent of an effect on him, just look now, he’s already stirring, so on your way out turn off the gas” Jennifer instructed her, the Attended nodded then left to do as she was bid.

As she heard the airlock close Jennifer found herself in the chamber alone with the subject, looking down at his pale body strapped to the table she felt a nervous tinge as his arm moved a little, nonetheless, she smiled, this had the potential to be the biggest boost to her career yet, and with that in mind she put her hand to his cock and started pumping, after applying ample lubricant Jennifer continued pumping his penis with one hand, she watched his face intently as her latex-clad fist glided up and down his penis, his shaved pubes made it all the easier to stimulate him.

After only a few seconds the subject began to stir more, his arms began moving as his hips began softly buckling, signs of arousal she knew, Jennifer hoped she could get the test off before she began interrogating him, that was she could know for sure before her questions began.

“ah…..auh” came out of the mouth of the subject, he was close now she knew, even in his quasi-conscious state he was likely now getting aroused.

Looking back at his penis she was instantly amazed by how much larger his penis had grown, if he wasn’t a Genesis carrier then this was either the result of extreme and expensive body modifications or a freak of nature and so she readied the test tube, just as she put the tube to the cocks head Jennifer heard the airlock go off, the Attendant had returned clearly.

Jennifer heard the straining of the rubber straps as the subject began to move more and more, he was so close to awakening fully out of his semi-conscious state, and so in a last desperate manoeuvre to obtain his ejaculate Jennifer handed the test tube to the attendant who just in time managed to arrive next to her and received it, before using her other hand as well, with this extra stimulation he came right into the tube as the attendant pressed the tube to his penis, big blobs of semen shot off into the test tube, filling literally a quarter of the tube, they were both amazed and left in wonder, his pulsating ejaculation only ended 20 seconds after he came which too was as impressive, Jennifer judged that he either had an extremely arousing dream due to the stimulation or was simply a genesis carrier and capable of such a feat.

After the sample had been collected and sent off to the lab Jennifer stood and doffed her gloves, they were covered in lube and semen and so she threw them in the bin, after washing her hands Jennifer then donned a new pair of white gloves whilst preparing the canister, refilling it with the same gas inside the room, though she refilled it with a much more concentrated dosage.

After a brief moment, she returned to the Subject who was still semi-conscious and pressed the nozzle of the canister inside his mouth before spraying some of the gas directly into his mouth causing him to cough and shake violently for a second before remaining still yet again.

That should keep him asleep for a little while longer, the mild dosage should be enough time until the results came back, then her interrogation could begin.

Jennifer sat down next to the subjects head and just wrung her hands awaiting the results and observing his body, he was certainly quite pale, yet he was muscular and strong, this subject was more and more likely to be a Genesis carrier Jennifer judged.

This male laying down in front of her was her ticket to the top clique of the Empire, her dream of becoming a leading figure of the new society was now no longer a dream, then came back the attendant carrying the results from the lab, so quickly Jennifer thought, time must have flown as she waited with anticipation.

Her distinct boots could be heard far even beyond the airlock, Jennifer tensed up with dread, if this was indeed her ticket to greatness it would be a lot of work yet she was determined now to make a name for herself or so she told herself as the Attendant entered the room.

Even with her face masked the Attendant could feel Jennifer’s excitement as she confirmed the test results, Positive, both women smiled at that moment, they knew the first-ever Genesis carrier had been discovered, a thing that is only known so far in legends and theoretics, this was truly an extraordinary moment in time.

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