The Size of My Father Pt. 02

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Annie reached for the doorknob, but then she hesitated again. Had she really changed this much in just a few days? Did she dare open the door?

The time since she had bent over half-naked in the family outhouse to be spanked by her sexually aroused father until she had come for the first time from the thought of his enormous penis and the feeling of his cruel hand slapping her vagina, had been emotional, to say the least. She had been filled with a deep sense of shame over her behaviour and her reaction to the punishment her father had tried to give her. But she had decided, sworn that she would go back to being a good girl, the modest, sweet Annie that she had always been.

So she forced herself to not avoid her father, even though she wanted to sink through the earth on the few occasions their eyes had met. She h a d to show him she wasn’t a wanton slut, that it had all been a horrible mistake. The day after, she dressed more conservatively than before, worked hard at school, helped her mother with the chores around the house, and went to a church activity in the evening, but was home early. She definitely did not happen to shoot a quick glance at her father’s crotch when he turned to leave for work in the morning. She was pleased with her day, as good girls have a right to be.

But the night was another matter. Annie lay awake for a long time, turning this way and that, as the quiet and the dark made unbidden, unwanted thoughts and feelings come back to her. The image of the thick, naked penis that impossibly hung almost half-way to her father’s knees. The wild rush of the cold night air against her wet, open coochie. The perfect sting of his strong, masculine hand hitting her naked round bottom. The pain and the pleasure mixing and pushing her over an edge she never even knew existed. In the dark bedroom, covers off, Annie could see that a small, wet patch was forming on her panties (the sensible kind, of course). Her coochie ached to be touched and she found herself breathing heavily. She had heard the bad girls in school talking about “frigging their pussies” to “get off”, but it had all sounded disgusting, and messy and rather pointless to her before. That was of course before she had orgasmed violently all over her father’s hand.

In the end she couldn’t hold back. Her hand strayed down to her moistening coochie, and when her eager fingers touched the wet fabric, it was all it took. Wisely, she had turned over on her tummy, perfect, round bottom sticking up, which enabled her to scream “Daddeeeeeee!!” into her pillow without waking her sleeping family.

When her alarm rang a couple of hours later, Annie was still tired from lack of sleep and in panties that were still a little wet in the crotch. But even worse, the feelings from the night were not gone. There was still a tingly, needy feeling in her little coochie. And her mind couldn’t let go of the memories of her father. She tried to take a cold shower, hoping to cleanse her body, to clear her mind and perhaps to punish herself a little for not sticking with the plan. But naked in the shower, she couldn’t keep her hands from caressing herself. She cupped her smallish breasts, she traced her slim waist and her curving hips and she squeezed her bottom gently, much like her father had done. Playfully, she slapped a cheek, too, just to see what it felt like.

Slap! Annie had to quickly grip the shower wall to keep herself from falling. The feeling of her palm spanking her cheek was so intense that she almost lost her footing on the slippery floor. She did it again. “Oh my god!,” she moaned as her coochie exuberantly sprang to life. It felt as if the slight pain from her bottom went right up her vagina and made a party. It was fantastic, as well as, frankly, horrifying. She was not only a slut, she was a freak! Her nerves were conspiring against her, translating every sensation, even mild pain, to intense, sensual pleasure.

Immediately, she turned off the shower and got out. Drying herself, she almost started crying. Who was this person? This wicked, wicked girl, who seemed to have taken over her body and mind? Strangely, she could still hear water running. She looked over to make sure that she had turned off her own shower, and then realized it had to come from the other shower on the second floor. But that must mean that …?

Annie quickly did the count in her head. Her mother never showered in the mornings, Jamie and Tom always after soccer practice, and Emily would – of course – still be sleeping. That left only one person. She gasped. And at that moment, she could literally feel her coochie contract and moist up. She hesitated only for a moment, before she snuck out into the hall, with her towel wrapped around her.

The other bathroom was only two doors down and she stopped outside the door. The shower was still running. Annie reached for the doorknob, but then she hesitated again. Had she really changed this much in just a few days? Did she dare open the door?

The throbbing in her little coochie gave pendik escort her the answer. Even standing here in nothing but a towel, with the risk of her mother or one of her brothers entering the hallway at any moment – the morning traffic in the Watson house was usually quite intense – Annie couldn’t keep her hand from rubbing herself a little through the thick towel. Her oversensualized mind had made itself up, conspiring with her body, to override her brain .

Slowly, inch by inch, she opened the bathroom door, and quickly snuck in so that nobody would catch her masturbating in the hallway.

The smaller upstairs bathroom was filled with steam from the hot shower and lack of ventilation. Annie could barely make out her own reflection in the mirror. But then again, she wasn’t here to sneak a peak at herself, was she? Her eyes spun to the shower and her father’s large form. The steam and the slight frosting of the shower doors made it hard to see details, but Annie still gasped aloud at what she saw.

Just as she stepped into the room, her father was soaping his enormous, beautiful penis. Even though she had been thinking about it, obsessing about it almost constantly since she last saw it, seeing it for real again made Annie breathless and amazed. As his young daughter watched him transfixed, Brad Watson lifted his thick, heavy slab of fuck meat slightly to the side to soap his massive, apple sized balls. They were hanging down a couple of inches from the base of the cock, but were still large enough to lift the shaft up, curving it slightly. Annie didn’t know much about these things, but she knew that’s were men’s’ semen came from. And with balls like her father’s, there had to be so much semen. So much semen filling the women he would take.

After cleaning his balls, Brad let go of his penis and it swung back like a large pendulum, as if measuring the time to his daughter’s submission. Annie leaned back against the door, and her fingers started lifting the towel to touch herself where she needed to be touched. Her eyes followed the bull sized head of the penis, swinging back and forth, back and forth. It looked huge, impossible to fit into a woman’s vagina. Or anywhere else, for that matter. She marveled at its power, stretching the foreskin of the uncircumcised penis to the limit, pushing out, seemingly almost breaking it by its sheer size. Annie stared mesmerized, as her right hand found her sopping wet coochie. Completely oblivious to the rest of the world.


Annie’s eyes whipped around to her father’s face, panic freezing her entire body.

Brad Watson stared incredulously at his youngest daughter, whom he had tried to punish just the other day for trying to look at naked boys, MASTURBATING while quite obviously staring at him washing his large cock. He realized that what he had suspected the other day was all too true: Annabelle’s good girl act had been just that, an act. If you scratched the surface just a little, a wanton teenage slut stepped out, filled with depraved sexual needs.

The mixed feelings he had had the other day, caught between angry disbelief and fatherly lust, lasted only moments this time. Annabelle had clearly made the choice to disobey him, and there was no use crying over spilled innocence. His daughter was a complete slut, and thus, he had to treat her as one. It was his job as her father to try to break her to make her a good girl again, but the measures needed would have to be harsh. The realization started to make him hard as only fathers who r e a l l y need to show their slutty daughters their place can get.

In no hurry now, he stepped out of the shower and looked at his daughter. She was a fairly short young woman, and was even more dwarfed by his own large frame. She had shoulder long, blonde hair, still slightly wet from her shower, and a cute, if not classically beautiful, face with a very appealing upturned nose. In the new light he was now seeing her, Brad thought that her smiling, happy lips seemed made for kissing roughly or just wrapping around your cock. Funny, he’d never thought of that before. He smiled like an alpha wolf sniffing a deer frightened into submission by the pack.

“Lock the door, Annabelle!” He was proud of how measured his voice was, in spite of his growing lust.

“Daddy, please, I can expl …”

“Silence! You will not want anyone to hear you take your punishment this time, I think.”

Annie fell silent again, even more fearful, since she didn’t understand that last, threatening comment.

“Lock the door. I’m not going to tell you again.”

Without daring to lose eye contact with her father, Annie fumbled with the lock behind her, but finally managed it. The muted click sounded ominous, somehow. The world outside, getting ready for school, eating breakfast, talking to her mother: it was all gone. Now it was just she and her father.

“Now you will remove the towel. Slut.” Her father’s voice was low and uncaring.

“But daddy, I ..”

Her maltepe escort father closed the distance between them and ripped the towel off her body, throwing it into a corner.

“You keep disobeying me, Annabelle. One might almost think you are trying to get punished.”

Finally completely naked in front of her father, Annie instinctively tried to cover her breasts and crotch with her hands, but her father slapped them away.

“Sluts are not ashamed of their bodies, are they, Annabelle? Especially not needy sluts. No, their wicked bodies, that they use to tempt men, are their only source of pride.”

Even though her conscience balked at this horrible insult, her body seemed to agree with her father. Annie caught herself stretching proudly, her small, firm breasts thrust out towards her father’s intense stare.

“Turn around, Annabelle. Slowly.”

Annie twirled, feeling her traitorous coochie waking up again, when she got to display her beautiful, round bottom to her father. Before she could turn back, he spanked her. Spanked her so hard she had to catch herself with her hands on the door.

“Oooh,” she moaned, the pain making her coochie cream happily.

Her father spanked her again. And again. She was leaning with her palms against the door now, offering her cheeks to her father, jutting out her large, firm bottom. With each slap she moaned. “Just a few more,” her ecstatic mind thought, getting ready for an explosion of lust, like the one in the outhouse.

“Now turn back.”

But .. she was so close. “Daddy. Please.” She managed to turn her desperate moan into a whisper.

“Please, what, Annabelle?” Her father’s voice was even, but she thought she could detect a tiny note of mirth in it.

“Please, daddy!” Louder now, she couldn’t keep the desperation out of her face, as she turned her head towards her father, her bottom still aching for his touch.

“I said, ‘Please, what?’ What is it that you want? Slut.”

Humiliated, turning her head back, unable to face him, she whispered: “Please. Daddy.” She swallowed and jutted out her bottom a little further. “Spank me.”

She heard her father make a strange noise, as if he was pleased with something, rather than embarrassed to hear his daughter admit she was a depraved pain slut.


She gasped, almost in tears. She had thought it was her confession he had been waiting for.

“Disobedient sluts never get what they want, do they? Now turn around and face me.”

Desperately disappointed, Annie turned around, her whole body slumping a little. But when she faced her father once more, she saw something that instantly revived her.

Her father’s massive, wonderful, beautiful penis was getting hard.

She watched in amazement as the ten inch monster slowly grew even larger as it became semi-erect. She could see it filling out, getting wider as well, thicker than her arm. She could see veins outlined on its surface. To Annie, it felt like watching the sun rise for the first time, a miracle. Her mind turned into complete mush when she saw her father’s mighty erection dominate the room.

“Oh, daddy!!” She couldn’t keep her admiration out of her voice.

“We will try to teach you to obey in another way, slut. A way that may be more effective. Kneel, Annabelle.”

Annie’s whole body made a little shiver of joy as she realized what her father was saying. Instantly, she dropped to her knees in front of him, her face now inches from the absolutely enormous head of his penis.

Penis. It seemed to be a completely absurd word to use when referring to this marvel of malehood and power. Annie had heard the bad girls at school use another word. A word that seemed so much more appropriate to describe this wonderful monster. A cock. That was what this was. Her father’s huge cock.

She realized now that she was close enough to smell it. She inhaled deeply and felt her coochie get all warm and wet and craving again. Even on a pheromonal level, her body understood that its destiny was to submit to this dominant thing, this monster cock.

She looked up at her father, seeking his approval.

“Good girl.” Her coochie pumped at her father’s affirmation of her submission.

She turned her attention back to the COCK before her. It was not yet more than half hard, forming a beautiful, curved bridge shape from his crotch to her upturned face. Instinctively she raised her small hand to touch it. She imagined it to be warm and powerful. Her hand trembled slightly as she extended her fingers, eager to begin her worship.

“Stop!” Annie’s hand froze mere inches from reaching its goal.

“You have not yet deserved to touch me with your sinful hands, slut.”

Even though they stung like a whip, Annie understood and did not question her father’s words. She had been a bad, lustful slut, sneaking into his bathroom just to see his magnificent cock. She had touched her very needy little coochie in front of her own father. She could kartal escort feel it now, pulsating, craving to be touched. It didn’t behave like the coochie of a good girl at all. Maybe it wasn’t a coochie? Maybe it was a cunt?

She bowed her head slightly. “Please, daddy.” Her voice was low and intense. “Please show me how to be a good girl. Please show me what I should do to get to touch you … your cock.” The last word was barely audible, a whisper as she said it for the first time.

“Well, Annabelle.” Suddenly she felt something warm and heavy touch the top of her bowed head. The head of her father’s cock was in her hair! She froze, irrationally afraid that if she moved, it may disappear and never come back again. The heavy, bloated cock head rested for a second, and then it moved towards her forehead, rustling her wet hair. “Disobedient sluts have an important lesson to learn.” It seemed as though her father was leisurely pushing his cock back and forth on the top of her head. “They need to learn humility.”

“Look at me, Annabelle.”

Slowly, she raised her head to look at her father. Her father’s right hand was holding the root of the huge monster, and before she had time to react he moved the head of the cock from her hair to push it against her face. The fat, hot knob was in her eyes, then on her cheeks, then on her nose. He was slowly, but forcefully wiping his monster cock against her face, leaving large, sticky smudges of precum all over it.

Annie felt like it was the most humiliating experience of her young life. Her father treated her like an object. Like nothing but a towel to wipe his dirty, monster cock on. Or like a slave. Yes, that was it. She felt like a slave, having to serve her master with anything he desired, even if it was just being his rug, to be used for cleaning and then cast aside. To her intense shame, the idea of being her father’s slave, something to wipe his dirty cock on, made her slutty CUNT instantly wet as a waterfall again. Without thinking she moved her left hand down to touch it.

Slap! Her father smacked her cruelly on her left cheek with the full weight of his enormous semi-erect cock.

“Who told you you were allowed to touch yourself, slut?! Hands behind your back!” The heavy cock hit her again – smack! – on her other cheek to make the point.

Annie obeyed instantly, trying to show her father that she was trying to be good, even as her dripping cunt screamed for attention.

“Now open your mouth!”

Without thinking, Annie obeyed again. But then a shiver went down her spine. Surely, he couldn’t possibly imagine …

But of course he was. A second later she felt the weight of her father’s monstrous cock head on her lower lip, as he tried to push it into her tiny teenage mouth.

Annie panicked. She jerked her head away and started to get up from the floor using her hands. Before she had time to push herself up, however, her father’s hand was in her hair, grabbing a handful and yanking her head back, her face turning upwards. His grip was so strong, she might as well have been trying to escape an iron chain. He knelt down lining up his face close to hers.

“Oh, so still a disobedient slut, then? Try me, slut.” His eyes told her what she had already started to suspect: she was his slave, now and forever.

And suddenly, confronted with that realization, Annie’s fear and anxiety melted away. She was in her father’s hands now. He would probably test her beyond what she thought her limits to be, but he would also teach her and protect her. She didn’t need to worry. She just had to let go.

He felt her submission and let go of her hair. He stood up again, and she noticed his cock had lost some of its erection in their brief struggle. Now it just hung there, impossibly long, perfectly arched and achingly beautiful to her eyes. “Let us try again. And remember to mind your teeth, or you will be very, very sorry.”

Annie was now sitting on her haunches, face tilted almost completely upwards. Her father guided his bull head towards her mouth again.


Annie opened her mouth as wide as she possibly could. Her father gently lowered his glans between her lips and down into her wet mouth. It was impossible, yet it seemed to work anyway. They had somehow found the perfect angle and now the cock head of her father’s monster cock was in his daughter’s mouth. It filled her almost completely. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on breathing, and on the mighty cock inside her. He was inside her. Her own father had his huge cock stuffed inside her mouth.

Tentatively, and partly just to create a little space for breathing, she moved her tongue in her mouth over her father’s cock head.

For the first time since the incident in the shed, her father lost his composure.

“Oh, my GOD!”

The feeling of his youngest daughter’s tongue dancing on the head of his semi-flaccid cock buried in her small girl mouth was so intense both physically and emotionally that Brad couldn’t help calling out. He grabbed her hair again, to control their movement. He could feel his cock growing quickly from the overwhelming, mind blowing pleasure. Never in his almost fifty years had he experienced anything that even came close to this.

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