The Story of Gilly Gee Pt. 01

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This story is pure fiction — all participants of anything remotely sexual are over 18 years of age.

Gilly Gee, born Friday 5th April 1996, had a very strict upbringing. Her Mother was particularly strict when it came to boys. They didn’t exist in any form other than being at the same school. Boy friends were to be treated no different to girl friends. She could talk with them about school, what was going on in the world, the latest movies or music but anything of a personal nature was very strictly forbidden.

It was a very draconian approach to bringing up a child but as Gilly Gee’s Mother explained, it was how her Mother had brought her up and it hadn’t done her any harm. Gilly Gee had to admit that her Mother was perfectly correct. Her Mother was beautiful, intelligent, had an excellent job and was very well paid. She also seemed to have no shortage of Gentlemen friends.

“Seems a little unfair Mum,” protested Gilly Gee half heartedly.

“It’s not a little unfair, Darling, it’s extremely unfair, I know that. It’s exactly what I said to your Gran when I was your age. You have to realise that in my profession and your Gran’s before me, we see a great many lives ruined, destroyed by events that started out quite innocently and, by the force of human nature, got totally out of hand.”

Having used the stick, metaphorically, Gilly Gee’s Mother produced the carrot;

“I do strongly emphasis that, when the long-case clock in the hallway chimes the last chime of the midnight hour on Friday 4th April 2014, when you become eighteen, the legal age of consent, and I shall be free of my responsibilities for you, and your behaviour, as a minor and you will have taken over full responsibility for the consequences of your behaviour and actions, you will be utterly free of all and any restrictions that I, your Mother, together with the laws and rules pertaining to the behaviour of and responsibility for minors, have placed upon you. You will be required, in law, to make your own decisions and be responsible for your own actions in the same way as all other adult women, this includes your relationships with men. Boys won’t exist when you are an adult woman, and including all, I emphasise the ‘all’, matters of a sexual nature, at that point, the last chime of the midnight hour on Friday 4th April 2014, and not a second before, you shall then have all those freedoms granted you, without restriction of any type or form other than that of public decency.

The above does not abrogate my responsibilities as a Mother. I shall always be here for you, to counsel, guide, advise, inform, encourage and if necessary, educate you in any way that I am able. Does that sugar the pill sufficiently?”

From those very long, convoluted sentences you will realise that Gilly Gee’s Mother was in the legal profession (Family Division).

Gilly accepted her Mother’s edict without question. Gilly knew that her Mother always kept her word. Everything comes to she who waits and Gilly waited, patiently.

Gilly spent all her free time, that’s the time when her school friends were out with, whisper it boys, studying. It did her no harm at all. She was top of the class in every subject! She sailed through all her exams without pause. University beckoned, just as it had for her Mother.

=== === ===

Friday 4th April 2014, Gilly Gee was in bed, propped up with pillows, A mug of hot chocolate was on her bedside chest of drawers. She was listening to the radio and waiting and waiting and waiting… the last five minutes seemed to take forever!

At last! The long-case clock in the downstairs hallway started to chime the witching hour. Gilly Gee counted one, two, three, four… nine, ten, eleven… twelve!

Gilly Gee came of age! She threw back the duvet, swung her legs out of the bed and chuckled happily.

‘Eighteen! Do I feel any different?’ she asked herself then closely examined her feelings, ‘err Nope!’

‘Do I look any different?’

She stood, removed her pyjamas, turned the bedroom’s main light on and stood before the long mirror and studied her naked body.

Her legs looked good. A match for the shop window legs that were used to display stockings and tights. She turned a little sideways, she didn’t need to suck her tummy in, it was flat. She grinned, ‘that will do to model panties’. She turned a little more and decided that her bum was certainly good enough which just left her boobs. She turned to full profile and craned her neck to get a really good view. Nice and full with upturned nipples. She placed the palms of her hands underneath and lifted each breast carefully then removed her hands quickly. They hardly bounced at all! She didn’t study her face, that was beyond her control but her friends said she looked pretty and that was good enough.

‘So, do I look any different?’ she repeated to herself, ‘err Nope! Maybe my nipples are a little more sticky-up-e?’

Gilly Gee didn’t feel in the least upset that nothing appeared to have changed. She bahis firmaları switched off the top light, climbed back into bed, without putting her pyjamas back on, drank the last of her hot chocolate, turned out the bedside light and snuggled down to sleep.

As she drifted off to sleep thoughts of Mr. Adams, Mr. Alan Adams her dishy Maths teacher and two guys in the year above her, flitted casually across her mind. She had changed a little bit.

=== === ===

“Gilly! You awake? C’mon down Birthday girl, your breakfast is ready.”

“Coming Mum,” she called happily then sniggered at the thought, ‘would I actually shout that to my Mother?’

Swinging her legs off the bed she sat up. Her ‘little girl’s pyjamas lay in an untidy heap on the floor where she’d dumped them at midnight. She was free of their constriction. Just the act of sleeping nude made her feel so much more comfortable. Even the simple process of rolling over no longer involved sorting out tight clothing before she could get comfortable again. Pulling on her dressing-gown she headed downstairs.

Mum smiled as she walked into the kitchen.

“Does that feel more comfortable, Dear?” she asked happily.

“Yes Mum, much more comfortable. Now I know why I don’t see your pyjamas or nighties on the line. I slept like a log.”

“I’m pleased Dear but you might like to do the belt up a little, just in case postie knocks with a parcel for you.” she laughed.

Gilly looked down and joined in with her Mother’s laughter. Put simply the sides of her dressing-gown were caught on her erect nipples so everything, and we do mean everything, in a dead straight, plumb-line line south of her nipples was totally on display for the complete width between left nipple and right.

“Not too tight, Darling,” Mum cautioned, “might as well be wearing pyjamas, else.” she chuckled dirtily.

She adjusted the fit until she saw Mum nod approval. She checked it herself, really? She grinned at her Mum delightedly. There were definite advantages to being a woman!

“Sit! Speech coming up,” instructed Mum.

She sat, like a good girl, that is a good girl with a lot more than a little boob on display. She crossed her legs, just in case anything else was too much on display.

“Congratulations! You have come of age! That makes you a full grown woman in everybody’s book. I know that it’s been hard for you at times. I’ve watched you struggling with the will to be good when your hormones have been encouraging you down other paths. Despite all the temptations life has thrown at you these last years you’ve managed to resist all of them. I know exactly what you have suffered, because I have encouraged you to be good in exactly the same way as my Mother encouraged me. I didn’t make you a good girl, you were a good girl, you’ve always been a good girl, even as a baby. I’m very proud of you.

I hope that you will quickly come to realise, as did I, that resisting the temptations that your school pals might not have, now gives you a much bigger, more enjoyable advantage. Whereas they might have experimented with things that they shouldn’t, their pleasure was likely tainted by the fear of discovery or things going horribly wrong or even simply the thought that ‘I shouldn’t be doing this!’ They didn’t have the unrestricted freedom that you shall now be able to enjoy.

Now that you are a woman, legally of age, none of those fears need concern you, within the bounds of public decency, know what I mean?, you can do whatever you wish. Just having that freedom to enjoy will increase your pleasures many fold.

Those pills that have kept your periods regular these last years now become even more important in their proper role. Just don’t miss any, ever.

You’re a woman and, quite rightly, you’ll want to get out there and explore and experiment. I don’t blame you, I felt the same urges. I’ll support you in whatever you decide, from now on it is all down to you and your decisions. If you need help, advice or counseling, I’m here and always shall be. I will however offer a couple of thoughts for caution, FOC No.1 Don’t get a reputation, it sticks. No. 2 and much more important, remember that you’ve been working hard for years to pass your exams. You need to go to University because you’ve got a good brain and it needs stimulating. Don’t throw all that hard work away just for some quick gratification, you have years of pleasure ahead of you. Your ‘A’s’ are essential. Concentrate on your studies until they are done and dusted then… Speech over, you can open your cards and presents now. Happy Birthday, Darling.”

“Thanks Mum, love you!”

“Get away with yer, open your presents.”

She had three cards, Mum’s and two school friends, both girls. She opened Mum’s. A mid 20’s Flapper girl partying and inviting her to ‘Have a great time’.

“Thanks Mum.”

Three presents — one clearly a book. Gilly loved books. A long package, rectangular, quite heavy and a squidgy packet with a hard core. She picked up kaçak iddaa the book first and started to unwrap it carefully.

“I’m afraid it’s a textbook, Darling.”

She peeled the last of the wrapper off and turned it over… ‘Sex — The Facts — The Acts and Your Feelings. By Dr. Michael Carerra’ It was a bit dog-eared but she didn’t mind one bit. Looking straight at her Mother she grinned fit to bust.

“A sex manual? You found this in a second-hand book shop?”

“No Darling, your Gran gave it me on my coming of age, it was dog-eared then. Great Gran gave it to her. Hopefully you’ll pass it on when the time comes. I suggest bedtime reading for now, relaxation after a hard day of study?” she chuckled.

“Thanks Mum, it’ll be a lot more dog-eared before I pass it on, I hope.”

She picked up the long, heavy rectangular packet.

‘A sex manual from my Mum. Whatever next?’ she thought as she almost ripped the wrapping off a… ‘Realistic Triple Tickler G Spot Dildo 6.5 inch’ A vibrator! Yet another perfect present.

“Your Mum brought you a vibrator?”

“Unfortunately not, they weren’t very good back then… got me a delicious dildo instead. Didn’t want you to have any worries, first time,” she grinned then added, “over time I suspect you’ll gather a good collection yourself.”

A sex manual and a sex toy… she tore open the squidgy packet urgently. Two packets of pocket sized tissues held together with elastic bands. Something hard between them. She pushed her finger into the end. At the other end a rounded tip appeared. She kept pushing then gave up and released the two elastic bands. No mistaking the fact that it was another sex toy. She pushed the little indentation on the end and held it down. It buzzed so hard it nearly slipped out of her hand.

“Press the button, one press at a time until it stops,” instructed her Mother with a laugh.

She pressed a couple of times and it stopped. It was about 4″ long and about as thick as a finger. Tiny compared with the Triple Tickler. She looked at her Mother expectantly.

“It’s a pocket clit tickler. Half a dozen speeds, almost silent and will fit easily into a handbag or pocket. Perfect for a little relief when you’re a bit bored or feeling needy. Mind you the toy’s almost silent, doesn’t mean you will be though. I never am,” she laughed filthily, “I’ve got all the boxes and instructions and there is a box of spare batteries for each under your bed.”

“And the paper hankies?”

“Always carry them to slip into your panties, often saves them getting wet or uncomfortably sticky,” she chuckled wickedly, “there’s a bottle of lube with the batteries, only need a little but best to use it, to start with at least.”

‘What an incredible set of Birthday presents.’ Gilly thought, ‘Pity I’d not be able to tell my friends.’

“And there’s this,” said her Mum nonchalantly handing over another parcel.

An Iphone!

“Thanks Mum! It’s great,” She gave her Mother loads of happy cuddles.

“Well, you had to have something you could tell your mates about and you’ll also need to be able to contact your boyfriends, won’t you?” she laughed, “Just don’t get too involved with (un) Social Media, please.”

Gilly is now a woman — her Mother has clearly shown it to be so and proved it with her careful choice of presents. Now we must switch to the first person so that Gilly can tell the story herself — it is her story after all’s said and done.

=== === ===

“Any plans for today, Dear?” Mum asked as we did the washing up.

I looked out the window.

“Had thought about a walk around the park but it’s pouring with rain at the moment. Probably read a book. Got an interesting one for my Birthday,” I giggled.

“How about going out to eat this evening, nothing fancy, just out?”

“Yes please Mum, that would be a perfect end to a perfect Birthday.”

=== === ===

I didn’t rush to get dressed. In fact I was rather enjoying wandering around in just my dressing-gown. Just like Mum. After we’d cleared away the breakfast things I grabbed my new book and headed straight for the comfortable recliner in the conservatory. Scanning the Contents pages I quickly turned to page 397, Oral Sex. I read avidly and didn’t notice Mum enter the room.

“For what it’s worth,” she said making me jump, “I personally love going down on a man BUT if he hasn’t gone down on me after a few blow-jobs he doesn’t get any more.”

I laughed out loud. I was obviously a proper woman at last!

“Err, is it alright to talk about sex then Mum?”

“Of course, woman to woman nobody to say us no? How else will you learn the basics? Trial and error is so heavily biased towards error I’m afraid. What do you want to talk about? Anything in particular?” she replied as she curled up on the settee tucking her feet up and under.

“It says here…”

For the next couple of hours Mum and I talked about sex. I got up to make coffees and when I returned Mum had the book on her lap.

“If kaçak bahis you’re going to continue to study hard for your exams you might consider reading about Masturbation, page 385 onwards. Lots of interesting stuff but little about toys. Only dildos back in ’72 and they were generally badly made. Would help overcome any concerns you might have.”

I read while Mum drank her coffee. Mine got cold.

We discussed it. Mum added her own insight and lunchtime came and went.

“Y’know this is a bit like our Literary Circle at school. We read a book or a set chapter then discuss it. Think I would have got away with suggesting this book?” I giggled.

“I suspect your fellow students would have loved it, not sure about po faced Miss Stewart though,” chuckled Mum.

We carried on talking while making a quick lunch and eating it.

“Have a look at the chapter on ‘Positions for Intercourse’ it’s somewhere around page 400 if I remember rightly. I’ll see if we can get a table at Mario’s.”

=== === ===

“7:30 OK?”

I was still reading hard and fast. My mind was in overdrive as I read and visualised.

“Ummm? Yes… fine…”

I heard Mum laugh.

“That good eh?”

I nodded. Mum sat back on the settee and waited.


“Yes Dear?”

“In your opinion, what’s the best position?”

Mum giggled. Had to admit it was a bit of a strange question to ask your Mother.

“My preference is one at…” she stopped and reconsidered, “the one that feels best at the time. It’s a bit like finding a Prince, you’ve gotta kiss a lot of frogs. So with the best position you have to try them all. What’s good one day might well be terrible on another and vice versa, then you can pick and choose.”

“That wasn’t what you were going to say,” I challenged.

“True but… it’s not something a Mother should tell a daughter. Something she needs to discover for herself, I think.”

“Anal?” I pried.

“Nope but there’s nothing wrong with anal as long as you’re careful.”

Which led to another half hour long discussion.

“You still haven’t told me what your favourite position is,” I teased, “we’ve talked about Oral, Anal, Masturbation and positions for intercourse. What haven’t we talked about?”

“We haven’t talked about a lot and that includes combinations of what we have talked about.”

“Now you’re being obtuse,” I suggested.

“Ain’t I just. Remember that book was published in ’72, a lot has changed since then. There’s nothing new and hasn’t been for probably a thousand years or more but back then, in ’72, people didn’t readily talk about lots of things that they do talk about now. Another cup of coffee or would you prefer tea?”

=== === ===

So what wasn’t in the ’72 book but might be in a 2014 edition? I scanned up and down the contents pages trying to work out what was missing. There had to be loads of stuff but I hadn’t read the book as thoroughly as Mum obviously had.

Mum wasn’t any help, she just grinned at me!

We talked, Mum and I all the way through the afternoon, getting ready for going out. In the taxi and while we were eating. Always about matters sexual, always very interesting to me as it was generally me asking and Mum replying. Nothing that might shine any light on what was Mum’s favourite position.

That night I took my new book to bed, my new toys, a roll of toilet paper and a kitchen roll. I put the lube on my bedside table. I was in bed, naked, by 10 o’clock and turned to page 326, Women’s Sexual Systems. The hairbrush handles did the job, as Mum suggested, and I flushed the toilet paper down the loo. A problem never to occur again. I didn’t even attempt the larger dildo and reached for the smaller as I flicked back to page 312 ‘Sexually Transmitted Diseases’. It very nearly put me right off so I read the section about condoms. That was enough reading for the night. I put the book away and pressed the button on the little vibrator once and quickly discovered a new use for a small packet of tissues. As a gag!

On Sunday morning, after breakfast Mum suggested we take that walk in the park, as it wasn’t raining. It was a lovely spring day. Not many people around and we could walk easily without dodging pushchairs and dog walkers.

“Mum, have you ever tried Lesbianism?” I ventured tentatively.

There was a long pause and I began to wonder if I’d over stepped the mark.

“Yes.” she said eventually.

“Err… what’s it like?”

Another, longer, pause.

“It’s good, not as good as being with a man that knows what he’s doing but much better than being with a man with no idea.”


The pause was longer still.

“A woman usually knows what pleases her, ergo she has a pretty good idea what might please another woman. A man with no idea about women needs to be taught, if he’s willing to listen. Most aren’t. So he has trouble or no interest in pleasing you. A woman will always try to please and expect to be pleased in return.”

“Oh, thanks.”

We just chatted generally after that. After walking about 5 miles we arrived home.

=== === ===

“Cuppa Mum?”

“Please Dear.”

“Did I upset you Mum? Sorry, didn’t mean to.”

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