The Stranger At The Wine Bar

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You stroll down the narrow streets of the old town, popping into various shops along the way. The client conference is finally over and you are stressed out and exhausted. Eight hours of meetings followed by photo editing late into the night have you completely worn out. You think that a bit of casual boutique shopping might help clear your head and help you relax.Strangely enough, as tired as you are, you are feeling quite pent up as well. You’ve fought to suppress a dull ache in your clit for days now.Why the fuck did FWB have to go and get fucking Lyme disease! you think ruefully and a bit selfishly.You realize that it’s been no picnic for him either, but a woman has needs. The showerhead has helped to take the edge off, but what you really crave is his skilled mouth on you. His lips and expert tongue pulling and licking and probing.You also crave his thick cock pounding into you while you wrap your legs tightly around his hips. Just thinking about it is makes your pussy throb and you feel a trickle of cum start to flow into your white, cotton panties.You struggle to focus back in the moment and just barely miss crashing into a parking meter as you walk along the sidewalk. You shake your head and chuckle at your inattentiveness, thinking, I’ve either got to get some sleep or get thoroughly and completely fucked.You continue down the street, checking out the shops when you see the sign for a new wine bar. You peek in the window and see that it is bright and cheery with quite a few customers inside.“It’s Happy Hour somewhere,” you joke to yourself and decide to go in and see if a nice Rioja will help take the edge off.You take a seat at a long, wooden table and order a glass of red from the menu. You sit back in your chair and roll the glass in your hand and watch as the wine swirls. Your mind goes back to one of your last sessions with FWB, back before that damn tick got him.It was in his truck. It’s usually in his truck. Either in a parking garage or at a park. You grab the moments when you can. But there aren’t nearly enough of them.You ignore the customers sitting around you as your mind starts to play back the memory of how he peeled off your jeans, getting only one leg Ankara escort off before he dropped to his knees, pushed you back on the seat and wrapped his lips around your clit.Christ, can that man work wonders with his lips and tongue, you think to yourself.You sip your wine and are conscious of the wetness spreading below. You cross and uncross your legs in your short skirt and can feel the stickiness as one thigh rubs against the other. You also feel the coolness of a soft breeze on your panty-clad pussy.Your mind continues to playback the scene. You are savoring the feeling of his thick cock sliding into you now. This cock that you know so well. Every curve. Every seam. Each freckle and vein tracing down his shaft. You can draw it from memory if you have to. You know exactly how it feels between your lips as well as plunging into your tight cunt.“Fuck, I need that so bad right now,” you groan.You are getting flushed as you work yourself up here in public. Your hand slips into your lap as you surreptitiously stroke your aching pussy through the thin fabric of your skirt. You are so glad you wore a skirt today!You are jolted back to reality as a man walks in and takes the seat directly across from you at the narrow table. You are struck by how he reminds you a little of FWB. This man seemed a bit taller. Brown hair, graying at the temples. Blue, rather than brown eyes. Closely cropped beard. Older, certainly. No gym rat like FWB but definitely a guy who looks like he spends time outdoors.He looks across the table at you and briefly makes eye contact and flashes a quick smile before looking down to his phone and continuing a text. You pull out your own phone and start surfing a bit to try to distract yourself from that dull, insistent ache between your legs.Time passes, and then you feel the gentle, warm contact of skin on the side of your calf underneath the table. You hold your leg still and wonder if this is just incidental contact of the crowded bar variety.You lift your head up from the phone and look across the table. The strange man is looking down at his phone and you ask yourself, Could he be unaware?You get your answer as you feel his Ankara escort bayan leg start to slowly slide forward and back, rubbing your warm calf with his.Who does this guy fucking think he is?But you wonder why you haven’t moved your leg away. Why you aren’t shooting him a withering look and getting up and moving to another table?It’s because it’s physical contact of the male variety. And because it feels good. You keep your eyes on your phone, wondering where this goes from here.His leg stops rubbing against yours and pulls away. You almost feel disappointed at the break in contact, until you feel the arch of his right foot start to slide up the inside of your right calf. He’s using his foot to stroke you from your ankle up to your knee and back. You look up now and stare across the table at him. He senses your gaze and looks up from his phone and you make eye-contact for the first time while his foot continues to slide up and down your leg.The look on his face is incredibly composed. You’d expect him to have some sort of cheeky, smart-ass grin, but instead, he’s looking at you almost with concerned affection. As if somehow he can sense the sexual need built up inside you and is just trying to be of service.You maintain eye contact and you struggle to keep your face placid. You don’t want to give him the satisfaction of getting a reaction out of you. But you ARE reacting. Your pussy is anyway. The incredible risk of letting a stranger touch you in public in this way is causing you to get wetter and wetter.You see him set his phone down and carefully grip the edge of the table with both hands. Your brow wrinkles in curiosity and you see that he is bracing himself as he sinks lower in his chair. You feel his leg extend and his foot slide up the inside of your thigh on its way to your crotch. You squeeze your legs together hard, trapping his foot just as his big toe is pressing firmly against the soaked fabric of your panties.You can feel the pressure of his toe against your clit. Your swollen little nub pulses with need. He starts to move his toe right to left and then left to right. The movement almost imperceptible but enough to Escort Ankara strum your clit in a way that sends shocks through your body.Your hands go under the table and you touch this man for the first time as you grab him firmly by the ankle just as you unclench your legs and let them spread apart. Instead of pushing his foot away, you pull it closer so his toes are pressed against your pussy.As ridiculous as it is that you are letting this stranger give you a public “footjob”, you have to admit to yourself that it feels fucking awesome and you need more. Maybe it is just how pent up you have been. Maybe it is the risk of being caught in public, but the way he is now moving his toes up and down your lips over the sopping wet fabric of your panties feels like heaven.You fight to regulate your breathing and maintain your composure as bar patrons move all around you. You hold his foot gently by his heel as you now let him do what he wants with his toes.Jumping a little in surprise, you feel his big toe reach out and catch the edge of your thong and pull it roughly to the side before sliding directly between your lips. He runs the toe up and down between your slit before pushing into your pussy. Once inside your warm, wet cunt, he bends it up and down, exploring the dimensions of your tight hole.Withdrawing a bit and then pushing back in, he is literally fucking you with his toe. All of this is a monumental tease. It makes your pussy ache for something longer, thicker.You typically aren’t big on one-night stands with strangers, but this is all too much and you absolutely need a good, hard fuck – and you need it soon! Making your decision, you push back from the table, pull your skirt back down your legs and stand up.Your thong is still pulled to the side, leaving your wet, swollen pussy bare under your skirt. You signal to him with your eyes to come with you. He gets up and follows you out.Once out on the street, you grab his hand, pull him to you and whisper in his ear,“Take me to your place, please.”He flags a cab and opens the door. Neither of you says a word on the ride. You realize that you haven’t even heard him speak a word yet. How strange.His hand slides up your thigh and under your skirt. You find that his fingers are far more skillful than his toes as he continues to work your pussy with his hand now. His long, agile fingers flutter along your swollen lips before slipping inside you. First one, then two. Filling you more but still just a tease. You need his cock.

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