The Sorority Christmas party

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The fraternity guys and I had trudged out into the snow on a brisk December afternoon to cut down a Christmas tree for the Alpha Kappa sorority house. By the time we got the tree back to campus and unloaded it off the truck, a cold wind was blowing and snow was falling steadily. We carried the tree into the sorority house common room and stood it up on a stand. A roaring fire had been lit and its warmth was welcome after being outside in the cold. As a reward for our efforts the sorority girls pranced about in little low-cut Santa skirt-dresses and dished out lots of rum drinks as they decorated the tree. A sorority girl would climb up the stepladder and carefully place a light or decoration. She would get a guy to volunteer to hold the ladder steady for her and he would, discreetly, take a glance up her skirt. Later on, as the rum began to work on both sexes and the decorations were placed higher up on the tree, it took longer and longer for the girl on the stepladder to lean over and hang each decoration, allowing the guy she picked to steady the ladder ample time to leer at her crotch. Overall, a great tree trimming party. I enjoyed the party but, sadly, hadn’t been holding the ladder for anyone. Late in the evening I met a sorority girl named Jenny. We talked by the roaring fire next to the, now decorated, Christmas tree. ‘Perky’ and ‘cute’ were the two words that came to my mind as I got to know her better. She had a cute face and straight brown hair in a bob-cut. She was much shorter than me and was so slim that she would have looked fragile if she was not so animated. She told me that she had been stuck with cleanup duty and wanted to recruit me to help. She also spent a lot of time asking me about my preferences on sports, music, food, and all kinds of other things. Around midnight the room had mostly cleared out as the girls and guys sought out places to do more than simply show off their asses or stare up a girl’s skirt at her panties, respectively. I was still talking to Jenny by the warm fire. “Please,” Jenny begged, “stay and help me pick up.” She leaned against my chest with her face tiled up toward mine. “Pretty please.” I could feel the swell of her breasts against my body. Her scent, mixed with traces of perfume and rum, filled my head. Sigh. Despite the fact that I usually go for more ‘curvy’ girls, meaning, really, that I’m attracted to girls with substantial breasts, my male body reacted predictably. I realized that I was more than likely going to do anything this girl wanted me to do, so I went ahead and gave in. “Okay,” I answered, “tis the season to help out ones fellow man, or sorority girl as the case may be. What do we need to do?” She giggled. “Grab all the glasses and put them in the dishwasher, I’ll grab a trash bag and pick up the junk around the room.” I picked up several glasses, carried them to the kitchen, dumped them out into the sink, and put them in the dishwasher. As I left the kitchen to get another load, I saw Jenny, alone, picking up trash by the Christmas tree. Apparently, as Jenny and I started picking up, everyone had quickly disappeared, leaving just us to pick up from the party. I watched Jenny bend over to pick up a crumpled up napkin that had been discarded on the floor. Her short Santa skirt slid up to reveal white panties underneath. My groin stirred as I stared at her underwear. As she reached the floor and picked up the discarded napkin, I could see, for just a second, the gentle peach-shaped fold between her legs as it pushed out against the fabric of her panties. I knew what I wanted for Christmas this year. “You were totally checking out at my panties,” Jenny said as she stood up and put the napkin into the trash bag she was carrying. “Well, yes, but…” “Not fair, now you need to let me see you in your underwear,” she demanded. Jenny told me that her proposal was to have us finish the cleanup wearing only our underwear. Fair is fair, she argued, she can’t look up my jeans. I expressed my worry that we might get walked in on. “Don’t worry everyone is off in Anadolu Yakası Escort their rooms for the night doing…stuff,” she giggled, “If you want to see my panties again then you better start stripping down.” I really did want to see her panties again so I complied. After taking off my shoes and socks, I slid off my sweater and tee shirt to leave my chest bare. Jenny smiled as she checked out my chest and tight abdomen. I was a swimmer and in pretty good shape so showing off didn’t bother me too much. I undid my belt and slid down my jeans to reveal white bikini briefs. As I stepped out of my jeans Jenny reached back and unzipped her dress and slowly wiggled it down to the floor and kicked it away. “Ta-dah,” she said spreading her arms in the air as she stood smiling in front of me in just her bra and panties. Jenny had small breasts and a flat stomach, but her slim body looked sexy, in a girlish sort of way. She had on a white bra that matched the panties I had glimpsed earlier.  Moving my gaze down to her panties, my briefs began to feel tighter as I saw the darkness of her pubic hair through the fabric. Oh well, I thought, she can easily make out my erection in these briefs. An erection that was, as a point of fact, growing as I gazed at Jenny standing in her underwear. I figured I might as well try to see more. “No fair,” I said, “I don’t get to wear a top. I don’t think that you should either.” Jenny eyes went wide and she cupped her breasts in her hands. “My bra is part of my underwear,” she argued, “I should get to keep it on.” I stretched my arms above my head flexing the muscles of my chest and abdomen. Her gaze slid down my chest as I moved and her mouth fell open. “Okay, I’ll put my undershirt back on,” I smiled. “No,” she pouted, “I’ll take it off.” As I watched, Jenny reached back, unsnapped her bra, and leaned forward. Her bra fell from her breasts to the floor and she kicked it through the air onto the Christmas tree. She put her hands on her hips and thrust out her chest toward me. “There you go,” she said, “now you can ogle my itty-bitty titties.” Her breasts were still blossoming, but they were not ‘itty-bitty’. Jenny’s nipples were dark and they pushed out at least a half an inch from the gentle swell of her breasts. My cock twitched in my briefs as I gazed at her dark ‘puffy’ nipples. This caused Jenny to giggle again. “Back to work,” she said, “or you’ll be to excited to help me pick up this mess.” Jenny tossed our clothes into a pile under the Christmas tree and started picking up. I had to cant my erection off to one side so that the tip of my penis didn’t poke out the top of my briefs. Jenny watched this activity, which I didn’t bother hiding from her, with interest. At first, as we picked up, I was discrete in my glances at Jenny’s near-nudity, however, as I noticed that Jenny was boldly checking out the bulge in my briefs, I studied her nubile body as it moved. I enjoyed the way the fabric of her panties stretched to cover her ass as she bent over. I enjoyed the way her breasts jiggled as she walked. I enjoyed the long needy gazes she took at my body. When the room was clean to Jenny’s satisfaction we stood by the fire. I could feel the heat of the fire on my body. Jenny stepped up to me and placed a hand on my chest. Her hand slid down my chest to my abdomen, stopping at the top of my briefs. Her eyes looked into mine. “Look up,” she said. I glanced up to see a bunch of mistletoe hanging above us. “Does this mean I get a kiss?” I asked smiling. “I suppose that you deserve a reward for helping me pick up,” Jenny said softly as she knelt in front of my crotch. She slid her hand down from my abdomen and used her index finger to slowly caress the outline of my erection through the stretched and distorted fabric of my briefs. “Something looks uncomfortable under here,” she said with a giggle, “Something that needs a long kiss under the mistletoe.” Jenny slid my briefs down to my ankles and my thick cock popped into view in front of her face. She Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan smiled. The sight of her pretty face inches from my erection sent a wave of pleasure through my body. She gripped my shaft tightly in her right hand and leaned in to slowly and passionately kiss the tip of my penis with her lips. A warm pleasure spread throughout my groin and my erection hardened in her hand. Too soon, she pulled her lips away. Jenny gripped my cock backhanded between her thumb and index finger and lifted it up toward my abdomen. She leaned in and licked from between my balls up my shaft. Her tongue worked on the sensitive area just under the head of my penis. I moaned in pleasure and surprise, causing her to smile. She gripped my shaft tightly with her right hand and began to stroke. “You seem to like your reward so far,” she whispered as she continued. Pleasure coursed through my body as she worked. A warm tingle flowed from my groin outward, my nipples hardened, and my knees started to became weak. I gasped as my excited body neared orgasm. Jenny stopped stroking and looked up at me. I gazed down at Jenny’s face as she held my shaft tightly in her hand and watched me carefully. She was bringing me back from the edge before she continued. Soon, as my body relaxed, she began to stroke again. It felt wonderful. She moved her head under my erection and her tongue gently licked my balls. The warmth of her tongue excited me, the startling coolness of the air as she moved on to lick another area also excited me. Her stroking began to feel better and better as my need to orgasm began to grow more and more urgent. “Faster,” I pleaded and Jenny complied. She stopped licking my balls and looked up at me as her hand moved up and down my shaft in a blur. “I like stoking your thick cock,” she said boldly, “I like kissing it all over. Do you like girls in just their panties to stroke it hard and fast like I’m doing now?” “Oh, yes,” I replied breathlessly. Jenny cupped my balls with her left hand and fondled them as she stroked. “Yes, you like to watch my itty-bitty titties as I stroke your cock and caress your balls. You also like looking down at my panties.” I passed the point of no return and, thrusting my groin forward, groaned loudly. Jenny’s eyes widened in surprise when I groaned and my cock shot cum wetly across her cheek. She gasped and turned her face back toward my spurting cock. My second voluminous pulse shot into her mouth and she shut it with a little cough. For several long pleasure-filled moments, my penis continued to energetically pulse cum onto her face and chest. Jenny started laughing as my orgasm subsided. “I guess I should have expected that was coming,” she said as she wiped my cum off her face and chest. She took the tip of my penis into her mouth and sucked hard. I cried out in ecstasy as the remains of my orgasm flew out of my shaft and into her mouth. Finally, glancing up at the mistletoe, she kissed the tip of my penis, pulled up my briefs and fitted them into place over my subsiding erection, and stood up. She leaned in and I embraced and kissed her passionately. Our tongues met and explored. I could taste my semen on her warm tongue. My hands slid down her body and caressed the thin cotton that covered her rear. She leaned back and smiled up at me. “Good boy,” she said, “I don’t like it when a boy won’t kiss me after I give him head underneath the mistletoe.” She leaned in and kissed me again as I continued to caress her body with my hands. As our tongues explored, I slid my hands under the fabric of her panties and cupped her rear. I lifted her pelvis into mine so that she could feel my growing erection against her abdomen. I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my chest. She stopped kissing me and gazed into my eyes. “What do you want for Christmas?” she asked softly. “I want you,” I answered breathlessly, “I want to be inside you. I want to fill you.” “Maybe,” she teased, “if you promise to help me give a Christmas gift to my roommate.” Escort Anadolu Yakası “A gift for your roommate?” I asked. “Yes, my roommate Sheila, I have the perfect gift in mind, but I need your help. I’ll tell you more about my idea later, but now, let’s check in on her and the other girls.” Jenny separated from my embrace and walked over toward the stepladder. “Check in on them?” I asked. “Let’s peek into their rooms and see what they are doing,” Jenny said with a mischievous smile. “We really shouldn’t,” I stammered, surprised that Jenny wanted to spy on her sorority sisters making out with their boyfriends. “Oh come on,” Jenny pouted, “It gets me going and it might get you going again too.” She leaned against the latter and casually traced the outline of her right nipple with her index finger. “We can’t just open their doors and look in, no matter how engrossed they are in what they’re doing, they’ll see us.” I spread my arms wide and gestured at my briefs. “Besides, we would have a hard time explaining our lack of proper attire.” “All the rooms upstairs have transom windows above the doors,” Jenny explained, “we bring up this stepladder and we can climb up it and look in. They can’t hear us and it’s too dark for them to see us.” I just looked at her. So, among other things, Jenny was a serious voyeur. I wasn’t sure how I felt about seeing girls and guys I knew making out or, more likely, having sex. Jenny took my silence as agreement. She walked away from the stepladder toward the stairs. “Follow me up the stairs and grab the stepladder.” I picked up the stepladder and followed her up the stairs. In the dim light her white panties brightly outlined her rear. I stared at her panties and the movement of her slim body as she quietly climbed each step. I caught up with her at the top of the stairs. The hallway was dark and music emanated from several doors. Above each door was, as Jenny had said, a small transom window. “First, let’s ‘tuck in’ my roommate Sheila,” Jenny said quietly, “she’s probably diddling herself.” As we reached Jenny and Sheila’s door I could hear soft moans within. I opened the stepladder in front of the door and Jenny climbed up. I followed her stopping on the step below her. We gazed through the transom window down into the dim room. There was a small Christmas tree setup in the corner. The lights on the little tree were the only illumination in the room. Two beds dominated the room, one against a window and one closer to the door. Sheila was lying on bed closest to the door. I assumed the other bed was Jenny’s. Sheila was on her back with her panties around her ankles. Her legs were spread, slightly, to allow her right hand between them. Her hand was moving up and down in a gentle rhythm as she moaned. Her Santa dress and her bra had been discarded on the floor next to the bed. In the dim light I could see that Sheila had enormous breasts that moved enticingly as she masturbated. They had strikingly large areola and dark nipples. “She’ll be at this for hours,” Jenny whispered in my ear. “Get a little rum in her and she turns into super orgasm girl. Usually, I have to pretend I’m asleep. But watching her turns me on. Does watching her turn you on?” “Yes, oh my God, look at her tits.” I whispered without thinking. “They are awesome,” Jenny said, “would you like to touch them?” “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that about your roommate,” I said seriously. “Don’t apologize and pay attention, I think she is about to cum” Jenny scolded. Sure enough, Sheila’s moaning increased in urgency and she cried out in ecstasy as her back arched and her thighs came together tightly around her hand. We watched as Sheila’s body road out its orgasm. As she relaxed, her thighs fell apart and her hands fell to her side. Jenny and I climbed down the stepladder to the floor. “Let’s check on Mary across the hall,” Jenny said pulling the step ladder to a door across the hall. Again, I followed Jenny up the ladder. We peered into Mary’s dark room. The only light came in through a window from the streetlights outside. The glow of the streetlight was reflected off the falling snow. Mary and her boyfriend were outlined against the window. Mary was down on all fours and her boyfriend was taking her squarely from behind. The sound of his abdomen slapping urgently against her soft rear reached our ears along with Mary’s loud little screams of pleasure.

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