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The start of thingsHi First of all what I am about to tell you is all true and this is the first time I have ever written anything like this before so please be kind if you do comment back.Over the years I have watched a little bit of porn with my pervert of a husband (I say pervert but I do love him for it) and until recently I have never been much of a fan but I went along with it to keep my hubby happy and seeing him get turned on sort of had an effect on me so what the hell. I said I didn’t care for watching porn till recently, this is the first of a few confessions, about a year ago I surprised myself when I discovered by accident I got a real trill from secretly watching and reading porn, if someone had told me it would be such a turn on for me I wouldn’t of believed them and even go as far as arguing it wouldn’t do anything for me but how wrong would I have been. I know it sounds a little odd but the first time I did it, I must admit it was like watching porn for the first time and it really did turn me on. The net is full of porn but it did take a little bit of time to find the stuff I like and when I did wow! I then realised what I had been missing out on. I have asked myself why can I now be bothered at my time of life and all I can put it down to is I suppose is I know I shouldn’t and if I got caught I dread to think but it’s my own secret pleasure. I read all three of the 50 shades and it was an ok read but to be honest I wondered if there must be something wrong with me because I found it quite dull. I am not a big reader but I love to read true life stories and accounts of other people’s sexual experiences and hope you enjoy reading mine.Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Lynn and I am 44 I haven’t got time to do the gym thing but I do try to stay in fit and healthy whatever way I can, I am 5’5 and have shapely hips but only about 10 stone, I haven’t got what I consider to be the biggest boobs in the world but they are ample and fill a B-cup. Like I said earlier I am married to Jack a kind loving man who is 47, we married young and he has always worked hard shop fitting all over the UK. Altogether I am a happy go lucky woman who loves family and the simple uncomplicated life. The main confession I am about to write about all started about two years ago and what started the ball rolling would have came out sooner or later I suppose but what happened that afternoon defiantly got it started so to speak. I cannot remember what happened exactly but basically I was pottering around the house when the phone rang and our son David rang to tell us he had got the promotion at work a promotion he had been chasing for ages, as Jack was also at home and David only had a moment to speak I rushed into the conservatory with my mobile allowing David to speak to his dad and handing the phone to Jack I stood next to him. I felt a little bad because Jack had been sat quietly reading and I startled him when I rushed in because I defiantly seen him jump. I was so happy for David and whilst he chatted to his Dad I just happen to look at the computer screen and with no real interest I started to scan over what Jack had been reading, Jack noticed that I was looking and in an effort to distract me he asked if I could go get him a drink and I was just about to go when the word orgasm caught my eye and of course that got my attention. Jack saw me take a second glance and he quickly clicked the mouse to get rid of the text but it was too late because I knew what he had been up to, poor bloke he looked so annoyed but sheepish at the same time. I whispered firmly “what have you been looking at” Jack looked at me and signalled for me to go away, halkalı escort I was having none of it and I attempted to take hold of the mouse but Jack kept a tight grip on it and whist he tried to stay calm while chatting to David I wrestled with him to get hold of the mouse but even with both hands Jack was too strong for me but I persisted and realising I was not going to give up Jack reluctantly surrendered the mouse and I quickly got back to the page Jack had been looking at. I started to read from the top as Jack and David finished their call and For several awkward moments I read the story Jack had been reading , I could tell Jack was super embarrassed and holding his breath as I studied the screen. “Oh right, so this is what you’re up to, is it? I said, “You’re a right dirty pervert” I mocked. Go on you read it to me,” “go on” Hesitantly jack started to read the story. The story was a cuckold husband, at the time I didn’t know what a cuckold was and for those reading this who don’t know a cuckold is a husband who stays faithful to his wife but he encourages her to take a lovers now the wife in this story ends up taking a black lover and man who was much older than her and as the story unfolded she discovers she had fallen pregnant to him.I must admit the story did make me horny but I didn’t want Jack to know, I wanted to make him suffer for a bit. When Jack had finished reading I asked him, “Do you fantasize about this when we have sex or when you wank yourself off?” I scoffed “Mmm- I do huh,” he blurted out, l shot him a hard glance and I could tell by the look on his face he had immediately thought he may live to regret his answer. I sighed and stood up from the window sill where I had been sitting and got up to leave, “Wait, what about you? Did it turn you on?” I thought for a second and decided to put out of his misery a bit and with a grin he couldn’t see I said “Sort of, but any lover I take would have to be fit and much younger than that guy in that story.” Leaving him stunned, I headed to the kitchen to start tea. The thing is Jack never listens to word I say but he never forgets a thing if we talk about sex so I knew those words would be left ringing in his ears because they were like nothing I had ever said before and to be honest I don’t know where they came from.My hubby has always been a dirty bugger and despite him not wanting to tell me every time he watches porn he has always been totally honest with about his sexual desires. At times even though he knew it would caused an argument and an argument that would probably result in me having hard feelings towards him it never stopped him telling me the truth and trusting me enough to share his secrets and his sexual appetite and because he had always been so upfront with me about everything I knew his sexual appetite had become a lot kinkier over the years. He has never hid the fact he is a voyeur and the only porn worth watching is the kind with real amateur woman who aren’t afraid to display their true sexuality to dirty perverts like him. I love Jack and he loves and knows me better than any other person on earth and although I haven’t always told him everything he has still worked me out and he has told me it turns him on to see my naughty mischievous side but up to that point in my life that was a side I held so personal that I never reveal it to anyone one else. When I sat and thought about it I realised that over the years if Jack wanted to have sex he just goes for it and turns me on and he gets it, but if I want to have sex and if he doesn’t that’s a different story and, I am left to get olgun escort over it or if I am that bothered I have to give myself the four finger shuffle. Jack has a very vivid imagination and once I realised he was totally comfortable with my desires I quickly worked out that I can easily get him aroused any time I liked, just a quick text telling him a sexy thought I just had, tell him I am going out with no knickers on or just dropping a suggestive comment about how having sex with another men excites me but if I fancy an instant shag (I have never had the strongest sex drive but that has changed recently) all I need to do is tell Jack about my sexual fantasies and if I want to give him a real treat and really drive him wild I tell him about the experiences I had with my boyfriend’s before I met him.Ever since that day in the conservatory Jack would show me videos of men watching their wives enjoying sex with other men and I must admit some of them if not all of them did make me horny. We were out for a meal with some neighbours about year ago, Helen and Grant. They are a couple in their mid 40’s. Grant and Helen are both in retail and their girls go to the same college our son went to. The discussion turned to a recent news story about a female teacher who had been caught by her husband having sex with one of her students. Grant said, “A female teacher having sex with her male student now that turns me on, I wish when I was a young lad some mature woman had taken me in hand to teach me about sex, it’s all young lads think about isn’t it?” we all laughed.”Jack agreed” and obviously thinking about the teacher’s husband, he then asked Grant “How would you feel if you caught Helen in bed having sex with one of the young college lads from the shop?” I looked straight at Jack, then Helen said “I would say it depends on which one I was humping” again everyone chuckled. I quickly turn to Helen and in a half whisper I asked her, “Have you ever been approached or tempted by a horny young stud?” She was silence for a moment then glancing at Grant said. “No to the first bit and maybe to the second but Grant keeps hoping I will crack and go for it one day.”Jack was in his element and keeping it going asking, “What if she did have an affair with one of those young guys?” To this day I don’t know what came over me but I knocked them all for six when I jumped in and said “Ah, a mature woman treating a handsome young man to pleasures of satisfying an experienced mature woman, it should be made law and should defiantly not be against it, but till then what a fantasy” Way to go girl” Helen immediately bust out as if like a coiled spring and said well said, way to go. I bit my lip the moment I realising what I had just confessed to and I could feel my cheeks burning as I blushed up giving a nervous little giggle I took a sheepish sip from my drink and scanning their faces looking round for the impact my comment must have just had.Jacks loved the comment, that dirty basted would I thought, Grant give Jack a sly knowing look and whilst nodding towards me he grinned. It all went silent and still blushing in humiliation for allowing one of my deepest darkest secrets to have come tumbling out I just sat quietly kicking myself. Helen on the other hand had a twinkle in her eyes and patting me on her hand said, “I agree let’s get a petition going I know thousands of woman that will sign it in a heartbeat” even I laughed at her comment and it broke the tension. The conversation moved on but the images of getting serviced by some young stud did cross my şişli escort mind once or twice that night. I was incredibly passionate and wet when we made love that night and Jack can read me like a book and he knew exactly what I thinking as we made love. Jack whispered you are getting into this aren’t you “Hmmmmmm, and with my eyes firmly closed thinking about the firm cock of some young buck filling me, I murmured “yes,”I knew Jack wanted more detail about my innermost fantasies and feelings, so he encouraged me to say more by asking “What are you thinking about?”There is a time and a place for all things, I sure some people talk about their fantasies and true sexual feeling at the drop of a hat but I find it hard to talk about and never tell him the really dirty stuff I think about and have done with other lovers but when I am really turned on I the confidence to do it but when I am that turned on all I am concentrating on is forcing out a good orgasm but that night was his lucky night, after all he was someone I had shared my whole adult life with. I didn’t say anything straight away but got into a steady rhythm forcing his cock deeper inside my now squelching pussy and I ground my hips harder and faster towards him, it felt so nice and my body felt so sensitive. I could tell he thought I hadn’t heard him and just as he was about to repeat himself I softly whispered “I am imagining that I am in your fantasy. From that moment he couldn’t have shut me up and I am sure he wasn’t complaining and being in total ecstasy he will have thought all his Christmases have come at once. As I spoke I could tell Jack hung on my every word and I continued to tell him how surprised and a little confused I had been to learn that he was serious about allowing me have another man fuck me but at first I hoped he was only joking because the thought of it filled me with dread. Jack was so excited that he had taken his cock out of me and he just lay their silently fingering me. I went on to tell him that over the following months the more I thought about his wicked proposition and it began to excite me and, the more I allowed myself to think about doing it with someone else it had slowly started to turn me on. I was afraid I was turning into some kind of slut because I was beginning to even think about where and when it would happen in my mind I had even considered what sexy undies I was going to wear and would my body be good enough to turn my new lover on but at the front of my mind I knew how wrong it was so, I tried even harder to put those naughty thoughts out of my mind and tell myself to stop being silly but the harder I tried the harder it became to do it. Every time I let my guard down and I allowed myself to daydream or fantasies those naughty images about making love to a handsome stranger I noticed something deep inside me jumped and my clit tingled and the more I thought about it the deeper my pussy burnt and ached for some attention (which I gave it) . At first all I thought about was how wrong it was but slowly I came round to the idea and like I said I struggled with it but I tried so hard to put it out of my mind and no matter how hard I tried the sexy image of me riding someone else’s hard cock kept coming into my mind and those images had even spilled over and given me some lovely wet dreams. I even admitted that over 6 months I had brought myself off with some of the most intense orgasms of my life just imagining been with some strong muscular lover pumping his thick hard cock into me. At that Jack said oh shit and I felt a warm feeling over my belly and hip as he shot his load over me, I wasn’t bothered because he had worked half his hand into my soaking pussy, I didn’t realise how erotic it would be for me to share my deepest naughty thoughts and feelings and looking back it was the start of the sexiest time of my life and I was so highly charged that my world was rocked when the most fantastic orgasm washed over me and I thought I had pissed myself because I came so hard, I later discovered the bed covers were soaking like never before.

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