The Story of My Wife

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I’m a very lucky man to have a beautiful mature wife. Her name is Vicki. She is fifty, with the body of a thirty-year old… In other words, she’s a head turner with big boobs, a fantastic ass, and a beautiful face. I always tell her how hot she is… Thanks to my wife, we have a beautifully decorated home in the suburbs. In the summer months, Vicki loves to put a bikini on and work in the yard, tend to her garden, and get a tan. One day last summer while Vicki was in our back yard, I happened to look out the kitchen window. I noticed our neighbor Gene (he’s about forty) walk out of his back door, and start to sweep his driveway. Then I thought to myself, he just swept it yesterday. Does Gene have a clean driveway fetish? I doubt it. I think I should mention this; my property sits on an acre, and is lined with big evergreens on the east side, as well as in the back. The only neighbor that can see into my back yard is Gene. It’s pretty secluded. Curious to see what was really going on, I walked back to the sunroom and looked out the window. Then it hit me like a brick, Gene didn’t go out to sweep his driveway, he went out to stare at my wife’s big tits and hot ass in her bikini. At first, I was really pissed, but that thought quickly passed. I understood what motivated Gene to come out and gawk at Vicki, she is hot and he was horny. While Gene has stayed in great shape, his wife Tammy quit trying a long time ago. That’s really too bad, because when she was younger she was damn cute. I’m guessing they don’t have a sex life any more. I feel bad for the guy. At this point, Vicki has an audience of two. I continued to watch Gene just stare my wife and rub his cock, and I began to stare at her myself and rub my cock. After a couple of minutes of admiring Vicki’s big tits bounce around, and observing just how hot her ass looked wiggling from side to side in her bikini, I pulled my cock out and pumped it, and pumped it. I quickly worked myself into a sexual frenzy, fantasizing that my wife was walking around our yard naked, looking at Gene while she played with her tits and fingered her pussy, and watched him rub his cock, get it real hard, and then pull it out and jack-off while he watched her… That thought took me to the edge, and I shot my load all over our glass cocktail table. Wow! This was the craziest ten-minutes of my life. I’ll admit that I have jacked-off to fantasies of my wife getting it on with a girl, but never as a voyeur. Right after I shot my load, I was about to get a towel and clean off the table. Instead, I decided to leave it and tell my wife all about it. Vicki walked in about fifteen-minutes after I shot my load. She immediately wanted to know what the sticky stuff was that spilled on the cocktail table. A little nervous, I walked her over to the table, and we sat down on the sofa. I spilled the beans, and told her how it all came about. Vicki’s jaw dropped, and then she smirked and said, “I should make you lick it off.” Well, the rest of the night Vicki was a little vixen. Instead of getting dressed, she left her bikini on and pranced around the house. I loved watching my wife roam around almost naked, in fact she made me horny as hell again. When the nine o’clock news came on, Vicki sat down next to me on the sofa. She turned to me and asked, “Did I really turn you on today?” “Hell Yes… Watching you, and watching Gene stare at you and rub his cock, that’s when I shot my load. Vicki, you are so hot! I’m a lucky guy!” That night, we got in bed and screwed each other’s brains out. The next day was Sunday, and we had the day off. I got out of bed, took a quick shower, and went downstairs. I found Vicki Escort izmir in the kitchen, topless, and that has never happened before. She was making breakfast just wearing a skimpy thong. Seeing her, I teased her that my breakfast was standing a few feet away from me. After I said that, Vicki peeled off her thong and bent over the table. Her luscious pussy lips invited me in, plus, she knew just how to hang her tits in a way that drove me wild! We had an intense quickie, and then we had breakfast. While we sat at the kitchen table having breakfast, we talked about Gene, and what happened yesterday. That conversation prompted Vicki share some of her fantasies with me. To my surprise, Vicki was well aware that Gene liked to gawk at her and rub his cock, and she was fine with it. Turns out, Vicki feels sorry for Gene too, and has fantasies about letting Gene see her topless in the yard, and maybe even let him touch and suck her tits. I was stunned! I had to drink some hot coffee so I knew I wasn’t dreaming. Sitting there looking at my topless wife, I leaned over and cupped her tits, and said, “Vicki, I have a feeling you actually want to let Gene see your beautiful tits, am I right?” “I guess I do. I just feel sorry for the guy. Alex, would that be okay with you?” “Well… Vicki, what other sexual fantasies should I know about?” Lesson learned: Guy’s and Gal’s never ask this question. Just don’t do it! Here’s why… In Vicki’s next fantasy, she sees us going to a seedy bar or club. She wants to dress like a slut and get a little buzzed… She pictured herself wearing: * A very short top, one that lets her tits peek out of the bottom. * A short skirt, but no panties, making it easier to have public sex. Then, while we are in the club, she thought it would really be hot to impale her pussy onto my stiff cock as I sat on a barstool, and let everyone watch. Also… Vicki wants us to go to an alternative swingers club dressed the same way, and find hot young women, preferably in their early twenties to mid-thirties to have girl-on-girl sex with in the club. I was happy to hear that Vicki’s previous fantasy included women, but her next fantasy scares the crap out of me… Vicki had us going to an adult bookstore, with glory holes, or a gay movie theater. In this fantasy, Vicki wants to watch me suck and fuck a guy, and let a guy fuck me, while she watches and masturbates, and then joins in. I have to tell you, I had no idea my wife harbored such kinky thoughts. Wow! My wife has always been ‘The Good Girl With The Smoking Hot Body.’ I guess her kinky sexual desires had finally caught up with her. I think we all have them, some people act on them, but most people don’t. After listening to my wife’s fantasies, I told her that when I was in college, one night my roommate and I got drunk and beat off together. I explained that we never touched each other, but we came pretty close. I let her know I still think about that night, and sometimes wonder what it would feel like to hold or suck another guy’s cock. I love my wife, and from hearing about her fantasies, I felt she wanted to expand her sex life. That was fine with me. I know she loves me, she knows I love her, and that’s all that matters. But as far as me sucking a cock goes, I’m not ready for that. I’d rather leave it a distant thought than make it a reality. Still sitting at the kitchen table, I looked into my wife’s eyes and said, “Vicki, if you want, I’m going to help you make a fantasy come true, and we’ll do it this afternoon.” Curious, Vicki asked, “How?” “This afternoon, I think you should show your big tits to Gene, but only if you want to.” izmir escort Hearing that, Vicki said, “Go on…” “Vicki, if you want to, at some point today I’m sure you’ll go outside and work in the yard. When you do, tie your bikini top so it’s easy to get off. When Gene sees you outside, he’ll come out. When he gets close to you, you quickly reach back and pull the string and – Wham, you’re topless, and he sees your tits. Is that what you want to do?” Vicki said, “Yes, but under one condition.” “What’s the condition Vicki?” “After my top falls off, I’ll pick it up, and tell Gene I’ll be back out in a few minutes.” I said, “Okay, but… What’s the condition?” “When I go back out, I’ll tell Gene you want to show him what we’ve done to the sunroom. Once he’s inside with you, I’ll be right outside the window, and I’ll make my top fall off again. But this time, I’m going to leave it off, and play with my tits, and pinch my nipples, and put on a sexy show while you guys watch.” “Really… Vicki, that’s what you want to do?” “Well actually, there’s more. While I’m playing with myself, I want you to tell Gene how I fucked you brains out last night. Then, I want you to stare at my naked tits, tell him how hot they are, and then pull your cock out and jack off. I’m sure Gene will get so fucking hot that he’ll jack-off with you.” Shocked, I looked at my wife, “Vicki, you’re kidding, right? You really want me to tell Gene all those things, and jack-off, with Gene, while we watch you play with your tits?” “Yes. I was going to ask you to suck his cock too, but I thought that might be pushing it.” Now completely shocked, “And you want me to suck his cock too?” “Well, yes. Remember when I accidentally rented that bi-sexual movie?” “Yes…” “Well, I didn’t accidentally rent it. I love to watch guys suck and fuck each other; it drives me out of my mind. What you don’t know is when you’re not home, sometimes I play that flick and cum like a crazy woman. Alex, I didn’t return that movie, I bought it.” “Vicki, I’m in shock!” “Why? Alex, guys like to watch two girls get it on, what’s the difference? And you said sometimes you think about sucking another guy’s cock.” “Yes, but Vicki… Okay, I did say that. If that will make you happy, I’ll do it.” Vicki hugged me tight and kissed me, and then she went to get her bikini top. About two-minutes later she came back down, put it on, and loosely tied it. To her surprise, because her boobs are so big and heavy, just bending forward got the strings to come loose, and off it came. She tried it a few more times, and it popped off each time. I was still very apprehensive about jacking-off with Gene. “Vicki, do you really want me to jack-off with him – And suck him?” “Yes Alex. Let me get my movie, I’ll play the part that drives me wild. Okay?” Only because I’m still madly in love with my wife I said, “Okay Vicki.” Vicki ran upstairs to get her movie. I sat on the sofa, and in a couple of minutes she was back and had it in the player. She must have played the hell out of this flick, because she knew exactly where to fast-forward it to. And then she clicked play… Vicki sat down next to me, naked. Within seconds she was passionately pinching her nipples and fingering her pussy. It didn’t take long before Vicki was completely mesmerized by these two guys deep throating each other. In a matter of minutes my wife’s pussy was dripping wet. This was the first time in all our years of marriage that I saw my wife masturbate. Sure, I’ve seen her play with her tits and pussy while we made love, but this was very different. I was so turned on watching her that I pulled my cock out izmir escort bayan and pumped it. I was now masturbating to my wife as she watched gay porn. Vicki had an insatiable appetite for this movie. Without taking her eyes of the screen, Vicki said, “Look at those guys suck cock. Alex, are you watching? That’s so fucking hot! Suck it; suck that cock!” She chanted. Then, for the next few minutes, Vicki didn’t make as sound; she just played with her pussy while she watched these two guys go at it. Once it was apparent that they were about to blow their loads, my wife said to me, “Alex, watch this! Oh shit Alex, I want to watch you suck cock so fucking bad… I’m cumming!!!” Vicki squirted farther than I’d ever seen her squirt before. Seeing that got me so hot, I stood up and shot a big load all over her body. Fact is I usually didn’t get that hot even when I’d shoot my load in her luscious pink pussy. Weak-kneed, I sat down, but Vicki was still having orgasms. With her fingers still in her pussy, she looked at me and in a sultry voice said, “Alex, lick your cum off my tits!” I love this woman, so I did what she ordered. To my surprise, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I licked my load off her tits and held it in mouth. With Vicki still in a sexual frenzy, I leaned over and kissed her with my mouth full of cum. That set off an all-new round of orgasms, and she was once again squirting, and exploding her juices! I sat there and watched my wife in total awe. I’d never seen her that hot, or cum like that. I realized I was married to a real life Sex-Goddess. I now felt it was my duty to share her amazing body, and go along with any fantasy she dreamed up. When Vicki came down to earth, we took a shower, not only to clean up, but also to get centered again. Once out of the shower, Vicki did some chores, and I did some computer work. It was now mid-afternoon. I finished my work and went looking for Vicki. I thought by now maybe she would have a change of heart, and forgo the idea of making her fantasy a reality. I was wrong. I found Vicki in our bedroom, naked, pinching her nipples, fingering her pussy, and checking out her body in the mirror. I said, “Knock, knock. How’s my wife?” Vicki looked at me, and said in a strange tone of voice, “Hot and Horny Alex. Today I intend to blow your mind!” I fired back, “And… I guess I intend to blow our neighbor.” “Yes,” she said, and gave me a big kiss! Vicki stood in front of her dresser, and opened the drawer that had her bikinis in it. She picked her white thong bikini that I bought for her a while back, and put the bottom on. She never wore it before because it was so revealing. I must say I was a little surprised she picked that one, but if you want to turn someone on, that thong bikini bottom will do the trick. This bikini bottom was so hot; it barely covered her pussy lips, and made her ass look insanely hot. As I stood next to my wife in front of her dresser, I noticed her put the matching bikini top back in the drawer. “Vicki, aren’t you going to need that?” I said. “No, and Alex, put these tight shorts on, and nothing else. Then wait for me in the sunroom.” “What have I done?” I asked myself. Confused, I did what I was told, and put the shorts on. I think she picked them because they made my big cock look even bigger. Then I went down to our sunroom… And waited. A few minutes later, Vicki appeared in her thong bikini bottom, and a short white t-shirt that I’d never seen before. This t-shirt was so short that the bottom barely covered her big tits. Not only that, it had the word ‘L@@K’ in big pink letters on it, with a slit down the front that stopped right between the @@’s. Fuck did she look hot! I just stared at Vicki. Then she walked up to me, flashed her tits, pulled down my shorts, and swallowed my cock in her mouth. She sucked me until I was hard, then she took my cock out of her mouth, and told me to pull my shorts up. “Alex, stay here.

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